Mercury Retrograde, Sirius and the U.S.

Yes it’s the second Mercury Retrograde of 2020 and Mercury turns on its silver heels like a ballerina on the Brightest Star in the skies SIRIUS and also conjunct the U.S. SUN, so this Retro has a huge impact on the U.S. retracing ideas, communications, intellectual property, and especially impacting issues with women, mothers, children, food and water shortages, and nurturing. 

The U.S. birthday on JULY 4th and Canada’s on July 1st will both have RETROGRADE Mercury and Venus in their solar return charts greatly affecting their economies- Venus, and communications-Mercury, until July 2021. Dont expect a big economic turnaround. Hackers may reveal hidden things upsetting a big apple cart.

JUNE 17 @ 9:59 PM PDT/ JUNE 18 @ 12:59 AM EDT @ 5:59 am GMT  at 14 degrees CANCER 45 minutes.


Mercury has already been in its shadow zone since June 1st, have you felt it?

It will take until JULY 26 @ 10:09 PM PDT/ 1:09 PM EDT/5:09 PM GMT for  MERCURY TO LEAVE Rx SHADOW

I know everyone freaks out about Mercury Retrogrades but they are good times for reflection, rest, redoing, releasing, redistributing, renegotiating, all the Re- things. 

MERCURY is The Magician in the Tarot, the first card #1 and we can work retro magic during this time. Go back and rethink or undo or reinvigorate something you haven’t completed. Mercury Retrograde really supports rehashing, reviewing writing, communicating and all kinds of ideas. 

This is an auspicious time to tune into the SIRIANS channelled by many a channeler. Patricia Cori is one that i like a lot.

SIRIUS was worshipped by Ancient Egyptians as their God Osirus who was murdered and hacked to bits and his penis severed and his wife ISIS put him back together. It’s a story of death and rebirth and July 4 was chosen for the U.S destiny to be tied to this powerful STAR whose heliacal rising signalled the annual flooding of the Nile and the ensured fertility of the crops.

With Mercury Retro in Cancer, both your emotional and mental bodies will be more in harmony.  Not a talking head, but an integrated being, It’s intuitive and intellectual balance. Listen to your tummy with Mercury Retro in Cancer.

VENUS will also remain Retrograde in Gemini the SIGN MERCURY rules until June 25th that overlap time can create a lot of havoc. 

Cancer is the First Cardinal Water sign of the mother and children.  It is ruled by the moon.  Cancer is moody emotional, sentimental. Cancer is MOM, families, home, our roots, ancestors, our moods, our emotional security needs, literally where we live, our emotional grounding, our early childhoods, our tummies, what we nurture and how we nourish ourselves or not.  Real estate, food and endings are also Cancerian 4th house energies. This is the sign/house of privacy, symbolic midnight, the womb, everyone’s source. 


Normally this would be a time for having family dinners, house parties, BBQ.’s happy family gatherings, get-togethers, and generally lots of good eating. FOODIES rejoice. Cancer energy is all about the tummy’s fulfillment. But as we are just beginning to come out of Covid-19 quarantines people may be slow to gather although tired of being in isolation and desperate for hugs. It will be a very emotional time as many will see relatives and family for the first time in three months.

This is very fertile energy if you are trying to get pregnant or to give birth to anything metaphorically speaking. 

Think about your Mother, your relationship with her which is primary to every human on the earth. We are our mother’s my Tibetan Buddhist teacher impressed on me. Understand that you are your mother, by virtue of having been part of everything in her life as well as her mother cellularly is phenomenal. Think about it. I know it drove me crazy for years. It is so hard to accept that we are our mothers. The Earth is our mother too. Think about all the billions of women who have given birth to every person who has ever lived. What is the state of women in the world today?

There will be a huge cleansing of old Mother line wounds which we all carry. see workshop info below.-

Your stomach may be more sensitive while Mercury is Retrograde in Cancer. Also, be aware that you are what you eat. It is a good time to change your diet and eat what feels good and nourishes you, not what you compulsively want to eat, or just enjoy. 

Mercury in Cancer Retrograde is literally about digesting, how much info are you digesting? If you are feeling overwhelmed perhaps it’s a good time for social media fast as it is to fast from food during this time. Give your mind and your stomach a  break. Drink lots of water, spend a long time in baths pools by water.

