June 10-16 Astrology, Chiron goes Retrograde, Father’s Day

CANCER moon as weeks begins is soft, emotional, tender, homey. stomach’s are ultrasensitive, watch what you eat.

June 10 Moon & MERCURY are active today -feelings and communications are Highlighted

Cancer Moon conjuncts VENUS  6:28 am EDT good for early morning love-ins

Mercury in CANCER Trines Chiron in Pisces Monday, and the North Node in Scorpio on the 12th

talk about your vulnerability and where it hurts.  Mercury conjunct the North Node is a great day

to be tuned in to the highest transformational energies. Talk about transformation today.

Moon opposes Pluto and squares Uranus

You may feel like you are being emotionally pushed puled and pummeled. Resistance is futile.

MOON conjuncts MERCURY conjunct the STAR SIRIUS in CANCEat 13 degrees CANCER @ 5:16 pm EDT

This conjunction falls on the great Star SIRIUS which is also conjunct the U.S. SUN

there will be much unrest and upheaval in the news and in feeelings of insecurity, home protection, homeland security etc, on people’s minds. Feelings and thinking conjoin, where is CANCER in your chart- this is where the great union is.


Family values vs. opposes Pluto in Capricorn- 10 degrees Big  Business  Venus in Cancer

Women need to demand more power from business to take care of their children or parents.

Power struggles in general WATER rites will be in the news- who owns it> the PEOPLE or big business?

Saturn Trine Neptune -7:26 pm EDT SERIOUS LOVE wishes- make them. 

Moon enters LEO 9:58 pm PDT

JUNE 12 Moon enters LEO -EDT @ 12:58 am

LEo moon is loud and proud strong and willful

Moon pushes into Saturn in Scorpio early Wednesday – power struggles

quincunx Neptune- disappointment when things dont work out

VENUS in CANCER squares URANUS in ARIES @ 6:49 pm

EXPECT the unexpected- don’t make plans to meet a lover today

Indigestion and upset tummies abound. Love chaos. It’s off the charts. but wait a bit, it’ll calm down.

Moon trines URANUS 10:04 pm PDT 

inspired moments of brilliance.

June 13

Leo Moon quincunx Chiron in PISCES

PRIDE comes before the  big fall. The Hanged Man reversed -isnt so pretty.

June 14


all those upsets may be healed now. Cry in your lovers, friends arms. 


Moon shifts to al business, practical on budget, not picking perfectionism.

Virgo Moon opposes NEPTUNE in PISCES 2 10:49 pm

this is a nice time to go for a romantic but not too expensive, healthy romantic  dinner. Go see a concert, or a play. write down your dreams and work with them. Dream big.

June 15

Virgo Moon squares Mars in GEMINI early am

waking up with a bad hair day and grumpy after tossing and turning all night.


good for investing, cleaning up your garden, investments, starting a new health regimen,

GEMINI Mars quincunx Pluto –

irritating, irresponsability gets you called on the carpet.

Virgo Moon quincunx URANUS in Aries 

don’t try to change everything all at once,be like the tortoise not the hare.

Moon opposes CHIRON in PISCES –

its ok to be vulnerable, to accept that we are all human it’s better for your health

Moon sextiles VENUS and MERCURY

makes for nice bedfellows- Virgo’s may luck out this night


Happy Father’s day – all you hard working caring Dad’s. 


To me this symbolizes that the Old fatherly role as breadwinner, strong, unemotional,duty bound’s wounds need to  be healed. The Patriarchy has granted all power to men for the last 5,000 years in general. That is changing now.  It’s a burdensome limited stereotyped role- John Wayne, James Bond, etc. that men have had to carry. It is very imbalanced. Men need to be able to cry, to have a wider range of emotions available to them and to be vulnerable, to respect and honor women, their mother’s and to grow up. The present male father role model is very immature and focused on material success and power, phallocentric. It leaves men separated from creation and left out and angry because they know deep down that they have separated themsleves from the Great mother. 

It’s a happy optimistic, expansive, sporty, yakkety yak Father ‘d Day

with Moon square the GEMINI SUN and JUPITER.

Short travels, sporting events, being outdoors, at the beach, crowds, large gatherings lots of positive,light hearted energy.

Moon goes void of course @ 5:26 pm

Spend some quiet time reflecting during v-0-c moons.

