Mercury Direct Magic and the Great Attractor

MERCURY turns DIRECT  December 22 @ 5:50 pm PDT/ 8:50 pm EDT/ Dec. 23 @ 1:50 am GMT at exactly 13 degrees SAGITTARIUS. 
Mercury Direct astrology Tara Greene
Mental relief is at hand. If you have been smart and waited until the last minute buy Christmas gifts now which you know you won’t have to return.
Mercury is extremely strong as it changes direction moving DIRECT now, so be extra mindful up until Christmas Eve.
Everything may seem a bit fuzzy and dreamy. Mental fatigue is strong. Do Pay attention to your dreams they may be extra strong for the next few days. Lucid Dreaming is high possibility.
MERCURY is the MAGICIAN our consciousness in the TAROT # 1
Mercury’s Direct turn is conjunct the GREAT ATTRACTOR @ 14 degrees SAGE. 
Use the real “law of attraction” and tune into what you want to create now.
Philip Sedgewick says The G.A. is a gigantic anomaly and mystery. It sucks up all the other supercluster galaxies around and bends light. In other words, we can see what’s coming round the bend. Very useful for future prognostications. 
 Philip says. ”  The Great Attractor reminds us all that knowledge must evolve in order for us to be aligned in any moment with full consciousness. The GA notes that we cannot forget the past. Clear perception of “now” sets the stage. We cannot ignore the forthcoming. Equally, maybe even more significantly, the view of the moment and its perception of in front and behind remains the most important view to hold clearly. Is this view clear and accurately insightful? Could the view be distorted?Only the Great Attractor knows. And the GA reveals the present state in full, unlimited and wide-ranging attention. Where should the view be placed? Can that view be upheld while understanding that all points of view simultaneously exist? Perhaps seeing Einstein’s Cross would be ideal. Center the source of your light within the matter of your life. What matters clearly focuses your truth.” Keep in mind his words. see link below.
Mercury will take until January 18, 2018, until it is clear of its Retrograde turnabout at 29 degrees SAGITTARIUS.
 Please note the SOLSTICE is ON for three days as the Sun aligns with the GALACTIC EQUATOR Dec. 21-24th. 

Continue to do mantras and rituals around embracing your darkness to come fully into the Light.

The Moon is in AQUARIUS today squaring JUPITER in the wee hours making for deep intense dreams of the future and other dimensions.

Moon sextiles URANUS IN ARIES at night

Conversations may be way out there. Watch for UFO’s go see a sci-fi film.

Aquarius Moon continues nice and light making sextiles even as it enters PISCES on the 23rd in the morning.

The last day before Christmas eve just chill as PISCES MOON spiritual compassionate Moon sets the tone for Christmas.

PISCES is the era we are in that is why Christ’s symbol is a fish. 

It’s always been all about the stars signs and planets. 

Sending blessings of the season to you.

I will be writing a bit or post tarot and astrology videos over the next week or so. I am in need of a great rest.


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Bowie, Elvis Blackstar charts, quincunx anomalies

Yes, the New Year officially begins moving ahead Today as Mercury Turns Direct. Woo hoo. Here’s what else is happening. Three major inconjuncts or quincux’s.

Taurus moon inconjuncts { 150 degrees} to Jupiter in Libra 

Practical reality versus double talk spun in the news these days. 

Taurus moon inconjuncts Saturn in Sagittarius 

Another way of seeing the same issue as the first inconjunct. There is no way to fudge the truth. Those in high places should not delve into places they don’t. Belong. This is politics and basic common sense not aligning. 

Mercury turns Direct @ 1:43 am PST/ 4:43 am EST / 9:43 am GMT. 

Things will begin to move forwards but it will actually take until Mercury passes its Retro degree of 15+ Capricorn on Jan. 28th. Still putt, putt ahead.

Taurus moon inconjuncts Mercury in Sagittarius

Speak the plain simple truth if you want to be understood and communicate your message. No obfuscation necessary.

Moon enters GEMINI in the afternoon which lighten the mood up/ Our minds will spring into full throttle now. 



DAVID BOWIE- would have been 70 ELVIS PRESLEY STEPHEN HAWKING  turns 74,

ELVIS PRESLEY-would have been 82.

I had never thought of looking up the two stars astrology charts together until now.

David Bowie Elvis Presley Astrology Tara Greene


The two famed musical stars had a lot in common besides just being born on the same day. Both Elvis and Bowie were born with Mercury moving Out-of-Bounds. This means that they both thunk outside the box, in very freewheeling ways. BOWIE was also born with the Moon Out-of-Bounds making him an even freer spirit emotionally and karmically. He lived his life through his own definitions. 

Bowie and Elvis both had personal planets conjunct to their Suns.

BOWIE had his Sun conjunct MARS in his Natal 12th house indicating a deep passionate masculine drive and unconscious desire to channel through those depths. ELVIS has the SUN conjunct MERCURY in his natal 2nd house of values. He had something he wanted to communicate. Bowie and Elvis would have communicated terrifically together.

Both ELVIS and BOWIE had their natal Jupiter’s in very sexy SCORPIO almost conjunct to each other. Elvis was born 12 years before BOWIE. A hunka burnin’ love indeed.

