One of the best days all year is this week

In spite of all the RETROGRADE BLUES which is a HOLY REDIRECT you know, there are some High points too.  One of those is this weekend.

Astrology art tara greene

Astrology paiting by Brigid Marlin

There are only two dates in the entire year when the SUN, SOL, the source, the Light, the most powerful STAR of all in our Galaxy who is the KING, God, Zeus, Helios, Apollo, by any other names, and the planet JUPITER, the biggest planet, also known for being a great benefactor, optimistic, confident, risk-taking, blessings giver, aka THOR, Yahweh, etc, connect with each other.

In Astrology in order of importance and power, the aspects rank as 1. Conjunctions, 2. oppositions and then 3. squares as major aspects. 


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The conjunction is the most powerful and happens only once a year. This year it is on OCTOBER 26 at 3 degrees SCORPIO.  A very big year for you if you are born on that day. But it is beneficial for everyone. Mark it down in your calendars.

This Friday APRIL 7th is the next biggest most positive aspect and that is an exact opposition between the SUN and JUPITER, still very good. I advised a client of mine to launch a project on this date. This would have been my mother’s birthday as well.

If you are an ARIES born on this day or a LIBRA and you have planets at 18+ degrees of either Cardinal SIGN, plus CANCER and CAPRICORN’s and anyone with other planets 5 degrees plus or minus you get benefits and perks too. 

Remember that PLUTO is also involved in this, on the 8th, the SUN squares PLUTO.

The combo of SUN, JUPITER, AND PLUTO  is characterized as SUPERICH, as it symbolizes, the Gold of the SUN, soul power, generative faculties, light, fire, source energy, the original spark of life, wealth, the SOL and SOUL. This is the upper world and the lower world riches of the CONSCIOUS of masculine light and the dark, earthy, moist Feminine UNCONSCIOUS  which is PLUTO or HADES realm.

THE SUN is worshiped everywhere in INDIA, the SUN is called Surya and doing SUN salutations is a regular everyday occurrence. See link below for mantras and yoga instructions.  The Sun is also worshiped by indigenous peoples in North America and Peru.

JUPITER is also worshiped.

“We call to the master of the planets, the wisest of the wise, the most famous master of religion, the master of priests! Hear us! Help us! Sit with us now.

Deathless Lord of the Vastness [Jupiter], the gods learn from you how to participate in holy ceremonies. As the light of the Sun creates the rays of the Moon, you create all religion. Chase away the gloom and hatred. Mount your chariot, which destroys foes, slays demons, frees the needy and finds the light….” – Vic DiCara astrology from prayers to Jupiter.


JUPITER and PLUTO in combo bring great gifts of optimism and wealth with depth. Pluto represents death, rebirth and resurrection. Jupiter represents taking risks of faith with the awareness of how precious life is. 

This combination brings great trust and faith that all of these planets and the Star reflect.

This is an indomitable connection. I would certainly use this weekend, leading up to the  Full Moon on the 10th when the LIBRA MOON reflects again the CARDINAL cross of JUPITER PLUTO and SUN at 21 degrees LIBRA to bring on the positive magic. Wow that’s exactly on my natal NEPTUNE VENUS conjunction! 

The SUN’s metal is gold, Jupiter’s is tin, Pluto’s metal is Plutonium, which is highly radioactive and can’t be gotten anyways. I would use a drawing of PLUTO if you are doing ritual. The balance of the upper world and lower world deities with JUPITER in LIBRA as the sacred balance seems awesomely positive to me. 

Yes VENUS is still Retrograde almost still at 27 degrees PISCES { turning Direct on the 15th at 26 degrees and very powerful} Venus is squaring a newly Retrograde Saturn at the Galactic center { 27 degrees SAGITTARIUS, on the 5th/6th. VENUS rules or disposits JUPITER in LIBRA.

MERCURY turns RETROGRADE on the 9th/10th and this adds to the delayed reactions. Intentions created now may take some time for results to appear. This is a SATURNINE test of Jupiterian Maximus Faith being applied by the universe to us all.  That is all good. 