Moon enters LIBRA @ 9:19 pm 

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June 10 -, Judy Garland, Maurice Sendak, Elizabeth Hurley

June 11 Jacques Cousteau, Genee Wilder- comedien

June 12 George Bush, Anne Frank

June 13 poet William Butler Yeats, Tim Allen

June 14 Donald Trump, Boy George, Hariette B. Stowe, Che Guevara,

June 15 MArio Cuomo, Courtney Cox,Helen Hunt,

June 16 Joyce Carol Oates

Taurus Full Moon Oct 29 Pink Bull Meditation Astrology by Tara Greene

October 29 @ 3:50 EDT SENSUAL down to earthy Taurus FULL moon

This is the Full Moon before the Presidential election with Many change ups the day before

1. VENUS enters LIBRA her home sign on Sunday morning Oct 28  till NOVEMBER  21 { when SUN enters Sagittarius} 

Well all is good with Venus in romance, balance, beauty, the arts, nice nice and superficial,


Mercury is weak in the sign opposite the one  it rules which is GEMINI- Sagittarius’ shadow sign.

Mercury will be galloping and being klutzy, foot in mouthy, upbeat, full of great adventure stories, hot to trot,philosophical,

teacherly, proselytizing, animal rights activist, hypocritical, and easy to like,


at 4 degrees 18 minutes of fiery centaur sign and will wreak havoc on ElECTION DAY- like in 200o but worse!


somehow it sounds lewd….ah Scorpio, it’s always sex,

MErCURY GOES DIRECT a 18 degrees 10 minutes SCORPIO on November 26

hmm that’s exactly ON my ASCENDANT!

DEC 10 Mercury Re-enters SAGITTARIUS    er rather gallops and charges into the fire

It will take until December 14 for Mercury to get back to where it was on ELECTION DAY

BAck to that full MOON OCT. 29

ALl FULL MOON are…. You know! completions, VERY Fertilite, Extra good for getting pregnant…enjoying the Garden of EDEN,

It will feel like a foggy bottom Garden as

MERCURY Squares Neptune  @ zero degrees Sagittarius to Zero degrees PISCES

You will fall in love with a gorgeous stranger who you will instantly recognise as your soul mate….watch out for that!!

SUN at 6 degrees Scorpio forms a GRAND TRINE With CHIRON and Neptune and the Asteroid CERES at 3 degrees Cancer.

all early water signs benefit from major massive healing energies down pouring like honey

we must focus on healing our hearts, our wounded homes, wombs, the earth, the children the emotional and spiritually broken

VENUS at 1 degree Libra OPPOSES URANUS at 5 degrees Aries and Squares PLUTO at 7 degrees Capricorn.

this amplifies the economic change up picture and woes,

VENUS/WOMEN have the POWER to change corporate structure, old paradigms, like Mitt Romney’s anti-abortion law which uses religious beliefs to control women’s freedom. I’ve predicted that women will be THE force to be reckoned with in the election and will swing for OBAMA.


serious Saturn at 2 degrees SCORPIO is conjunct the SUN -serious healing times here.

Mars at 16 Sagittarius is opposite Retro Jupiter at 15 degrees GEMINI

sitting on the VENUS SUN Eclipse point,

this represents the balance point and sacred marriage integration of the opposites,in each of of male and female,

this is big new energy,

The NOrth NOde is at 26 degrees SCORPIO

SOUTH NODE { the collectives past } is @  26 degrees TAURUS close to the Pleiades and conjunct

FIXED STARS CAPULUS @ 24 degrees TAurus { a cluster of stars M34}

traditionally malefic and in Taurus they relate to the neck or throat- hanging, decapitation

Exactly at 26 degrees Taurus is the very demonic star ALGOL, alias CAPUT MEDUSA, MEDUSA’s head,

but the two stars also have a very positive side,

get past the ghoul in ALGOL,such as  Medusa was once so beautiful she was turned into Medusa as punishment for being too proud,

which means going past the ego, past appearances, past judgements,and see the beauty in everything, past greed,

we find true beauty. True substance, truth and purity.

ALGOL does indicate disastrous accidents, so there may be a natural or man-made accident around this Full Moon.

