New cycles of desire,Mars conjunct Sun

I took a well deserved day off June 14 as I have been super busy. Yes Saturn is now Retrograde in SCORPIO  June 14 @ 8:35 pm EDT.  I want to sit with the energy for a few days before I announce our SHADOW DANCING  support group . Saturn will make us, the collective, deal with all of our unconscious shadows for the next three months. I strongly suggest you face this ponderous SOUL task now or wait 29 years.  email if you are interested. This will be a teleconferencing teaching and mutual support group. email

The heavens give all the signs. MARS, Scorpio’s  traditional ruler, and only ruler in Indian Vedic Astrology joins up with the Sun June 14 to bring Light to our dark and heroic journey.

Sun and Mars conjunct in Gemini at @23 + degrees June 14.  

The passion of the mind and the Soul of Light ignite in balance. Gemini is the element of Air and the mind, it is a dual human sign and Sol/the Sun is soul’s symbol, the Light.

Mercury is finally direct, although still in its shadow period until June 27th. The Sun in Gemini illuminates, clarifies, expands and energizes our minds and our mental desires and actions.  

Mars rules SEX, passion, energy, desire, the masculine, war, aggression and defenses.  Mars affects both men and women who also have testosterone in their bodies. We all have passions, drives, aggressive and powerful sexual desires. Each of us has both masculine and feminine energies. That is why GEMINI is the symbol of the Lovers in the Tarot.

GEMINI in the TAROT is symbolized by the LOVERS Trump #6

the Lovers Gemini Tara Greene Alex Gray

“Kissing” painting by Alex Grey 

Mars conjunct the Sun symbolizes a return, a birthday, a completion of a heroic journey which began April 18, 2013.  Think back on what was going on in your life then. What were you creating, passion about, doing then? Is that passion still alive?  Has it changed? How and why? What was driving and motivating you then has come full circle. Sun conjunct Mars in Gemini reminds me of the story of Icarus flying too close to the Sun. 

Mars is anger which can also be channeled in a positive way and used as a positive guide. If you need courage, strength, determination, power, “the big guns” ambition, confidence, machismo, then Mars benefits you with these gifts. Fight the good fight, run for charity, stir up positive passion in others. Use Mars to protest against greed, lies, avarice, war. Mars is pure fire it ignites whatever it touches.  Mars in Gemini is talk, talk, information, questions, debates. 

Today begins a new action cycle START ME UP and LIGHT MY FIRE which reaches its 1/2 way point May 22, 2016 with Mars at 2+ degrees of Sagittarius and ends on July 29 with Mars at 5 degrees of Leo 2017.

Begin to plan now. Feel your desire rising for where you want to be. Let your libido and your passions ignite and guide you. Get a notebook or start a special page on your devices. 

Where is 23 degrees Gemini in your natal chart.?This implies a new beginning from that specific house and its attendant meanings. 

NOTE: GEMINI peeps born  June 13- 19th this transit really affects you strongly.


June 13: Actor Chris Evans, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Kat Dennings

June 14: Donald Trump, Boy George

June 15: Neil Patrick Harris, Helen Hunt, Courtney Cox, Ice Cube

June 17: Venus Williams, Barry Manilow

June 18: Sir Paul McCartney, Blake Shelton

June 19: Macklemore, Zoe Saldana, Paula Abdul, 

Plus all the MUTABLE SIGNS -VIRGO born September 15-19, PISCES born March 21-16 and SAGITTARIUS born Dec 14- 19 you will also feel this energy very powerfully. You dont have to be born under a Mutable sign to feel it motivate you. If you have planets at 21-25 degrees of these signs it powers you up. 

Call on the planet Mars to guide you in a meditation.  You may want to sit with this energy until New Moon June 16 when the Moon joins Sun and Mars they are all conjunct. I’ll write about that separately.

Here’s the astrology chart which you should print and keep as your starting map over the next two years.  

Sun conjunct Mars astrology Tara Greene


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It’s here. Astrology of the Now.

R U ready? The 7th Uranus Pluto square occurs tonight @ 7:54 pm PDT/ 10:54 pm EDT/ March 17 @ 2:54 am. blasting open our crown chakras to the Galactic dimensions.
Do sit and do ceremony at this time. I will be meditating and doing so.

Crown chakra activation Tara Greene

Questions to ask.

Am I fulfilling my higher Self’s mission?

