Astrology and your body, Medical Astrology is ancient science

Astrology and your body! The macrocosm existing in the microcosm! Have you looked at your Zodiac Body before?? If you have your astrology chart – a quick reference of putting your planets in their signs, on the Zodiac Woman, shows you where your body needs attention and special care, highlighting potential weak spots and areas of the body that can get overloaded, depleted or abused. Adding the function of planets gives more information.

The zodiac and planets have long been used by astrologers for health and healing. Please Note: Medical Astrology is a serious study and requires years of study, application and practice.

A quick reference –

Aries – head, eyes, adrenals, blood pressure

Taurus -neck, throat, shoulders, ears

Gemini- shoulders, lungs, nerves, hands, arms, fingers

Cancer- chest, breasts, stomach, bodily fluids

Leo – sides, heart, spine, upper back, spleen

Virgo – abdomen, intestines, gallbladder, pancreas

Libra – buttocks, lower back, kidneys, endocrines

Scorpio – genitalia pelvis, urinary bladder, rectum

Sagittarius – thighs legs, hips, groin

Capricorn -knees, shin, bones, skin, sinew, nerve

Aquarius – lower leg, ankle, calf, circulation

Pisces – feet, soles, extremities.

What does the Zodiac Woman tell you about your body, when you add the planets in their signs? Get a full reading, you will be amazed at what you discover.

I do offer medical astrology and Intuitive readings. Note I am not a doctor and any advice I give is for “entertainment purposes.” For a complete investigation, please get a reading.

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Look at your BIG 3. Sun Moon Rising and then add Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn

then outer planets and especially Chiron the wounded healer and the Nodes.