As with all FULL MOON’s GIVE GREAT THANKS and gratitude.

write down everything that you are grateful for….everything even the things that hurt, or you dont understand

pink quartz rules the heart chakra and you want to breathe the pink quartz into your heart,

USE A PINK ROSE QUARTZ one of Taurus’ main stones, it rules the heart chakra for this MEDITATION

Star rose quartz Taurus TAra Greene

Mediate on the beautiful Star rose quartz image or hold a real one if you have it

Bring a notebook, pen, water colors, some sweets, pink  candles; play some soft earthy music,

Cast a sacred circle, call in the 4 directions and elements starting from the EAST- Fire,South- water, West- earth, North – air

Light the pink  candle, burn some sweet rose or other sensuous  incense

Begin to watch your breath, breathe deeply, slowly and allow the Moon’s energies to affect you, they are at their strongest at every Full MOON

breathe down into your toes, feel your spine rooted to the earth, send your breath down into the earth, past the rocks and stones and down into Mother Earth’s molten fiery core,

connect with the love Mother Earth has for you and all her children; after you connect with the earth

come back slowly and bring the breath back up through your tailbone, up your spine and through all the chakras,

to the crown chakra, feel youself being filled with pink rose quazrtz energy, healed, whole, innocent, pure, grounded,lovely,

send the pink quartz energy out through the top of your head and connect with those fixed stars Medusa and Algol

and send the ghouls love as well, the ghouls in ALGOL are ego, power, control, greed,

the Light does not fight the dark, but encapsulates and infuses it with love, which melts and disarms it.

as for what you need to be fulfilled from the Universe, from your Higher Self,

see pink winged angels floating around you,

know they see you and are always protecting you.

come back when you wish, write down what you have seen, felt heard,

offer a sweet treat to the Moon Goddess, the spirits and ancestors who came into your circle,

when ready close the circle and thank each element and direction from the East to South West and North.

MAY the circle be open but unbroken.

New Moon November 13 is a very powerful TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE and the last one till 2015.

more about that soon and Frida Kahlo, 


Street Fighting Full Moon in Aries Astrology from Tara Greene

On the brink of the Autumn season in the North and Spring in the South we have our first Full Moon

Sept 29 @8:20 pm PDT/11:20 pm EDT

Sept 30@ 3:20 am GMT

Aries is the first sign, all life force, fire, inspiration, passion,aggressive, competitive, spontaneous!

and this ARIES Full moon is about as spontaneously combustible as it gets!

TOO hot to handle!

Like the girl in the dress of fire dress Katnis Everdeen in The HUNGER GAMES-keep that metaphor in mind! HOLLYWOOD is always prescient

CERES, Earth Mother and Goddess is at ZERO degrees Cancer the Most maternal sign,

she is part of the GRAND CARDINAL CROSS of Sun Moon Uranus and PLUTO!

Grand Crosses are dynamic-the stress forges new boundaries to break open,

Aries Moon is conjunct freedom fighter URANUS -bringer of Higher consciousness, chaos,bolts of lightning Squared by PLUTO in Capricorn,opposite the Libra Sun and square to CERES.

Think of Mother Leary’s cow kicking over the lantern and burning San Francisco down,

And there’s MORE!

A FIXED GRAND CROSS attempting to contain the volcanic eruption.

VENUS at 26 degrees LEO-SHE’s is the QUEEN and loves drama-and this is VENUS’S YEAR!

VENUS is one degree away from an EXACT square to the Lunar NODES in Scorpio-Taurus. Venus rules TAURUS,Mars rules Scorpio. Each has their power thrones.WOMEN are the evolutionary lynch-pin NOW.

Venus represents what we value, women,love. Mars rules the traditional male roles as hunter, warrior and he is in the mix at 25 degrees of SCORPIO,2 degrees away from the North/South Nodes.

These 2 planets and the North Node in Scorpio/South Node in Taurus polarity perfectly depict the current political/pseudo-religious battle and crisis of women vs Male patriarchy attempting to control women. Women are the coming force of the now and the future.

Grand Cross Guadelupe MedalsMexican Grand Cross Medals fo Guadelupe

Venus is kicking Mars’ butt and she ought to be

MARS is in his home turf where he is STRONGEST and he also rules the ARIES FULL MOON, so Mars is DOUBLE STRENGTH on the warpath!


NORTH NODE in Scorpio

Indicates our highest spiritual goal – is to let die-Scorpio,that which no longer serves us,the male warmongering model.

and Pluto in Capricorn is tearing down the PLUTOCRACY although they are instituting fascist laws and the religious right is trying to control women’s freedom.

Pluto rules atomic energy and Uranus rules explosions, revolutionaries, freedom.

Mars and the NORTH NODE are being DOUBLY SQUARED

by NEPTUNE at ZERO degrees of PISCES conjunct CHIRON the wounded healer at 5 degrees.

These 2 bring spiritual hope, compassion healing, wounding, martyrs, creative endings. forgiveness and understanding over unconscious scapegoating and blaming others,

a way to let the past goto find our common spiritual Oneness.

ANd those 2 come full circle, or full square that is

as the Pisces duo is square to the SOUTH NODE  at 27 degrees of TAURUS conjunct the Pleiades, a very highly evolved group of stellar spiritual guides.

