Not so fast-Mars stationary not Direct yet Aug. 27

I know i know we’re all in an impulsive hurry to get moving again now that Mars has stopped- in the name of love- and stationed direct. I know most people think this means Mars is moving Direct but it isn’t quite yet.

Napoleon Brousseau Artist 1983

Painting by Napoleon Brousseau “Martyr” 1983

More un-Martian patience is required as Mars will be sitting Stationary and unmoving until September 1st when Mars actually begins to move forwards.

The degree that Mars stations is significant. At 28 degrees Capricorn it is almost exactly conjunct to the U.S. PLUTO at 27 degrees, and opposite the U.S. Natal Mercury Retrograde in Cancer at 24 degrees conjunct to its Part of Fortune.

Its virtually a MARS/PLUTO conjunction for America in Capricorn. It’s a very Scorpionic aggressive, deathly rebirth transformational outing of those who have abused power, sexual secrets and power cabals in very high places, not just america. We see it in the news already in the Pope and the Catholic Church fessing up to its own sexual abuse of children in recent years and going back hundreds and thousands of years actually. As far as Im concerned the Pope should resign after appogizsng for one of the greatest holocausts killing millions of women as witches.

The light of this MARS energy has just been torched up to burn down the perpetrators and oppressors. The masculine energy of rage, anger, and defensiveness is strong now. Women have their own inner Mars warrior energy too as do all beings. Corporate blow back is another name for it.This means that all significant events dealing with men, defenses, corporate leaders, President Trump- his Natal Venus is at  25 degrees Cancer opposite Mars stationary Direct degree. All wars, terrorists, eruptions, fires, explosions, guns, killings and fights and arguments have a very significant marker at this time.

Events concerning the Divine Masculine have gone through a revision, a review, a renegotiation, a revaluation while Mars has been Retrograde for the past two months. Like Venus when she is Retrograde and visits the Underworld, having to forgo her ego stage by stage, chakra by chakra. Mars has been in the belly of the beast as well. In all myths the killing of the ego in the underworld is a  necessary one.

MARS is the symbol of #16 The Tower in the Tarot

You will find your energy opening up and getting stronger over the next few days as Mars begins to move. It’s been a totally exhausting, frustrating, hair pulling, extravaganza of rage that was held down for so long. Everyone has been so stressed out in my family. 

Check out where 28 degrees Capricorn is in your natal chart to see where the fueling up and turning on a dime energy is for you. That area needs to be refueled with your renewed passion desires and go for it energy.

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Meghan’s Year ahead Astrology

Happy Birthday HRH Meghan 37 today August 4, 2018

I’m quite fascinated with Duchess Meghan as an archetypal symbol for feminists for women for POC and for the Royals 

So let’s look at Meghan’s first birthday as a Royal. Included in her natal chart is Asteroid Henry which is Harry’s birth name to see how he fits into her natal chart. 

HENRY IS AT 8 degrees of Sagittarius in her natal 5th house of love affairs creativity and children and is squaring her Natal Venus in Virgo. her own love and beauty and hard working self.  Henry in 2018 Solar Return chart is where? At 13 degrees Leo exactly conjunct to her Natal Sun. Ahh dont you love astrology synchronicity?

To figure out what anyone’s year ahead is going to be one astrology technique is to look at your Solar Return chart which is the chart which shows the planets and the sun when it returns to exactly where it was when you were born that’s not necessarily on your calendar birthday. It is a new chart compared to your birth chart and if you have moved from your place of birth that needs to be configured into that Solar Return chart too.

So let’s investigate what Meghan’s year ahead is.

The first thing we look at is Meghan’s Moon. The Moon is the fastest moving planet and advances 1 degree a month as you calculate what the emotional needs home and fertility of what her next year is going to be. The Moon is the feminine planet food and nurturing.

Meghan’s Moon is at 7 degrees of Taurus in her 10th house of worldly fame. Obviously, she is the archetype of the modern woman and an emotional fulfillment object of the world who are feasting on her in the public’s constant eye. Her Moon in Taurus is very sensuous enjoying the finest things in life. Emotionally Meghan has stability strength and rich resources she is very grounded and is using her voice a Taurus ruled thing as one of her greatest resources.

