VENUS opposite Neptune, TikTok Conspiracies, September 24

VENUS opposite Neptune, Conspiracy Theories abound.

A TIKTOK story has gone viral about a SOLAR FLARE to hit the earth on September 24th. A supposed warning by a German Chancellor?

I made a TIKTOK Video its also on my Youtube channel addressing this.


This aspect repeats every year. What was your fantasy lover, disillusions all about? Cryptocurrency and other financial losses are tied to this.

Other dates August 14, 2016, September 28,2017, July 24,2018, September 4th, 2019, October 18, 2020, August 9, 2021, and next is November 3, 2023.

Venus was born from the Ocean which is Neptune’s domain. So in many ways, this is a nice reconnection to Venus, and all our origins in the oceans, in the seas in the salty amniotic fluid of our mother’s wombs. We need to take action to protect our oceans the world’s water supplies and all sea life. 

These two planets symbolize the balancing act of human imperfect love with the projection of the longed-for soul mate, a return to Source, to Oneness, to a perfect dreamy soul mate lover who are telepathically connected. In general this reality versus the unreal, the illusion are two forces coming to a head every year or so.

In general this reality versus the unreal, the illusion are two forces coming to a head.


Venus in Virgo is very earthy, grounded love. She is extremely perfectionistic and critical about herself and everything else. She values the everyday mundane, maintenance tasks. Venus in Virgo asks you to love your body as your TEMPLE.  Venus in Virgo is a practical Goddess who is intelligent and beautiful. She always gets the job done. Venus in Virgo needs cleanliness, order, a Zen-like tranquility around her. She is a VIRGIN Goddess, whole and complete unto herself. Venus cherishes beauty she is a practical artist transforming a cast-off into something useful and pretty as DIY projects. She creates with pottery, metals, stones, or enjoys being in and painting nature scenes. Working with natural herbs and a love of reading is what she needs to share with another.  


NEPTUNE in PISCES rules the spirit world,dreams and soul mates, and past lives. Everything ephemeral, creative, dreamy, unconscious, from source is Neptune’s  realm. Neptune governs Pisces and rules projection, glamor, illusions. Venus in any sign symbolizes human love. Neptune, Venus’s higher octave symbolizes soul love, spiritual unconditional love that asks for nothing in return. That is the highest form of love. Neptune sees no blemishes, no human frailties. Neptune rules delusions, fantasies, addictions, drugs and escapism of all types. Neptune rules all creativity and creative acts. It is selfless, and can be a martyr, loving the victim “poor me” and it’s all their fault role. 

With these two planets opposite each other, we get a chance to see, the horizon line.

REAL PRACTICAL LOVE                                                ILLUSION PROJECTION FANTASY 

What is real and what is the fantasy and illusion are easy to see. That doesn’t mean it can be easier because it is easier to believe in a fantasy than to look at ourselves and take Responsibility for creating the love story, and it is a story ourselves. 

This is the aspect where reality and dreams are balanced.

The reality checks of love. If it’s real it exists, you know it, you can count on the other person to show up to be dedicated to you to follow through, to back you up. If it isn’t real it isn’t. You are projecting a fantasy of your OWN MAKING onto that person. 

This aspect also deals with addictions, are you or are you in denial? And your health and body care, and your work.

Your body is governed by Venus, and in Virgo, this means your health and what you eat.  Are you a secret junk food addict? Look at yourself in the mirror and ask is this ideally how I want to be? Accepting the gap between the illusion and how you really are is healthy too.

 Virgo rules work and career. Plot out where you are now and what your dream job looks like opposite that and think about and make plans. How do you get from the practical mundane job to the dream job? This helps to see through the fog and mirrors that Neptune always creates. 

According to Psychologist Carl Jung. This balancing act between any opposition is to balance both points and come to a win-win situation. 