Where do I need to break free of old limited self-defeating patterns? 

In what areas do I need to die in order to be reborn? 

Check out which houses in your birth chart the Uranus in Aries /Pluto in Capricorn energy are pressuring you to change- Uranus in Aries and where you are holding on- Pluto, which is the shadow.
For me Uranus is in my 5th house of creativity, giving love and self- expression and Pluto is in my 2nd house of resources, the body, and tangible assets.

It’s not all over by any means though.  Of course the USA ,which has natal Saturn at 15 degrees of Libra squaring the Sun at 13 degrees of Cancer which is conjunct the star Sirius is heavily invested in this world chamge. The U.S. and all its policies for better and for worse is a spinning vortex or should we say sinkhole for this energy. It’s what needs to change from within. There are revolutionary, warring, immature, macho forces- Radical Islamic, China, and individuals within their own country pushing against the powers that be who control everything.

What was seeded in the 60’s when Uranus and Pluto were conjoined at 16 -17 Virgo is being reactivated now which steps up the evolutionary growth.

Saturn was also very important in that conjunction and the Lord of Karma was opposite in Pisces and also conjunct to as yet invisible but working on the collective unconscious level Chiron {Saturn was at 11- 22 degrees and Chiron was at 19- 26 degrees of PISCES}.

 CHIRON is exactly opposite to that 17th degree now. We are feeling wounded and vulnerable on a spiritual level, our compassion is being tested as well as the state of the earth and her resources.

Part of the test is to know we are both spiritual PISCES and physical VIRGO beings. We have never left the Great Mother, Saturn, we are only temporarily in these earth bodies in the physical plane.

The Total Solar Eclipse March 20 on the Spring Equinox is another huge awakening. It signifies the end of the last 2,160 since the age of Pisces began.

The Age of Aquarius is harkening. This is the age of Unity consciousness, co-operation,co-creation, Higher consciousness and dimensions. Technology is a tool, which we can use from a POV of using for the benefit of all.


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How to connect mind, body and soul

Dec 22 One day after one of the most powerful Solstice’s ever with all those  razamatazz blingy extras going on. I’ve mentioned them enuf, you oughta know all that jazz by now. Right?

The Sun appears to stand still for 3 days. So really we could consider this a 3 day event.

Monday the MOON’S Day 

The Moon symbolizes your moods, emotions and feelings. The Moon physically we know this,it’s scientific swells the tides of the oceans on Full Moons and as we are 70% water, exactly the same proportions as the earth, so ipso facto. The Moon affects everyone’s emotions. At Full Moon high tide emotions at a New Moon like now, 3 days of introverted feelings. The MOON also governs the people in general.

Today Moon in Capricorn makes it easy to connect the dots between mind-body  and soul.

body mind soul Tara Greene

Capricorn moon is emotions rooted in body wisdom and knowledge. The body knows more than the head does. In the Tarot, Capricorn is THE DEVIL #15. 

The Moon= feelings, conjunct MERCURY- the head, analysis, intelligence, thinking, communications.   In the Tarot Mercury is the MAGICIAN #1

Moon squares URANUS – planet of chaos, liberation, freedom from the mind, from being led around by your ego. The mind governs purely physical things only.

Moon conjuncts PLUTO, symbol of the soul, the unconscious, the shadow, We can connect to our Souls, aka out Guardian angels, our infinite selves.

Moon conjuncts VENUS, symbol of love, amore, amour,women, beauty. relationships, values. We can connect to our hearts, to self- love and loving others. To honor the beauty in ourselves, to value relationships. Tibetan Buddhist teachings state that the heart is the  central most important organ of the body.In the Tarot Venus is the EMPRESS #3


throughout the day focussing your attention on the sensation of listening to the body first, then as if tuning into different radio channels. Then listen to station HEAD, ALL EGO, chattering away, about me, me, me, without being attached to it. IF you can accomplish that for a few seconds your entire world can change.

Intentionally change the channel to HEART,Radio LUV, and listen to your hearts yearnings, feel that out and see if you like the way the world seems when tuned in through the heart.

Yes touch that dial and tune into your SOUL, where is it? It is all of you, it is within you and outside of you. It is outside of time. Trust that you can listen to and feel  you soul;s desires. 


Like the spirit of Christmas or the spirit of the team?