Meghan’s SR Moon is squaring her natal Mercury in LEO and her North Node in her first house. The North Node is the highest spiritual goal. Meghan can and cannot speak out as she formerly did freely before she belonged to the Firm. This can be quite frustrating for her. She just spoke out in favor of abortion which has been recently voted in Ireland which has been a very old-fashioned Catholic repressive country for women’s rights when she recently visited. 

Pregnancy?  Meghan is expected to get pregnant right away from the tabloids and is under constant pressure to fit the archetypal traditional nurturing fertile woman and mother. The Moon is fertility and in Taurus Venus’s sign, it is quite strong and fertile but also stubborn and Meghan will do it her way on her own time.

Her voice and message

Meghan may be feeling the strain of not being able to speak out freely from her heart in public because Mercury planet of communications is Retrograde at 25 degrees Leo in her 2nd house of her assets resources and voice.  Meghan’s psyche is going through a huge upheaval in how she thinks; her self-image and how she can creatively express herself as Mercury is sextile Meghan’s Pluto in Libra in her 4th house of privacy home and foundation which is all entirely knew. Pluto is death and rebirth the old Meghan’s identity is gone and a new one is being born.


Meghan’s VENUS – her love quotient her values her wealth and beauty creativity and taste. Venus is at 27 degrees of VIRGO in her natal 3rd house of communications. Meghan is being watched by the world for her outfits and fashion sense every moment. She is being lauded and criticized. Venus in Virgo is a hard working focused perfectionist energy. She needs to make sure she watches her health and diet carefully. Venus in Virgo is also a symbol of embodying love and beauty as her job. She is an icon on the world’s stage. The 3rd house has to do with siblings and she is being criticized by her seeming narcissistic father Thomas and her crazy half-sister too.


Jupiter the planet of expansion fertility change and travel is in Scorpio at 14 degrees in Meghan’s 4th house of home mothering fertility and emotional security. Jupiter is squaring Meghan’s Leo Sun. She was born to be royal as are all Leo’s and Jupiter is and has been expanding her ego and identity. This is fertile and brings a death and rebirth to Mehan’s old identity.  Jupiter will be moving into Meghan’s fifth house of children shortly and into Sagittarius in November indicating lots of International travel. Jupiter will also oppose Meghan’s Chiron in Taurus her wounds and vulnerability and in Scorpio, she may discover some deep dark secrets about her own family as well as the big wealthy family she has married into. 

Her Karmic Debts

Saturn at 3 degrees Capricorn the planet of Karma maturity testing and heaviness is in Meghan’s 6th house of work service health discipline perfection and worry focussing on the issue as her duty now. Saturn is restrictions and she may be feeling her duties to be quite a heavy load. Saturn is her father- and obviously, if you have been reading the news you know what that’s all about. Saturn is also elders and the Queen has certainly been her close mentor showing her the ropes. Meghan and the Queen have a lot in common and they genuinely like each other. Meghan was born on the Queen Mother’s birthday as well making her a sentimental favorite.apricorn is also fathers and Prince Charles and Meghan have forged a close bond. 

Saturn will oppose Meghan’s natal Mars in Cancer at the end of this year. Mars in Cancer is a defensive protective family stance. Mars in Cancer is actively pursuing motherhood and pregnancy and she could get pregnant very fast.

Yes she will get pregnant soon, in fact, within the next month or so as Saturn squares her natal Moon Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Libra which is extremely fertile and spells becoming a mother at an older age under the luckiest of circumstances.  Saturn is karma and maturity. To get pregnant at 37 Meghan is in her fourth 7 year Saturn cycle for fertility and it becomes a bit harder to get pregnant past 35. Saturn by transit is also squaring her Natal Moon-fertility home and emotional security; her natal Saturn-karma and maturity and Jupiter-expansion and joy in Libra in her Natal 3rd house of communications and ideas. 

MARS Retrograde is at 2 degrees Aquarius conjunct to her South Node which is in Meghan’s 7th house of marriage. She is actively releasing karma from her past lives. She is revolutionizing her past- she isn’t speaking to anyone in her family except for her mother. Mars is opposite to Meghan’s North Node in Leo in her first house. This also drives her energy into her North Node her highest spiritual goal. Mars retrograde is also suppressed anger she could be privately quite frustrated about not being able to be the Aquarian free spirit that she always was. 

