Wish Fulfilling Gem, Inspirational Daily Card

The Cancer Moon keeps us emoting.

The quincunx to Saturn in the midnight hour EDT and GMT may make it hard to sleep.

The Cardinal Cross energy is here again.

Moon opposes Pluto and later Squares URANUS 

This brings up family power struggles.

In the meantime Moon sextiles a newly forward moving Mercury in Virgo

so pick  up the details of where you left off.

Moon trines Chiron in PISCES

You can bring immense comfort to those in trouble depressed trying to kick addictions or just simply broken up and in pain.


Secret Dakini Oracle Cards Wish Fulfilling Gem Tara Greene

#6 Wish Fulfilling Gem

This is always a wonderful card to receive. The SECRET DAKINI ORACLE, a Tantric Buddhist oracle deck which I’ve had since the early 90’s.  The Lovers Card is shown as two lovers in yab/yum, in tantric union.  With Venus in Scorpio, this carries a similar energy. Sexuality when properly controlled, as a sacred sacrament is Holy, pure and a vehicle, a Merkabah, the #6 in a perfect union.

This card was pulled on a Saturday morning, the Sabbath in the Jewish tradition. On this night, every sabbath, the Holy Shekinah  descends to earth as the Matronit, Gods Feminine side, the Goddess Herself and is a living spiritual energy in the lovemaking sacrament for  religious Jews. Yes, it is the same as ancient Tantric Buddhist teachings. But not many people know this. 

When we are centered, whole, and complete within ourselves then we can create anything we wish. Sacred lovemaking creates universes just as the divine Shakti/Shiva energies do. As above, so below. We can enter this ecstatic state as well. Within ourselves, these sacred energies are forever in union, balanced, and in constant ecstatic creation. We strive and long to find our actual Beloved to create physically this energy, the divine spark or orgasmic joy.  Make love, make Heaven a place on earth.

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Heaven is a Place on Earth Belinda Carlisle  

Solar Eclipse Sept 1 and rare Grand Goddess sextile

This North Nodal VIRGO SOLAR ECLIPSE SEPT 1st is so CHOCK full of power. Almost bigger than anything I’ve ever seen. But I didn’t see it all until now. 

The Annular- not total- Eclipse occurs at 2:03 am PDT/ 5:03 am EDT/ 9:03 am GMT it will only be visible over the Equator over Central Africa then cuts right through Madagascar. The places of visibility are the ones affected most by the Eclipse but it will affect all of us even if we don’t see it. 

Not only it is majorly KARMIC, with the Lord of Time SATURN @  10+ of Sagittarius conjunct to Fixed Star ANTARES, Angel Ariel/Oriel. But Mars the action planet is sitting right on the GREAT ATTRACTOR @ 14+ degrees which includes Saturn too.  The G.A. is a cosmic gigantic phenomena which bends time. They are both squaring the SUN and the MOON at 9+ degrees VIRGO and NEPTUNE at 10+ degrees PISCES Retrograde and the South Node at 12 degrees PISCES.  We can visualize what is up ahead before we get to what is just in front of us and adjust accordingly.

Eclipses occur every 19 years at the same degrees. Think back to where you were on this same date in 1997. I was pregnant with my daughter Leah. Comet Hale-Bopp had appeared as a major harbinger in the skies earlier that year. 

There is a GRAND GODDESS SEXTILE at the Solar Eclipse

goddess Grand Sextile Virgo Solar eclipse Tara Greene

JUNO, Goddess of Feminine Genius @ 9 degrees SCORPIO is conjunct LILITH, the original woman/Goddess @11 Scorpio, they are Trining NEPTUNE and the SOUTH NODE. This aspect is awakening ancient, long-buried cellular memories of being Whole, One with the Sacred Source and with the Goddess; in touch with the cosmos and all the dimensions. That alone is very powerful. 


JUNO, LILITH, NEPTUNE, the SOUTH NODE of the Moon is Trine {120 degrees} to VESTA, the KUNDALINI GODDESS of focus, Keeper of the Sacred Flame, @ 14 degrees CANCER conjunct to SIRIUS the brightest star in the skies. the U. S Sun, its identity is on Sirius. There some hot tamales boiling away there. 

