Astrology March 22-23

Mercury conjunct Jupiter March 21 is in effect until the 23 then amped up by Mercury conjunct Neptune.

Focus on visualizing and dreaming the essential oneness of the universe onto the world. We are all One.

Lucid Dreaming will be off the maps. Contact your higher Self, your holy guardian Angels and open the floodgates of your soul to the Magic.

Remember the Jupiter Neptune ethereal fairy like intangible dreamy romantic projections,creativity, psychic and dream enhancing, exhaustion, rising inflation, gas prices, viruses and revelations of behind the scenes sabotage, bringing jupiterian truth and justice are all part of these important energies.

March 22 Mars in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus, at 12+° urges radical actions and thinking on this Mars ruled Tuesday.

New technology in food production. Or radically change your diet and route be now

Internet outrages, cyber attacks, irritability, headaches, accidents explosions, earthquakes, and terrorists or radical attacks.

Radical new mindset and actions are the highest use of this energy.

Check where 10-15° of Aquarius and Taurus are in your natal chart plus the other Fixed Signs of Leo and Scorpio at these degrees too.

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Weekend Astrology July 2-4

Uranus in Taurus Napoleon Broussuea art, tara Greene astrology
Taurus painting Napoleon Brousseau link here

There are intense energies incoming this weekend. Be careful if you have planets at 9-17 degrees of the fixed signs in your natal chart you will feel the tension of this the strongest.

I will do a short article on the U.S. year ahead with its Solar Return chart FOR 2022. Please watch the video about weekend astrology as the Mars in LEO Saturn in AQUARIUS opposition T-square to Uranus in TAURUS tightens its grip as MARS exactly squares URANUS on the 3rd at 13 degrees. at 6:40 pm PDT/ 9:40 pm EDT/ July 4 at 2:40 am GMT.

Don’t launch any rockets, be careful with FIREWORKS! and BBQ’s, etc. Chaos anger and passions are running high and tense especially for those born with planets or rising signs at 9-17 degrees FIXED SIGNS-TAURUS, LEO, SCORPIO AND AQUARIUS. Try to stay cool and not defensive.

Watch the video

Soul and chaos theory, inspirational card

The Moon is in earthy TAURUS July 17. This is a special numerology day 7/17/2017 but I’ll write about that separately.

VENUS in GEMINI squares NEPTUNE Rx in PISCES @ 14 degrees exactly.

Venus the ruler of TAURUS is in GEMINI is all about needing two lovers at once, and/or being bisexual, and/or uncommitted, and/or talking, analyzing and gossiping about love, and/or being emotionally immature. This is the sign of those with the gift of the gab, writers, journalists and sale people. It is also about love as a theory or idea.

Venus and its higher octave planet NEPTUNE squaring each other this morning makes for a magic carpet ride kinda day. This is a very high-flying, open-hearted energy. A very romantic, idealistic, soul mate seeking and meeting energy.  

VENUS  governs women, money, values, romance, human love, beauty, and creativity. NEPTUNE governs altruistic, compassionate, spiritual love, addictions, delusions, fantasy and illusions, glamor and debt. The aspect greatly enhances and heightens our ESP, telepathic powers. It’s a good day to be near nature and by water, to swim, reflect, or simply bathe, shower to honor the flow of Neptune. 

The love + beauty combo also makes us feel like we’re wearing rose-colored glasses.

Rose Colored Glasses, Tara Greene astrology

We are feeling the ONENESS, that we are all part of each other and the Universe. We are Goddesses and Gods. Our minds and our souls may appear to be split and separate but our eternal true spiritual nature is indivisible. We can sense this today.


It’s wonderful for doing spiritual work, heightened ESP and telepathy, psychic, meditation, visualizations, prayers, connecting with angels, loved deceased ones, fairies, elementals, higher master teachers.


It’s also an excellent day to work with crystals or pendulums.  Use this energy to create an altar, mesa or table of power to pray at. This can be anything you choose. Bring beautiful things to it. Venus loves beautiful fabrics and flowers. Place images or statues of Goddesses, Mother Mary, Jesus, Baba Ji, Angels or whatever symbolizes Great spirit to you. Put crystals candles or other symbolic things. Use this as a special place to pray and meditate at.


It’s excellent for all creative endeavors, for musicians, artists dancers, and poets. Draw, paint, sound, sing, dance, write, journal.


This is also a good day to do charity work. Volunteer your time, give away things you don’t need anymore, help assist an elderly person, a child or anyone who could benefit.


You can also be easily deluded under this illusory energy. If you are addicted to love co-dependent or toxic relationships this aspect may help you see the light and help you to seek qualified counseling, rehab and to stop being so a self-destructive martyr and begin to heal.

Please be careful taking any and all medications, drugs, alcohol today as these energies make everyone’s system ultrasensitive. 