THE BEATLES Spiritual musician George Harrison, VENUS at the 29th most karmic degree of PISCES, Neptune in LIBRA

singer and gender bender Boy George, VENUS in TAURUS Neptune in SCORPIO





Actor who plays Superman Henry Cavill, Venus in GEMINI, NEPTUNE in SAGITTARIUS

SHIRLEY MacLaine actress dancer spiritual VENUS in PISCES NEPTUNE in VIRGO
Woody Allen’s ex-wife, mother of his child Ronan Farrow, who was once infamously married to Frank Sinatra, actress and idealist Mia Farrow,





CARLOS CASTENADA writer of shamanism, VENUS in AQUARIUS Neptune in LEO

actress Debra Winger, and wife of children’s author Roald Dahl actress Patricía Neal.

Be gentle and compassionate with yourself. If you understand that this is an aspect your chose to confront from your soul’s perspective now it may help you. I know many of you are feeling the fog and inability to focus and trying to avoid the issues. This is a good time to get objective advice. Please contact me for a compassionate authentic reading.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Virgo moon time, Martin Luther King

The Virgo Moon keeps the mood of the collective grounded, conscientious and willing to serve. This is an industrious Monday so pull up your sleeves and get right to work.

It’s also Martin Luther King Day in the U.S. honoring his birthday on Jan 15,1929. Remember that he had a dream which he followed and built upon and created lasting change and awareness.  See his natal chart analysis below

The moon opposes Venus and Mars and trines Pluto during the day. This could be a productive think/tank day. Use your intuition and intellect in balance for the greatest results.

The moon will square Saturn in Sagittarius bringing a cold hard bitter taste of reality. Good for your digestion but otherwise hard to swallow. Difficulty with foreigners is a major issue.

The energies feel very tense as Mars in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius approach their exact square this week. This is a tough aspect. Tempers are drawn taught. It’s a passive-aggressive game too.

The moon will oppose Chiron as well as MARS CONJUNCT CHIRON in PISCES and many people are feeling depressed, low energy lethargic and hopeless. Addictions escapist urges and scapegoating energies are high. These aspects are difficult and draw on our deepest levels of compassion and faith. Pisces

Mars conjunct Pisces is a cosmic finger in our wounds. Yes, we are feeling vulnerable and hurt. Addictions, escapist urges and scapegoating energies are high. These aspects are difficult and draw on our deepest levels of compassion and faith. Pisces is the source the true God or goddess source. If you are feeling desperate then pray, cry for a vision, for help from the angels from source from the divine mother’s unconditional love. This is a healing crisis in the world.

Read about those who have triumphed over adversity. Who have walked through the fire and emerged unscathed though smelling of smoke and ashes. Like MLK.

Martin Luther King Astrology Marrtin Luther King Astrology tara Greene

Martin Luther King was an earthy hard working Capricorn with his SUN right on his M.H. born at noon. This indicates a person who will achieve worldly success and notoriety.  With the Moon in PISCES -the dreamer, the religious idealist-conjunct Ceres, the nurturer and provider of Earth’s children. The Moon in Pisces is in the 11th house of organizers, freedom fighters, radical difference makers. Moon in Pisces indicates a martyr, someone who will sacrifice themselves for an ideal or dream and it is in square to Saturn in SAGITTARIUS, the sign of truth and justice, religion, education and freedom and is also square to MARS Retrograde in GEMINI. MLK was a gifted speechmaker, inspiring leader and a highly energized communicator and debator. Mars Retrograde made him a

Mars Retrograde in his 2nd house of values, made him a peaceful, non-violent warrior. His natal Mars was also Out-of-bounds when he was born, making him a very different kind of man, strategist, and orator. His message was for freedom of actions for all. 

MLK also had Venus in Pisces, of course he had a dream, as Venus is opposite to Neptune in VIRGO at Zero degrees.His dreams needed to become practical real and available for all to use.  

MLK’s Mercury in AQUARIUS in his 10th house of worldly fame indicates he was a man of higher consciousness, a rule-breaker, a revolutionary, freedom fighter. He always thought outside the box, jail or any limitation.

URANUS the planet which rules Aquarius is in ARIES in the 12th house

This is an unconscious driving force. MLK was a self- starting independent entrepreneurial man and the maker of his own revolution. He had a fiery radical inspired energy. He could ignite people to action.