The North Node will be conjunct to Meghan’s Natal North Node in late October which is a karmic connection to your spiritual GPS that only happens once every 18 years.The NN is also sextiling her Jupiter and Saturn right now and soon Meghan’s Moon again another karmic pregnancy indicator.

Lilith is at 29 degrees Capricorn conjunct Retrograde Mars. Meghan is changing the way she shows her independence and refusal to compromise in her marriage and in her relationships with all other. 

Uranus the planet of revolutionary change chaos and freedom at 2 degrees Taurus is squaring Meghan’s North Node indicating the radical shift her life has become She can use her position of power to change the world by leading groups and organizations which work to help others. Uranus will Retrograde back to late Aries and oppose Meghan’s natal Juno her Feminine form of genius in her 4th house of home in late 2018. Meghan will be a fiery brand of women’s genius changing the rules of the royal game. 

Neptune the planet of spirituality compassion and soul mates has been opposing Meghan’s Natal Venus in Virgo for quite some time since she met Harry in fact in 2016. Neptune is moving up to square her natal Neptune later this year and into 2019. Its a very beautiful transit.

Pluto almost on her Descendant and opposite her Ascendant changing and transforming her persona in the world. Pluto is squaring her Natal Pluto in LIBRA the sign of equality and marriage in the 4th house of her home. Meghan’s soul has been utterly transformed. Pluto represents the Collective Unconscious. To step into history and a world role means that Meghan has taken on an archetypal role. People projected that Princess Diana and Prince Charles were a storybook fairy tale but it wasn’t so The new Cinderella fairytale love story has a new twist embodied by Meghan and Harry who have changed the rule books. You can see how absolutely in love they are and this gives the world great hope Meghan is smart beautiful self- made millionaire and has always been a feminist since she was 11. As an actress, she never posed nude or flaunted herself sexually. She still insisted she was not defined by her relationship with a man. Meghan will be an iconic model of equality in marriage and relationships for the world.

In her Solar Return chart her Ascendant- her persona is at 12 degrees Libra is all about her marriage and holding the balance by being a beautiful intelligent woman is exactly lined up with her natal IC her roots and her core and her MC her highest fame in the world. Her descendant her interactions with all others and her 7th house of marriage is her natal MC she has married into the fame she always was meant to have.

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Meghan Markle birthday 2018




Mercury Retrograde and Uranus Chaos rules

25 SUN trines Chiron in Aries in the wee hours

Ego wounds are easy to access and bring out in the open. Tempers will be short and flaring out because of Mars Retrograde repressed anger. This is also a positive bountiful energy to gain courage daring and strength and feel a new sense of positive inspiring healing energy. The Sun is the strongest force in our Galaxy. Be proud of the healing work you have done on yourself. We are always growing as a person. 

The Moon is in grounded Capricorn today conjunct Saturn 

The energy may be somber serious good for hard work and career ambition realization. Saturn is death old age maturity hard work. Capricorns and those with strong Saturn palcements to the Moon especially will be feeling the leaden pull today especially. 


This is a Shock and awe aspect. It forms over for two days but we have felt it building up all week. The crazy effects dangerous chaotic energy will last until the beginning of August. Its a day of unexpected surprises and shocking turns of events. This is an aspect which unfortunately promotes gun violence as angry repressed Mars Retrograde energy acts out unexpectedly and spontaneously. We just felt this in Toronto a not so rare any more mass shooting July 22nd. Sending blessings to those killed and injured.  

The trickled down effects is short tempers big egos flaring and unpredictable rash behaviors in general. Watch out for road rage rude impatient folks and general shocking behaviors. This aspect is fully highlighted by the Lunar eclipse on the 27th. Mars squares Uranus on August 1st which is also Lammas a pagan Holiday. Then Uranus turns Retrograde August 7th.

The next couple of weeks are intense for those born within the first 4 days of all Fixed signs at the beginning of Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, and Scorpio or those who have Fixed Moons signs Ascendants or other Fixed early sign planets and angles on your chart.

Go back and review where you’ve been. The Lunar elcipse is a South Nodal one in Aquarius. 

Look at where the 4 fixed signs are in your astrology chart to see where the Fixed Grand Cross energy falls. For those who are newbies and dont understand that its all about the circular chart and the hous eplacements you will miss the opportunity to really integrate the meanings which present themselves to us at this time. 

