November astrology aspects


November Sousse Mosaic Wikimedia Commons
Ad Meskens, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons November Sousse Mosaic

November features the last eclipse of 2022 November 8th s a total blood moon Lunar Eclipse visible over more than a third of the US and a large part of Canada Russia China, New Zealand. It is also Mid term elections in the U.S. and it may be a bloodbath.I’ll write about this in depth and post a video

Mars is RETROGRADE in GEMIN until January 12,2023 and is moving OUT OF BOUNDS until MARCH 2023. A HUGE month

Three Planets change sign its Sagittarius season

The energy is very intense and then shifts into a much more optimistic tone as VENUS enters SAGITTARIUS on Nov. 15/16 then MERCURY on the 17th then the SUN on the 22nd

November 23 JUPITER, ruler of SAGITTARIUS and PISCES turns STATIONARY DIRECT at 29 PISCES the very last most anaretic degree of the ZODIAC pm the 23/24.

NEW MOON Nov. 23

November 1 Day of the Dead witches New Year was yesterday, release all old things from the past.

Nov. 2 VENUS in emotional shadowland quincunx CHIRON in ARIES

 -exposed wounds and deep traumas are felt but not dealt with unless you pay particular attention

November 2-4th the MOON is in PISCES and is a rare special time for lucid dreaming join me in the Dream Temple for a 4 week dream collective collaboration to dream big and to dream our dreams awake NOW STARTING NOVEMBER 10

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Nov. 4 PISCES MOON conjuncts JUPITER a great night for fabulous lucid dreaming

Nov. 5 SUN inconjunct Chiron-see Venus inconjunct Chiron on the 2nd only more glaringly obvious or discreetly protected out onto another


kinky sensuous, chaotic, Venus in Scorpio rules financial markets and Uranus rules crypto both can be extra chaotic and crypto can take off

Nov. 6 MERCURY in SCORPIO inconjunct CHIRON same energies as Venus then the Sun and now Mercury pointing out the blind spots between our deepest emotional soundings and our ego and our rationalizing around this. Its a good time to journal and pull all your emotional rational and positive energy into dealing with old shadow materials now.

Nov. 6 VENUS in SCORPIO squares SATURN in AQUARIUS  in PDTa touch love and deatched love interest energy, Kinky sex and Can be good for serious relationship

Daylight Savings Time ends in North America at 2:00 am


a touch love and deatched love interest energy, Kinky sex and Can be good for serious relationship

Nov. 8:   Total BLOOD MOON Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon in 16 ° Taurus: 3:01 am, (16:00 Taurus) on US mi term election day. With SCORPIO SUN conjunct MERCURIUS the trickster opposing URANUS and the MOON in conjunction. A total setup for Mayhem with Mars out of bounds and retrograde in Gemini at 25 degrees. The eclipse will be visible from  North/East Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, Much of South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic, Antarctica and all these areas will be most affected by it.

Nov. 9 SUN opposes URANUS exact. And MERCURY IN SCORPIO squares SATURN IN AQUARIUS to sober one up.

Nov. 10 MERCURY square SATURN in AQUARIUS -chaotic mental and emotional energy

Nov. 10 VENUS in SCORPIO trines NEPTUNE beautiful and otherworldly

 a delusion, illusions, projections, denial obfuscation and karmic sleights of hand. Financial matters

Nov. 11 it’s a master number day 11: 11:22 a day to tune into your higher purpose and remember why you came here.

Nov. 11  SUN Squares SATURN always a tough test

Nov. 11 VENUS in Scorpio inconjuncts MARS Retro in GEMINI this is where the old vendettas ap

Nov. 12 MERCURY trines NEPTUNE this is great for tuning into dreams and visions highly creative

Nov. 13 VENUS SEXTILES PLUTO -very SCORPIO Energy financial markets feature

Nov. 13 MERCURY inconjunct MARS in GEMINI – info chaos

Nov. 14 MERCURY sextiles PLUTO a very empowered energy uses it wisely

Nov. 14 SUN TRINES NEPTUNE IN PISCSE DEEP DIVING into spiritual waters also collective secrets money laundering will be outed, sabotage, power grabs, devious energy

Nov. 15 SCORPIO VENUS, dark lady TRINE NEPTUNE in PISCES  a very romantic sexual tantric yoga and sexual energy, very enriching spiritually too

Nov. 15 SUN inconjunct GEMINI MARS- secret wheeling and dealing is exposed

Nov. 15: VENUS into SAGITTARIUS, 10:09 PDT

Nov. 16 VENUS enters SAGITTARIUS at 1:09 am to lighten and uplift our love lives

Nov.17: MERCURY into SAGITTARIUS to lighten things up more and search for truth and spiritual quests 00:41 am PDT/ 3:41 am EDT

Nov. 18 SUN Sextiles PLUTO very Scorpionic for deep transits


Repeat conversations, old dreams, psychic memories, vendettas, and jealousy obsessions surface

Nov. 20 SUN TRINES JUIPTER IN PISCES – darkly optimistic, dark humor

another great dreaming creative imaginative soul-searching day

Repeated conversations, old dreams, psychic memories,


NOV. 22: Sun ENTERS Sagittarius, 12:20 am PST. 3:20 am ST.

