Five times the Psychic power now

Pentagram of Venus Astrology  Tara Greene

As SUN enters PISCES Feb 18th the Luminary joins MERCURY in Pisces and VENUS exalted in PISCES and NEPTUNE ruler of Pisces and CHIRON too we have FIVE TIMES the psychic dreaming and spiritual power available.

Five planets in PISCES feels like we are overflowing with our emotions with compassion inner visioning dreaming creativity and oversensitivity. PISCES is the last and most spiritual of all the signs; deeply feminine the symbol of the womb the ocean and the formless source of all creation. It is hidden and mysterious-a sign of retreat. It would be a great time to step back and go within. Do a mini-vision quest go to a retreat or yoga retreat. Spend time painting quietly reading spiritual text chanting and doing mantras will soothe your weary over stimulated worldly soul. 

Five planets in PISCES greatly enhances our psychic skills; open up our third eyes makes us easily telepathic and tuned into our soul mates and those we love more keenly.

The number 5 and the PENTAGRAM the sigil most associated with pagans and witches is actually the ancient symbol of planet VENUS demarcation her 8-year cycle points. So this is a perfect QUINTUPLE VENUS symbol/sigil. VENUS and NEPTUNE are both in their strengths. 

Five planets in PISCES enhances our psychic skills; open up our third eyes makes us easily telepathic and tuned into our soul mates and those we love.

We will feel very compassionate until March 6th when both Mercury and VENUS leave PISCES.  We will be feeling all the violence and imbalance in the world much stronger. you may need to make sure that you have extra strong boundaries. 

Use this time well to work with your dreams. They will be extremely vivid with a long stretch of time to be easily pulled into the Dreamtime at will.

Feb 21 VENUS conjuncts NEPTUNE the most romantic idealistic day of the year

Feb. 25 MERCURY CONJUNCTS NEPTUNE also a key date for meditation praying creativity and dreaming.

Feb. 27 VENUS sextiles PLUTO which also enhances the ability to go to Pluto’s domain the Underworld or dreamworld.


This is a triple blast of PISCES energy. The conjunction with Chiron indicated a great healing in the collective unconscious. 

I would use these dates specifically. 

“Buddha Shakyamuni often told his disciples to regard all phenomena as dreams. He used many examples, like an echo, a city in the clouds or a rainbow to illustrate the illusory nature of the phenomenal world. Dreams represent just one type of illusion. The whole universe arises and dissolves like a mirage. Everything about us, even the most enlightened qualities, are also dreamlike phenomena. There’s nothing that is not encompassed within the dream of illusory being; so in going to sleep, you’re just passing from one dream state to another.” –  Shugchang, Padma (editor); Sherab, Khenchen Palden & Dongyal, Khenpo Tse Wang (2000). A Modern Commentary on Karma Lingpa’s Zhi-Khro: teachings on the peaceful and wrathful deities. Padma Gochen Ling. Source: [1] (accessed: December 27, 2007)

Here are some pointers on how to induce Lucid Dreaming

Yes there are various schools of Dream Yoga or Lucid Dream Teachings or meditations from many cultures. The practice of Tibetan Dream Yoga requires certain Mudras or hand positions meditations mantras breathing and practice practice practice. Carlos Castenada in his books about the Yaqui shamans of Northern Mexico talked about various techniques they used to induce being able to time travel and specific medicine planets as well to go into other dimensions and lose time in the normal temporal world. The Australian Aborigines are the great masters of the Dream Time. Every indigenous culture would have their own dreaming techniques as this is the most ancient spirituality there is. Related to shamanistic techniques for being able to travel through the various worlds. There are anthropology books written about this. There are books on incubating Lucid Dream teachings to know how to be awake in your night dreams conscious that you are dreaming and being able to direct your dream ego or soul. It is always about your intention you can incubate that thought before you go to sleep at night.

Practically you can listen to binaural beats chanting mantras and specific resonances of sounds or traditional native drumming to induce shamanic trances are also techniques that could be used. You don’t have to be asleep to time travel or go into dream worlds or other dimensions. You can do this in a “waking Dream” or meditation. You would first smudge or cleanse your aura. You can sit in nature by a tree meditate and ask to go into the future. You need to read learn to meditate get grounded then practice practice practice. There are techniques to wake yourself up in the middle of the night to recall a dream then to go back into the dream and pick it up. It takes a lot of spiritual mental and emotional clarity to be able to steer your dream soul where you want it to go. Often we do go into other dimensions and possible futures in dreams and forget. A Deja Vu can also be a dream recall when you are awake. Happy Visioning and Dreaming.