PLUTO/Hades, Lord of Death and REBIRTH, Keeper of Souls, power and control, ruler of the Collective Unconscious, is @ 15 degrees Retrograde of CAPRICORN. The 15th is the most powerful degree. Pluto is in a wide trine to his mother-in- law, CERES the GREAT MOTHER now in solid sensuous earthy TAURUS at 5+ degrees. Persephone is Ceres daughter who is Pluto’s wife for half the year.  

Pluto and CERES are trining the SUN and MOON and the NORTH NODE at 12+ degrees VIRGO. This indicates a prime awakening, and movement towards protecting the Environment,the Food supply from GMO’s  and the Earth’s resources.  VIRGO is the Harvest. Native Americans are now protesting oil pipelines in Dakota. 

This MERKABA, 6 pointed Goddess Star of Heaven and Earth brings all of these super powerful feminine energies into the Eclipse itself. 

This eclipse will ignite worldwide mass protests against the Plutocracy, the power mongering TTP deal which can enslave all countries by corporate power. Mother Earth/ Ceres cannot sustain all her children when we rape and debase her through fracking, and raping her of her oil and her minerals, and pollute her lakes and oceans.

Wait, there’s still more:

There is a YOD or a Finger of Goddess

from ATHENA Goddess of wisdom, an AMAZON warrioress @ 24+ degrees AQUARIUS, seeking freedom and revolution. She is sextile ERIS, the forgotten Goddess who hexes those who ignore Her, and URANUS God of REVOLUTION and freedom.

Women will be standing up and leading this revolution. This doesnt necessarily mean Hillary Clinton. These three are inconjunct {150 degrees} to JUPITER and MERCURY Retrograde at 28 degrees VIRGO. This is a very powerful, Goddess finger, pointing to an expansive, ecological, grounded feminine warrioress energy of  nurturing by being in service to the Galactic Center, the Great Cosmic Vagina at 27 degrees SAGITTARIUS a huge metaphysical portal.  

Note that CHIRON, the Shamanic wounded healer is at 23 degrees PISCES also Retrograde and is opposite to Jupiter and Mercury and also square to the Galactic Center. We need to remember our original karmic wounds in order to heal them and let them go.

This ECLIPSE is a huge turning point in healing our collective wounds.

Nine million people, mainly women, were tortured by the Catholic Church for being healers, midwives, herbalists and wise women in the Inquisition in Europe. All of us have returned collectively now to honor and remember who we are, to  honor the Goddess, the sacred feminine, the powers of the earth, our bodies, and nature as magic herself. 

MERCURY is the ruler of VIRGO and this eclipse.

Wherever Mercury is, that’s where our consciousness is. The hermaphrodite trickster is newly Retrograde, indicating that we may have to wait until October 6th when Mercury is Direct and crosses the 28+ degree Virgo point again. There will be a 5-week integration period, to this unleashing of FEMININE POWER.  

VENUS sits on the SUPER GALACTIC CENTER @ 2+ degrees of LIBRA

This is the most massive black hole there is. Its gravitation pulls in more than 30 GALAXIES, our Milky Way is but one. It is so huge that it warps Time and Space. VENUS on the SGC allows us to know that All time is now.   Let’s assume that we all have past life karma in relationships, Libra is THE sign of relationships. We keep coming back together again and again, draw by the karmic glue of emotions, and soul memories to try to heal, balance and complete these issues. No matter what happened in the past, in a future lifetime there will ultimately be a healed, whole, positive, completely devoid of bad karma relationship between the two. 