Many Native American origin stories claim that their ancestors came from these STARS.

and the May 20 Solar Eclipse degree of 1 of Gemini.

which gets re-activated now +also

NOVEMBER 28- LUNAR ECLIPSE mark that date on your calendars.

Neptune at zero Pisces, Ceres at Zero Cancer and Saturn at the 29th critical Karmic degree now- read CRITICAL KARMIC TIMES!

Saturn enters SCORPIO Oct 5 and will form a GRAND TRINE

with the Moon in Cancer conjunct Ceres on Oct 6.

This is a beautiful picture.Saturn is karma and the builder, Traditionally Saturn represents the physical MOTHER, not the father. Neptune is in his home sign, Ceres is the Mother EARTH as well as all the grains of the earth, food, nurturing and Saturn is changing up the game rules in Scorpio.

We are moving into WATERY TIMES


for the next three years. NICE.

Mutual reception is just what it sounds like,you come to my house I’ll go to yours,

Saturn the ruler of Capricorn is in Pluto’s ruling sign and vice versa

their energy supports each other is a good collaboration.

We ar evolving into a new Uranian template for the new birth of a balanced Masculine and Feminine.

The generation born in 81-83 were all born with Saturn and Pluto conjunct in LIBRA.

Their karma was major divorces, these people have just had their first SAturn return.

they are the ones to be creating the new archetypes of equal balanced relationships between the sexes.

a mutual reception song Come On A My House by Julie London


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Learn ASTROLOGY the E-Z WAY,music of the stars from Tara Greene


I was inspired under a PISCES MOON, on a day with a NEPTUNE, ruler of Pisces conjunct the MOON = very inspirational and creative, rules music, to teach Astrology through POP Music.Why not use a song everyone knows to learn the keywords for a SIGN!

Actually the inspiration sprang from my 5th and last day of teaching Mystical Magical Arts tools such as Tarot, Astrology, Dream work, Ceremony and ritual at the Grail Springs Spa in Bancroft Ontario September 2012.

I was about to give each person in my group of students’ information on where their Moon sign was. I was suddenly inspired to say You guess – “Let’s play “Name your Moon.” and it turned in to a fun game. Are emotionally overly sensitive?- passionate, spontaneous?-feel things physically? or are you emotionally detached, analytical?

“A Case of You” written  by Joni Mitchell – Pisces KEY WORDS will be Underlined!

fish wine astrology recipes

Just before our love got lost you said
“I am as constant as a northern star” 
And I said “Constantly in the darkness 
Where’s that at?
If you want me I’ll be in the bar” 

On the back of a cartoon coaster 
In the blue TV screen light 
I drew a map of Canada 
Oh Canada 
With your face sketched on it twice 
Oh you’re in my blood like holy wine 
You taste so bitter and so sweet 

Oh I could drink a case of you darling 
Still I’d be on my feet 
oh I would still be on my feet

Oh I am a lonely painter 
I live in a box of paints 
I’m frightened by the devil 
And I’m drawn to those ones that ain’t afraid

I remember that time you told me you said
“Love is touching souls” 
Surely you touched mine 
‘Cause part of you pours out of me 
In these lines from time to time 
Oh, you’re in my blood like holy wine 
You taste so bitter and so sweet 

Oh I could drink a case of you darling 
And I would still be on my feet 
I would still be on my feet

I met a woman 
She had a mouth like yours 
She knew your life 
She knew your devils and your deeds 
And she said 
“Go to him, stay with him if you can 
But be prepared to bleed” 

Oh but you are in my blood 
You’re my holy wine 
You’re so bitter, bitter and so sweet

Oh, I could drink a case of you darling 
Still I’d be on my feet 
I would still be on my feet

Comprende? Your feetback please

does CANADA OH Canada fit in with the Pisces theme do you think?

Stay TUNED-for information about online courses in Astrology and Tarot, dreamwork

send me an email if interested taragreene@sacredartscentre.com

WATCH JONI SING  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAsXMlkwXgs&feature=fvwrel

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The last Dance for Donna Summer, love to love you, Donna’s Disco Astrology from Tara Greene

Never can say goodbye, but sad to hear of Donna Summer the Queen of Disco passed away May 17 after a lengthy bout with Cancer at 63.

Born LaDonna Adrian Gaines on Dec 31 1948 she was a legendary American singer, songwriter and artist. Donna leaves behind her husband,three daughters and four grandchildren.

