Lilith and Moon square the Nodes of Fate

The DARK MOON Goddess LILITH is square to the NORTH and SOUTH NODES of the Moon.

This is a fateful aspect. Lilith has been in range of this aspect since March 15 and will stay in a tight square-within 2 degrees until March 30th.

Plus today the MOON in SAGITTARIUS joins Lilith @ 6:20 am EDT @ 3+ degrees.

Lilith redux Tara Greene astrology

Painting by Leilani Bustamente photoshopped with Napoleon Brousseau’s Lilith

This is the date of the Lunar  Apogee, when the moon is furthest from the earth, Black moon Lilith conjuncts the moon. This highlights this doubly fated influence today on the emotional unconscious and etheric planes in the world of the continued patriarchal rejection of the DARK original Divine FEMININE energy. She is the shadow of men’s biggest insecurities around women.  By dark I don’t mean evil although Lilith has been demonized by the Patriarchs who fear her raw, chthonic powers of menstruation, death and sexuality. 

There are three Lilith’s. Mean Lilith which is the one I refer to usually. Osculating or True Lilith and Asteroid Lilith #1181. It’s very confusing. 

The “true” (a.k.a. osculating) orbit is a calculated, hypothetical orbit based on a momentary snapshot in time. You take the exact current position, speed, angle etc. of the Moon (i.e., the orbital elements), and apply Kepler’s formula to that data. This calculates the path that a pure elliptical orbit continuing from that point would take. It can vary widely from Dark Moon Lilith/Mean Lilith.  Mean refers to middle. 

Astrologer Marina of Dark Star Astrology comments on the three Liliths and she recently wrote that she feels the True Osculating Lilith is the only one to work with. Why?
“Because the Moon wobbles around all over the place this orbit is based on a snapshot, the apogee of this orbit can be far away from the Mean Apogee. It can also be far from anywhere the apogee is likely to be in the near future. Yet this point is known as the True, or Osculating, Lunar Apogee — True Black Moon.”  see link below 

The Trump government is wholesaling the selling out of the earth to oil companies, big corporations, and trampling {which really should be what we call him} women’s rights.

I would use the lunar energies pressured by the Nodes of Fate to call on LILITH to give Trump and his ultra-tight wing Patriarchal pony cronies there a big backlash on the etheric planes.  Hell hath no fury like a Goddess scorned especially Lilith. The more the dark feminine is pushed down the stronger she gets. I am waiting for her to sucker punch them all soon in retaliation.

It’s a pretty fiery day;

MERCURY also conjuncts VENUS RETRO WORDS OF LOVE @ 8 degrees ARIES

You may be talking about your past in relationships. This is a good time to review what you value in your lovers and women friends. Old lovers may return at this time.  Remember that LILITH and the Moon are trining that energy later today.

Moon inconjuncts MARS in TAURUS

Who runs faster the horse or the Bull? Both of these animals played a huge part in man’s ability to travel and to move goods. Sagittarius moon has no patience for Mars in Taurus plodding along couch potato mentality. The Moon is galloping off into the sunset leaving a trail of dust for the bull to cough up.


great conversations about who has the fastest, most honest, inspiring, funny, judgemental ideas. Sagittarius Moon loves to learn, spin exotic tales, talk philosophy, history, metaphysics. 

Moon squares Neptune at night

This can be very romantic. A SAGITTARIUS/PISCES idea of romance is going to a yoga class, sitting in kirtan chanting Hindu mantras, or going to a metaphysical talk or lecture or workshop. This could be a great night for some Hieros Gamos, tantric love. Also use it to inspire lucid dreaming.

Gotta go now.

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Words of love, Mercury conjunct Venus

I thank you for that incredible response to my VENUS-JUPITER article about Aug 27 being one of the best days of the year, I got almost 10,000 views on it! I am a bit blown away. For me, the more of you reading this blog who can become aware of the cosmic messages, which astrology describes in both symbolic and very real terms, the more conscious lives we lead.  If we understand the ancient Hermetic Maxim “As above, so below.” then we begin to remember who we really are; infinite souls, star beings who are intrinsically bound up with the entire Universe. We are much bigger than our teeny tiny little egos. We understand we serve a higher purpose which is collaborative and non-hierarchical. 

There is so much going on. That wasn’t the only best day of the year. There are many more coming up in the nest week even, I’ll keep you updated. Please follow my blog. We just need to be aware of these energies and understand how to work with them. This is very ancient stuff. Our ancestors everywhere on the planet were incredibly intuitively tuned into the music of the spheres and projected the planets as Archetypal Gods and Goddesses. They had accompanying gemstones, metals, symbols, sigils, herbs, trees, musical notes, aromatherapy oils, hours of the day, and days of the week to appease the Gods and integrate the energies of the 7 classical planets. This is a wonderful, magical, symbolism, the language of the soul. We need to become re-enchanted with the Universe. It is a totally magical place and we ourselves are magical beings.  Some people asked how to work with the planets? It really doesn’t have to be more than intention, consciously connecting within yourself to the planetary energies. Have a dialogue with the planets, ask them questions. State your intentions as mantras and prayers. 

