Heart,mind, Love and justice, Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius

Nov. 18

Mercury entered the last fire sign of Sagittarius yesterday and will remain in close proximity with the loved up planet until the two conjoin November 21 at 2:55 pm PST, 5:55 pm EST, 10:55 pm GMT. A marriage of heart and mind.

Cue the Joni Mitchell song

“Women of heart and mind”

This is a great planet combo of Venusian good looks, and honest communications, unpretentiousness, love of justice, demanding truth in politics, a love of freedom, travel, higher learning, philosophy, metaphysics, sports and animal Lovers.

Mercury in Sagittarius is sage intelligence but considered a detrimental placement of Mercurius because it’s opposite it’s rulership of Gemini.

I have a sage mercury and I know my mind is always and has always been multidimensional and easily distracted, always asking deep truth questions, it’s made more exaggerated by the plethora of info on the net.

Anytime Mercury and Venus come together in any sign it’s a winning combo of hearts and minds entwined.

This aspect should see a strong pursuit of justice in the recent FTX crypto Sam Bankman -Fried crypto scam of the century and other political issues such as woman fighting for freedom in Iran. I will look at Iran’s chart to see when the Ayatollah regime collapses.

Mercury Venus Sagittarius things to do

Love learning, love travelling, love adventure, love humour, Love honesty, love the great adventure of love and life, think about your faith and trust that the universe has your back, feel the unity of your hearts intelligence with your mind’s, both have brains..

think the truth,

Walk the truth,

quest for love, truth and justice

while these two personal planets link up until December 6/7 when Mercury enters Capricorn-and December 9/10 when Venus enters Capricorn.

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Grand Water Trine Mercury at 29th degree Scorpio

11/23 Mercury crosses into the 29th, last and most critical degree of Scorpio today. The mind can be at its most intense and focussed on solving deep psychological mysteries within yourself and other people’s behaviours that have been wracking your brains obsessively. It can be a EUREKA breakthrough day! 11/23 Mercury crosses into the 29th, last and most critical degree of Scorpio today.

The mind can be at its most intense and focussed on solving deep psychological mysteries within yourself and other people’s behaviours that have been wracking your brains obsessively. It can be a EUREKA breakthrough day! What have I been getting out of it karmically, emotionally, even if it seems to hurt me? It is time for deep shadow work which can bring deep soulful understanding to integrate ourselves in a more holistic way.

Stay focussed on asking the questions internally;

What is this all about,

What is the deeper meaning and motivation?

What have I been getting out of it karmically, emotionally, even if it seems to hurt me?

Mercury enters the much more upbeat optimistic firey sign of Sagittarius on the 24th at 10:36 am EST.

The Grand Water Trine of CANCER Moon to MARS in Scorpio and NEPTUNE in Pisces

at 16-29 degrees during the day is a tsunami of feelings, sentimental, aggressive, competitive, violent, sexual, obsessive, controlling, jealous, possessive, secretive, ruthless, plotting, revengeful, lustfully, dark, in survival mode, financially focussed, intensely emotional wanting to seek safety and comfort, escaping from fears of death and the dark, wanting mom and to be in a state of innocence and protected from the harshness of the world. Just feel it all, would be good to take a long soak and let the emotions roll through you.

Moon inconjuncts JUPITER in AQUARIUS in PST/Nov. 24 in EST and GMT

Mental state and emotions are not in synch. Our deeply sensitive emotional side and our detached scientific cool side arent connecting. We may be lurching from one to another and not knowing if we are coming or going.

Moon opposes PLUTO in PST/ Nov. 24 in EST and GMT

Always big power struggles with Moon/Pluto opposition, The emotional sensitive receptive feminine CANCER MOON Mother archetype and the All business career focussed on worldly success Pluto in Capricorn are at polar opposites but the ideal is the middle way.

With Mercury at the critical degree of Scorpio and the Grand Water trine spend time writing out your feelings and just letting them flow, also pay attention to your dreams these days. Keep a dream journal in prep for Jupiter in PIsces coming up very soon.