Exercise is recommended to burn off excess anger.  Work out in a gym rather than blow steam in a more unconscious and dangerous way. Try to stay cool and centered under the pressure. Be mindful not to provoke the bull the lion, the snakes or the water bearers. Do not wear red.

Fixed signs are like it sounds- stubborn and resistant to change. All Fixed signs are solid stable dependable powerful and hold down the fort. This will be very uncomfortable for those Fixed signs who will be in the pressure cooker.Get used to it Taurus as you will be under the Uranus innovating rebellious freedom loving force for change and progress for the next 8 years.

July 25-26 MERCURY GOES RETROGRADE in LEO until August 18/19

I hope that you have bought everything you needed already especially computers cell phones hardware and software before Mercury puts it into reverse. Mercury in Leo may have you eating your words or regurgitating them especially true for a very significant someone with strong Leo energy who is also a Gemini. 

These times are recommending that we slow down and turn within. Retrorgradation is inherently a feminine internalizing energy. Mars will be Retrograde for another Month until August 27th. There will be a Mars and Mercury Retrograde overlap for the next 3 weeks. 

The eclipse will take us deep into our shadows. I’ll write abuot the elcipse tonight

gotta go. Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Mars will be 1.8 times brighter than Jupiter at end of July

Mars will be 1.8 times brighter than Jupiter by the end of July. The Super Moon Lunar Eclipse July 27 would be the best time to see Mars glow big and red as the Full Moon will be darkened for the longest eclipse of this century. The second total lunar eclipse of 2018 will be visible in large parts of Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America. Totality will last for 103 minutes, over an hour and a half-making it the longest eclipse of the 21st century.

They should rename it the Martian Lunar eclipse.

Here’s a stunning photo of a Mars light reflection on the ocean! 

Mars reflects off the ocean 2018 1.8 times brighter Tara Greene

Stunning moment glow Mars bounces sea

Mars is Retrograde closest to the earth and is appearing larger than normal. Larger than its been in 15 years.  How is Mars Retro affecting you?

The Warrior planet turned Retro June 26/27 @ 9 degrees 13 minutes of AQUARIUS.

Mars re-enters Capricorn August 12 and turns Direct August 27.

Mars will take until October 7/8 for it to clear its’ Retrograde station. It will  be a long time for things to be really up and moving forwards. Patience is not something Mars is good with although it is a virtue.

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Crazy frenetic energy betwixt eclipses

Have you been having as crazy a week as I’ve had? There’s been upsetting emotional family issues, frustrating institutional stuff, and a family funeral. We’re all feeling exhausted. Plus my daughter is getting ready to go to University in Vancouver so there’s all that to pull together before the end of August for September.

I am feeling the strong pull to re-orient myself my energy and my work. So bear with me as I go through this change. I’ve been feeling off balance but new energies are also starting to emerge. Please stay with me and your loyalty is appreciated. You can always recycle through the thousands of pages of articles I’ve written here.

It’s July 20th already, Scorpio Moon time is the most intensely emotional and cathartic. Mars conjuncts the South Node today @ 5 degrees Aquarius. This is a powerful day to let go of the past. The perfect time for releasing, releasing, releasing on the deepest levels, letting go and renewing. Go deep into your Unconscious shadows and emotions and bring in the higher consciousness of Aquarius to build a bridge to a new plane on a higher level. The Moon’s intersection with the planets supports all of this. Dive deep dive in swim free.

August 21 2017 Solar Eclipse

 We are in a triple eclipse portal. The Solar Eclipse of July 20 in Cancer opposed by Pluto they affect the electromagnetic energy fields on the earth and in our bodies. Watch your pets they are very sensitive to these energies they feel them more than we do. The effects of all eclipses last 9 months each. Next week’s eclipse July 27 is a supermoon- Aquarius Total Lunar Eclipse-which will be the longest eclipse of this Century and then two weeks later another Solar eclipse August 11 in LEO. Each of these eclipses bring their own signature which re-occurs every 18+ years. Plus with Mars Retrograde on the South Node in Aquarius and Mercury about to go Retrograde on the 25/26th and Saturn Neptune Pluto all Retrograde…. you know.

