Weekend Astrology Post Taurus Lunar Eclipse

Hi, How are you doing Post Eclipse?

The earthy unusual Venus Uranus Trine yesterday brought some surprises for sure. I hope they weren’t positive changes in plans and not too difficult for you.

The Moon entered GEMINI the AIRY TWINS and remains there for most of the weekend creating a lighter more chatty communicative, and mutable energy. Things stop and turn on a dime. Moon trines Saturn in Aquarius

Nov. 20 MOON trines SATURN in AQUARIUS

creates a rebellious, riotous atmosphere, very literally. There are riots in Holland and in the U.S. Rebel, Rebel by David Bowie is the theme song. Breakthroughs in ideas can come if you’ve been having writers blocks.

Moon sextiles CHIRON in ARIES

and we can talk about our wounds in more of a lighter detached way which could be good or bad.

GEMINI Moon inconjuncts both VENUS in CAPRICORN and MARS in SCORPIO

so things may be complicated relationship wise in a, he said she said way. Be forewarned that that lovers and friends don’t pull the rug out from under you unexpectedly.


new and penetrating insights may surprise you. It’s the most twisted turning detective sniffing oath that you must follow the lead and stay focussed on that can bring big results. News of Underhanded money issues, crypto punks or hackers making off with money and disappearing like that. NFT heist was already in the news expect more.


I can’t believe it’s the 3rd week in November already like how is it 2021 is almost over? Do you feel that way too? This is the last day of Sun in SCORPIO.

Moon squares NEPTUNE in PISCES

This aspect happenes in the night and this is the perfect night to really induce LUCID DREAMS and great for meditating, visualizing, and projection. Very dreamy, you can connect to two-spirit guides or to a “twin flame” or twin spirits or someone you’re mentally on the same wavelength with. Be careful about taking drink drugs shrooms because your judgement is off.


Deep insights and the ability to move mountains by sheer mental tenacity. MERCURY in SCORPIO is if looks can kill. You can mesmerize anyone with your sexual magnetism if you know how to use that energy well. Just be careful of how you use power.


This aspect can bring wild conversations exchanges of ideas, great for think tanks inventors, revolutionary speeches and many mental goodies. Revolutionary threesomes?

MOON goes Void of Course at 10:52 am EDT – you can chill and just do mundane things until the evening.


A great day to debate,killer wits abound and there are bazinga retorts. Be careful of people manipulating with words or beguiling you into buying something you don’t really want. This is the last day of Sun in SCORPIO.


The SAGE SUN totally shifts the energy. It’s firey, optimistic, mystical, honest to a fault, spacious, historical, funny, far out. We want to travel and need space. I;m a SAGE so am happy when the sun is in the 9th sign of understanding.


It’s time to go home with the Moon for 2.5 days and we want to be in the COMFORT ZONE. Start cooking, call your mom or go visit her, invite family or friends over and eat, get cozy, relax, feel safe. We get sentimental emotional, sentimental, wanting to just cuddle up with comfort food, eat, curl up into a fetal position and be at peace. Family time with your biological or whoever is in your family. Also this is a children oriented energy. Remember to Take your inner child out to play

MOON inconjuncts SUN in SAGITTARIUS in the evening.

The emotional sensitive moon and the upbeat- don’t fence me in SAGITTARIUS must have freedom energy don’t fit together at all. You may be feeling restless of course. Chill out were still in the aftereffects of the eclipse and the Mars Uranus energy on Wed.

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April 26 Chaos magic, a Wealth Of knowledge

Ok so Pluto just turned Retrograde, That’s heavy. Mercury, the planet that symbolizes consciousness is in Aries ♈️ and in a tough square to Jupiter in Capricorn ♑️ today.

There is wealth, which Jupiter symbolizes, in concrete, historical, business, duty, responsible earthy Capricorn.

The planet of knowledge, like the snake in be Tree is in the Bible, aka the Trickster aka Mercury aka the Magician in the Tarot #1, is in Aries, a fiery, initiatory, impulsive, aggressive, macho warrior sign, can explode, break up, break down, invade and burn that solid wealth which has many permutations-financial, personal emotional, mental spiritual. Yes that was a Mercurial Aries run on sentence.

It’s a wildly chaotic revolutionary freedom loving ride today as the Sun and Uranus in Taurus make an odd couple Union.

Uranus is the “Higher Octave” Of Mercury. this is literally chaos magic. There is a wealth of radical new thought forms, break-out Communications and revolutionary mental freedom to be downloaded now.

Uranus’s radical, Inventive, Pioneering freak flag flying revolutionary energy- Uranus rules Aquarius- is at odds with Taurus’s earthy, slow plodding, sensuous, stable, aesthetic, of security beauty nature and romance. Uranus can bring rapid changes in the blink of an eye.

Interesting thing about the Covid-19 is people are in unknown radical territories, they are being pushed into being quarantined or having to be with wives, husbands and kids 24/7. People are freed up from the Taurus daily work to bring pleasure work ethic 50 hours a week. Women can’t have planned hospital births now and are forced to give birth at home with a midwife the good old fashioned grassroots Taurus way. Many are shocked that they actually have the power to birth babies without a doctor, or being monitored. women’s bodies were designed by Mother Nature to do that. Way back in the Age of Taurus every baby was born at home. Hi-tech modern medical invention hospital births are relatively new and unnatural.