Be in good faith, stay optimistic, follow the SUN, keep your sense of humor, it is vital. I will be doing ritual over the weekend.  If you would like me to add you or someone you know needs help or healing please email me 

Please share widely all writing unless otherwise indicated is copyright of Tara Greene

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Seeing red, Retrograde alerts!

The Aries New Moon energy lasts 3 days Match 27-28 or before you see the first sliver of a waxing Crescent Moon. Stay in that still dark Void space over the next 3 days to gain wisdom and direction. It is a RED TENT time for the world.

Red Tent New Moon astrology Tara Greene


March 28 Speaking of RED, Tuesday is MARS Day, the RED planet.

The Aries Moon, ruled by Mars, is forming those CARDINAL crosses to Pluto, opposing Jupiter in LIBRA and conjunction Uranus. These produce tensions as we all know. Especially for those who have planets Angles at 13-28 degrees Cardinal signs.

The tension is building up to March 30th Jupiter-PLUTO square.

Should I stay or should I go? Is what leaped into my mind.  More on that later. This is another part of the long-term breakdown of communications, honesty, secrets and, power and control in Governments, about radiation, poisons, toxic garbage, and that which has outworn its use. 

RETROGRADE HEADS UP!Retrograde red alert astrology Tara Greene

Three planets turn RETROGRADE in APRIL 

MERCURY goes RETROGRADE April9/10 – May 3rd

Mercury Turns RETRO for the second time this year, @ 4+ degrees TAURUS. April 10 is also a FULL MOON in LIBRA. Mercury has been in its “shadow zone” which is the degrees that the planet retrogrades between since March 16th. If you are feeling communication snafu’s already this is why. Mercury goes back into ARIES April 20th, driving backward looking into a rear-view mirror and turning Direct @ 24+ degrees ARIES squaring URANUS and ERIS! It will take MERCURY until May 20/21 to be able to move ahead again.

SATURN turns RETROGRADE APRIL 5 @ 27+ degrees SAGITTARIUS until August 25th

Red alert Georgia O'Keefe artist Tara Greene

Saturn spends about 5 months retrograde every year.  Moving back from his conjunction to the GALACTIC CENTER, the source of the mother’s milk, the milk which spurted from the greek Goddess Hera’s breasts which flew across the skies. While Saturn is Retrograde in SAGITTARIUS we will see the issues affected by Saturn in Sag. get reviewed.

On a personal level you can go back and finish any task which takes patience, persistence, determination, hard-work and which has long-lasting effects on career, education, traveling, publishing, teaching, religion, seniors rights or testifying. Saturn Retrogrades back to 21+ Sagittarius. and leaves SAGITTARIUS on December 19th near the WINTER SOLSTICE in Northern Hemisphere, Summer SOLSTICE down under. 

NOTE THIS DATE: SATURN leaves SAGITTARIUS officially for the next 28-29 years and will remain in Capricorn until 2020. 

PLUTO TURNS Retrograde April 20 -SEPTEMBER 28

Pluto goes home to his home in the underworld for 5 months every year.  While Pluto is Retro everything that this planet, which I believe will be renamed as a Planet turns back to re-obsess about, sex, money, power. On the global level issues about big banks and government, nuclear energy, Plutocrats, control, and secrets turns back on itself.  We will be reviewing, reversing, reimplementingand renewing our personal soul searching power points, and redressing issues around the misuse of power in the outside world. 

APRIL has  5 RETROGRADE planets, Jupiter and VENUS are already RETRO.

VENUS turns DIRECT in PISCES on APRIL 15 @ 26+ Pisces. 

Expect things to be turtle paced in: the love, money, expansion,

MERCURY RETRO: Taurus-Aries:  communications, analysis, computers, thinking, material assets, real estate, the stock market. 

VENUS RETRO: Aries-Pisces: love, money, relationships, creativity, women in general, weddings, interior design, fashion and beauty, spirituality, dreams, intuition, artists.

JUPITER RETRO: in Libra: relationships, justice, communications, peace, travel, social life, marriages, legal,system, beauty, women.