SPIRIT comes flying in just like Santa Claus on December 23 when Saturn- lord of the solid and very real,planet of tradition, flies into the inspiring spiritual fires of SAGITTARIUS at 8:34 am PST/11:34 am est. till June 15 2015 when Saturn Retrogrades back to the last most critical degrees of Scorpio until September 17. Saturn will stay in Sagittarius until 2017.

HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON however you celebrate it

I will be taking a Holiday Break and perhaps writing a card of the day. I am truly needing to focus on my book. Don’t you want to read my book, redesigning my website and organizing my workshops for 2015 and beyond. 

I will also be starting a subscription to the blog. It takes a lot of work, which I love to do. I am needing to make a shift in my life too.

You can always opt to DONATE if you appreciate this blog to support all the hours i put into it.


Yesterdays Cardinal Cross saw VENUS And PLUTO transiting opposite my natal Uranus in Cancer and squared by Uranus in Aries which is also exactly opposite my Natal Saturn. Plus Neptune is sitting right on my North Node in Pisces and is squaring my Sagittarius Sun which Saturn is about to get very close to. But I am very happy about that. Finally able to get really disciplined and finish things up.

How are your transits going?

I am finishing up all my 2015 predictions now they will be posted shortly..Yes Robert Pattinson, Canada, US, etc etc


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Loving the Grand Cardinal CLIMAX from Tara Greene

Yes the GRAND CARDINAL CROSS CLIMAX is a coming on  April 22/23 2014. YOu can feel it, I know.

This will be the 5th of SEVEN Uranus Pluto Squares + more involved now.

THE NUMBER 7 is a very esoteric number and symbolizes the ancients view of 7 planets, 7 chakras, days of the week, musical notes all of which is based on the Heavenly planets themselves.

What began with the RENEGADE REVOLUTIONARY Planet Uranus in NEW Life/war lord  sign of ARIES

Squaring Lord of Death, Power, Secrets, Sex, Transformation Pluto in CAPRICORN is now at its 5th stage of unfoldment.

These two transpersonal planets make major long-term cycles of conjunctions, squares and oppositions lasting 500 years which affect the world at large and create specific historical periods of growth and collapse, innovation and endings.

Uranus takes about 84 years to complete one revolution, 7 years through each zodiac sign. Pluto  takes about 248 years to make one revolution.

Let’s think of each of these seven squares as difficult and hellish as they may seem to be as SACRED INITIATIONS into a MYSTIC ASCENSION,  the Dance of the 7 veils, the 7 HEAVENS, and are associated with the 7 chakras. 

chakra Tara Greene psychic healing

# 1 the Root- foundation, power, survival, at bottom of spine. Color RED

# 2 SEXUAL CREATIVE. Fertility, emotion, creation, sex. Womb, or sexual organs. Color ORANGE

# 3. The navel -Will,  power, Source energy.. Color YELLOW

#4 The Heart- Love, self-love peace, beauty, Nature. Color GREEN

#5 the Throat- power, communication, THE WORD. Color indigo BLUE

#6 the 3rd eye, inner Vision, telepathy. Color ULTRAVIOLET.

# 7 Crown- spiritual connection, Bliss, cosmic consciousness. WHITE. 

Let’s look at the chakra initiations we’ve had and what’s to come.

1. June 24 2012 Pluto was Retrograde at 8 degrees Capricorn, Uranus was direct at 8+ degrees Aries.

2. September 19, 2012 Uranus was Retrograde at 6+ degrees Aries, Pluto was direct at 6 + degrees Capricorn.

3. May 20 2013 Uranus was Direct at 11 degrees Aries, Pluto was Retrograde at 11 + Capricorn

4. Nov. 1, 2013 Uranus was Retro at  9+ degrees Aries, Pluto was Direct @ 9 degrees Capricorn, the Moon in a T- square at 12 degrees Libra.

5.  April 20-23  2014 on April 21 Uranus squares Pluto at 13+ degrees, Pluto is Retrograde at 13 Capricorn,

 April 20 Jupiter squares Uranus and opposes Pluto on the 20th  at 13 degrees Cancer.

April 22 MARS squares Jupiter, opposes Uranus

April 23 Mars squares PLuto from 13 degrees LIBRA RETROGRADE.

This is the MOST INTENSE phase as it has 2 t-squares.