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Mercury returns to Sagittarius Honest Deja vu

Mercury returns to straight talking blunt Sagittarius December 12 after his retro tour through Scorpio until January 5, 2019

Mercury God and Planet in Astrology Tara Greene

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo [Public domain or Public domain]        

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Mercury first entered Sagittarius on Halloween a significant date, turned Retro on November 15/16 @13 Sagittarius close to the Great Attractor, left Sagittarius and re-entered Scorpio on December 1st and turned Direct December 6 @ 27 degrees Scorpio. It will take until December 24 for Mercury to by-pass its Retrograde degree and communications can actually move ahead.

Sagittarius rules politics yes new truths will come out. Sagittarius is space travel. Astronomical or galactic news will be in the news

It’s straight talk all the way as the communicator and trickster God of merchants and those who communicate and message a lot enters the 9th sign gifting us all with horse sense.

Mercury in Sagittarius is in detriment opposite the sign it rules Gemini.

Mercury in SAGITTARIUS keywords: Forthright, honest, naive, inspiring, optimistic, adventurous, good-humored, preachers, animal rights, political activists, philosophers, teachers, spiritual, sage are all keywords.

It’s a good time to finally buy your Xmas and holiday gift, plan travels, learning and higher education of all kinds.

Mercury in Sagittarius influence makes us rather scatterbrained.

Mercury in Sagittarius is related specifically to the 8 of Wands in the Tarot, major Arcana card #14 Temperance and the King of Wands as ruler of Sagittarius in general 

You will be thinking about everything all at once and want to learn more and share knowledge. Mercury in Sagittarius sets your brain on fire and is openminded. Its a good time for doing yoga, studying religion and spirituality; Foreign languages, writing, publishing, finding a guru or teacher and connecting with like-minded thinkers. This energy will help you to search for higher meaning and truth. You will not be able to lie with Mercury in Sagittarius.

No Pinocchio stuff allowed Scorpios and Gemini. LOL

Be careful because of this energy as it makes us all a bit naive. Legal matters, sports and religion are all Sagittarius topics. Voicing your opinions on political and animal rights and education will be important. Be careful not to be preachy and hypocritical. Mercury in Sagittarius wants to be “in the know” about everything. 


Famous celebs with Mercury in SAGITTARIUS


SCARLETT JOHANSSON-Nov. 22 1984 Sagittarius SUN Ascendant MERCURY and Uranus-actress

BRITNEY SPEARS -Sagittarius Dec 2, 1981, Sag. Sun and Mercury-singer

Christina Aguilera- Dec 18 1980 – Sag.  Sun too- singer

Nicki Minaj – December 8, 1982, Sagittarius SUN and Mercury- rapper

BJORK- November 21, 1965, Norweigan singer

Amanda Seyfried- December 3, 1985- Actress

Tina Turner- November 26, 1939, Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius

Edith Piaf -December 19, 1915 French songstress

Maria  Callas- December 3, 1923, Sagittarius Sun famous American Opera

Marie Curie -November 7, 1867, French scientist invented radioactive materials

Rachel McAdams- November 17, 1978, Actress Canadian

Rita Ora – November 26, 1990- British singer and actress

Nelly Furtado- December 2, 1978-singer Canadian


Jay-Z, Beyonce’s better half, December 4, 1969

Emmanuel Macron- December 21 1977- current French Prime Minister

Jude Law, December 29, 1972, Sagittarius Ascendant too. British actor

Jimi Hendrix, November 27, 1942, Sun and Ascendant in Sagittarius

Jared Leto December 26, 1971 

Jake Gyllenhaal, Dec 19,  1980 

Woody Allen, December 1, 1935

Beethoven, December 16, 1770- Sun Moon and Mercury in Sag. 

Frank Sinatra, December 12, 1915. 

Stephen Spielberg, December 18, 1946. 

Louis Tomlinson, December 24, 1991, former One Direction member

Ricky Martin, December 24, 1971, Sai Baba, November 23

Isaac Newton, Jan 4, 1643, English physicist, mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher, and alchemist.