Neptune rules debt, be careful of overspending and buying into anything which seems too good to be true, perfect soul mates, gurus, the get rich quick Bitcoin scheme, financial investment sure thing, you get the picture.

Remember that MARS in CANCER and URANUS in ARIES are also squaring off in the evening. Uranus rules computers so beware of computer glitches, viruses, malfunctions, overheating and danger of fires or sudden water bursts at home.

Taurus MOON keeps us grounded and also sweetly Sextiles NEPTUNE in the evening

You can stay confidently grounded, yet spiritual if you do Taurean things that keep you in your body. The body is the Temple of the SOUL.

Body is the temple, astrology, Tara Greene

Taurus is very sensuous, so rub yourself down with lovely oils and perfumes, dress in fine clothes, make your house beautiful, eat well and enjoy every bite. Make yourself feel like a goddess or god worthy and deserving of love. The more you see yourself as deserving of love, a worthy vessel, the more love you will have overflowing to give back to others.

CARD of the DAY 

Happiness Thoth Tarot card deck

Happiness Wish fulfillment Tara Greene thoth tarot cards

         THE 9 of CUPS or Chalices 

   The more you see yourself as deserving of love, a worthy       vessel, the more love you will have overflowing to give          back to others.






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Mars in Cancer square URANUS, more than an upset tummy

It’s a fiery Sunday. The Aries Moon amps up our energy to start new things. Use the red hot spontaneous combustion energy wisely. Be careful around your home, kitchen with children, around BBQ’s, or any dangerous materials.  Especially as we are leading up to a MARS square to URANUS on the 17th @ 28 degrees.


EARTHQUAKES, fires, volcanic explosions, hurricane, tsunami’s, floods, YELLOWSTONE EXPLOSION warnings. Terrorist attacks and fights, gun battles and unexpected attacks are to be expected. The weather may see very high temperatures and humidity, with more deaths from drowning, flooding and heat spiking. 

Mars in CANCER is not the best element for the warrior God to be able to express his machismo in. He is not comfortable submerged in the traditionally, most feminine and maternal of all signs. The warrior is at home but not comfortable there. He is defending his feelings. He doesn’t want to feel dependent, sentimental or his real need to be loved and nurtured.  This type of MARS in CANCER is dominated by the mother, a mama’s boy. He is overly macho and sexist like a president we all know of. 

MARS in CANCER- pedophiles

On another level this aspect is literally about sex- that’s what Mars is, and the rape and sexual abuse of children. Cancer represents the unconscious feelings and memories that have been buried because they hurt too much. Mars in Cancer is that soldiering and stiff upper lip defending our emotions. 

Mars in CANCER square URANUS in ARIES

symbolizes even more SHOCKING and awe revelations of pedophilia, sexual abuse, kinky weird sex and torture of the innocent. Uranus is a HIGHER place, those in power are predators and they can feed on the weak and helpless. The VATICAN had to stop a gay sex orgy, you heard about that one right. Pizzagate is not a conspiracy theory. Sex trafficking and the dark web, a URANUS ruled thing, is used for precisely this kind of thing.  Expect new shockwaves to hit the news. 

There may be a RUDE AWAKENING for not only men, as this aspect triggers long repressed childhood anger and emotions. This can provoke further backlash against women.


The wild crazy planet which orbits at 90 degrees, has been pushing the hi-tech, freedom, chaotic revolutionary button since it first entered the first sign, governed by MARS from May 27, 2010-August 13, 2010 then from March 11, 2011- May 15, 2018. We have only 10 months left of the wild ride left.  The last time URANUS was in ARIES was from 1927 to 1935 when the Great Stock Market Crash happened in the U.S. and the Great Depression took place all over the world. It was also the beginnings of Fascism and Hitler’s take over of Germany. 

This square is an interesting one as Mars governs URANUS’ in Aries as the sign ruler. 

URANUS is a  sudden revelation, a shock and awe sort of planet and mentality. ” The term Shock and awe (technically known as rapid dominance) is a military doctrine based on the use of overwhelming power and spectacular displays of force to paralyze the enemy’s perception of the battlefield and destroy its will to fight.” – from Wikipedia.


It is an AIR Sign and is related to thinking. While writing this article, I went searching for a title or an idea to tie into this Mars-Uranus energy. Through pure synchronicity I went from FB to a story about the #7 significance as we are approaching 7/17/17 on MONDAY. This led to the story of Inanna, which led me to a fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm, which I’d never heard from before called The Devil’s Sooty Brother, which I thought was a great title. 

The gist of that story is relevant here. What Uranus and Mars in square means is to learn to see the world differently, and to trust your instincts.  

The soldier, macho warrior, Divine masculine energy is being coddled, soothed and cleansed in Cancer. He is being changed, revolutionized and capable of bringing in higher consciousness in its best aspects. This is what we hope for.

Mars in Cancer, tummy upsets

BEWARE of tummy upsets big time. Stock up on PEPTO BISMOL

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