New Moon in Aries,fasten your seat belts Virgo,Pisces by Tara Greene Astrology, Intuitive predictions

Isn’t this planet gorgeous? Guess which one it is

mercury ruler of Virgo and Gemini,Tara Greene astrologer says gotta love

NEW MOON MARCH 22 @ 2 degrees of ARIES:

It’s only one month since the RETURN OF THE STAR BIRD  Feb 22,2012.

Happy Spring yesterday. March 22 should be a fast, fiery bumpy wild, earthquake weather predictions in the air. Feeling scraped raw,with  Mars opposite Chiron the wounded healer in Pisces on WORLD  WATER DAY,which is a perfect piscture { a Freudian slip PISC = Pisces a water sign} of that planetary alignment. Mars/ Chiron shows where we are vulnerable and wounded on earth and water. the old as above, so below again.

Get out the earplugs, make sure you have food stored up. I have rumours of President Obama signing emergency martial law conditions in place and scary video’s predicting earth axis tilts March 22. The narrator talks about Sidereal astrology/astronomy and links to past and future earthquakes, axis tilt of the earth.

If  this video freaks you out remember to Quiet your brain. soothe Mercury, calm him down. Don’t let him fly away on his famous Mercurial fleet footed sandals. Stay still at the center of the Uranian cyclone and Aries New Moon fire energies. Be at Peace.

Back to Mercury the messenger without whom you wouldn’t be seeing this blog…in so many ways. Gotta love Mercury as he IS your consciousness, your brains, your think up a bility. Your communications tool kit, your computers, beloved Iphones, Ipad,i-stuff.   Don’t ever shoot that messenger even when he is Retrograde. You’d be performing Russian Roulette on yourself.

Besides he rules those highly intelligent, bookkeepers, accountants, nit pickers, workaholics, Virgo, as well as those charming fast talking ambiguous, eternal Peter Pan’s, Gemini. Seems VIRGO is the astrology sign that people seem to search most for these days. Why? because they love information, are worrier’s..

BUt here’s the survey on the whackies of the real planet Mercury:

Mercury’s tiny size and heavily cratered surface suggested

FROM WIRED SCIENCE: New data suggests that Mercury has undergone much more dynamic processes than previously believed and that its core is unlike any of the other rocky planets in our solar system.

NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft, which has been in orbit around the solar system’s smallest and innermost planet for just over a year, has beamed back plenty of surprises for scientists here on Earth.

“I thought the surface of Mercury would turn out to be complex and the interior simple,” said planetary scientist Maria Zuber of MIT, who is a member of the MESSENGER team and co-author of two new papers on the planet that appear March 21 in Science. “Instead, our data has been such a surprise that we kept thinking we were interpreting it wrong.”

Mercury’s tiny size and heavily cratered surface suggested that the planet cooled into an inert lump soon after its formation 4.5 billion years ago. The two new papers show that the planet had active geologic and tectonic processes occurring until at least the planet’s middle age, around 2 billion years ago.

Here, Wired takes a look at some of the weirdest new findings of what is turning out to be a strange little world.

 A little  new mash-up of trad astrology and science.


Aries Moon opposite Retrograde Saturn in Libra,the karmic cop at 10:17 am PDT/1:17 pm EDT then MOON goes Void of course.

If we’ve survived the proposed March 22 earthquake’s then things should be,will be, even louder, and rockier as the Sun and weirdo revolutionary planet Uranus conjunct 11:20 am PDT/2;20 pm EDT. Now that looks like an earthquake of big magnitude.

Pray. stay calm. Native americans say “It’s a good day to die.” everyday, so they are ever ready. Uranus always brings the unexpected. Even psychics can’t always see everything. So whether it’s a real physical earthquake or a psychic shock, an emotional punch, a mental avalanche, increasingly violent protests,  its all part and parcel of the same Uranus energy.

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