Gordon Ramsay- November 8 1966-British Gourmet foul-mouthed chef

Albert Camus- November 7, 1913, French philosopher and author

Sai Baba, November 23 1926-Indian spiritual guru

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Early warning, Holiday New Year Mercury Retrograde alert

We will be aiming higher in our expectations as Mercury trots through the 9th sign From Nov 12- December 2nd. 

Mercury in Sagittarius is the TRICKSTER in a HORSE COSTUME

Mercury in Sagittarius Tara Greene

Mercury in SAGITTARIUS shoots from the hip quite literally. Aiming its arrows of truth, beauty and optimism higher in pursuit of the big questions. Why are we hear? What is the meaning of Life? We will naturally be talking more naively and honestly to the point of  saying too much.

Mercury in the SAGE is after wisdom, intelligence, justice, philosophy and inspiration. We will want to read a lot, especially history, we will want to know how to back up our pursuits of justice through education, knowing that if we have the knowledge we can back up what it is we seek. This is a about FREE SPEECH. Travelling, taking classes in a wide range of subjects, mysticism, philosophy, Leonard Cohen’s poetry, languages,exotica, yoga, animal rights, and our communities needs, these are all Sagittarius pursuits. 

Our minds are free to roam, this is a good thing, to realize we have common ground in many histories, languages and cultures world wide. 

SAGITTARIUS’s symbol is the rainbow, always a sign from Heaven that there is a bridge between Heaven and Earth.

Sedona Rainbows spiritual tours tara Greene

Sedona’s famous double rainbows

If you see rainbows, know that it is synchronicity telling you that your prayers are being answered. 


Yes we have one more Mercury Retrograde this year which is quite unusual. The “storm” period begins as Mercury crosses the Galactic Center at 28 degrees SAGITTARIUS on December 1st. Mercury enters Capricorn on the 2nd, officially turns Retrograde on December 19th at 15+ degrees of CAPRICORN, those powerful middle degrees and conjunct to PLUTO in CAPRICORN and squaring JUPITER in LIBRA and URANUS in ARIES. A power packed Cardinal T-square. 

Get ready to have a very merry Retrograde Christmas Holiday. It is a Christian Holiday and it should be called what it is to the majority of Catholics in the world today. If we are to be truly liberal we need to be inclusive and honor all the religions and holidays and not be afraid to offend someone else’s religious beliefs who may feel left out. This is the true spirit of Aquarius.  

 Yes our New Year 2017 begins with a Mercury Retrograde in CAPRICORN, indicating that there will be some recalls, rehashing, reviews, karmic business headaches to deal with in 2017.  We can’t start anything new in 2017.

Mercury turns DIRECT January 7th 2017 at 28+ degrees SAGITTARIUS on the G.C.  So relax and chill.

 It will take until January 28th until Mercury passes the 15 degree Capricorn Retrograde degree.  So don’t worry about fulfilling your New Year’s resolutions this year. You will have time to prepare during the Retrograde.

A retrograde Holiday season is best celebrated in very traditional old-fashioned ways. Make your own gifts, give to the poor, connect with family and old friends. Its not about fancy shiny gizmos or toys or the latest thing. Christmas is based on the ancient Celebration of Saturnalia which the Romans celebrated to let slaves be equal to their masters. It was a time of festivities, cross-dressing and making fun of higher ups.

This time of year in the Northern Hemisphere celebrates Winter Solstice, the ancient pagan festival of YULE, the turning of the seasons of the year.  We celebrate the victory of the FEMININE darkness during the longest night of the year, which gives way to the return of the LIGHT, the masculine SUN at the Solstice, December 21st. The story of Christ’s birth is an overlay onto the old religions and was literally translated as a son of God for the real Sun. 

Retrogrades are good times to reflect on the past year. It has been a hell of a year. Many famous and well loved musicians passed away, David Bowie, Prince and now Leonard Cohen and we are at Nov. 12 as I write this. Well you know what’s been happening. 

