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Pentagram of Venus Astrology  Tara Greene

As SUN enters PISCES Feb 18th the Luminary joins MERCURY in Pisces and VENUS exalted in PISCES and NEPTUNE ruler of Pisces and CHIRON too we have FIVE TIMES the psychic dreaming and spiritual power available.

Five planets in PISCES feels like we are overflowing with our emotions with compassion inner visioning dreaming creativity and oversensitivity. PISCES is the last and most spiritual of all the signs; deeply feminine the symbol of the womb the ocean and the formless source of all creation. It is hidden and mysterious-a sign of retreat. It would be a great time to step back and go within. Do a mini-vision quest go to a retreat or yoga retreat. Spend time painting quietly reading spiritual text chanting and doing mantras will soothe your weary over stimulated worldly soul. 

Five planets in PISCES greatly enhances our psychic skills; open up our third eyes makes us easily telepathic and tuned into our soul mates and those we love more keenly.

The number 5 and the PENTAGRAM the sigil most associated with pagans and witches is actually the ancient symbol of planet VENUS demarcation her 8-year cycle points. So this is a perfect QUINTUPLE VENUS symbol/sigil. VENUS and NEPTUNE are both in their strengths. 

Five planets in PISCES enhances our psychic skills; open up our third eyes makes us easily telepathic and tuned into our soul mates and those we love.

We will feel very compassionate until March 6th when both Mercury and VENUS leave PISCES.  We will be feeling all the violence and imbalance in the world much stronger. you may need to make sure that you have extra strong boundaries. 

Use this time well to work with your dreams. They will be extremely vivid with a long stretch of time to be easily pulled into the Dreamtime at will.

Feb 21 VENUS conjuncts NEPTUNE the most romantic idealistic day of the year

Feb. 25 MERCURY CONJUNCTS NEPTUNE also a key date for meditation praying creativity and dreaming.

Feb. 27 VENUS sextiles PLUTO which also enhances the ability to go to Pluto’s domain the Underworld or dreamworld.


This is a triple blast of PISCES energy. The conjunction with Chiron indicated a great healing in the collective unconscious. 

I would use these dates specifically. 

“Buddha Shakyamuni often told his disciples to regard all phenomena as dreams. He used many examples, like an echo, a city in the clouds or a rainbow to illustrate the illusory nature of the phenomenal world. Dreams represent just one type of illusion. The whole universe arises and dissolves like a mirage. Everything about us, even the most enlightened qualities, are also dreamlike phenomena. There’s nothing that is not encompassed within the dream of illusory being; so in going to sleep, you’re just passing from one dream state to another.” –  Shugchang, Padma (editor); Sherab, Khenchen Palden & Dongyal, Khenpo Tse Wang (2000). A Modern Commentary on Karma Lingpa’s Zhi-Khro: teachings on the peaceful and wrathful deities. Padma Gochen Ling. Source: [1] (accessed: December 27, 2007)

Here are some pointers on how to induce Lucid Dreaming

Yes there are various schools of Dream Yoga or Lucid Dream Teachings or meditations from many cultures. The practice of Tibetan Dream Yoga requires certain Mudras or hand positions meditations mantras breathing and practice practice practice. Carlos Castenada in his books about the Yaqui shamans of Northern Mexico talked about various techniques they used to induce being able to time travel and specific medicine planets as well to go into other dimensions and lose time in the normal temporal world. The Australian Aborigines are the great masters of the Dream Time. Every indigenous culture would have their own dreaming techniques as this is the most ancient spirituality there is. Related to shamanistic techniques for being able to travel through the various worlds. There are anthropology books written about this. There are books on incubating Lucid Dream teachings to know how to be awake in your night dreams conscious that you are dreaming and being able to direct your dream ego or soul. It is always about your intention you can incubate that thought before you go to sleep at night.

Practically you can listen to binaural beats chanting mantras and specific resonances of sounds or traditional native drumming to induce shamanic trances are also techniques that could be used. You don’t have to be asleep to time travel or go into dream worlds or other dimensions. You can do this in a “waking Dream” or meditation. You would first smudge or cleanse your aura. You can sit in nature by a tree meditate and ask to go into the future. You need to read learn to meditate get grounded then practice practice practice. There are techniques to wake yourself up in the middle of the night to recall a dream then to go back into the dream and pick it up. It takes a lot of spiritual mental and emotional clarity to be able to steer your dream soul where you want it to go. Often we do go into other dimensions and possible futures in dreams and forget. A Deja Vu can also be a dream recall when you are awake. Happy Visioning and Dreaming.