Imagine the qualities of spiritual, emotional, mental, and soul completion,  and unconditional love flowing between them.   Ahhh, just imagining it makes it so. Feel how good that feels? Yes, bring that energy into every cell of your being and consciousness. Fuse it. Now just go sandwich those healed reality feelings onto the past preceding lifetimes, before the two individuals really fucked it up together. Insert names here________.  With that completed the negative results of the difficult lifetime case to exist at all. From a quantum physics standpoint,that is true. That “imagined” and felt healing clears all pasts and futures and everyone is now free to move forwards without any more pain or addictive karmic patterns. Just that simple.  Karma is a linear cause and effect concept and it becomes obsolete by using the SUPER GALACTIC CENTER. My thanks to great depth analysis by Deep space astrologer Philip Sedgwick.

This Virgo eclipse takes us deep into HERMIT MODE: as the sign of VIRGO

Tarot ARCANA #9 

The Hermit Tarot tara Greene

The Hermit is VIRGO energy

With all this cosmic synchronicity. The HERMIT will initiate us into our own bodily wisdom and gut instincts. We need to carve out time and space to be alone and sit with ourselves. The Hermit is our inner wisdom, our common sense, Virgo is the sign of commoners or servants. Virgo is the sign of intellect, conservation, analysis, humility, simplicity, down to bare essentials. Not frilly or excessive, only what we need to sustain us. Virgo is the silence of the cave and the beauty of the golden fields of wheat at sundown. It is gratitude for the food we eat which came from the hard work that we put in connecting to the earth, the elements and the Great mother Herself who sustains us. VIRGO is health. pay attention to what you eat and be present in your body. Walk barefoot, be in nature.

 Listen to your Inner Hermit, go to silence, go to Nature on this eclipse. Lie on the earth, put your ear to the ground and ask for the Great Mother to speak with you. Ask what she needs you to do to be of service to Her. Be accountable. Cultivate humility. Serve your community.

Be still, draw down the Goddess, listen, and remember to stay grounded. There is a LUNAR ECLIPSE in PISCES in 2 weeks on September 16th which will be psychically and soulfully cleansing. 

I do really feel called to have a teleconference workshop to help guide you through this process. I have stated this previously and never followed up. I am very aware of this. My work needs to move to the next level where I can reach more individuals on a wider basis. I will look into setting up a teleconference workshop to work with many individuals to help them get through these intense times and the 5 week period until we integrate all of these energies. If you are interested please let me know. I will be doing ceremony on the Eclipse and if you would like me to add your name or prayers for healing for yourself or anyone else please email me taragreenetarot@gmail.com

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Athena, Juno, Lilith, Venus, Vesta Sacred Astrology

Grand Trine Goddess Astrology

A rare six-pointed sacred geometry star forms in the heavens

There is very definitely a Grand WATER TRINE formed by; Goddess ATHENA the warrior Goddess and strategist, originally she was an AMAZON. She is at Zero degrees PISCES.

Goddess ATHENA the warrior Goddess and strategist, originally she was an AMAZON. She is at Zero degrees PISCES.

                       ATHENA in PISCES                      

symbolizes many things. She is mobilizing our psychic, intuitive and unconscious realms; stirring up our dreams and past life memories while she in PISCES. Pay attention to your dreams.She can also indicate our need to go to war about WATER rights, protect the oceans, whales, fish and coral reefs. As a Warrior Goddess, she says “You need strong boundaries.”  Pallas Athena is NEVER a martyr.

        VESTA in CANCER         

VESTA is what we invest ourselves in. Traditionally she focuses on keeping the hearth flame or heart-flame alive. She symbolizes passion, dedication, and intelligence. VESTA in CANCER asks us to focus on our feelings, and our emotional bodies; our needs for emotional security. We need to focus on our homes, literally. We need to dedicate ourselves to nurturing ourselves before we nurture others as a balance. We need to invest in the quality of what we eat. Investing in organic foods, good quality supplements and eating right is very important. 


JUNO the 8 armed Goddess,  who was known as HERA,in the Roman/ Patriarchal  version of her myth, Zeus’s long-suffering wife. Her symbol would be imagined as a toilet brush. I believe that JUNO is the FEMININE FORM of genius, whose symbol looks like a magic wand to me. In SCORPIO uses her emotional intelligence in all directions at once. In SCORPIO she can outmaneuver anyone emotionally. JUNO and LILITH make a very, very formidable duo. No one could get past these two. 