Please share widely so that more can learn.

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Grand Fire and Love is a battlefield

One week of September is over. Things are very intense out there. The Hurricanes and the most powerful CME in 11 years which triggered an  8.4 earthquake in Mexico this morning. I am sending prayers and blessings to all of those in the storms and earth shaking events. The Total Solar eclipse effects will be felt for the next 9 months remember.

Call upon Archangel Raphael which was the traditional degree of the Eclipse if things seem too crazy.

I will start writing weekly overviews and short dailies. I am feeling 2018 looming at me already. We are also finishing up JUPITER’s time in LIBRA. 

NUMERLOGY OF TODAY  9/8/17 addition  is9+ 8= 17 indicates that things will add up.


Grand Fire Trine Astrology Tara Greene

Aries MOON trines VENUS in LEO and later SATURN in SAGITTARIUS

An annoying inconjunct between the two Luminaries Moon and SUN in Virgo may make for short tempers impatience with imperfection and fussing over details. 

Moon squares PLUTO as it slows down to turn direct September 28 

As Planets slow to direct motion they are virtually motionless and even stronger in their effects. Expect emotional blow ups shadow leaping out from the unconscious and spontaneous combustion. 

the Moon ends the day opposing JUPITER in LIBRA in PDT/Sept. 9  EDT/GMT 

this is a good socializing aspect speed dating meeting many new people. Jupiter in Libra favors the arts go to a play watch music have a soiree or an artists salon. It will be fun. 



Sat Sept. 9                       VENUS in LEO inconjunct PLUTO in CAPRICORN

An inconvenient truth around LOVE ego’s power players control.

Who is the QUEEN in this scenario?  The Queen of hearts yells “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS” perhaps an Alice in Wonderland experience. 

Obsession jealousy revenge seeking damages ruination death of love affairs. 

As this aspect occurs in the wee hour’s dreams may feature shadows nightmares bondage and the like. 

The high side of this one is to build an altar to Venus and pledge your soul to serve LOVE and only love.  Put Venusian things copper blue and green flowers incense images of Venus. A pentagram the number 5 is her sacred number. 

Political power struggles too. Earth changes. Women need to bring down the Divine Feminine GODDESS courage heart energy to stop the global massive power control mechanism.  CAll upon DURGA LION GOddesses and roar. 

Can be very sexy and rough if you like it that way. 

PLease share widely. all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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666 Numerology,Revelations, Love reborn

Numerology of Sun Venus conjunction at 16+ degrees of Gemini.

Venus is Cazimi today, she is at the HEART of the SUN at 2:49 pm PDT/5:49 pm EDT/ 9:49 pm GMT. All planets which join with the Sun in Cazimi are purified, heated in the Alchemical fire of Source of the STAR of light. Venus/Sun are at the 17th degree of Gemini. Literally the Number of the STAR of HOPE in the Tarot

New Moon star Tarot astrology Tara Greene

This is huge and I woke up going OMG 666. The # 616 is considered to be the same as 666. We are in the 6th month, the number 6 is the LOVERS in the TAROT and GEMINI where Venus and Sun are right now.

In the Book of  Revelations 12:1  “A great sign appeared in Heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.”

Venus/Mary, Revelations, Tara Greene

This is an accurate description of VENUS=the woman, clothed in the sun. The Sun opposite the Moon is a description of a New Moon, we are still in the New Moon in Gemini energy. The crown of twelve stars is the 12 Zodiac signs. All of the Bibles images are astrological references BTW. There is higher symbols than the Bible’s at work here. The apocalypse is the destruction of the old ego, we are choosing to evolve, or not into higher Unity living.

This is a very Holy spiritual symbol, Venus conjunct SUN, 666, A transmutation of LOVE from DUALITY to Oneness on the mutable Grand Cross of Matter.  

Venus has the SUN’s power at her back, literally. She is behind the Sun. The transformation takes place in the dark symbolizing the unconscious. Gemini is a dual natured sign. This is also the reverse of where Venus was when she eclipsed the Sun on June 5/6th 2012,one degree earlier than now.. Read my article  Venus moves in an average 8 years pentagram of stations. Pagans and witches use the positive upward pointing pentagram in their magical work with the five elements which is Venus’s path. 