Best known for her twirling mirrored disco ball hits Love to Love You Baby, Hot Stuff,She Works Hard for the Money

A five time Grammy award winner. Donna holds the record for having three consecutive double albums go to the top of the album charts and she became the first female artist to have three number one singles in a twelve month period.

Lets look at her Astrology chart. Born Dec 31 1948 at 9:00 pm in Boston Massachusetts.

Disco Queen astrology

Donna had a lot of CAPRICORN energy, the sign of worldly success, hard work, staying power. Born with a very lucky and career success oriented chart Donna had the

Sun conjunct Jupiter exactly conjunct at 10 degrees of Capricorn.

Also Mercury Mars and the Moon in Capricorn, also a very powerful combination for writing, communicating,hard work,stay with it power.

An earthy VIRGO ascendant with Saturn Retrograde also conjunct her natal chart. She grew up in a strict, Saturnine, traditional religious family. She was no stranger to hard work.

Her North Node her highest spiritual goal is at 2 degrees of Taurus in her 9th house of International relations. Her south Node, symbolizing the past is at 2 degrees of Scorpio in her 3rd house of communications.

The Scorpio south node shows a deep  ingrained passion drive and desire behind all that hard-working earthy,Capricorn Virgo Taurus earth.

LOVE TO LOVE YOU BABY oozed SCORPIO sensuality, I remember how it turned everybody on,. That’s why it was such a hit.

she had Pluto in Leo in the 12th house that is heart and -soul and very spiritual drive to be a STAR!

Venus in Sagittarius -also at middle powerful degrees  in the 4th house means she connected with the entire world and was very popular Internationally.

Neptune ruler of higher octave music is at 15 degrees of Libra in the 2nd house of money, the middle degrees 14 and 15 are always the  strongest point. Her spritual gift of song, made her successful. She had real soul behind what appeared to be a superficial element- Disco. But disco following has grown over the years in popularity as a nostalgia item, and Donna’s songs proved to be long lasting.

Her Mid heaven or highest career point is one degree 28 minutes of GEMINI where the eclipse is occurring on May 20 is.

 Donna hid her trials with cancer. 

The Astrology at her death MAY 17 2012

Pluto Lord of Death and rebirth was conjunct her Sun and Jupiter, for the last year. 

Saturn, the GRIM REAPER  is also  retrograding and has been SQUARING her Moon since November 2011, Saturn was just square to her Mars and was approaching a square to her Mercury.

THE NORTH NODE the highest spiritual calling has been SQUARE to her Saturn and her Virgo Ascendant since the beginning of 2012.

CHIRON the wounded healer has been opposite to her SATURN and Ascendant since March this year.Chiron was sitting exactly ono her Descendant,t he point where one interacts with the World.

All in all, my intuition says that her higher self knew and that she wished to experience the May 20 solar eclipse from the point of view of Spirit.

Donna Summer’s spirit will be dancing and singing and helping us boogie through the transition of the Solar Eclipse on Sunday MAy 20. 

MAy she sing and dance with joy eternally.

Thanks for the LAst dance with you Donna,

The Nodes Know, Triple Karmic 7 day Spring cleanse,Meditations, psychic, astrology, Tara Greene

This is a  very busy and powerful week April 25- May 1st -you won’t want tom iss this amazing opportunity. Super Spring cleaning!

Many magical cosmic designs in the sky above to work with down below, so let’s get down. It’s just what the Doctor ordered.

THERE is a very KARMIC cleansing energy being downloaded now and i can certainly feel it. Can you?

The Nodes of the Moon, called the Dragon’s Head- Rahu in Vedic Astrology and the South Node-always directly opposite ,called the Dragon’s Tail, or Rahu in Indian astrology govern KARMA.The North Node represents the future, the South node the past.  When reading an astrology chart the south node is where I see past life influences in the chart, habits, family imprinting,and th North Node the highest direction to aim for.

The Nodes are what form all Eclipses when the Sun and Moon or both align with the South or North nodes which they will do on May 20.

– Advert. Come join me at the Grail Springs Spa for May 18-21 weekend I will be doing workshops and leading a solar eclipse ceremony on the 20th


Presently the North Node is at 5 degrees of Sagittarius in Tropical Astrology and always moves backwards through the signs. The Nodes take about 18 months to move through any sign. North Node in Sagittarius is the flame of truth, inspiring, knowledge, positive, sacred law, the Galaxy itself.

The South node, at 5 degrees of Gemini  represents the past; in Gemini it is all mental, mind scramble, immature, yakkety, ambiguous, immature.

Mars in Virgo is aligned to square both Nodes right now which continues and is exact on May 1st MAY DAY.

