Aries Monday fire energy Moon

Monday Begins with an energizing aggressive Moon in ARIES a perfect start to a new week a new lunar cycle. We are in SYNCH!

Get started on some serious matters as Moon and Saturn square off Monday.


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The 5 of Cups

This is my homemade as you can see an instant solution. That’s an Aries Moon influence for you. The 5 of cups traditionally show water pouring from 5 cups indicating an emotional loss or disappointment. But this is only a temporary feeling and all is not lost. Perhaps a shift in your emotions is necessary to gain a fresh new perspective.

JAN 23

Those old familiar Cardinal squares keep us hopping.

Moon inconjuncts JUPITER in SCORPIO

This makes me wince just thinking about it. Be careful of being burned turned on or scorned. Big fights may be in the picture as ARIES Moons will fight back if threatened or blackmailed. The  Moon conjuncts URANUS too late in the evening. You may have trouble sleeping. Expect the unexpected in your dreams. Do write them down.

Gotta go to the dentist.

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