Nov. 23:   NEW MOON in SAGITTARIUS at 1degree, 2:57 pm PST/ 5:57 pm EDT/

Nov. 23: JUPITER STATIONS DIRECT in PISCES 3:02 pm PDT/ 6:02 pm EDT at Pisces squaring MARS in GEMINI and at the very last most critical and karmic degree of the zodiac and square to the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius.

Nov. 24 MERCURY TRINES CHIRON-there is hope at the end of the tunnel


NOV. 25 VENUS TRINES CHIRON IN ARIES -a good time to feel optimistic about those wounds and vulnerabilities



Redoing old inventions, rewiring your brain, thinking outside the bis, could be good for crypto

Nov. 28 VENUS inconjuncts URANUS in TAURUS – not so good for crypto markets


   IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! HONEST TRUTH AND JUSTICE, rewind, review what you learned


Nov. 30 VENUS opposes MARS in GEMINI -balance the two complementary opposites

      You got to have some humor and have some faith, breakups, yes long-distance lovers will be texting and trying to get back with you and vice versa

 Note DECEMBER 1ST Pisces Moon aspecting Mars Venus Mercury Neptune Pluto  and Mercury square Neptune

Beauty talk, Mercury conjunct Venus

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I don’t know about you but i am feeling quite overwhelmed energetically. PLUTO is stationary about to turn retrograde April 27 right after the intense Scorpio Super Moon on the 26th. This means the planet of death and rebirth which governs Scorpio is at its strongest. Mars the traditional planet that rules Scorpio is Out of Bounds! Uranus is opposite the Full Super Moon! A wild very chaotic but stable energy.

Plus there is a GEOMAGNETIC storm hitting the earth on APRIL 25

Since Friday April 23


Mercury in TAURUS conjunct URANUS

and today is down. I’ve never seen it down. Bitcoin and other crypto were down. Wild and crazy mental energies. My mind has been totally scattered all day.


Moon enters LIBRA which puts us in two camps. Libra is supposed to be all peacemaker but is always pulled in two directions at once.

Moon squared MARS in CANCER

the home cooked meals the sentimentality of missing family and hugs.

Moon in conjunct TAURUS SUN

i dont know about you but Ive felt hyped up all day.


On February 5 Venus conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius ♒️ and squares Uranus in Taurus ♉️ for karmic endings and a makeover in relationships. Freedom, chaos and cryptocurrency too.Those last hard aspects are invoked into today’s aspect. Venus in TAURUS wants to maintain stability and SATURN in AQUARIUS says go go go. Do i stay for the love and/or money or is my need for freedom and autonomy is stronger?

LIBRA moon is very social today connecting with URANUS, Chiron, SATURN, Mercury, VENUS and NEPTUNE

MOON inconjuncts URANUS

this makes things difficult to know when to open up, Uranus energy is always erratic. Like trying to balance standing up on a see-saw.


we want to encourage others to be vulnerable and to talk about their wounds.


there is pressure to reign ideas in and rethink before being able to move ahead. Saturn is always the stern task maker.


A positive light aspect which opens our minds and the build-up to the Scorpio FULL MOON on the 26th

Moon inconjuncts MERCURY and VENUS in TAURUS

This makes it hard to form our words or to strike a balance in our relationships. Can be frustrating.

MERCURY CONJUNCTS VENUS April 25 at 13+ degrees TAURUS at 3:19 pm PDT

Talk about beauty and fashion. See beauty everywhere. A good day to express sensuality make something beautiful and crafty to eat drink, to delight the eye or soothe the body. Walk in nature, adore the flowers, look at art, write paint draw write a poem. SING, Taurus rules the Throat chakra. Make love, cover someone in rose petals or money. COPPER is VENUS’ metal. .

Moon inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCEs in PDT

The ACADEMY AWARDS are on tonight this aspects indicates a miscommunication or error in reading out a winner. Neptune rules HOLLYWOOD.

I hope you will come to April 26 Scorpio Full Moon Magic Astrology workshop
All of us have gone through deaths this past year, of loved ones, pets, loss of jobs and all of us have experienced a total change like a death to our “normal ” ways of life.

