17/17 Numerology,Tarot, Kick Asstrology

Nine more days till the super Solar eclipse. In betwixt eclipses is intense. Haven’t you been feeling the roller coaster? I have so many people contacting me for readings. I am still trying to perfect the bi-locating and being an 8 armed Hindu Goddess so I can handle it all. 

SCORPIO MOON Moods today

If you are a Scorpio, or any of the FIXED SIGNS- Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius, you feel the pull of the moon’s intensity stronger than most.

BYE BYE AQUARIUS, the Sun sits at the last critical 29th degree of Aquarius TODAY.  That’s  the Tarot card of the STAR, which is the sign of AQUARIUS #17.                 

Sun Tarot Tara Greene psychic                                           

#17 The Star Aquarius Thoth tarot

The Thoth Tarot deck which I use
#17 Aquarius The STAR




Numerology of the Day     17/17      

How synchronous is that? 

Scorpio Moon trines Neptune – dreams will be lucid, sexual, powerful, scary, full of shadows and vivid.

Moon inconjuncts MARS in ARIES and URANUS later in the day

Two inconjuncts don’t make a right. 

Moon squares MERCURY in AQUARIUS 

detach from all the drama. Use the SUN at last degree to further stay cool headed.

Moon sextiles PLUTO in CAPRICORN

When Push comes to shove, Who wins Scorpio or the Plutocracy?

Last but not least Moon trines CHIRON in PISCES in PST 

It may be a sad emotionally intense Friday night/ Saturday Morning for many people. It’s Ok to cry. Don’t unconsciously get mad at someone else because you are feeling hurt. There is a lot of super intense energies building up too.

There are a lot of super intense planetary energies building up too.

MARS, Scorpio’s ruling planet is moving up to SQUARE PLUTO. the co-ruler of Scorpio, on the 22nd. We can feel this intensity already.

Mars in ARIES is KICK ASS, in his power, on his home turf. Not just for men. Women also have an inner MARS, he acts out on the Feminine’s commands.

This is a new cycle of those CARDINAL CROSSES since 2012 when the Arab Spring began. Are you ready to take it higher? Fight for your rights to be free. 

Then Mars squares URANUS on the 26 on the New Moon  Solar Eclipse in Pisces. Mars opposes JUPITER on the 27th. 

JUPITER opposes URANUS on the 2nd of MARCH.

Those GRAND CARDINAL CROSSES are coming to kick our butts again. Thats a good thing BTW. If you’ve never seen the film Kick-Ass, it is very violent, but also funny and well done. My daughter loves it. It was shot partly in Toronto, I recognize the landmarks. Nick Cage is in it too. 

VENUS goes RETROGRADE on March 4th !!!

You can see everything is starting to build up even more.

Sun enters PISCES Feb 18 @ 3:31 am PST/ 6:31 am EST/ 11:31 am GMT 

We will be eating cake by the ocean for the next month. Dreamy, surreal, creative, spiritual, delusional, Big OIL in the news, drugs, lies, self-sabotage, addictions and endings. The last sign of the Zodiac, meditate do yoga, work on your projections. 

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Tarot Astro vlog for today.