That’s  when we dance around the May Pole, a wicca, pagan phallic worshipping fertility festival. Like in King Arthur’s Camelot, did you read the Mists of Avalon? It’s a great read.

Mars square the Nodes aligns our actions, drive, passions, discipline, analysis, organization in service to that Martial  hygiene freakin’ Virgo influence now. So its TIME to clean up our acts. All the old crap, baggage, excuses, irresponsibility, finally.

Are you ready to surrender and free your self?  Me too.

Its time to let it go, let all your baggage go, like in the U2 song BAD

It’s like Martha Stewart says, A good thing though

If you twist and turn away
If you tear yourself in two again
If I could, yes I would
If I could, I would
Let it go

If I could throw this
Lifeless lifeline to the wind
Leave this heart of clay
See you walk, walk away
Into the night
And through the rain
Into the half-light
And through the flame

If I could through myself
Set your spirit free
I’d lead your heart away
See you break, break away
Into the light
And to the day

To let it go
And so to fade away
To let it go
And so fade away

I’m wide awake
I’m wide awake
Wide awake
I’m not sleeping
Oh, no, no, no – Bono

Neptune at 2 degrees PISCES & Chiron the wounded healer at 8 degrees Pisces opposite Mars bring even more Karmic cleansing power to this aspect.  

It’s a Triple Karmic powered MARS-TINI!  3's karmic action

so use these V.I.  next 7 days to do this 7 day Karmic cleanse, I will be available to coach and spot you: taragreene@sacredartscentre.com

Everyday you must meditate:  Use the Martial Virgo energy, you must be disciplined and do this each day for at least a half hour. An hour is best. You need to set up a ritual space, light a candle, call in the directions,you will need lavender oil, which you will apply to each chakra after each day’s release. You can wear the colour that suits each chakra, flowers, candles etc.

Day 1.  Meditate on your root chakra – colour red- allow your fears around survival, groundedness, safety, security,being in your body to come up and state aloud: I let all these negative energies from the past go NOW, I release them from the past present and future. Use a drop of lavender oil on your root chakra, be careful,lavender is very potent. Take a bath or shower.

Day 2. Meditate on your 2nd sexual chakra-color orange, this is life force energy itself, creativity, passion, receptivity,intuition, any blockages or sludge here and trust me it will be filled like a memory cesspool for most women,from having sex with partners who haven’t honored you as the Goddess that you are. Put lavender on your private parts, Not internally. I specialize in karmic sexual cleansing and healing.  Get a phone reading: http://www.taratarot.com/id78.html

Day 3. Meditate on your 3rd or Will chakra -colour Yellow- 2 inches below your navel- This is your power center, Vitality, the Light, This is where  you have given your power away to any and every outside authority, The list will be huge: your lovers, organized religions, your boss etc. Any time you act out of integrity, you lose energy here. Reallydump the lot from this one, you will feel the healing heat and power of the Sun shining through you after this.Keep the Sun radiating from this place always from now on. Apply the lavender oil. Bathe, add yellow food coloring to the water.

Day 4. The  Heart Chakra – colour green or pink- Examine where your heart is hurt, closed down, mistrustful. This is where your heartbreak and heartaches are. Cry as much as you need, the tears are healing. Let the old lovers and loved ones who hurt you go, gently. The heart is broken to allow the light in, that is the wounded healers way. Forgiveness, compassion allows your heart to open and be healed to receive  Divine love. Apply the lavender oil and rose oil if you have it here as well. Bathe in  roses petals.

Day 5. Meditate on the throat chakra- color blue- this is the speech and power of the word center. This is where your words have harmed others. It is also the words you should have spoken and didn’t. Your inability to speak your truth, righteous anger or love is blocked here. Make sounds, toning, wailing is always healing. Release, and state aloud only loving positive affirming words about yourself. Apply lavender. Bathe afterwards.

Day 6. Meditate on the 6th chakra, the third eye, between the eyebrows ,color is purple. Go deep into relaxation, trance medittaion.Yuor intent is to visualize all your past lives, allow whatever arises to simply be, yo will know if it is real and true by your emotional response to the scenes or the feelings. Let go, let it all go. be here now, in the present, open to the present magic. Apply a drop of lavender oil and in your bath afterwards.

Day 7. Meditate on your crown chakra, it is white, at the top of your head. See your crown chakra open like a whale’s sputing hole, allowing the infinite light to flow in. If there are blockages simply ask yoour Higher Self and Guardian Angels to remove it and let it go for you.Apply lavender oil to your crown chakra. Then bathe in epsom salts or Himalayan crystal salts.