With Jupiter in TAURUS conjunct his natal Chiron in his 12th house trine Neptune in Virgo

MLK was a stubborn, sensual, hard-working, determined leader. Through his own experience of being locked up in the 12th house, shut out of opportunities, being seen as inconsequential and being relegated to “the back of the bus” through segregation, this wound is what fueled his practical dreams.  Jupiter in Taurus in the 12th indicates a martyr as does his PISCES Moon and Venus and Ceres. Jupiter squares his Natal SUN. 

With his Natal Pluto in Cancer in his 3rd house opposite his SUN, MLK had incredible powers of persuasion and charisma. 

MLK had incredible powers of persuasion, communication soul power and charisma. He could and did move a mountain because he cared so much. MLK was very close to his roots, his family and his Mother. 

MLK’s North Node @ 28 degrees TAURUS conjunct to that fixed star ALGOL in his 1st house

Here’s what famed Fixed Star interpreter  Diana Rosenberg has to say about ALGOL at 26+ degrees TAURUS. “You will not be able to ignore suffering and horror, or brush it aside… The Algol placement on a chart insists upon a confrontation and assimilation of these harsh aspects of human experience in this lifetime.….Algol, like other stars, confers tasks upon us which, if comprehended and accepted, offer great rewards of power and creativity. These stellar challenges are not to be feared, but understood and used in a positive manner.” 

MLK identified as the earthy stubborn bull headed confronter of the darkness. 

His SOUTH NODE in SCORPIO in his 7th house indicated that he was married to transformation, to deep emotional power struggles, to much change, death, reformation in his lifetime and in his death. MLK was obsessive about obtaining his goals. He was an intensely sexual man. In his later life, he was a fierce critic of the Vietnam War, and he has begun to preach an uncomfortable gospel that involved the radical redistribution of wealth a very Scorpionic topic. 

We all know that he was assassinated in Memphis on April 4, 1968 which sparked many riots in the U.S.

Interesting how today  88 years after his birth. The planet Pluto is exactly opposite to where it was at his birth. The same issues of racial inequality and racism are rearing their heads again in the U.S. and in the world. 

The planet Neptune is exactly conjunct to King’s Natal VENUS in PISCES with transiting Venus conjunct his Natal Moon. We are still dreaming about peace, equality, egalitarianism. 

Saturn in Sagittarius is only 2 degrees away from King’s Natal Position, this would have been his 3rd Saturn return this year had he not been killed at only 39 years old.  Where are we in regards to truth, honesty, education, justice, and freedom with our International countries? These topics are all going through major reshuffling right now.

Transiting CHIRON in Pisces is squaring MLK”s SATURN in SAGITTARIUS

This echoes the same aspect going on now in 2017. The wounds are still there, the dream of peace equality and respect for all life is being held up by Saturn, symbolizing the conservative, restrictive, racist, Patriarchal republican party politics of Donald Trump and an effect that is being felt in the world as well.

Uranus in Aries is squaring MLK’s Natal SUN

 Uranus has made one complete revolution since his birth. How far have the ideals and dreams of MLK come? We carry the legacy, it is our karma to evolve.

MLK was a #19 Personality the SUN, the leader, the Source, the inspirer, the life-giving Light.

His hidden teacher number was 10- The Wheel of Fortune – he gambled, he expanded our world.

His root number is #1 THE MAGICIAN. The Magician’s ability is to communicate, to initiate, to invoke through the powers of intention. We are also under the influence of the number 1 Magician year. Use the current energies to monitor your thoughts and intentions to create the magic you wish to see in the world.

Don’t be down about the current energies.

The New moon will change all of this. The Chinese New Year of the fire Phoenix is upon us. The Phoenix is an immortal bird and birds represent souls. We will all rise collectively from our own immolation, from our own destruction, this is Scorpio energy. Jupiter will enter Scorpio in October 2017. We will live again through this destruction and become greater, not through our projections of our own sovereign powers onto any leaders but through owning our own power.