2017 also begins a new 10 year cycle in Numerology as it is a #1 year. The year of the MAGICIAN in the TAROT which is also the dual-nature planet Mercury.

Mercury Retrogade Tara Greene astrology

The MAGICIAN is the beginning of a new 10 year cycle. The MAGICAN’s message is that you are the Magician. You get to create your magic using your mind, intention and consciousness. We all have this innate power. So we need to be very careful of every thought, both consciously and unconsciously and bring that apparent duality into one focused idea. Magic is the nature of the Universe. To cast a spell one simply puts one’s attention, emotion and will behind what one desires. I recommend only doing WHITE MAGIC or positive intentions. 

What magic do you wish to make in 2017? Think about it. Share your thoughts here if you feel moved, Our collective thoughts shape a greater reality.

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Sun conjunct Lilith trine Chiron, compassion for the shadows.

The Sun has been conjunct to Mean LILITH is Scorpio the last couple of days and is now separating.

Lilith,Goddess of death, Astrology, Tara Greene

Lilith is the Dark Goddess, the rejected shadow feminine side of the Goddess who is the natural counterpart to the birth giving, unconditionally loving Mother Goddess who is called the Shekinah. Both are absolutely necessary archetypal parts of God/the Light’s dual Feminine side as outlined in the Kabbalah. Lilith is like KALI and is the destructing part of nature. Destruction and death are the opposite poles which balance life and rebirth. 
We can see these qualities coming up very strongly in the past couple of days. The collective shadows of racism, misogyny, and xenophobia and of all of our shadows that have been rejected by us, are now coming up fully into the light. Which is good, when shadows are hidden they are operating unconsciously. Better the devils you know than the ones that you don’t. Any “holier-than-thou spirituality, religion or belief- system has its shadow. This is simply a balance. These shadows may appear to be pretty ugly, dangerous, life-threatening, devouring, evil and are thus rejected. No matter how light, good,or religious, you think you are you have a dark shadow which appears outside of yourself as an “other” but that “other” is still an aspect of yourself. It is in allowing, an opening up to and asking, “what is the positive intention of this shadow aspect?” can it be healed. Shadows are always wounded aspects of ourselves.  My old teacher Stuart Wilde used to say you must fight the demons/shadows but with love. The light does not fight the dark directly. Wwe must be careful of the polarization that is so strong now.

Especially with LILITH in Scorpio, the themes of revenge, power and control, secrets,and obsessions are fuelling all the rage from both sides.  Young millennials are starting riots to protest Trumps misogyny. Hate graffiti, KKK meetings and white supremacy graffiti is appearing. That is all horrific.

We must honor Lilith for speaking her truth and refusing to be dominated sexually by Adam because iwe are all meant to be equal. Use Lilith’s energy to fight and defend yourself against tyranny.

VENUS is at the last degree of SAGITTARIUS today where her love beauty and passion are fused with SAGE wisdom. She reminds us to Love the Truth, to love freedom, love searching for higher wisdom, intelligence and embodying our own spiritual quest through self-knowledge and through love.

Venus enters CAPRICORN tonight. Where she is earthy hard working, focussed on the goals of women climbing to the tops of the mountains. 

MERCURY enters the last critical degrees of SCORPIO today

The mirror of Venus being at the last critical degree of Sagittarius and Mercury being at the last degree of Scorpio reminds us to analyze our current thoughts from the depths of our psyches. Mercury in Scorpio gives us X-Ray vision to see through all the illusions, to see bravely to the roots of the darkest darkness and to find the light in the dark. This is all good, better to see the shadows than to be ignorant, in denial or caught unawares.

Mercury enters SAGITTARIUS Nov.12th@ 6:40 am PST/ 9:40 am. EST/2:40 pm GMT.

Our thinking and communications must be bottom line honesty even if it hurts other people’s feelings. I know Jupiter is in LIBRA, so we may be able to watch out tongues before we put our hooves in our mouths. 

signing off now

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