There’s no business like soul business

Sept 1. The 9th month of the VIRGIN GODDESS opens with serious sober grounded CAPRICORN Moon conjunct the Psychopomp-I love that word- PLUTO @ 17 degrees Capricorn at 11:29 am note the 11:11 numerology in PDT.

Power and deeply rooted soul strength rise up from the depths like a lotus made of Plutonium.

This is the best energy to face your shadows with. “There’s no business like soul business. Like no business I Know.” I can hear Ethel Merman singing it now. Remember that song?

MARS in LEO inconjuncts CHIRON in PISCES in the wee hours

This is an aggressive competitive macho ego approach which doesn’t jibe with Chiron in PISCES spiritual ways of healing and being connected in oneness. Protect yourself from predators.

Moon makes a Cardinal T-square to Ceres in Cancer the great mother’s womb and to Jupiter in Libra. T-squares pressure us.

The Capricorn moon opposes Ceres in Cancer. If you’ve been feeling emotional for awhile credit Ceres in the watery nurturing sign for that. I’ve been feeling teary since yesterday. Capricorn wants to be all business and doesn’t like feelings displayed in publics and neither does Jupiter in Libra. Do your crying at home in private in a shower or bath. Let out the emotional stress you’re getting at work and from the world at large. There is a deluge of flooding in India Pakistan and Nepal as well as in Texas and Louisiana. Call upon the great mother to help those in distress who have lost loved ones homes and who are in shock.

Moon square Jupiter Sept 2 in EDT and GMT

There is tension between looking good being social light and staying focused on your career goals.

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