6. DECEMBER 15, 2014 Uranus is RETROGRADE at 12 degrees ARIES, Pluto is Direct at 12 degree Capricorn,

The SOUTH NODE is conjunct Uranus at 16 degrees 49 minutes of Aries and the NORTH NODE is conjunct Pluto at 16 49 Capricorn.

7. MARCH 17, 2015 URANUS is DIRECT @ 15 degrees 18 minutes of ARIES, PLUTO is DIRECT @ 15 degrees 18 minutes of  Capricorn.

AWAKENING and REBIRTH are the two keywords for Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.

MEDITATE on LOVING the Grand Cardinal Crosses by doing this:

If you are not familiar with chakras. They are actual energy centers, which spin clockwise and counterclockwise alternatively in the body and in opposite directions for men and woman. They have been compared to lotuses or open flowers. They have colors, sounds, crystals and sacred sounds and symbols associated with each one.

Think back about where you were on and after the exact squares and how it has affected your life, your relationships, your career, your growth, your fear levels, your health and consciousness and those around you.

If you know about the chakras then just focus on, and breathe into and resonate with how each alignment is symbolizing the AWAKENING REBIRTH of each chakra in your life.

Focus on these chakras, starting from # 1 to 4 which we have experienced so far.

Set aside some time to sit quietly as in a meditation. Breathe centre. Focus on breathing into and opening each chakra. 

The body knows, the body is the physical density in 3D of all that is on all the dimensions. 

Spend as much time as you can, listening to your own body wisdom. it’s connected to all that is.

It’s all cosmic, magical, alchemy, life/death. You are the SOURCERER and SOURCERES whose purpose comes from the SOURCE of all LIGHT.

I will talk about these COSMIC Alignments more in upcoming articles and teleseminars.

DO LET ME KNOW how it feels to you.

PLease share widely

all writing is copyright of TARA GREENE.








Seriously sunny planetary horoscopes from Tara Greene

November 24- 30

The end of the month cometh. COMET ISON will make its sling shot run around the Sun November 28 and I will do a separate chart for that. This morning may be the last to see the comet as it is in the glare of the Sun.

COmet ISON astrology

There are a few major planetary connections this week.

SUNday Nov. 24 Moon’s in SUNNY LEO and the Smiling Sagittarius SUN squares Neptune in Pisces in the morning.YOU could not get a  brighter more positive uplifting Sunday- YOU should go to church this morning or sit in meditation. The angels will be listening. You get good points in Heaven. Enjoy this day, dream away.

Law of attraction.

And get to bed early because…


as the Moon enters “I am here to be of service” the Harvest VIRGIN sign of workaholics, perfectionists, accountants, worriers and the highly disciplined, early in the a.m. of course. Eat a good organic cereal for breakfast.Make sure you have your shoes polished and you are wide eyed and bushy tailed and of course have all your paperwork in order. You should be feeling optimistic and you can get a lot done this week.

Its still dreamy but practical with Moon opposite Neptune.

Moon Squares Sun we are approaching the New moon energy now.


This could be good or bad depending on how you work it. Saturn NEVER TWERKS. It binds, it makes things hard and lasting. This is one SERIOUS seductive SINISTER Monday. Scorpio is a make it or break it sign. It may be the time to put up boundaries as its’ excellent for discipline, making long term goals decisions and plans for 2014. Your ability to penetrate other peoples minds may be acute so pay attention. This is X RAY spec vision. No one can fool you. Finish up any old lingering business matters that you haven’t attended to. I still need to get my Dad’s taxes done. Saturn is the Tax man. A good time to review finances, spending, pensions, investments, wills, children’s education etc. Some men’s minds may turn to marriage… Also a great time to recycle stuff, declutter, release the old. SCOPRIO is all about recycling.

You may feel depressed and low energy, brain farts and fatigue that is  a Saturn side effect. Lead on the brain. Make sure you get enough iron. Yur memory may be very keen and clear today. Write things down. Don’t expect INSTANT results, this is time tested SATURN, slow and steady. Patience.

That hard working Virgo moon is busy quincunxing Uranus in Aries- innovation is the way.

Virgo opposite Chiron- feeling a bit weak in the ankles? Vulnerable, compassionate. Give to charity.

Moon Trines Pluto at days end-

What’s the reason I work so hard? What does your Soul, your  Higher Self have to say about that? Sit with that.

To be continued…


Mercury TRINE JUPITER on the 27th. very positive



All writing copyright Tara Greene

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