Mars will finish his swim through Pisces purifying waters and enter Aries, his own domicile on the new moon and a new cycle begins again.

Rest now, be patient. All will be well,

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Image by Napoleon Brousseau Napo Brousseau

MLK, we can be heroes just for one day Astrology

Jan 18  Mars in SCORPIO trine Neptune in PISCES is spiritual warrior energy;

” I,I wish i could swim, like the dolphins” – first line of David Bowie’s song Heroes. 

the GRAND EARTH TRINES of SUN conjunct MERCURY Retrograde in Capricorn, Pluto is also nearby on the sidelines, in trine to the Taurus MOON and JUPITER Retrograde in Virgo  from 18-27+ degrees

Grounds our Sol/identities/ our minds/consciousness with our gut instincts, our yearning for beauty and our grounded emotions with our intelligence and higher analytical abilities to be of service. 

There is almost a Water Trine too, if you have planets at 8 degrees water then you get a Grand Water Trine.

Canada’s Sun is at 8 degrees CANCER.

My country was just Branded as Hip/cool not only for its long chilly winters by the New York Times recently. Canada’s economy is in a bit of hot water at the moment but we will ride it out. 

That’s a very POTENT COCKTAIL of spiritual and practical warrior energies which can turn any of us into modern Marvel comic like Super Heroes and heroines in our own lives as well as for others.  Are you up for the mission?  I had to use a pic of Iron Man, Mars is made of iron, that’s why it’s red. 

Super hero, iron man, tara Greene

Superhero Tony Stark/ Iron Man/ Robert Downy Jr. 

It’s also Martin Luther King’s anniversary birthday. He was a super hero who started with a dream, a Pisces dream. Use this day as inspiration for you to follow and build your dream. 

Use this Mars Neptune trine energy and so much groundedness to focus on the mystical realms, psychic, telepathic, 6th sense, occult, metaphysical studies,witchy pastimes and spells, wishes and deep desire. Read learn discover. 

Mars trine Neptune is also great for actors artists and any creative endeavour. You will be inspired and be able to draw down the highest spiritual energies today.

BUT DO BE CAREFUL if you are prone to addictions. Mars/ Neptune in Pisces is also notorious for drug addicts, alcoholics,and self-destruction, delusion/illusion, religious fanaticism.  

I already wrote about the sexual fantasy aspects of this .This too good trine energy can also fuel Terrorist-Mars- attacks. I hope not. 

Famous creative people born with a Mars Neptune Trine;

Walt Whitman, American spiritual poet. 

Jack Kerouac, beat poet, Dharma Bum, On the Road, 

Michelangelo- Italian sculptor, painter, 

Alexandra David-Neel- who visited Tibet in 1924 when it was forbidden to foreigners, and wrote 30 books about Eastern religions, philosophy and  her amazing voyages. 

Charles Lindbergh- American aviator, 

Che Guevara

Frederic Chopin, composer 

Jean Paul Sartre, French philosopher

Bobby Fischer- famous chess player

Modern Mars Neptune Female Triners:

Angelina Jolie, actress, UN ambassador, director ; Meryl Streep,  Halle Berry, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Kesha-singer, Rita Hayworth, Hollywood Golden age actress and dancer, Helen Mirren, 


Clint Eastwood, film director, actor; Jaret Leto- actor and musician, Eddie Murphy,-comedian, Colin Farrell, Jean Claude Van Damme, Russel Brand, actor and comedian, Paul Newman, O.J. Simpson, 

Jimmy Page, guitarist for Led Zeppelin, Lou Reed, 

Sid Vicious-Punk rocker, 

artist Keith Haring, 

Prince George- the Little Prince of British royalty, Son of Prince William and Duchess Kate

PLease share widely

all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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HEROES- DAvid Bowie 



Maya Angelou life Astrology

Dr. MAYA ANGELOU author of seven autobiographies, poet, dancer, civil rights activist, writer of plays and television shows for over 50 years garnered world-wide fame, Tony awards, and inspired millions. Known as the Black woman’s poet-laureate, writing of her hardships in her life, her most famous book I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, was a first, an autobiography of a modern black woman speaking  truthfully of her own hardships and experiences growing up in the U.S. during segregation. Nominated for a Nobel Prize, master of six languages, Maya was awarded many honorary university degrees, and she spoke at President Clinton’s Inauguration in 1993.