Traditionally when planets are Cazimi, they are considered to be weak or ill and regain strength as they move out of the Sun’s direct glare. Venus is the Divine feminine, our values and passions, she is the Feminine sexual love planet. Watch as the SUN pours energy, vitality and new meaning into your soul and into LOVE. The Soul is the feminine Anima. This is indeed an Alchemical transformation, a Love resurrection. Think back on where you were 4 years ago. What intentions did you set then? 

SYMBOLS according to John Sandbach for 17 degrees GEMINI

“Deep in a cave, a large albino snake. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Sensitive

(Degree Angel: MAHASIAH (mah-HA-see-YAH) Healing, Rectification)

You sense a pure wisdom deep within yourself, but it can be illusive, and difficult to express. You are highly attuned to the mystery and wonder of existence, and refuse to allow it to be watered down or rationalized, or portrayed as lesser than it is in any way. Your purpose is to stay tuned to spiritual realities, even in the midst of the tremendous pressure which The Mundane exerts.”

The Four Elements and the grand Cardinal Cross

The Grand Cardinal Cross of Matter- The Gemini symbol is duality,Black/white, positive/negative/good/bad or yin/yang necessary oppositions which creates life. We are meant to use our minds our values and our souls’s Light in new ways, beyond duality.

The Grand Cardinal cross is “as above, so below.” inside of us. Each planet or planets are stationed at a specific element and direction. Venus and Sun in Gemini are in the East,where the SUN always rises, they are in their natural position.

SATURN Retrograde in SAGITTARIUS is in the WEST, the place of death and rebirth also so appropriate for SATURN. Saturn in Sagittarius is asking us to tell the truth to ourselves and to others. It is the first of the Four Agreements. “Be impeccable with your word.”  Saturn is also reminding us to be mature, to take responsibility. Perhaps you need to revive a new sense of adventure and higher purpose in your life. A Vision Quest is highly recommended.

JUPITER in VIRGO in the North the place of the mind, higher teachings, Sophia the Goddess of wisdom. Jupiter is an intellectual sign of philosophy and big picture aims. Where do we need more discipline in our  health and daily routines. Are you happy with your work? Where do you need to purify and clean up your act in terms of what you are serving in the world. Virgo is the harvest, weed out what is not helping the products, projects and desires you wish to grow. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces, living your truth, do your yoga, walk your talk. Get back to nature and to the simplicity of life.


The planet of spirituality and mysticism, creativity and compassion is in the SOUTH, in the Medicine Wheel teachings I use, the South is water, emotions and receptivity. Neptune is bringing cosmic truth into our hearts that all is one. Neptune rules illusions and we are being shown that we are all one and interconnected.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A magic coin that has only one side.” You can’t spend this coin. It’s just a surface with nothing behind it. It’s like everything else – just an illusion. This degree is aware of the insubstanial nature of most everything that we hold to be precious. And being aware of this it seeks that which has an enduring and eternal value, finding it, at last, in pure consciousness which has transcended attachment to any relative, lesser and illusory values – those bought and sold with one-sided coins. This is the pure wisdom of the albino snake.

Pleiadian Symbol: In the mental body a web of golden light flickers with energy.

Azoth Symbol: A holy man with closed eyes is hovering in the air and gently smiling.

Prehistoric paintings on the walls of a vast chamber of a cave. (Chandra Symbol). The magic coin becomes a doorway leading into the deepest chambers of our psyche where we view the ancient and mysterious memories recorded there.

Fulfillment degree: Leo 7. The barking of a dog echoes across a moonlit landscape. (Omega Symbol). The albino serpent, guardian of lunar wisdom, dreams in her cave. And her dreams, needing a voice, become the barking of a dog, whose barking resonates in the dreams of all dreamers. It is the vastness of our hidden self calling to us. This reminds me of the symbol on the Tarot card #18 The Moon.

A very weak cup of tea. (Chandra Symbol). Seeing ever more clearly the illusory and ephemeral nature of interactions in the outer world we spontaneously find ourselves tuning into the finer and finer essences of things as we draw closer and closer to the limitless absolute – the realm of pure being without qualities.


The cave was a refuge from the Sun, a place where one could listen to the voices of stars even when daylight filled the above, a temple consecrated to night.

A sanctum where no flames burned, but where the white snake listened, always, to the moonlight, the thought of moonlight burning in its dark dream. It was only fitting that the keeper of shadows should be white.

Venus,love, women are being reborn through the soul/Light/source flames of transformation to be reborn. Venus began this journey at the end of October 2014, her last rebirthing phase. Look back at that time for when relationships began or ended.



Please share  widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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