A little Venus Magic, burning love

I did the Venus ceremony and called in whoever asked to be part of the energy.

witch, magic, Venus, love invocation

From my Venus banishing and invocation ritual April 4-5

Tuesday Moon squares Saturn in SAGITTARIUS at night

be aware of serious karmic issues coming up to be cleared in your dreams Monday night. 

Pisces Moon sextiles Pluto to put some soul into it. MOON goes VOID OF COURSE @ 3:33 a.m EDT/6:33 am EDT

ARIES SUN TRINES SATURN April 5 @ 9:09 am PDT/ 12:09 PM EDT/ 4:09 pm GMT 


that is a very good powerful FIRE TRINE @ 16+ degrees – if you have Sun, Moon planets or angles at 16 degrees LEO this makes a GRAND FIRE TRINE

Fire is energy passion power action and burns up the past.

VENUS enters ARIES and will stay there until APril 29. 

Moon conjuncts CHIRON in PISCES for some shamanic healing time

You may need to have extra psychic protection.Black Tourmaline is very good for this 

MERCURY ENTERS TAURUS @ 4:09 pm PDT/7:09 pm EDT/ 11:09 pm GMT 

Mercury in Taurus bridges the body mind connection improving your “gut instincts.” Do pay attention to your body’s signals, the body always knows. 

MOON ENTERS ARIES @ 11:46 pm PDT /APril 6 @ 2:46 am EDT/ 6:46 a.m.GMT 

heating up for the ARIES SIZZLING Hot super NEW MOON 

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VIDEO of part of the Venus banishing ceremony