Maya received the presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the U.S. in 2011.  Good friend and mentor to Oprah Winfrey, she counted Martin Luther King and James Baldwin as her close friends. She was ill recently and died peaceably at her home in the morning of May 28 2014 at her home in Winston- Salem, North Carolina.

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” Maya Angelou


Let’s look at who this profoundly multi-talented woman was in her life.

Born Marguerite Annie Johnson born April 4, 1928 in St. Louis Missouri at 2:10 p.m.

Maya Angelou Astrology by Tara Greene

MAYA, an Aries woman, born with JUPITER conjunct her warrior sun gave her exuberant gifts of  expansion, higher learning, International affairs, boundless optimism, strengthened  her  sheer Aries strength to the greatest degree. She was an AMAZON woman to be sure, fearless, independent and feminist to her core.  Uranus is also in Aries giving Maya a further rebellious freedom seeking, revolutionary nature.

HER MOON in LIBRA in the 2nd house of resources is opposite her SUN indicated the ability to balance out her independence and to use her creative gifts, as Moon is ruled by VENUS which is exalted in poetic, creative, dreamy, spiritual PISCES  and conjunct to MERCURY- writing with spirit, from the soul. VENUS and Mercury in the 8th house of birth, death, rape, transformation show how she transformed her own life experiences into vehicles of great beauty, strength and power which bruoght her great fame and fortune (8th house}. . Her great poetic gifts came from this combination.  Born on a full Moon this combination shows her life to be one of emotional fulfillment and public display of her most private feelings and emotions. 

But Sun and MOON are squared by PLUTO at 14 degrees of CANCER- exactly conjunct to Fixed Star SIRIUS and the U.S. Sun, a very powerful point. PLUTO, Lord of rape, sex, power, control, soulfullness played a great Archetypal role in Maya’s Life.  She was raped as a young girl, by her mother’s boyfriend, her brothers murdered the man who raped her- she didn’t speak for 5 years, she was a young unwed teenage mother, struggling for survival. Pluto in her 11th house of {Aquarian type} detachment, shows Maya as a great organizer, open-minded, inventive, marching to her own drummer, or should we say dancing to her own drummer. PLuto gave her hell and heaven.

A LEO ASCENDANT made Maya charismatic, larger than life, dramatic, a natural leader, an actress, show woman, speaker, with a sense of royalty about her.  Maya has MARS in Aquarius in her 7th house of marriage, indicating more than one marriage. She was always independent and broke many barriers  in race in her life in so many areas, She had many marriages and relationships, and was very open minded, her first marriage to a Greek man was at a time when interracial marriages were considered scandalous in 1951. She later married and divorced feminist Germaine Greer’s ex husband Welsh carpenter Paul du Feu.

MARS opposite Neptune also made her a strong crusader for the Civil rights movement, Anti- apartheid, and she naturally became known as a black feminist writer. Maya’s life was unusual, dramatic, creative, she could change chameleon like and adapt to the many roles she played in life- teacher, playright, actress, novelist.

MAYA’s other great gifts of creativity is her NEPTUNE in LEO at 26 degrees Conjunct the Fixed STar REGULUS- heart of the LIONESS and conjunct Archangel Raphael,which naturally brings fame and glory and huge hearted courage to those born with this. NEPTUNE is the planet of all artists and creatives of spiritual people who are chameleon’s who can blend into whatever they desire. NEPTUNE is opposite MARS indicating a maximum amount of creativity, spirituality, creative soldiering. Maya was always radical, and seeking freedom through her creativity. Her many autobiographies a LEO Ascendent to be sure, were very spiritual, colorful, heartfelt. 