This Scorpio Super Full Moon reigns over this realm of death, rebirth emotional resilience, power and soul transformation and rebirth.
It’s the Quintessential time to move through all of that deep emotional terrain together. There are 5 planets in taurus to help us stay grounded and embody the Venusian influence.

There is much soulful depth and substance to this Lunation, Very supportive to help us move through this difficult terrain together in a virtual community.
The focus will be on the feelings and the emotional body. I will translate the planetary aspects into easy-to-understand symbols.
The Meditation and channelled message will be to help us feel the journey fully through the dark and scary unknown underworld we have all been going through.

A SCORPIO SUPER FULL MOON is a time of completion and fulfillment in gratitude with the understanding from the soul’s perspective of what we have experienced which opens and clears the way through releasing towards rebirth as the energies move downwards towards the New Moon cycle.
LILITH, the Kali-like Death bringing Goddess will be a powerful ally and guide and we are seeking freedom liberation and beauty within ourselves and all around.
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Tough Talk Mercury Square Saturn Astrology

Tough talk as Mercury in LIBRA squares Saturn in Capricorn November 6,right after Mercury turned Direct and is barely inching forwards

Mercury square Saturn
Mercury square Saturn

This is a karmic battle of words, ideologies and legal matters being set off by Governments

watch the video please

MOON is still in nurturing CANCER and making only oppositions all day a trine to Neptune which is idealistic, illusory, dreamy, romantic, addicting, and lastly, the Moon squares Mercury in LIBRA.

Apparently, Joe Biden has inched ahead of Trump in Georgia but not all the votes are in.CBC Canadian news showed Biden with more than 270 but I didn’t see this anywhere else.

Here is your 3 card Tarot reading of the day from The Muse Tarot

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Serious innovations, Astrology Tarot


MOON IS AT HOME now in her own sign just like us and she is happiest there.

Major astro aspects Mercury in Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius

Serious, practical and innovative solutions can be hashed out today

Watch the video with the Muse Tarot deck by Chris-Anne

healing and playing with your inner child is important. Love your womb, the only organ on this earth that a soul can land in. 

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Finally some Air to breathe

ATHENA Goddess of STRATEGY is now in AIR sign GEMINI

I must have missed this due to Mercury Retrograde. No planets or Asteroids have been in AIR signs for awhile except for that South Node in AQUARIUS. So there’s been no air element to breathe. Have been feeling quite choked up? 

In my Dream last night I actually said. “I can’t breathe” and had to go get a puffer to inhale. I do have issues with my lungs and have to use these things. Anyone else had any similar difficult to breathe energy?

ATHENA helps us to clarify our strategies even though as Mercury Rules Gemini and Virgo we have to wait another 10 days for Mercury retrograde to be officially over. Well, the best-laid plans take time. Do that and be ready to spring forwards on the 15th- sort of. It actually takes until Mercury or any planet surpasses its previous Retrograde point until things can fully move ahead. That’s not until early May actually.

April 5 This is the last day -this week of another hard aspect with Saturn.


Be seriously ponderous with your words. They have weight measure and deep meaning. In the beginning was the word. You may see something from your past in a  new light under this Retrograde in Aries where you initially rushed through it too quickly. Weigh what ideas mean the most to you. It may feel hard to communicate right now. Patience is the lesson of Saturn but under a spontaneously honest “hoof in mouth” Sagittarius Moon where definitely the mood is honest AFmay be difficult.

ATHENA can help you strategize just what to say without sacrificing honesty. Its how you word it. 

Retrogrades are not all bad they are necessary times to rest renew relax review. OK. Only 10 more days to go officially.We’re over halfway finished.

The Moon is in Sagittarius and you ought to be feeling more upbeat and optimistic.. Sagittarius is the 9th sign and the most mature fire sign.You can use its’ ever positive adventurous nature to see yourself galloping off to whatever your desired goal is.

There’s a lovely FIRE TRINE from the Moon to the SUN today.

enjoy this fire. 

I read numerology at an event last night. The energy was so fast-paced. Are you feeling it?

Gotta go I have a million things to get done.

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Say it strong Daily astro Tarot

4/4 in the Tarot the Number 4 is the Symbol of the KING/Emperor. 

The number 4 symbolizes a foundation the 4 elements and 4 directions which our bodies are made of.

MERCURY the planet is RETROGRADE right now. He is the fleet-footed messenger of our minds and governs merchants and the mercantile system whose names are derived from the planet. Mercury is quicksilver also consciousness itself our ability to communicate and analyze and the messenger /trickster of the Gods. 

MERCURY Retrograde is SQUARING MARS in Capricorn

The quicksilver mind traveling retro is challenged by aggressive competitive MARS which always wants to battle forwards. This can be extremely frustrating to an already OUT OF BOUNDS MARS.

Tempers and words may fly. Words have power. Rehashing old battle strategies. You may have to retract words or retrace a mental path. Your mind may wander back to things you said in another time and space Old arguments may reoccur. Things you wanted to say but didn’t resentments and defenses may be very high.

But use your words as tools to build new battles. Fight the good fight.

Your words are more powerful than weapons. Aim them true. 

Battles between innovation and resistant traditions.

the theme continues tomorrow



Words are not written in stone-especially due to their Mercurial nature. Your mind can bend words and thoughts. Use it wisely. 

Saturn the bricks and mortar teacher and ruler of everything in matter. Saturn is Father Time also the Devil the great seducer the illusion spinner and the school of very hard knocks. Saturn rules our bones our bodies density old age maturity seniors and seniority and taxes.Saturn can be depressing heavy and leaden. 

The quicksilver mind is challenged by leaden Saturn.

This is a very poisonous team both metals in themselves are quite toxic. 

Slow down your mind slow your thoughts this is a beneficial thing so that we can examine the contents of our thoughts. 

It also means our words have strength and solidity. Words can be used to hurt. You know that old childhood rhyme? Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me? That was a defensive lie.

Words can also be used to make rock solid commitments to oneself and anyone else.

So be very aware of every word you say as it will be weighty like a great poet. 

Watch my Astro tarot vlog. Comments are welcome. Let me know you are out there.

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Test ideas and AI Galactic sex adventures


This is a test of words ideas and communications. Perhaps it’s like the riddle of the Sphynx as Saturn has to do with history.  It’s an important element in Sophocles, Oedipus the King.

“What goes on four feet in the morning, two feet at noon, and three feet in the evening?”

Before jumping into anything in an ARIES way harness Saturn’s leaden running shoes to your feet. That’ll slow you down. 


MARS is on the GALACTIC CENTER So this is a Galactic sexual AI menage a trois.  Think BARBARELLA. 

Let your imagination run wild. Mars in SAGITTARIUS is petty raunchy as most Centaurs are.  Tell your fantasy- you know Mars in Sagittarius -hoof in mouth. Horseshoes for good luck.

The urge for travel adventure and risk-taking with high spirits and lots of laughter may come through you dreamscape.

Mars trine URANUS is great for wild and crazy inventions too-

thinking outside the Galactic Center. Meditate all day and ask to tune into that HIGHER and HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS. 

“You’re love is lifting me higher and higher. “

Good fora new brand of spaced out humor. 

SUN in PISCES sextiles PLUTO in CApRIcorn

Put some sparkle on PLUTO. He showed us he had a heart. Gotta love the planet that symbolized death-rebirth transformation and the shadows.

This is a holy oneness seeing all of life as a constant oceanic round of birth death-rebirth infinitely. My husband and I were talking about time travel.  We have always felt that time is actually moving backward not forwards as our egos would like it to be. 

THIS is a great day for compassion and for letting go of a lot of old shame pain guilt shadows addictions. So many people are feeling empowered to talk about their sexual abuse stories and to release them now. It vital that we do so. Anything that has been lurking in your own shadow- hatred-jealousy-greed- self-righteousness pride- racism- self-sabotage-self-loathing- let all of that arise in your prayers and let it go. 

Capricorn MOON makes two nice sextiles to NEPTUNE in PISCES and SUN and in the meantime conjuncts PLUTO in CAPRICORN.

A great creative energy combined with deep soulfulness.

I have been feeling my crown chakra to be pulsating and super open to downloading a lot of higher dimensional energy lately. I believe that the more emotional secrets and shame and unconscious material that millions of women and men are doing right now is actually opening up new corridors of light.  To get higher you must get lower. 

How are you feeling these energies?

Watch your dreams closely these days. 

I had very complex dreams last night. In one sequence I was yelling at an obese woman.  Dreams always speak in puns. I was wondering about this when I woke up. What does the Fat lady symbolize? The “fat lady” or the phrase “it ain’t over until the fat lady sings” is generally understood to be referencing the stereotypically overweight sopranos of Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle. The “fat lady” is the Valkyrie Brünnhilde, who is traditionally presented as a very buxom lady with a Viking horned helmet, spear and a round shield. Her farewell scene is very long and leads directly to the finale of the whole Ring Cycle. The Götterdämmerung is about the end of the world -or at least the world of the Norse Gods in a very significant way  so ironically “it is all over when the fat lady sings.”

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