My preview of the longest Lunar Eclipse of the Century a Super Moon South Nodal Aquarius Lunar Eclipse

July 27 Aquarius Lunar Eclipse features an intense push to release past life karma, anger, the defensive, detached, unemotional scientific hi-tech mask of the drone warrior and innovate a new technology which serves the earth rejuvenates and heals Her. We are being evolutionarily pushed to the North Node In Leo and The Sun, ruler of Leo. The only true power is Love. Live courageously and passionately. Dance every day. Defend and protect the children. Create, express your feelings, be embodied.Be the Change! Jupiter in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces Retro. trine Sirius the U.S. Sun’s position.delusions, fake news, false flags, secrets will out, shocking revelations, deep detectives eyes work, things are not as they seem. Much change in religion, spirituality, addictions,sacred cows,the US economy as a whole, world debt, and our understanding of the soul. Shamanism must be grounded to the ancient traditions. Juno, the feminine form of genius,in Taurus, opposes Jupiter and squares Athena in Leo conjunct the North Node and Sun. This is another powerful T-square made to be a battering ram pushing us into new growth, new feminine leadership, wisdom and power. Look at where the lunar eclipse falls in your natal chart. At 4+ degrees Aquarius with mars Retro and South Node the old Macho gravy train will be derailed. A new new world based on Aquarian equality with passionate self-expression is being born. 

Keep the faith baby. I’ll write more sooner. 
please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Get off the web with Mars Retrograde in Aquarius

hi I’m back from doing an incredibly busy uplifting weekend at the Women’s conference and Festival at the beautiful Grail Springs Wellness Retreat there was limited wifi access and the cottage we stayed at had absolutely no wifi at all. 

It was a total blessing and I had the best two nights sleeps I’ve had in years. I’ve been saying for years that the wifi is driving me crazy and I can see that it is. I worked very hard Thursday night at a very demanding super busy night dispensing lipstick blotter readings for a Revlon pop-up event for 3 hours. Then got up very early to drive to Bancroft and I was very bust reading all weekend. But my energy is totally up and I look 10 years younger. So beware in Toronto and other major cities 5G is going to come in to fry your brain completely.

My recommendation: Do an internet detox while Mars is in Aquarius Retrograde. See how different you will feel. 

Meanwhile, the Moon is in Virgo and its a humbling get to work take care of the details get organized and conscious of your eating habits and your expenses. 

July 16 Astrology aspects Tara Greene

Virgo moon Conjuncts Venus in the wee hours for a feeling of romance and grounded beauty. 

Venus in Virgo wants love to be like organize my filing cabinet and get my finances in order. 

But Venus and Mars do not make good bedfellows or bedladies today. What is the opposite of fellow?  A quincunx between the two sexes can make for hostility and an inability to see the other’s way of doing anything. Can be exasperating. Virgo Moon grounds us in our work. Expect communication snafus and having to go over old details with ex-lovers or just feels like the same old same old.

Moon opposes Neptune and trines Pluto later in the day. This is a dreamy cathartic energy to transform your dreams and soul. 

Gotta go please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Aquarius Moon weekend energies

Aquarius Constellation Astrology Tara Greene

This weekend’s Aquarius moon energy is detached cool and offers us a higher perspective.  Aquarius is about everybody sharing power and having equal rights. This is a major issue these days in America as well as other parts of the world.

Feelings are scientific and we are emotionally fulfilled with technology new media cell phones and all that Twitter Instagram snapchart. Aquarius energy allows us greater emotional freedom. We can boldly go to places we’ve never been before. We may be feeling bored and want to explore new ideas.

The Aquaria moon is active. Try being detached when passions are so high.

Moon opposes Venus in Leo and squares Uranus in Taurus.

One minute we open to our hearts desires passions and vulnerabilities and the next we are fighting against revealing the hurts and the tears. Taurus hates change and craves stability and security. There isn’t any real security except that which we find within ourselves. 

Mercury in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus

Big egos meet big resistance today. Make sure your message has heart. New passions ideas and will help you build original and practical resources now. Your thoughts may be heard in a new way.

Moon conjunct Retro Mars

Fast backwards is the speed now for the next two months. 