Please share widely so that more can learn.

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Self-love for V-day

Feb 13 The moon enters TAURUS which is great for Valentine’s day as it is earthy, sensual, fleshy, loves finer things, Dom Perignon champagne, truffles,whatever suits your taste buds and fancy. Ruled by Venus,Taurus moon is so very erotic. 

Mercury the communicator enters AQUARIUS until March 5.

Everything is in your head. Sex starts in your head. The position of Mercury the brain planet is tres important. 

The Aquarius V-Day mind mode is detached, steely-cool, the watcher. It’s ELECTRIC! It’s Tribal, think BURNING MAN. It’s hi-tech, group mind, not an old-fashioned, love and marriage kinda energy. Uranus, the planetary ruler of Aquarius, rotates at a 90 degrees axis. So practice off-kilter sex, quirky sex. 

LET YOUR FREAK FLAG, your Super Freak or whichever end you want to freak fly.

Aquarius is an AIR SIGN, NOT a WATER SIGN as many people think. The Astrology glyph, two parallel wavy lines represent electric currents moving through the AIR. The symbol of the God or Goddess pouring water- is a symbol of consciousness, or Divine love.

Aquarius Constellation Astrology Tara Greene

THE SYMBOL of the Constellation of Aquarius is the symbol of THE STAR in the TAROT #17.

STar Tara Greene psychic Toronto

I use the #17 from the THOTH TAROT as my business card, because it pictures what I do as my profession, dispense cosmic insights. The STAR is literally the Stars of course, Astrology.


This is a potent powerful Masculine sexual energy. Deeply possessive, darkly passionate, secretly controlling. Mars is at his very best in Scorpio and sextile to Jupiter in Virgo is a very earthy, in the body, on the earth, do it in the road but stay very clean in your business suit energy. This is VIRGO after all. Virgo passions are expressed through cleanliness, colonics or Japanese style bath. Cleanliness is sexy after all. Scorpio loves pure passionate intensity for its own sake and likes the dark, goth, make love in the cemetery energy, invoking KALI. 

This Night Kali is calling to me.

Be not afraid of her with her necklace of skulls and her blood thirsty depictions, eating Shiva’s entrails while having intercourse with him. These are all symbols and not literal.  Kali is an ancient Goddess, and she must be seen from a Hindu perspective.

Kali is considered to be the most fully realized of all the Dark Goddesses. She is a great and powerful  earth Mother Goddess who is capable of terrible destruction like NATURE on the  rampage,  as tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, gales and fierce destructive storms. She symbolizes the  most powerful form of the FEMININE forces in the Universe. Worshipping her is to  accept life as being both  life and death, a Very SCORPIO theme.  

MARS is in SCORPIO demanding our acts to be manifested in Scorpionic fashion. Mars will Retrograde back through Scorpio from mid-may until the beginning of August.

Ultimately Kail is the most compassionate one, who destroys the ego.  KALI is the counterpart of Shiva the destroyer. They destroy unreality- Neptunian delusions. She is black as infinite night, where all colors merge.  

Black is a symbol of The Infinite and the seed stage of all colors.

Just as all humans evolved from Africans who have black skin. The Goddess Kali remains in a state of inconceivable darkness that transcends words and mind.In the Kabbalah G*d is referred to as the LIMITLESS LIGHT THAT IS ALL DARKNESS. -Just like KALI.

She is destructive, yes but Her bloody deeds and destruction protect the good.  She is not evil. Kali’s destructive energies on the highest level are seen as a vehicle of salvation and ultimate transformation.  She destroys sin, ignorance and decay. only to recreate.  

The ego sees Mother Kali and is terrified because the ego sees in Her its own eventual demise. She will appear in a fearsome form if one is attached to one’s own ego. A mature soul who engages in spiritual practice to remove their ego sees Mother Kali as very sweet, affectionate, proetctive and overflowing with incomprehensible love for Her children.

HER MANTRA: Ohm Hreem Kleem Shri Kali-aaina maha

The best thing you can do for yourself or your lover is to surrender your ego and worship you/them as God/Goddess. Ultimately we are all ONE.

LOVE YOURSELF  your true self, That is what KALI helps you to do.self love 3

Taurus Moon sextile Neptune

as over the moon, romantic and dreamy as it gets. This aspect is in the evening so have a pre-Valentine’s day romantic date. Who has to live their life by a calendar?

V- Day has pretty nice aspects.


ALL writing is copyright of Tara Greene


Dance of KALI by Prem Joshua