LILITH is so SCORPIONIC to begin with, she is the Death Goddess, associated with Menstruation, the Dark Moon. I realize now that her mythology is so very literal.  Lilith in Scorpio is extremely sexual, uncompromising, demanding, stubborn, refusing to cater to any man’s needs. She brings strength, and will power. Lilith in SCORPIO infuses our sexuality with wildness, abandon, and freedom. She is the QUEEN OF TANTRIC SEXUALITY. Make love when you are menstruating with someone who loves and adores you. Revel in the power of a menstruating, fully embracing her moon time and her highest psychic energy phase. She is indeed a taboo, originally tabu, meaning sacred woman. 



The Great Mother, call her GAIA or Pachamama is absolutely in her element in earthy Taurus. Bulls and cows were always her scared animals. Ceres in TAURUS is so sensuous, she loves everything that is naturally beautiful. She revels in the bounty that she provides everywhere-the flowers, the fruits, the trees. Ceres in Taurus helps us listen to our gut instincts. To enjoy this Heavenly Paradise as a place of beauty. Ceres in Taurus is the power of fertility, creativity, crafting, art, money, abundance, resources, and self-worth. Ceres will help you to birth all of these qualities and to nurture you to make them part of yourself . 


VENUS in VIRGO is very earthy, the Virgin Goddess, whole unto herself. She is the sex and love Goddess who is extremely hygienic, smart, organized, well read. She  knows how to order everything effortlessly. She loves to serve others, and she is dedicated to getting results. She loves to be walking the earth, tending her garden. She is one with nature, and her needs are simply met. She asks us to tune into our earthy instincts, to walk the sacred ground barefoot, to clean up the earth and the environment. She teaches us to love our bodies as sacred Temples, doing this through listening to our guts. She teaches us to live as simply, authentically and organically.


There is a missing point in this 6 pointed star. At zero- 5 degrees of CAPRICORN we need to wait for the MOON to fill in this empty point to create the six pointed star and that happens AUGUST 13 @ 9:12 pm PDT/ Aug. 14 @ 12:12 AM EDT and AUG 14 @ 4:12 am GMT.


The Capricorn Moon is grounded, hard-working, sure-footed and focussed on her long term goals. Capricorn was in ancient times the symbol of the GREAT MOTHER HERSELF, Capricorn is a Feminine earth sign. The time of the WINTER SOLSTICE signifies the darkest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. This is the most feminine time. Capricorn moon is receptive, cool, unemotional and practical. Her energy is stable, mature, and responsible. Capricorn moon is always focussed on results. She will reach the peak of her goals. 

I would prepare now for Sat. AUG 13th to create a 6 pointed star ceremony and an altar for all of the Goddesses. You can use 6 different candles. little pots of earth and cups of water for each Goddess. Use crystals, votive candles, symbols, attributes, for each Goddess. Use your imagination. Ask the 6 goddesses to work with you. Vow to embody each one of their strengths and powers. I will be doing this ceremony too. 

The Grand Sextile lasts until August 14.