More interesting parallels. They were both born with SATURN conjunct the MOON, while this is a fairly common occurrence,it indicates that both these men had karmic dates with destiny. Both were karmically connected to their mothers, their instincts, feelings, imagination, and past lives. Saturn conjunct Moon indicates difficulty at their birth or a rather harsh poor childhood. They were very tied to their own Feminine side in a way that may have been difficult for them to express. BOWIE also had PLUTO with Saturn Moon in LEO on his Descendant. These planets helped him to express his feminine side in a very creative powerful way.

For ELVIS Saturn Moon are together in AQUARIUS, the sign of radical change makers with Moon at last difficult degree of Aquarius in his natal 3rd house of communications and siblings. Elvis had a twin who was stillborn at his birth who was was his permanent ghost companion. 

They both had their natal MARS and NEPTUNE,  planet of inspiration, drugs, illusions, spirituality and creativity conjunct to each other in LIBRA. Bowie has NEPTUNE in LIBRA in his 8th house of sexuality, relationships, money, soul work, power, control.  ELVIS has MARS in LIBRA in his 10th house of worldly fame. Elvis’s raw primal masculine sexuality was what made him famous in the 50’s. Elvis became famous for shaking his hips. What was Elvis Ascendant? SAGITTARIUS at 12 degrees. Exactly the same as the United States. No wonder he became so popular. Sagittarius rules the hips, governed by planet JUPITER, which we know Elvis {and Bowie} both had in very sexy magnetic SCORPIO. These guys just oozed sexual charisma.

ELVIS’s SOUTH NODE, his past lives was in LEO very close to BOWIE’s MOON and Descendant. ELVIS’ NORTH NODE is in AQUARIUS conjunct VENUS and JUNO at the last degree of CAPRICORN right on BOWIE’S ASCENDANT . It’s almost as if Bowie picked up the mantle where Elvis left off and sold out, many years later and on that higher AQUARIAN space man, Space Oddity, Hermaphrodite, UNISEX, level. 

BOWIE’S SOUTH NODE is in SAGITTARIUS conjunct to JUNO, exactly on ELVIS’s ASCENDANT and the U.S. Ascendant in the Sibley chart. DAVID unconsciously picked up ELVIS’s cloak and channeled it into his NORTH NODE in GEMINI playing off the sexual ambiguity which made him famous. Gemini North Node is eternally young and curious, always changing, morphing and great at communicating. BOWIE’s N.N. is conjunct URANUS in his 4th house of self, his home. He was a very private and unique man in a different way than the one the world saw. 

A very fascinating look. These two had so much in common. They would have made great collaborators.  I find it fascinating that BLACK STAR song which ELVIS recorded in his early career which was later named FLAMING STAR. Bowie’s last album used the same name. WHAT DO YOU  THINK?

MORE CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS on Jan .8- imagine a birthday party with all of these people there?

STEPHEN HAWKING  turns 74, KIM-JON-UN, Dictator of North Korea is 33

Singer Shirley Bassey is 79, Famous singer of Bond Movie Goldfinger. A truly great singer as well.

60’s Rock promoter Bill Graham,  Little Anthony pop singer, & the Imperials another wonderful singer here.

Soupy Sales, comedian American TV.

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BLACKSTAR by Elvis with David Bowie Blackstar


Mercury Goes Direct, Dream work with Tara Greene

Virgo Moon conjuncts Venus Oct 8 and squares Saturn. Some serious romance details to go over. Mercury turns direct  Oct. 9Yes Mercury moves Direct Oct. 9 @ 7:57 am PDT/ 10: 57 am EDT 

I haven’t found this Mercury Retro to be soo  bad. It will take till October 24 till Mercury bypasses his Retrograde phase and thnings really move ahead. You can still keep working on old stuff. I am redoing my old website

Dream Work 


Remedios Varo Painting

Virgo moon opposes Neptune in the week hours on Friday.Moon also conjuncts Mars in Virgo later in the morning.

Virgo is The Hermit in the Tarot and Neptune is Pisces is the Moon

Moon, Astrology tarot tara Greene

The moon also conjuncts Jupiter in the latter afternoon. It is  a good day to organize, clean up your act. 

Moon trines Pluto later that day as well. A good body enrichment, soul enriching aspect.

A good day to focus on your big dreams and long-term career, high noon position.

This brings a nice body/spirit/mental/emotional balance. Can be used specifically for  some practical dreaming.

Before you go to bed at night. Incubate a dream.

Before you go to bed do a body scan. With your imagination visit the inside of your body which is your spiritual vehicle. You can envision this as having a flashlight lighting up the darkness inside your body. Sense if there is a heat, energy or knot anywhere in your system. This can be muscular, skeletal, in a major organ, emotional or spiritual.

Try this out and see what happens. It can be simply be a felt sense. 

And then ask to scan your body in your dream state. 

Incubate a LUCID DREAM, this is where you are awake and conscious that you are dreaming.

When you wake up don’t go into your head. Stay in your body sensing. Scan your body for signs of heat, cold, blocks, knots and put your hands on those places. You can send Universal healing energy to any block in your body. That is what Reiki is and I don’t believe you need to be certified necessarily to do this. It is a natural thing and simply requires your mind is able to tune into Higher consciousness energies. 

Let me know how you do. 

October 9 would have been John Lennon’s 75th birthday. He was one of my childhood heroes. I wish he would have been here to comment on the world.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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