Some people asked how to work with the planets? It really doesn’t have to be more than intention, consciously connecting within yourself to the planetary energies. I do like to do ritual and ceremonies, so I would set up an altar, call in the four directions and elementals. I would make offerings to the planets and call in the as above, so below, so within and meditate with the planets. Have a dialogue with Mercury and Venus, ask them questions. State your intentions as mantras and prayers. 

Astrology, best days Tara Greene

Mercury and Venus, Oil on Canvas, 56″ x 80″ 1998 by JOhn Woodrow Kelley American painter

Aug 28 is a wonderful day of enhanced communications and LOVE as MERCURY conjuncts VENUS in Virgo @ 11:32 pm PDT/ Aug. 29th @  2:32 am EDT/ 6:32 am GMT @ the 29th most critical degree of VIRGO.

THINK LIKE A GODDESS. VIRGO is the largest and most ancient of signs. She is the earth mother herself. She also loves budgets, health, organization and practicality.

If you have something romantic to say -SAY IT NOW! It’s critical that you declare your love as Venus is the Goddess of Love. Declare your love and service to the EARTH; to the Divine Virgin Goddess within everyone. Most notably love your Higher self, but not the ego self.

Mercury,moving at a snail’s pace, is about to go RETROGRADE AUGUST 30 at that “Last chance saloon” degree. Venus enters one of her home signs, LIBRA, where she is the most social, charming, artistic and flirty AUG 29 @ 7:06 pm PDT/ 10:06 pm EDT/ Aug 30 2:06 am GMT.

Mercury is so strong right now. BE VERY conscious of everything you think and say. For many Virgo’s and Gemini’s especially, this can be a very tense time. See my article about September primer 

Under a sensitive nurturing emotional Homey CANCER MOON the energies are easy except for a Lunar opposition to PLUTO and a square to Uranus in ARIES late at night which may make you restless and sleepless. Three sextiles to JUPITER VENUS and MERCURY and a trine from the Moon to CHIRON makes for easy emotional relating. 

We are also feeling the pressure of the upcoming eclipses September 1st in Virgo and September 16 in PISCES which I will write about soon in depth and make a video. Many of you are feeling grumpy, and irritable from the Mars/ Saturn conjunction in SAGITTARIUS further exacerbated by the conjunctions in Virgo squaring the Galactic Center. Although this is a HUGE BLESSINGS in disguise . Be very very open to parts of yourself which you thought you had healed years or even lifetimes ago suddenly coming up and exploding in your face front and center. With some dedicated prayers and focus these ancient wounds can be healed in incredibly accelerated fashion now as VIRGO is the sign of health and healing.  

CHIRON the shamanic, wounded healer is in PISCES opposite to VENUS + MERCURY and JUPITER square to the Galactic Centre at 27 degrees SAGITTARIUS which is further midwiving us in our rebirths, assisting all of us to fully feel our wounds to heal them. VULNERABILITY is the greatest STRENGTH.  Someone on FB told an incredible story about this which really inspired me, so I know this to be true. It feels like a breaking open of the seals spoken of in REVELATIONS. It symbolizes the 7 chakras opening. Esoterically there are more than 7 chakras but start with getting those open.

SAGITTARIUS’ symbol is the RAINBOW, symbolizing the RAINBOW BRIDGE between Heaven and EARTH. Some call this Ascension. You will know it when you feel it. Be aware of symbols of iridescence, like dragonfly’s wings and rainbows appearing in your life. Semi-close your eyes and look at things that way, it changes your perception. 

Mercury is our brains, our means of communication and thinking. As HERMES he was the great teacher in Ancient Egypt. Meditating by walking in nature is recommended. Listen to your gut instincts. Pay attention to what you consume on all levels. Virgo is the sign of the Harvest. You are what you eat. If you are eating, junk food, fast food, microwaved food, processed food, red meat, artificial sweeteners, canned pop, processed anything, most supermarket foods, your chances of becoming more conscious are small.  

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. Let those bad habits go. You don’t have to be a vegetarian necessarily, but eat simple, healthy, holistic, and organic foods as much as possible. Prepare meals yourself, throw out the microwave,.  Your body will thank you, your health and thinking will improve radically. 

MERCURY + VENUS is  tuning us into love, simple, humble, serving your  loved ones, parents, children and your work as well.