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In the well of the Mother

The Cancer Moon sets the mood which is sentimental, motherly, nurturing, we remember in our bellies the sweet breast milk that river of nourishment and nurturing which sent us sleeping and back to the dream of unending bliss. If you weren’t breast fed in this lifetime, don’t worry the cellular memory of being breast fed lives in your body simply be being a mammal. We are heading for home and emotional safety. Mother, the great container, Binah, the womb, the physical waters of Our Mother which we knew as our cosmos holding  us as we transitioned from spirit into the material plane.
Cardinal Cross energy today helps us to push that edge. The cross is always the cross of matter.
The Cancer Moon sets the mood which is motherly nurturing,heading for home and emotional safety. Mother, the great container, Binah, the womb, the physical waters of Our MOther which we are transformed from spirit into the material plane.
There is nice earthy support from planets Mercury in Taurus and Jupiter in Virgo.
Seek safety and security within one’s own self.
Inspirational card of the day 
3 of wands Tarot Cards Tara Greene
 3 of Wands by G. A. Rosenberg
The Three of Wands is a card of inspiration and birth. The 3’s are always related to birth, to Venus, to the Holy Trinity, the Maiden, Mother and Crone, form which the Christian Holy Trinity is based on. The Card shows the Sun in Aries where it is now.
A hooded sage, which could be either male or female gazes at the Merkabah;
MER means LIGHT  KA means Spirit Ba means Body this is derived from Ancient Egyptian teachings and heiroglyphs.  The Merkabah is considered to be a Vehicle for the Soul to travel into and through any dimensionality with. Drunvalo Melchizedek brought these teaching  as well as the Famous Flower of Life which he rediscovered. 
The Card of 3 goes perfect with the Moon in Cancer as three is VENUS the Great Mother, the Empress in the Tarot.
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STRESSED OUT – Twenty one pilots  

Water Trine, Cancer Moon, Daily Inspiration

It’s a month since Winter Solstice already. Imbolc is coming soon. The wheel of the year is turning. 

Jan 21 Gemini Moon opposes Venus in Sagittarius @ 3:01 am EDT
This aspect spurs lots of curious conversations and opposing serious viewpoints in politics, love,values, adventures, philosophy, maturity and what kind of jokes you find funny. Serious wagers may be debated too. Galloping off on a new adventure, begin to make plans now.
Moon goes Void Of Course at that time then enters her home sign of Cancer @ 5:28 am PDT/8:28 am EDT

An akward inconjunct with the SUn early in the day may mean fritzing technology and feeling being easily hurt. 

Moon makes a GRAND WATER TRINE  a Merkabah a sixpointed star formation

Cancer Moon to Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Scorpio 

An emotional soup du jour.  Enjoy this today as things will be much more intense on Friday and we are already feeling the Full Moon in Leo which has a fated tinge to it. Will write about that later. Just wrote my Full Moon meditation for CIA. 


KALI, Tarot, Tara Greene

Haindl Tarot

Looks like that LEO full Moon energy is already present. This Queen of Wands card blows me away. This deck was so ahead of its time. KALI is the Goddess of ego death and we need her energy now more than any other goddess. 

She is traditionally shown wearing a necklace of bloody shrunken skulls dancing on her consort, eating his intestines, She is black as night, as the void. She is like the Black Madonna. She is extremely ruthless in cutting out the ego. She dances in cemeteries and teaches about transcending death. All Goddess had a birth giving and death bringing aspect. That is obviously in balance. 

We have been seeing many celebrity deaths over the last week. We can ask Kali to teach us about death and transformation. KALI is really awe-inspiring and you must approach her with great respect because she is so powerful and fierce. 

Call upon Kali and the Queen of Wands to bring you courage in your heart, to be passionate about what your heart knows is right. To burn away your ego illusions in order to be free. This is what I just wrote the Full Moon in Leo is about. 



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Earth rules, Virgo Goddess blessings, Tara Greene


People may be planning to go to Mars soon but on October 15 and continuing until November 5th 

it’s all huge DOWN TO EARTH magnificent soul lessons coming at us. 

The earth element is FEMININE. We are all born of the Feminine into this physical plane and the Earth is the Mother of all humans and all life on this planet.

In the Tarot she is The EMPRESS, Trump #3 shown as a pregnant, nurturing, loving, birthing woman.  

Yes Mars,Venus, and Jupiter in VIRGO the sign of work, perfection, diligence, getting the job done are pulling us down into the mucky earth from where the lotus blooms.

VIRGO is the symbol of the Hermit #9 in the TAROT.

We need to take time to be alone, to go within for the answers without, to  connect with our bodies and nature and our gut instincts at this time.  We have incarnated on this fleshy, meaty, earth plane to walk our talk, to manifest spirit, to be deeply embodied souls and harvest our karmic lessons. We are all here to experience the lower density vibrations of Saturn’s laws and restrictions.

This earthy planetary cycle began with JUPITER Trining Pluto October 11 still in effect until November 11.