MAYA had Asteroid JUNO in VIRGO conjunct her Neptune in Leo  in her 1st house of Identity. My personal take on JUNO is that she represents women’s specific form of Genius and this MAya definitely had in spades. Juno in Virgo bestows a fantastic memory, a love of literature, discipline, hard work, organization and a love of solitude.

Maya had Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius in her 4th house of roots, family, privacy, not far from her SOUTH NODE at 10 degrees Sagittarius.

Saturn RETROGRADE  represents KARMA, with her father, and men in general. Her parents split when she was young, her father sent her and her brother to live with his mother when she as very young, so his influence on her life is huge, as he continuously moved her around. Saturn near to her South Node also indicates karma with many authority figures in her life. Saturn in Sagittarius indicates a life of much travel, a love of learning, philosophy and teaching. A SOUTH NODE in Sagittarius indicates someone who has been a teacher, a wanderer, a writer, a gypsy and philosopher in her past lives. Sagittarius is also the sign of publishing, ruled by JUpiter which she had  well aspected to her natal Sun and to Saturn as well. We tend to fall back on the SOUTH NODE as we know it very well, it is easy for us.

Maya’s NORTH NODE, her highest spiritual goal was in GEMINI in her 10th house. GEMINI is the sign of writers, communicators, thinkers, who have great curiosity about people and make wonderful speakers. Her 10th house is the house of worldly fame and fortune which she attained for her brilliant ability to communicate her experiences.

On the day of Maya’s death at 86 I have put it at 7:45 a.m. NOT SHOWN.

The planet Uranus – higher consciousness was exactly on her Sun with Pluto squaring her Sun and Jupiter squaring it as well. JUPITER is of course exactly on her Natal Pluto, taking her back home. Pluto in Capricorn is opposite her Natal Pluto. Mars is very close to her Natal Moon in Libra, and Saturn is Retrograde, as at her birth exactly on her I.C. the roots, foundation and ending of life point. NEPTUNE planet of spirituality is close to a square to her North and South nodes, indicating a peaceful journey back to spirit and source from where Maya and all souls originate. 

MAYA’s  life, writing and brilliance created a  timeless legacy that will enthrall and inspire future generations of peopleworld wide. May she fly free on her journey in the Universe. 

From her poem “CAGED BIRD.”

“A free bird leaps

on the back of the wind

and floats downstream

till the current ends

and dips his wing

in the orange sun rays

and dares to claim the sky.

But a bird that stalks

down his narrow cage

can seldom see through

his bars of rage

his wings are clipped

and his feet are tied

so he opens his throat to sing.”


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

This article was referenced by The Mountain Astrologer Magazine

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444 Numerology,prepare for descent,Pluto’s Retro shadow,How to’s

April 4 2013 – Anniversary of Martin Luther King’s murder

#4 in the TAROT is the KING the EMPEROR  ARIES energy

new beginnings and Moon enters Aquarius and MLK was a true AQUARIAN type of freedom loving inclusive message for all.

I am trying out new things these days so I thought I’d post a painting as I love art and started my life’s intention as an artist.

An Aquarian image –Rosetti Aquarius Tara Greene astrology Rosetti

Ezy day Moon squares Saturn in Scorpio in the evening power plays, secrets may shock, unexpected changes in commitments

GEMINI gets nice TRINE from MOON/ early am April 5

GEMINI enjoy the JUPITERIAN good LUCK EXPANSIVE energy while you can- Jupiter enters CANCER June 25

make big airy wishes for freedom for all types of duality, partnerships GEMINI information

How are you feeling?


things are feeling really really intense, Pluto is moving very slowly

feels like fingernails on chalkboard, fear is coming up.

PLUTO going RETRO means PLUTO return home to HADES to HELL to the UNDERWORLD

for Scorpio’s and other 8th house matters, those who are ruled by PLUTO PREPARE for DESCENT

we will also experience the collective descent in Capricorn  like Inanna the Babylonian Goddess till Sept 20

ALL CAPRICORN’s  time to turn inward, do your soul work now that’s an order!

his will slow the economy down the DOW JONES which has been in über bubble

one day before Autumn Equinox – I am leading a weekend workshop at the Grail Springs Spa for Autumn equinox

see link below

Pluto in Hades brings clearer contact with the dead. If you’ve never believed in or contacted or felt your deceased around you, during these 5 months you can practice visualizing visiting Hades. Hades or Hell is not a place of punishment that is a Christian overlay. To the Ancient Greeks it was simply the  place of the dead.

