11:11 Remembrance of who you really are

November 11th is not just REMEMBRANCE DAY honoring soldiers who gave their lives for our precious freedoms who deserve to be remembered. 

Seeing 11:11 all the time is a worldwide phenomenon noted on the net for being a sign to make a wish. A very nice sentiment but really not all about what the true meaning of the double Master number is. 

11 is a MASTER Number. To see it twice horizontally was only made possible by digital clocks. LED display digital clocks became popular in the 1980’s and we began to see time in a new and different way instead of circular, sun-wise nature-based observations. Numbers are symbols. The Kabbalah is based on numbers as vibrations called Gematria. The ancient Greek mathematicians like Pythagoras whose theories taught that numbers are the essence and source of all things.

 The 11:11 phenomenon is a metaphorical digital trigger code. All doubled numbers are called master numbers. 11 is the number we have attributed to Memory itself or aligning the One individual with the One Higher Self, or the human incarnation with its double, its mirror image, its Doppelganger. 

#1 in the TAROT is the Magician the mind consciousness and ability to communicate. 

11 is #1 + #1 = two Magi which is the twin halves of the brain. 


11 is the twin pillars in Solomon’s Temple.

11 is the I & I, the I self and the You I self, the two each being conscious of their shared ONENESS.

11 in the Tarot is a complex number as it can be interchanged with the number 8.This is a bit of a mystery but suffice it to say the number 11 in the Tarot can be symbolized by the Tarot Trump of Strength, like the sign of LEO, or 11 can be shown by the Tarot trump 8 called Justice, or Adjustment in the Thoth Tarot.

11/8  When turned on its side,11 is the INFINITY symbol, which is KARMIC.

Infinity is the symbol of all time being NOW. Past Present and future are all interconnected at the nexus, the centre still point, between the two.

11 is Memory, remembering, re-member ing. As such it is a pun on the Egyptian mythology of Isis and Osiris, and a lot of the ancient symbols originated in Egypt or further back from Atlantean and Lemurian times.

Remembrance day was placed in our consciousness in 1917. Now 11:11 has been playing and triggering our memory banks collectively for many years. 

The original 11:11 was created by a woman named Solara. It occurred on Jan 11, 1992. This was before the internet of course and she created multiple groups following specific ceremonies and prayers and wearing white chanting a specific mantra. Groups met at Cairo at the Great Pyramids at Mt. Shasta Stonehenge in Toronto; all over the world. I participated in it too. I was in Jupiter Florida with a dear friend of mine Elaine. We spent a day blipping in and out of time. It was wild and the meditations were so powerful.

see older 11:11 articles https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/2010/11/11/1111-remembrance-day-retro-by-tara-greene-psychic/

On November 11, 2011 the Triple 11:11:11 was seen as a huge shift in the worlds consciousness by many New agers, ascension people, Merkabah DNA activation extra stranded  Sirian, Pleiadians, Arcturian; Angelic healers, crystal skull aficionados are all tuning into this Nov 11 as THE major gateway to rip your consciousness open, rent the veil between the worlds, become who you really are Divine and HUman. I felt called to be in  Sedona or that 11:11:11 to participate in the ceremonies meditations and celebrations there. It was very powerful there and there were three of us. Joseph Mark Cohen a Canadian Kabbalistic Astrologer and creator of the Crop Circle Oracle Deck. See link below: Joseph is an encyclopedia of metaphysics. My new friend a shaman woman and I did ceremony creating a Tree of Life structure and did prayers. I still have 11:11:11 tinctures that we made at the time. I met two wonderful shamans then with whom I am still very close friends with.

11:11:11 in Sedona Tara Greene ceremony

Here I am during the 11:11:11 ceremony with Iala Jaggs and Joseph-Mark Cohen at a secret vortex. You can see the 10 stations of the Tree of Life on the ground. We circumambulated the Tree 33 times. Here we are making the 11:11 symbl with our upraised arms. I made some 11:11:11 elixir. If you are interested, please contact me to procure some. Magical essence energy. — with Iala Jaggs in Sedona, Arizona.


Now we are here again. Twenty-five years from the original 11:11 celebrations and meditations which were held on Jan 11, 1992.  The phenomena was created by SOLARA and worldwide meditations were created way before the internet. I participated in that too.

There will be worldwide meditations on November 11th at 11:11 am and P.M. Trust, open, take back your projections, we are here to create heaven on earth, my Buddhist teacher used to say. It has become a very popular phrase again these days.

Gotta save the garden and get ourselves back to it. We never left that is just an illusion.

Saturn Trines URANUS in ARIES on the 11th.

An inspiring global tribal higher mind innovating optimistic Galactic Center timewave upload.

Many Blessings, TARA

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