SATURN RETRO: SAGITTARIUS: Repealing of laws, judges, education system, politics, religion, foreigners, immigrants, travel, publishing, truth, honesty, open spaces, humor, fathers, elderly, pensioners, philosophers, Patriarchs. 

PLUTO RETRO: CAPRICORN: Re-examination of politics, Plutocrats, those in power, super wealthy, secrets revealed. power manipulators, the 1%, career instability, job losses, leaving existing structures behind. On a personal level re-examining your souls’ desires. 

Use these RED LETTER dates well.

Please share widely. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Make Mercury Retrograde work for you

Do not fear or dread Mercury Retrograde. This popular nonsense about Mercury Retrograde being hellish, horrible and time to lock yourself away until it’s all over is all misguided and overwrought. 


 Mercury moves Retrograde on average about 1/3 of the year. We need to sleep 8 hours a day which is also 1/3 of our entire lives.  Nature always does everything in balance. Even though Mercury Retrograde is an apparent illusion, it appears real and the planets are also symbolic indicators for us to take our cues from. Mercury Retrograde is a natural time to rest whenever it occurs. All you drilled in non-stop worker drones need to chill.

Make Mercury Retrograde work for you by playing by the rules of doing everything that has the prefix Re. Mercury Retrograde’s symbol is Rx it is good medicine.

The Main thing to do when Mercury is Retrograde is RELAX.

Yes, the rule is not to start anything new because we time and communication are in a regressive moving backwards, review phase.  Everyone needs time to pause, reset, renew, review, repair, rewind, rescind, regard, regress, relent, etc. etc. 

Just chill. Expect that communications will go awry and redouble your efforts to manage this. Yes, your cheque will get lost in the mail. Many things will get lost in translation. Expect communications snafus and you won’t be disappointed. But it’s not the end of the world. Do take this Mercury Retrograde as a chance to give your overwrought mind a rest. It desperately needs it.

Mercury is also known as Hermes the Olympian messenger god of commerce, thieves, travelers, sports, athletes, and border crossings, fish, wits, gamblers, and guide to the Underworld. He is the only God who is allowed to travel into the Upper Worlds of Heaven and the Lower Worlds of Hades or Hell. He is also a hermaphrodite, a dual sexed symbol of our brain itself which has a right and left hemisphere. Mercury is considered to be The TRICKSTER, a shape-shifter, and shaman.  Mercury is based on the ancient Egyptian God Anubis who also carries a serpent wand.

Think of Mercury Retrogrades as beauty naps for the brain.

Mercury will turn Retrograde in CAPRICORN and the element which Mercury turns retrograde in makes a difference in how we experience it.  

Mercury turns Retro at the most powerful 15th degree of Capricorn a practical earth sign. This means the communications are expected to be felt more physically and practically. Real objects will get lost, break down, and need repairs. 

Mercury is also conjunct to powerful PLUTO as it Retrogrades bringing Pluto’s powerful energies along with it. Mercury will Retrograde back into SAGITTARIUS on JANUARY 4TH and turns Direct on January 8th at 28+ degrees of SAGITTARIUS which is right on the Galactic Center, the Great Void. This has very spiritual and mystical significance. We are moving from the corporate practical world of Capricorn into the Very metaphysical void from which all light and matter is attracted to.

MERCURY in the TAROT is the #1 Card of The Magician


This is a good time to meditate and detach from the mental chatter and learn to watch the mind endlessly create its stories. 

Re-examine your year. What goals did you reach or not? Where do you need to rethink your plans? Review, and get rid of what isn’t relevant.  Wait till after Mercury turns direct to make any new moves.You can chill about being all ready for the New Year your not supposed to be and shouldn’t be.

2017= a #1 year. The year of the Magician. Really sit with the trickster and ask him to be your psychopomp, your guide to all the worlds in 2017. 

Mercury will continue to be in its shadow until it reaches 15+ degrees Capricorn again on January 28th. Then things will really begin to move forwards. 

I have chosen a card to guide you through the Retrograde

Please do share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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