Drink plenty of water during the 7 day cleanse, Its not necessary to day any dasting or diet. The emphasis is on emotional cleansing.

Create a group: do this alone but with a buddy system. I will be doing it to. I know that you will feel a googleplex lighter.

You will notice you will look Lighter,brighter, feel calmer, people will react differently to you. You won’t  be playing the same games.

Let me know how you feel at the end.



The Mood: Bullish Monday Jan 30 EU crisis meeting and some Astrology tips from Tara Greene

Moon enters Bullish Taurus on Monday @ 1:28 am EDT and makes a Super Positive  conjunction with Jovial Jupiter @ 6:29 am.

Taurus the Bull Picaso

Picasso plate taurus

This translates as the big money deal, the big lucky break, the expansive vacation, the maxed out credit card, the super stubborn moments, the vast sensuality, the inspired artistic vision, super stud, overwhelmed by the scent of  roses,  the best massage/meal/you name it of your life.

Does the market go uberbullish?   Moon then squares Mercury @ 11:15 am, expect some communications head to heads.

There’s an EU crisis meeting today.  let’s have a quick look at the EU birth chart, click to see larger

EU astrology chart



 The EU created Nov 1, 1993 in Brussels, Belgium. It is very heavily Scorpionic with 4 planets in Scorpio, I mean it has an exact Mars Pluto conjunction! There is always major power and control, big secrets and sabotage going on in the EU. It’s a veritable Pink Panther movie. Note the Steve Martin remakes during those years! 

 The chart shows the North Node the highest spiritual goal  3 degrees of Sagittarius a great and fitting place for foreign International trade and business. That point and the south node in Gemini have been squared off by wounded healer Chiron since 2011 and continuing now. The EU is on very shaky ground to say the least. 
CHIRON the Wounded Healer and the EU
As Neptune moves into Pisces on Feb. 3 for the next 14 years, we will see the dissolving of a lot of what the ideals of the EU stood for. For the EU to survive they would have to fully merge as One real union and I don’t think this is possible yet. As well Mars moving Retrograde right now will cross the EU charts’ Natal Chiron at 6 degrees of  Virgo March 17- Spring Equinox, a very important date and time as it heralds the real New Year and the “conception point” of Dec 21 2012.
The EU may defragment around spring of 2012. There will be much blaming and nit-picking around legal issues as well. It’s direction may dissolve then, or the strongest nation would have to take action, be more in control and  more of a leading factor over the whole EU. Which is not what the EU was supposed to be all about anyway. But up Euro’s as Monopoly funny  money souveniers now.  Who really wins if the EU falls is the real question.
Later the same day-

Then “Bull luna” squares the Sun Big Sol @ 11:10 pm and that looks like Huge sun spot solar flares and Northern Lights tonight!  If you have been feeeling woozy dizzy unbalanced the last week or so that is because of those huge solar flares destabilizing our electro-magnetic atmosphere and our individual bodies too. Staying grounded and calm in the eye of the Helios Hurricane, the magnetic solar storms and winds of change takes practice.

Let me know how this earthy moon affects you, can be blissfully bovine, seriously sensuous and lazy, don’t get out of bed or … what you make it.

 Remember when the universe bullshits you, make cowpies and use them to fuel your fire as they have done in India for thousands of years.

Blessings, TARA

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P.S. Due to Mars Retrograde and huge sunspot activity part of this article the meat of it where i discussed the EU chart got into a type snafu and I am fixing it now. Yes expect lots of nitpick-y annoying details to deal with while Mars is Retrograde in Virgo till April 14.  If you need a chill pill well if you must but “au natural” is much better, meditate, tone with your voice, take Himalayan salt crystal baths.   Pisces patience and compassion is to the rescue and on the way on Feb 3rd.


Venus in Leo! I am woman hear me roar! July 28 -Aug 21 plus Love,drama. Pres. Obama 50th,the whole Kit ‘n canoodle predictions by Tara Greene

Venus in Leo sure heats things up! Record heat waves, The Goddess is loud, proud, SEXY, in the spotlight, flashing red  puple and Gold, taking center stage.

R U getting enough DRAMA these days?

Excellent time for passionate love affairs!

Fires are sparking everywhere!

Leo is the HEART, Venus in Leo is the Heart Flame! Wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Leo is  Royalty, the King, the Sun, Gold, the Source, the Will, Center stage

Venus in Leo is the Queen, the Feminine Source, Golden Haired Goddess, Marilyn Monroe

It’s super dramatic, did they wait till the last minute to sign some sort of treaty re the DEBT?