If you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say it.  This is extremely important as VIRGO is the sign of the critic, the discerning, trouble shooter who is a flash at spotting imperfections and flaws. We need to be fully aware that self- criticism is criticizing the GOD/Goddess Self. We are that. Would you have the chutzpah to criticize God?  It’s an old Astrology joke that only a Sagittarius would do that. I totally resonate with this with my Virgo south Node. I had an epiphany in a Health Food store on Aug 26 about criticizing myself = criticizing God. 

Mercury-Venus in VIRGO rules work, do you love your work? If not put your thinking cap on while Mercury is Retro till Sept 21/22 and draw out a detailed plan to change it.  

Use these times and the power of your mind, Mercury, The MAGICIAN in the TAROT #1 Arcana. Use Venus’ gifts of LOVE and BEAUTY sacred connection, desire, peace. She is The EMPRESS #3 in the Tarot. We are consciousness and we are love on this earth.  That is all you have to remember and be.

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WORDS of LOVE the BEATLES written by Buddy Holly 









Jan 6-10 back to work, Frozen North Astrology from Tara Greene

THE DEEP FROZEN NORTH is where I am writing you from. Although we had a brief thaw. Many parts of Canada were colder than planet MARS as well as the Eastern U.S. and EUROPE is having a  SUPER FROID winter so far. and on the other hemisphere its 50 degrees Celsius and boiling hot with terrible drought in Australia. It’s all shook up.

The Sun opposed Big planet Jupiter yesterday. Were you verbosely wind bagging it at home? Make big long-term corporate plans? Or Thinking of expanding your family? 

You should be feeling sunnier and more positive, laughing things off. We have to. The weather is kookoobars.  it’s like HELL HAS FROZEN OVER and guess where we are?. So my empathy for all the Americans Canadians and Brits who are freezing their butts off. 

It’s Back to work in 2014 for many people for the first time. Moon is still lingering in dreamy PISCES so you WILL NEED that super jumbo Starbucks high octaine caffeine to get you through this day.

Moon enters ARIES for the 1st time this year. @ 11:45 a.m. PST &  WE’RE OFF that should get the fire started.

It’s a 5 alarm FIRE.


THE signature of 2014 in micro form. It’s whole hog. NOT for the feignt hearted. We’re stuck in the middle of it.

It’s a struggle,  topsy-turvy day, SUNNY skies with a chance of Meatballs, road rage, bad weather, detritus, spontaneous outbursts, 

Moon conjunct URANUS, squares PLUTO, opposes MARS. then squares JUPITER and then the SUN for good measure.



Plus MERCURY AND VENUS collide @ 2:02 pm PST

could be romantic across the desk tops? And YES someone may get called on the carpet for some serious fiscal reviews going on.


No chilling allowed just yet. The heat is still on emotionally though.

Aries Moon squares Venus in CAPRICORN – AMAZON corporate Women, don’t mess with them, they are pissed off and you’ll hear about it.

Moon squares MERCURY in Capricorn pushing for innovation against great resistance.


This aspect implies that billions of people with butterflies in their tummies are affecting the weather world-wide

Mars rules the ARIES MOON, Mars is action, in Libra- its to relate. Jupiter- expand, optimism; in Cancer- home, family, emotional security Retrograde- reviewing old alliances, smoothing out the unlevel playing field, feeling sentimental, diplomacy is a necessity.

Making good liasons, wanting to please,.


Jan 9

MOON in TAURUS in the natural 2nd house of STUFF, real things, tangible’s, the body, money, real estate,

relax, get a massage, its slow and purposeful. Stubborn but realistic. Sensual. Touch people.Living is easy. appreciate food, art, being here now.

Taurus Moon Trines PLUTO

this is big power, RICH,  Bull market stuff if only temporarily.

FRIDAY Jan 10- already?

BULLISH moon sextiles Jupiter in Cancer very fertile, 

MOON quincunx MARS in LIBRA- may be a difficult balancing act

a strengthening aspect, appreciate your world breathe it in. put your hands on the ground and up to the SKIES.

MOON OPPOSES SATURN in SCORPIO @ around 20 degrees

stubborn FIXED SIGNS- also brings Aquarius and LEO into this ring. 

Saturn won’t budge that’s for sure. So you will somehow have to slink your solid bod, or talk yourself- TAURUS rules the THROAT, out of the corner.

THe WEEK ends up on an UP NOTE


sensuous, rich taste, vs, more practical Venus in Capricorn. they can work it out. Put these two animal noggins together and they can produce results.Bull market may be high and bring confidence.

I’ll keep the weekend a secret for now SPOILER ALERT!  It will be romantic.



enters Aquarius – AIR SIGN- group thinking, revolutionary insights, WE think, freedom, invention, detached.


your comments are greatly appreciated- come on let’s dialogue

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