It’s a great time to lay to rest all of those emotional patterns that are no longer serving your Soul’s growth. Its all about learning. You don’t need to be stuck in the same old same old. Learn the lesson understand, Get clear about what you needed to learn from these heavy lessons and go on.

PLUTO’S realm is the realm of riches. We don’t call them PLUTOcrats for nothing. Also Bitches.

If you’re feeling really bleak and helpless and a lot of you are feeling that you are at your wit’s ends. PRAY, get down on your knees and ask for help, its a relief to be humble.

I received a channelled message from one of my female spirit guides tonight

she said “There is so much to know just listen to your heart’s flow.”

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April 4, MLK, Mercury Direct, Dec 21, Astrology and more from Tara Greene

Mercury goes direct Wed. April 4 which is also the Anniversary of Martin Luther King’s Murder 44 years ago.

Hmm that’s 4/4/ and 44 years ago…  To honor the great visionary dreamer Please watch U2 Pride in the name of Love


Mercury goes DIRECT at  23 degrees of Pisces , it turned Retro at 6 degrees 49 mins of Aries so will actually take until April 23 to get back up to speed fully. Its been a trying time, use this slowly we turn step by step, direct motion to really think out where you are going as Mercury will re-enter Aries March 16. Mercury is still in the DREAM TIME in PISCES.

Moon is in Virgo since April 3 and Venus entered Gemini yesterday to stay for four months.

A whole lotta MUTABILITY here.

Gemini, Virgo, Pisces are all mutable signs. Mutable means easy changability, adaptable.

Did you feel the Venus in Gemini difference? Was an inspiring day. Moon was opposite Neptune, conjunct Mars opposite Chiron quincunxes Uranus in the middle of all that. Rocky seas you say?

PSYCHIC WEATHER theme of the Day

I am going to start writing about the overall psychic sense and synchronicity themes that show up in the day for me. Because  I am such a PSYCHIC TUNING FORK – it’s my job, I have been working as a psychic for over 20 years now,  I pick up the moods in the world, it’s not just my stuff. Here’s my  latest from April 3 which was 4/3/2012.

A picture is worth a thousand words. How many words actually? Water and technology. the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis. the words BEAUTY and LIGHT. the SILVER AGE. Dec. 21 2012 at Chicken Itza. Speaking of Chichen Itza

My first visit to Chicken Itza Pyramid in Mexico. It was December 21, 1977. OMG that’s 35 years ago now. My first cousin Carol Karasik had moved to Chiapas to San Cristobal de Los Casa, the year before with her husband, I came to visit them for Christmas. I happened to be at Chichen Itza on the Winter Solstice as I had met two very nice, young, well off  Mexican men who showed me around. In those days you could drive right up to the ruins. A beat up old American  car showed up just long enough for me to shoot this photo and drove off. I used this picture as the poster for an art show I did in 1978 called NEOTERIC and ARCHAIC RUINS which showed in Toronto.

This photo has always symbolized for me that the ancient Mayan culture was very strong, and that modern American culture was decrepit and falling apart. Hey how did I know that on that fateful day 35 years before THE BIG ONE!

Dec 21 Tara Greene at Chichen Itza Mexico Pyramid original photo

My first visit to Chicken Itza Pyramid in Mexico. It was December 21, 1977.

Moon will oppose Mercury late PDT. feelings will be felt in the gut and shouldn’t be hidden from.

April 5 Moon enters LIBRA 8:32 am PDT/11:32 am EDT 

Moon opposes Uranus for some brilliant out of the box balancing act thinking. Be original Be yourself.

VENUS Square Neptune in Pisces

The plot thickens. But Venus in Gemini is a butterfly and doesn’t like to get her wings sticky and wet.

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