There will be about 11 of these aspects during the next 22 days. Note the Master numbers synchronicity. 

I’ll break them down so lets just do this weeks till the 18th.

Oct. 15 MARS TRINE PLUTO @  13 + degrees VIRGO/CAPRICORN  

The COSMIC SLAP IN THE FACE @ 8:36 pm PDT/ 11:36 pm EDT/ Oct 16 @ 3:36 am UT

The co-rulers of Scorpio, the “terrible” duo of action and profound change, death and rebirth are at their best under their own Scorpio Moon mood influence.  A trine between these two “malefics” makes it unmistakably easy to get the cosmic wake up call you need. You can’t miss it. There will be many opportunities to see and feel our shadows.  

I have already received a huge revelation, about this Tuesday night after the Moon had entered Scorpio. Thank you . 

The BIG COSMIC earth shake up/ wake up call is coming in whatever form or various you need in order to GET IT. And make you humble and be sure to say thank you afterwards to the Universe and yourself afterwards. 

As Kaypacha said in this weeks report. “I choose to stay connected or to separate.” 

Any planets at 7-18 degrees of earth are affected the strongest. If you have Taurus planets there you make this a Grand Trine too. 

Merkaba earth Trines horoscope Tara Greene

If you have planets at 7-18 degrees of WATER signs. CANCER, SCORPIO and PISCES that configuration creates a 6 pointed Star of David or Merkaba.  A Merkaba is a sacred geometry light vehicle for Ascension; the CHARIOT #7 in the Tarot.  Keep that in mind that we are always working with cosmic sacred geometry. 

2. Oct. 16 VENUS OPPOSITE NEPTUNE Virgo/Pisces @ 7+ degrees @ 7:53 pm PDT/10:53 pm EDT

The planets of Love on a human level and her Higher octave of Unconditional love are balanced. 

Venus in Virgo helps us to see that it is all about being of service to the Beloved. Action speaks louder than words. Neptune, rules projections, and the Beloved mirrors the ephemeral spiritual Oneness back to Venus.  We all long to return to the SOURCE of Oneness and Love when we never felt alone or separated.  Neptune is that Source. Venus is how we experience that LOVE and Oneness in our human illusion of flesh and form.  This is a beautiful uplifting aspect of soul mates in Heaven brought down to earth so they can rediscover their other half.  

The other side of this aspect is a reality check by Venus on your debts and the worlds. Markets may be corrected big time. Saturn in Sagittarius  is also squaring the two cosmic lovers and it may be a great time to get engaged and or make a major long-term commitment in your career, educational or travel plans. 

This is also a great aspect for musicians, artists, film makers, actors, poets,ecology freaks and tree huggers.  The Love of nature. Heaven on Earth, love and beauty. it’s all there. 

Oct. 17 MARS CONJUNCT JUPITER  @ 14+ degrees Virgo @ 3:39 pm PDT/6:39 pm EDT


This is a big earthy super positive aspect combining aggressive action with expansive inspiration for build our earthly paradise through sheer hard work.  We can accomplish anything under this aspect. Jupiter is still trining Pluto in Capricorn expanding how big and deep a breadth this positive ground/soul work can go. The earth needs our defenses and inspired teaching to care for her and our food sources and her children. 

As Jupiter is the planet of good humour honor him and go to a comedy club, sign up for improv classes or just make sure you bring smiles to peoples faces. 

If you have planets at mid-degree VIRGO, this ones for you kids. Also Taurus gets the prize and don’t forget the water signs too.

GEMINI, SAGITTARIUS and PISCES are in the opposition or square aspect of these aspects. The pressure is on you to do your homework, perfect your earth walk, do it with integrity, be of good service and humour and FINISH what you started. Be humble, know your job is to serve from your own highest capacities.

more to come…. 


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Magic Mike, sexy Mars trine Neptune, Vesta Intentions

July 8 Very powerful positive Trine from sexy Mars in Cancer to Neptune in Pisces at 9+ degrees @ 3:42 pm PDT/6:42 pm EDT. Yes that’s the real Magic Mike in action.  