Expect the shit to hit the Cosmic fan. I have predicted a market world wide financial crash starting shortly, not that wild and crazy a prediction and revolutionary protests breaking out world wide.

Sun Uranus conjunction also stimulates restless, reckless, renegade, you know that dance, energy.

Use Uranus as higher consciousness to tap into the chaos high magic of Mercury and. Jupiter as the whole of humanity’s consciousness expands on all levels.

Moon is now in talkative Communications sign rules by Mercury ♊️ Gemini. Everything us very cohesive.

Moon Venus conjunction makes for lots of texts, flirting, fast mood Tongue wagging, energy.

Moon trines Mars in Aquarius ♒️ which brings more electric lightning bolt every into today’s very high-wired energies. Passions are weird, unusual, collaborative, and rather like a freedom loving sexy heat seeking missile.

Last but not least Moon 🌙 square Neptune in ♓️ Pisces which makes dreams on split-screens capable. Dual dreaming is a special high art for dream yogis.

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2/22 Master Numbers, Rape Culture Power abuses

The Fool Numerology Astrology Tara Greene

The Fool card from the Visconti-Sforza Tarot deck.
Date circa 1450 .
Source Scanned from the Dal Negro reproduction: I Tarocchi dei Visconti.

Feb 22, 2019, is a big Master Number Day. The same as people seeing 11:11 on the clocks. Seeing 2/22 is a higher octave of 11:11.

22 in the Tarot is the symbol of enlightenment symbolized by the Fool in the tarot. This day symbolizes listening to one’s intuition the number 2 the High Priestess in the Tarot. The 22 is mastery of the magical dream and intuitive worlds. 22 is living fully in the now, it is the symbol of infinity. 

This is a BIG day for me. One of the most amazing events in my life happened on this day 40 years ago! I can’t believe Im even saying something 40 years ago.
I witnessed a STAR BIRD a real intergalactic spirit messenger on Isla Mujeres the Island of Women in Quintana Roo Mexico with my ex-husband and a German woman who was a follower of Bhagwan Rajneesh who was on her way to Oaxaca Mexico to meet with the famed shaman Maria Sabian who healed with Magic Mushrooms and                                                                                who famed filmmaker psychomagic                                                                                therapist Alejandro Jodorowsky                                                                                      studied under.
You can watch the Video  I made about it in 2012 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNZY6D4whBc

I will be writing and meditating all day in honor of that momentous occasion.

This is a very big day planetary wise.

Moon is in LIBRA

There are 4 major planets aligning with each other.


This is the continuation of Mercury’s connection to Neptune on the 18/19th where hidden secrets, sabotage and karmic endings come to light. There have been many news stories reflecting these energies. Like the Jussie Smollett case of a crazy hoax who’s chart, I will cover separately. Or the Khloe Kardashian and her 2nd cheating scandal breakup with her baby daddy Tristan Thompson by her sister Kylie’s BF Jordyn Woods which has caused them to break up. 

Mercury in Pisces squares Jupiter with Jupiter ruling both signs is an opportunity to bring the spiritual into your aspirations and philosophy. It is a lovely dreamy creative emotional/mental energy challenging the fiery truth.  But WTF is the truth or reality? This energy brings out secrets like pedophilia, Jupiter rules religion and the Pope’s investigation into sex abuse by Catholic Priests is going on in Rome.

The other biggie is VENUS conjunct Pluto 22/23

Pluto rape culture Astrology Tara Greene

The Rape of Proserpina (Rome).jpgArchitas [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)%5D

Note the NUMEROLOGY of the 2/ 22 Master number 

Sexy Venus-Pluto conjunction energy in Capricorn 2/22 the 23rd in GMT. Its complicated, interwoven, intermingled, pose, lust, sex, secrets, control. Can be very enriching for those born with planets at 22+ degrees of the 10th sign and note the numerology significance.

Pluto is wealth and power from the depths of the soul manifested big time in the world.

Venus rules love, beauty, relationships, the arts, and women. This is a Scorpio overly energy with Pluto’s modern rulership of the 8th sign. Venus and Saturn are all very close they just met on the 18th. They are all moving at exactly the same declination of southern declination at about 21° Capricorn. It’s been a powerful week.

Look to where 22+ degrees Capricorn is on your natal chart and 22+ Aries, Cancer, and Libra are all powerfully affected by this. The Plutocracy s wealth may take a hit. Pluto always slays. ALways. 

Venus conjunct Pluto has many meanings. One of which is that Venus can also represent Persephone, a young girl, being raped {or going voluntarily some earlier myths say} by Pluto into the Underworld to be transformed through sex into becoming a woman. These Planetary mythic tales are archetypal.

Issues of rape culture, pedophilia, sexual power, secrets and abuse are coming up very strongly now to be transformed. The Popes meeting about Catholic Priests sexually abuse which has gone on for centuries is being addressed.  Parishes are publishing names of priests who have raped or sexually abused children. 

The Moon is in LIBRA squaring Venus and Pluto to add to the relationship mayhem. Libra is karmic justice.

Moon inconjuncts Mercury in Pisces

There are plenty of hurt feelings, in relationships which have gotten out of balance. Legal issues, the scales of Justice is the Balance are also very strong right now. Lots of suing and cases to be settled. 

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