Sun in Cancer inconjunct to Mars Retro in Aquarius

All inconjuncts or quincunx aspects are difficult to deal with because the elements don’t know how to speak the same language.They literally cannot see each other. Sentimental feelings may not be accepted by those who choose to remain distant aloof and detached. You could use a shoulder to cry on. 

Its a Holiday weekend in Canada as its Canada’s 151st Birthday on July 1st

I’ll do a review of Canada’s birth chart. 

July 1

Aquarius Moon keeps us detached and cool which is good as we are in a heat wave here in Toronto and with the humidex registering at 45 degrees Celsius. 

More teeth gnashing inconjuncts from Venus in LEO and Pluto in Capricorn

This is power struggles against the prevailing governments the Plutocrats. Venus in Leo is passionate creative self-expressive heart-centered and WOMEN. Things could turn violent and aggressive. Be careful of people pulling temper tantrums and hissy fits in general and If you go out to parties beware of a red flag danger of underworld gangsta vindictive jealous possessive energies cooking to a very high level. Remember Mars is Retrograde and that exacerbates all of the repressed rage. 

Moon opposes Venus in LEO then goes Void of Course @ 3:56 pm PDT/6:56 pm EDT

Powers struggles over differences in points of view. Just chill after this time.

Listen to my live forecast of July’s energy with Tarot and Astrology 


5:00 pm PDT/ 8:00 pm  EDT.  July 1st @ midnight on the Cosmic Intelligence agency page for July’s Tarot and Astrology preview.

Go here.

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This Week Astrology tid bits

Good Morning! It’s Monday the Moon’s Day

June 4 Moon is in Aquarius and the aspects are LIGHT! as befits an air sign.

Moon squares Jupiter in Scorpio in the wee hours.

This may make for an exciting adventurous dreaming.

Moon will be Void-of course from 1:10 am EDT

All DAY. A void-of-course Moon is great if you don’t expect to get anything done. Just stick to simple mundane things. 

Remember the MARS is already in its pre-Retrograde shadow phase. The energy will be very different by June 26/27. Try to make headway while you can. 

Moon inconjuncts Venus in CANCER 

this makes for hurt feelings as the Moon in Aquarius is scientific cool detached and sees the big picture whereas Venus in Cancer is very “in the womb” sheltered sensitive nurturing and protective.

June 5 @ 6:53 am EDT Moon enters PISCES -Water

We’re in the swim now. Every time the Moon is in Pisces we get swept away emotionally psychically and romantically. Its always visionary creative spiritual compassionate and retreat minded. Moon in Pisces is charitable forgiving and communal. Our 3rd eyes are open and our lucid dreaming abilities are highest. Do make sure you work with your dreams on the 5th and 6th. 

Moon sextles URANUS in the wee hours

this opens our emotional cores and gut instincts to work in synch. Always trust your gut instinct. 

SUN and Mercury in GEMINI inconjunct JUPITER in SCORPIO

Do not expect to get noticed or sell in your usually charming double-talking effervescent Gemini fashion you will feel the shade. 

Moon sextiles Saturn in Capricorn 

this is a grounding spiritual practical dreaming energy. Use it wisely. It helps you turn dreams into reality. 

SUN conjuncts MERCURY

this is a spiecial day. Mercury is Cazimi in the heart of the SUN. Feel out how the cazimi is to you. Mercury is in its home sign so its easier to access the mental planes. Communicate with power with light with joy with source. Very positive energy. SUN is vitality. Throw light on where you cant decide what to commit to.

there’s one more big aspect on the 5th but I’ll write about it separately. You’ll have to come back. It has to do with love and death. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Yes and no, Astrology

Venus the Goddess is crossing behind the Sun. She is INANNA the Oldest Goddess and she has descended into the Underworld, she is invisible but very powerful. She is behind the sun at the degree she crossed in front of the Sun in 2012. Remember that? On June 5-6 Venus was visible in front of the Sun in a rare only once every 125 year transit at 15 degrees GEMINI

We are getting a behind the scenes, backstage look at the SUN. Imagine you are travelling behind the Sun with Venus. What does that feel like? NASA has reported a huge coronal hole which appeared recently. 


This is a very dreamy aspect floaty, meditation high aspect which is part of this RARE Grand MUTABLE CROSS.  You will believe your projection is real. Yes,

I’m sooo high….. I’m up up up


things are feeling very intense. i have been frustrated and crying.