WOMB CLEARING and emotional clearing

This work of cleansing the womb is hugely important for all women, but men also have all the memories of their mothers and grandmothers experience in their DNA and emotional bodies too which they may have no idea how to process or access.  By allowing yourself to fully feel the denied, repressed, forgotten scenes this allows them to become conscious. The awareness will help to process your experience. The unconscious memories are directing our lives. We cannot fully be present unless we feel all of our unfelt and unconscious emotions embedded in early childhood, birth and-uterine and karmic past lives. As you allow feel and express these emotions through nurturing them through writing or any creative non-linear non-rational way you can cleanse your mind, emotions spirit and come through this period on a much freer level with more clarity during the retrograde.

I am collaborating on a weekend workshop for women July 31-August 2nd in Marysville Ontario

I will be presenting my INTO THE MYSTIC 2-day workshop July 8-9th at the world-renowned GRAIL SPRINGS WELLNESS RETREAT in BANCROFT ONTARIO and continuing with another workshop with Madeleine MArentette Founder of the Grail and other workshop leaders Flourishing In the Realms of Light July 10-12

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North Node,Mars,Sirius, Mercury Retrograde to do

Mars is squaring the North Node and South Node Aug 29-30 at 12 degrees + Sagittarius.

Mars square Nodes Tara Greene astrology

The Offering by Virgo Paraiso 2011 

These are karmic times my friends. “Pre-eclipsea” makes one feel quite exhausted. Are you feeling it? I am. 

Mars is exactly on my natal Moon in my first house so I am feeling irritated, impatient, energized and tired at the same time and need time to reflect. 

This Mars North Node aspect inconjuncts the U.S. SUN and Sirius at 12-13 degrees CANCER.

In Chinese astronomy SIRIUS is known as the “celestial wolf”. It is known as dog face, or Coyote Star by indigenous Native Americans. Colloquially known as the Dog Star in our times.  The star is called Ka’ulua, “Queen of Heaven” in Maori of New Zealand. 

Several cultures also associated the star with a bow and arrows. The Ancient Chinese visualized a large bow and arrow across the southern sky, formed by the constellations of Puppis and Canis Major. In this, the arrow tip is pointed at the wolf Sirius.

A similar association is depicted in the Temple of Hathor in Dendera, where the goddess Satet has drawn her arrow at Hathor (Sirius). Known as “Tir”, the star was portrayed as the arrow itself in later Persian culture.

The bow and arrow symbol fits Mars position in Sagittarius perfectly. What are you aiming for? The North Node is our collective highest growth and spiritual goal now at 12+ degrees of VIRGO. Aim higher. 

Astrologer John Sandbach illuminates 13 degrees of Sagittarius with these images:

“Pleiadian Symbol: A past life appears suddenly with crystal clarity.

Azoth Symbol: Looking up, a woman sees a butterfly alighting on the outside of a glass dome.

The North Node at 13 Virgo 

A meteorite with the edges worn smooth. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Receptive

(Degree Angel: LEUVIAH (LOO-vee-YAH) Dialing God, Expansive Intelligence/Fruition

Pleiadian Symbol: An angel of harmony comes to clear away confusion.

Azoth Symbol: Many bridges connecting the two halves of a city.”

The MARS nodal Sirius inconjunct is asking us to pull together all of these symbols. Think about having a wolf’s instincts; about belonging to the pack; loyalty- wolves mate for life. Think about having a dog’s heart which is so fiercely loyal and unselfishly loving. Think about this bright star as The Queen of Heaven. Think about your past life, the SOUTH NODE in PISCES of course, think about transformation, cosmic bridging and the angel of harmony. 

Visualize and integrate all of these qualities.  Experiment and play with them. You will find answers. Ask the Star Sirius to guide you. Make a poem about the symbols. 

The coyote reference is very synchronous as Mercury Retrograde begins.

Mercury is the planet of communication and thieves or tricksters. The Trickster planet is turning RETROGRADE Aug 30 in VIRGO. The trickster will be playing practical jokes on us all in the communication realms. Think of Wile E. Coyote of Looney Tunes.

This Retrograde will be particularly difficult because Mercury is in one of his home signs of Virgo which is all about details, order organization, worry and OCD. 

DO: Double, triple, quadruple check everything. You may think you are about to lose your mind or having an early onset of Alzheimer’s but remember its only Mercury playing mind games with us.

DON’T: Panic if things aren’t perfect and don’t go according to plan. Mercury Retrogrades are to lay back and relax and do all the Rx things. It is good medicine. NEVER FEAR mercury retrograde. 

Make an offering to the North Node and to Mars to guide you by the light of the stars. Sirius was always the brightest navigation star.  By sheer synchronicity I discover this amazing artist Virgo Paraiso. 

PLEASE SHARE WIDELY all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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