Clarity and dreams, Mercury opposes Neptune

Mercury in Virgo oppose Neptune in PISCES Sept. 13th@ 6:31 pm PDT/ 9:31 pm EDT/ Sept. 14th @ 1:31 am GMT @ 14+ degrees

Kunisada_futamigaura.By Saboten land at en.wikipedia (Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons.) [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

Kunisada_futamigaura.By Saboten land at en.wikipedia (Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons.) [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

This beautiful image spoke to me of Mercury opposite Neptune 

It’s all in the details, versus the whole enchilada. 

Worry about the details versus trust and faith in the universe.

Criticism versus unconditional love. 

Getting the work done versus escapism

Practical responsibility for one’s actions versus addictions, delusions, denial.

Analysis versus creative imagination

Mental intelligence versus emotional intelligence

critical versus acceptance

disciplined health and diet versus someone unconscious of their body

Clarity versus confusion, knowing the map versus getting lost on the path

Being a servant of a person of power versus serving the power within and in the universe.

working to do your best versus imaging an impractical dream

accepting life as it is versus a delusion of a perfect dream life

the physical versus the ephemeral. 

All opposites allow the possibility of all means of expression.

This is a  good day to write down your dreams to analyze your dreams. A good day to ground and meditate and connect to your holy guardian angels. A good day to take stock of your healthy diet and work routine. Virgo Mercury can get easily mentally overtaxed thinking all the time. Take time out to let go of all your worries.  Stay grounded.  Be humble. You are a great spiritual being temporarily in a physical body. 

Mercury in Virgo is a great memory. 
here’s a beautiful song by Peia that is redolent of this planetary aspect.

The energy also affects all Gemini and SAGITTARIUS with planets at the middle degree of the mutable signs. Check out where those middle degrees are in the 4 mutable signs.

This can be a good day to write a film script or pitch an idea. The balance of realism with fantasy is like all great Spanish novels like 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. 

enjoy the day and let me know how it affects you. I am here in Sedona just being mellow. 

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Rare Lunar Occultation of three planets

Astronomy and Astrology and Doctoring were once all the same job description.

Its very rare to get a three planet occultation plus a First Magnitude Star in 24 hours.

An occultation sound witchy and mystic but it is an Astronomical term for when one celestial body blocks another one in the sky.   The Moon will be passing in front of Venus, then the first-magnitude star Regulus, then Mars, and finally Mercury. 

The last time there was a lunar occultation of three planets within 24 hours was March 5 2008 with Mercury Venus ans Neptune and it won;t happen again until 2036 with three planets. That’s 19 years from now and coincidentally fits in with the eclipse/metonic cycle of the Sun.

Stay up late and watch if you can this rare lunar occultation of VENUS @ 1 a.m. UTC then FIXED STAR REGULUS  @ 5: am UTC then Mars @ 8:00 pm UTC then MERCURY @ 11:00 pm UTC.

By H.Raab (User:Vesta) (Own work) [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY-SA 2.0 at (, via Wikimedia Commons

There’s a link form the original article to find out where Lunar occultations are visible on the earth.

This alignment is also an ASTROLOGY event too.

In astrology The Moon enters VIRGO @ 12:52 am EDT

then conjuncts MARS @ 8+ degrees VIRGO 3:48 pm EDT then Mercury @ 10+ degrees Virgo @ 7:20 pm EDT then opposes NEPTUNE @ 12+ degrees PISCES @ 10:46 pm EDT. 

All conjunctions are not occultations which is visible.

The MOON is double stamping the important of the planets at these degrees.

Of course, LA LUNA occulting these planets means that the Divine Feminine’s energy impresses Herself onto VENUS REGULUS MARS and MERCURY.

Feminine Moon Plus Venus in LEO brings courage and daring passion for all women.

Moon over REGULUS brings the LIONESS energies into vibrations.

MOON over MARS is a visual delight and sacred union. Mars in VIRGO is in a feminine earth sign.

MOON over Mercury is feelings over the mind and ego.



Rationality and the dream world are eye to eye. This is a good energy to get clear answers from your dreams.Before you go to sleep on Monday evening sit and meditate and incubate dreams. Lucid dreaming is very possible.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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