SUN opposes SATURN in EDT in early morning June 3  { it already happened Westward} 

BACK TO EARTH!!!! plummeting like a rocket. I’m down.

Things are light and heavy. DUALITY is glaring in your face.

yes or No astrology advice Tara Greene

Moon conjuncts Mercury in the early a.m.  and then sextiles Chiron in Pisces

Your moods and thinking will be practical.Even though you may be feeling a tad vulnerable you can manage to put it in the back of your mind. 

MOON opposes MARS IN SCORPIO @ 4:02 pm PDT then the moon goes Void of Course


This puts more emphasis on the NO, not yet…..

We are really stuck in the quicksand, the morass of MARS Retrograde. This is a prime opp. to do some very deep soul searching and shadow embracing. We are seeing the world’s shadows barnstorming the worlds stage. 

Don’t hold the anger, sadness, frustration, repressed emotions in.

Use the VOID OF COURSE MOON time until 8:01 pm PDT for a lot of deep inner grieving. Underneath anger is sadness. Cry yourself a rive if you need to. It is cathartic. 

THIS IS AN ANGSTY ONE! I think I’ll take that as my Street Art name. 

Yes irritability, how can i count the ways???? 

Be careful of explosive tempers.

VENUS opposes SATURN  in the evening

This is an excellent aspect to make vows on, seal a deal, creat a commitment that you love. 

There’s that Venus in GEMINI High with the Saturn in Sagittarius Low. 

The balance point is 13 degrees Virgo and PISCES and you know whats there. 

This can feel bipolar. Mutable signs are mot stable, so just let the craziness blow in the wind. 

Those with planets at mid-degrees of MUTABLE GEMINI VIRGO SAGITTARIUS AND PISCES feel it the most.

Moon enters GEMINI late friday evening to help us to  BREATHE, Gemini rules the lungs.

SUN squares JUPITER JUne 4th  @ 3:47 am PDT/ 6:57 am EDT

This is a lovely aspect and worth getting up early for the do your SUN SALUTATIONS outside and call in Jupiter in Virgo’s benefic energy. 

There’s a lot going on at this NEW MOON

VENUS square JUPITER- real love is real. 

I will be leading ceremony Saturday night up in Bancroft and will be sending the energy out.

If there is someone or something you would like me to add in for you. Text me 416 230 5347. 

or email me 




I still can’t figure out how this website has disappeared from Google’s search engines. If you search my name there is no mention that I have this blog??? WTF? Mars Retrograde my blog has gone down the rabbit hole. 

If you know any techies out there who can help solve this mystery I would be much obliged. 

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Hot and Cold- Katy Perry  



LILITH, opposite SUN, Priapus, sex, Mars Retrograde

Have you been feeling more intensely sexual lately?

This may be because of Lilith, both Mean and True, Dark Goddesses of women’s independence and sexuality are both within one degree at 25-26 degrees LIBRA. 

THE SUN is at 25-26 degrees ARIES opposite to LILITH. The LIGHT And DARK Forces are both with us. This is good, it helps bring balance to an erotically charged time. As the Sun is also conjunct to PRIAPUS, the ancient God of very erotic sexual love. Priapus is a point of perigee in the moon’s orbit and he is always Lilith’s opposite side or shadow. Lilith is defined as the Moon’s apogee, the most distant point on its elliptical orbit of the Earth, and Priapus is astronomically opposite – the perigee or closest point to the Earth.

Lilith apogee Tara Greene

Lilith’s energy is primarily sexual. The Ancient Goddesses took many lovers as that was her prerogative.  We now know that it’s also a biological necessity. There were those who stayed in pairs for life before the Patriarchy institution of marriage.  Women are multi-orgasmic unlike men. The Patriarchal religion threw Lilith out symbolically and made her into a demon or vampire as a psychological metaphor because they were using sexuality as a means to control women and men. This came from a deep-seated felt powerlessness and inferiority complex from men compared to women and the Great Mother.  This explains Lillith’s place as the projection of men’s own fears of their own, virility and self-worth projected negatively onto the Feminine. It’s always the woman’s fault.

PRIAPUS , was an ancient male phallic God of virility and fertility who was also protector of gardens, vineyards and orchards. Priapus’ parents were Dionysus, God of sex , wine and intoxication and Aphrodite/Venus Goddess of love. Nice family.