Neptune is Venus’s Higher Octave, so this is where you make intentions and go after your soul mate, your higher spiritual dreams for the world and yourself. It’s a great day to make Tantric love, art, music, poetry, and meditate by and with water.

If you have any planets at 9 degrees Scorpio that makes a sexy Grand Trine. 

Look at which houses 9 degrees Cancer Pisces fall in your natal chart to see where the sex action is happening in your Natal Chart.

Neptune rules debt. Mars trine it means there should be a breakthrough solution or breakdown in the Greek financial crisis. Neptune dissolves, water dissolves all hardness.  

venus mars astrology Tara Greene

Venus and Mars Bathing painting by Giulio Romano 16th Century 

this is the closest thing I could find

Mars also squares Vesta at 9 degrees Aries. Vesta is the Goddess of INVESTMENTS, so more emphasis on the economy. This aspect is another energetic to the Venus Vesta Saturn Grand Fire trine bringing that energy down into the emotional body.  read link   https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/2015/06/06/vesta-venus-saturn-grand-trine-intentions/

Questions to ask are: What and where are you choosing to invest your Mars energy, passion,desire? Squares apply pressure. You will be feeling it.  

Magic Mike Astrology Tara Greene

If you have planets at 9 degrees of EARTH SIGNS TAURUS VIRGO CAPRICORN, that forms a 6 pointed sex star. 

It’s a Merkaba what people think of as the Jewish Star is really a symbol of sacred sexual union. 

Definitely do some rituals today. Bring down that energy.

Please share widely

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I will be in Sedona Arizona in September. The planets will be very active then- Venus stations Direct. Saturn enters Sagittarius. Jupiter opposes Neptune + Autumn Equinox. These are very magical planetary energies to work with.

If you would like to experience your own  personally tailored individual healing ceremony, ritual, guided meditations, life passage, in the magical healing spiritual red rock energies please contact to discuss and arrange. Come with friends and family. I will help arrange accommodations, tour guides and more.

email your enquiries : taragreenetarot@gmail.com asap.

You sexy thing- Hot Chocolate 1975 

Roll out the red carpet, new oracle

MARS & VENUS are now in ARIES at the Zero trigger point. A new beginning.Very MARTIAL.

Aries Moon goes zoom zoom zoom and everything is coming up RED, Aries official Fire color.

Triple Fire alarm.

Fires in the news:  DUBAI skyscraper

Venus and Mars are getting ready to make the beast with two backs Saturday night/Sunday morning

Moon does the Cardinal Cross with Uranus and Pluto on Saturday

2 grand fire trines  EST Moon to Saturn and Moon to Jupiter. Saturn is hard. Jupiter is EASY. 

Hot stuff for Sagittarius too. Check out the Zero degrees  HOT SPOT  is in your chart I’ve written enough about all that.



crop circle ET ascension Tara Greene

#27 Pewsey White Horse Lunar Compass 4.08.07

As Aries energy is NEW. I was inspired to use this original deck today created by my friend Joseph Mark Cohen. He is a very talented Kabbalistic Astrologer and teacher. He used to lead crop circle tours in the early 90’s. He had permission to use all the crop circle images. The deck is being added to. A very highly esoteric deck.

The crop circles are mysteries. These temporal temples are charged with very high spiritual energies and frequencies for those who are aware enough to tune in. Whether you believe they are a hoax or made by E.T.’s the images are worthy of being symbols which can be read and used for divinations and oracle work.

This Compass tracks a ley line which runs near the Horse itself. The compass shows the 9 lunar months which humans take to gestate in the womb. It can also be a cosmic compass pointing towards the Galactic Center at 27 degrees of Sagittarius. 

The 267th degree of the Zodiac has the gematria of the MERKABAH, the chariot of consciousness. This is the teachings that Drunvalo Melchizadek has been teaching for many years as well. This information is based on the info on the back of the card. 

The meaning: A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving. 

And with all this Aries energy there is fast driving and no braking.

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