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4/4 in the Tarot the Number 4 is the Symbol of the KING/Emperor. 

The number 4 symbolizes a foundation the 4 elements and 4 directions which our bodies are made of.

MERCURY the planet is RETROGRADE right now. He is the fleet-footed messenger of our minds and governs merchants and the mercantile system whose names are derived from the planet. Mercury is quicksilver also consciousness itself our ability to communicate and analyze and the messenger /trickster of the Gods. 

MERCURY Retrograde is SQUARING MARS in Capricorn

The quicksilver mind traveling retro is challenged by aggressive competitive MARS which always wants to battle forwards. This can be extremely frustrating to an already OUT OF BOUNDS MARS.

Tempers and words may fly. Words have power. Rehashing old battle strategies. You may have to retract words or retrace a mental path. Your mind may wander back to things you said in another time and space Old arguments may reoccur. Things you wanted to say but didn’t resentments and defenses may be very high.

But use your words as tools to build new battles. Fight the good fight.

Your words are more powerful than weapons. Aim them true. 

Battles between innovation and resistant traditions.

the theme continues tomorrow



Words are not written in stone-especially due to their Mercurial nature. Your mind can bend words and thoughts. Use it wisely. 

Saturn the bricks and mortar teacher and ruler of everything in matter. Saturn is Father Time also the Devil the great seducer the illusion spinner and the school of very hard knocks. Saturn rules our bones our bodies density old age maturity seniors and seniority and taxes.Saturn can be depressing heavy and leaden. 

The quicksilver mind is challenged by leaden Saturn.

This is a very poisonous team both metals in themselves are quite toxic. 

Slow down your mind slow your thoughts this is a beneficial thing so that we can examine the contents of our thoughts. 

It also means our words have strength and solidity. Words can be used to hurt. You know that old childhood rhyme? Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me? That was a defensive lie.

Words can also be used to make rock solid commitments to oneself and anyone else.

So be very aware of every word you say as it will be weighty like a great poet. 

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