His enormous genitals ensured good luck and fortune and he was a patron to all who were in need of luck, especially men and women searching for sexual satisfaction or fuck luck- sorry I couldn’t resist. Yet he was rejected by women because his penis was too huge. Size matters negatively as well. He also is associated somewhat with homosexuality. He is LILITH’S literal shadow. PRIAPUS is  Lilith’s Patriarchal projection mirrored back on themselves, a repressed sexuality too, or fear of men’s erotic sexuality.


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  LILITH                                                                                               PRIAPUS 


Priapus conjunct the SUN can also symbolize the healing, positive, masculine erotic sexuality which welcomes Lilith and all women {and men} to be free to express themselves. This SUN/Priapus conjunction in ARIES opposite to Lilith April 14 and 15th in LIBRA brings repressed sexuality out into the light. It brings the potential of healing the split in the “marriage basket.” 

Priapus can bring out a healthy enjoyment of both parties sexuality through a positive male expression when in balance and harmony by honoring Lilith by fulfilling her sexual expression first. A woman who is sexually fulfilled showers a man with amrita, translated as SOMA or nectar of the Gods or rather Goddesses. This nectar that a woman gives off  from a place of sexual bliss mixed with her menstrual blood is the mystical Fountain of Youth, and sacred sacred elixir of immortality.  The masculine must function in service to the feminine first not to his own pleasure or ego to reach nirvana. 

MANTAK CHIA, the oriental and Buddhist traditions teach men how to retain their semen and not to orgasm during sex. This is tantric sexuality.  This is a healthy expression of Priapic energy. 

As MARS, the planet of Sex, energy and drive is slowing down to turn RETROGRADE April 17 at 8+ degrees SAGITTARIUS  – June 29 where it stops at 23 degrees SCORPIO on the heels of this powerful opposition it bodes well for a change in the sexual weather, for a change in our most intimate relationships and positions. It means reversing, revealing, renewing, reviewing, re-doing, rewriting sexual politics.

 Lilith of course refused the Missionary position, she refused to be subordinate to Adam.  Taking the planetary “as above, so below” lesson.

See this MARS Retrograde as a sexual initiation. I was taught about indigenous Native American societies which were similar to  Polynesian and Aboriginal societies where sex is totally natural, with no taboos, inhibitions or shame. Once tribal members reached puberty they would be taken to a “Fire Man” or “Fire woman” who had a very respected place in the society whose job it was to teach the young person about their own sexuality, and how to please the other, so that they would have experience knowledge and respect for the other sex, and this was done over time.  Use this Mars Retrograde to go back to the beginning as if you were a scared horny virgin teen and have beginners mind about sex. 

Get yourself back to the Garden and insert yourself and your lover as ADAM and LILITH. Rewind this story before the patriarchal propaganda. Be whole, open joyous, natural, ready to devote yourself to your female lover whole heartedly. The natural order has given women the multi-orgasmic equipment for a Divine reason. Explore it, discover it. The key is for the masculine to totally honor the goddess, the DIVINE feminine so that she may reward him with her love, her desire, her energy and her gifts. 

For some of you this may be perfectly natural and normal. For many of you. ??.   Experiment be open. 

As with all Mars Retrograde energies which occur only once every two years. The sex drive will be lower and can be frustrated and repressed. Men, especially should use this time to rediscover their natural energy in all things, work, play, passion. 

For your knowledge. The U.S.’s Natal PROGRESSED MARS turned Retrograde on July, 19, 2006 at 18+ degrees of LIBRA in AMERICA’S 10th house of worldly fame.

MARS  will be RETROGRADE in the U. S. Natal Chart until May 9, 2086 when MARS stations at zero degrees LIBRA !  That’s 80 years of America’s energies being repressed, slowed down, internally at war instead of externally. NOTE That PLUTO is Squaring that Retrograde Mars  now still at 18 degrees LIBRA.  This symbolizes a breakdown of american’s soul  and its power structure, its energy. 

I peeked ahead to look at the Progressions and transits for ELECTION DAY NOvember 8 2016 and wow. 

So let me know what you think about this LILITH  PRIAPUS  MARS RETROGRADE?

I appreciate your feedback. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene