Big positive power day May 9, break free

It’s a big positive power day today May 9. 

MOON enters SCORPIO the sign of sex death power, control secrets, deep emotions, the shadow. 

That often nefarious Scorpio moon quincunx’s VENUS in ARIES in the daytime.

Power switches, ruthless manipulations and back stabbing is highly likely. 

TAURUS SUN trines PLUTO in CAPRICORN @ 19+ degrees

Taurus Moon, Horoscopes Tara Greene

This is one of the easiest of days to manifest your SOUL POWER, 3rd SOLAR CHAKRA POWER, The SUN’s Light and PLUTO’s Chthonic dark earthy power. 

This very earthy, grounded, practical energy brings our attention to the 3rd or Manipura chakra. This chakra helps us to sense out personal power, the will, being confident, responsible and in control. Mastery of the 3rd chakra centers on self-esteem, self-discipline and the warmth and charisma of your personality. 


The sun and Pluto focusing on this important chakra helps us to manifest action in the physical plane and to transform inertia into strong willed intention. We can take on challenges and move forwards. 

The PLUTO influence here warns us about the nature of power itself. A very seductive energy. This is what The DEVIL CARD #15 in the TAROT symbolizes, being seduced by the material plane’s power and riches. 

If we live from the source of the LIGHT, we can radiate strength, joy, and leadership which inspires others to serve the LIGHT and to radiate strong balanced personal power. 

This is a very positive energy. Good for VIRGO too with planets at 14-24 degrees.

It’s also the MERCURY URANUS conjunction today at 25+ ARIES

Alex Grey, Praying, Astrology Tara Greene

Alex Grey ” Praying” Oil on Linen 48 x 36 in. 1984

Blow your mind open. Think outside the box. Rebel against standard conservative ideas.  

If you have planets at 25+ degrees of CARDINAL signs,- CANCER, LIBRA, and CAPRICORN this aspect can help you to quit that job you hate, start your own business, become an entrepreneur, break free of old habits and self-concepts.  Sya Fuck you to anyone who you feel is holding you back. CHALLENGE all conservative ideas. Be on the forefront of fighting for reform and liberation. 

rebellions Mercury conjunct Uranus astrology

Put on an entirely new thinking cap. bReak free. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Mercury conjunct Uranus, shocking ideas

Mercury conjuncts URANUS on May 9 10:20 pm PDT / May 10 @ 1:20 am EDT/ 4:20 am GMT.
At 25+ degrees ARIES yes and ERIS the Goddess of DISTURBANCES and ANARCHY is there too. This is shock and awe communications, ideas and words. This is a revolutionary change in language, advertising, technology and how we use it. Free the language, free your mind, free culture.  
If you have planets, or angles in your natal chart within 23-27 degrees of ARIES, CANCER,  CAPRICORN or LIBRA then you will feel the effects of this strongest most personally. It’s a call to break out of old roles, old stale concepts. Rewrite your personal history and your life story. 
Don Juan, Carlos Castaneda shamans witches Astrology Tara Greene,
The Toltec and Yaqui shamans, brujas and witches use a technique called erasing personal history which takes up to seven years to carry out.  By reliving each and every moment of their lives in great detail, remembering all the fragments and feeling them fully then integrating them, the shamans and brujas are free from the emotional unconscious traps and karma of their history. It is like what Saturn in Sagittarius square Chiron in PISCES is also doing right now in the skies. These are amazing times folks. 
CHANGE YOUR STORY, change your mental patterns, change your life. 
This is true in the world, change the Patriarchal story, change the dominator, competitive hierarchical, heroic model. If we are to survive as a species, we have to adapt to feminine and equal relationships NOW. We are all on this little blue boat called mother earth together with dwindling resources and a growing population. 
I didn’t know what I was going to write and synchronicity led me to this.
 I just made an interesting discovery about another origin of what was originally a Goddess-honoring word, what we now know as a swear word- C * NT. 
 If we write it like that it’s also a giveaway that this is a synonym for G*d, which is another word of power. 
C*nt, Goddess, Astrology, Tara Greene
Thracian sanctuary Utroba cave (“Womb Cave”,“Cave Vulva”) carved out of the rock in XI-X century BC, near Nenkovo, Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria.
As the Patriarchy demonized and disempowered the Goddess and all women who were considered to be individual embodiments of HER, this word is one of the last taboo words in the English language along with anything having to do with menstruation and death. All FEMININE related issues. 
I have read different theories connecting the etymology of cunt to a very powerful Goddess in Sanskrit, Cunti or KUNDA meaning the sacred Yoni or vulva of the Yoniverse as i have been referring to it since 1990. The Galactic Centre in other words.
From the same source are “cunabula”, a cradle or first abode, “Cunina,” a Roman Goddess who protected children in the cradle, “cuntipotent, having all powerful cunt-magic,I love that one, “cunicle”, a hole or passage, “cundy”; a culvert; also cunning, kenning and ken meaning knowledge, learning, insight, remembrance and wisdom. In ancient writings the meaning of the word was synonymous with “woman”.
Also Kunda from the Saharan, Goddess of the Kuntahs a tribe who traced their beginnings to “the cleft of the Goddess”. Kundas were also children begotten out of wedlock and were considered divine gifts of the Goddess Kunda.
The etymology of the word KUNST just came to me and I looked that up. ART. kunst (n.) from German Kunst “art,” originally “knowledge, skill”  abstract noun from the root of kennen “to know,” können “know how, be able” 
Which then led to the word CAN. 
Old English a CUP, { Holy Grail} container, cana meaning a reed, a boat, 
Can  Old English 1st & 3rd person singular present indicative of cunnan “know, have power to, be able,” (also “to have carnal knowledge”)- sexuality , from Proto-Germanic *kunnan “to be mentally able, to have learned” (source also of Old Norse kenna “to know, make known,” Old Frisian kanna “to recognize, admit,” German kennen “to know,” Gothic kannjan “to make known”), from PIE root *gno- “to know.” As in Gnosis = SOPHIA.  Evolves to the word cunning. 
Evolves to the word cunning, which means smart, clever,  artfulness,
 Which also related to cuneiform, the original of language, means a wedge-shaped, a pubic triangle. A woman’s vulva. Also a  tool for inscribing into the clay. It’s all a metaphor for sex. 
Ralph Wilson of Washington DC
” In the Bagua, and I-Ching the two major trigrams are:
Qian (Heaven) represented by a set of three solid lines, and
Kun (Earth) represented by a set of three open lines.
The reason for my writing you is simply to say that the Chinese came up with the basic word first that later became known as “cunt”. Earth= women= Goddess =Kun.”
Now that I have read your essay, , I think that the added “t” likely came from the Jewish writers as you describe in the essay: “In Semitic languages, for example, terminal /t/ is the standard marker for grammatical femininity.”
In India, the Goddess Tara means Terra the earth as well.
So let’s reinvent language, we need 20 words for snow like the Eskimos, 50 words for love, and new concepts and ideas to change the entrenched patriarchal system for the last 5,000 years. I reclaim the word Crone as well to honor the CHRONE, a woman who is a wise elder. 
What do you think?
Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 
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