It’s Mr. Obama’s 50th Birthday Aug 4, so Happy Birthday Mr. President


The President is going through what every 50 year old goes through. It’s called your Chiron Return.

Chiron whose symbol resembles a key, is an outer space object with a 50 year elliptical orbit. Discovered Nov. 1 1977 Chiron was, in Greek Mythology a Centaur, half immortal, rejected by his parents who became a great healer. Long story short, he asked to give up his immortality to quell the pain, he is immortalized as a Constellation in the skies. His discovery brings to our present day consciousness the unconscious psychological symbol of being human, of being archetypal vulnerable and therefor inherently, humanly wounded.

 So where that little key is in your birth chart  shows where you are the most vulnerable, wounded but also where the greatest healing lies, for as each individual heals themselves and the greatest strength lies in being able to open the wounds, show the soft underbelly, own it, take responsibility for it, cherish it, thank it, understand it, bless it, that we may become wounded healers for others. 

And as Kurt Vonnegut would say, and so it goes.

So I send HAPPY BIRTHDAY greetings to President Obama. Lord knows we can all see the vulnerability, the wounds, he is feeling right now trying to fix a wounded U.S.A.  It’s a mighty big job.

So lets take a look at Mr. Obama’s birth chart as he turns 50.


President Obama's birth chart

President Obama's birth chart and transits

Were you  born in 1961?

then U 2 will have a Chiron return this year as well.

Mr. Obama’s 50th shows Chiron directly on his natal Chiron at 5 degrees of Pisces in his first house of Self. Who he is. What he identifies as.

Mr. Obama has Chiron opposite Pluto in Virgo in the 7th house of others in his Birth chart, indicating that he is a wounded healer with Big Soul, Big Power,[ Pluto}  a rebirth, around health, work, service to others. Very intelligent, that’s pluto in Virgo, a perfectionist, a very hard worker, someone who always gets te job done. The Chiron return amps up his innate wounding which he felt as a child. Pisces is the most spiritual and sensitive of all the signs, with no boundaries, feeling one with everyone.

I do believe and I tell all my clients that I totally know inherently that we chose our parents, our place and time of birth before we come into this life the characteristics, which allows us the perfect opportunities for our souls to grow,learn and hopefully to complete our journeys of why we came into this life time again, this time around.

Mr. Obama came into this life already spiritual already a wounded healer with a lot of power directed out to the world at large. A Pisces Chiron is compassionate, all-inclusive, can be a martyr.Being of mixed racial background is a perfect symbol for him.

Mr. Obama’s North Node or highest spiritual goal is at 27 degrees 18 minutes of Leo in his 7th house, the house of marriage or all others, his interface with the world, and conjunct to Pluto.  North Node conjunct Pluto is considered to be very powerful, very purposeful.  Becoming President with a capital P. is his fulfilling his highest destiny.

27 degrees of Leo is conjunct to a very famous Fixed Star REGULUS, the heart of the Lion. This famous star is connected to the ArchAngel Raphael the healer of the heart.  His South Node representing the Past, is at 27 degrees of Aquarius in his first house.

Neptune the planet of dreamers. chameleons, actors, addictions, illusions, delusions, Hollywood, OIL. HAs been passing over Mr. Obama’s South Node and will do so again soon. He may seem tobe shifting his position, or being too idealistic. 

Venus is now in Leo and Venus will make a Superior Conjunction to the Sun on Aug 16th at 23 degrees of Leo. 

Every year the Sun is at the 23 degree on this date and co-incidentally it is the Anniversary dates of two very important festivals, gatherings, shifts in world consciousness.



Aug 15 017 1969 Woodstock


 WOODSTOCK took place  on Aug 15 16 and 15 in where else?  

hundreds of thousands of young people arrived bare foot, long-haired, to tune in turn on drop out, create their own city, babies were born, musicians played as they never had before, Joni Mitchell summed it up in her famous song,


I just came across this TWEET synchronistically by Deepak Chopra like an hr ago!  We are golden.

Also on Aug 16 and 17 1987 the HARMONIC CONVERGENCE

Jose Arguelles, who recently passed on, one of the co-founders of Earth day, declared these days a world-wide meditation and higher consciousness gathering and brought the Mayan calendar “end date” of Dec 21, 2012 into mass consciousness.

For these 2 days Light workers gathered at various high energy vortex power spots around the world, Mt. Shasta. Niagara Falls, Sedona Arizona etc. 

I happened  to be drawn to living in Sedona a year before there and arrived there at Spring Equinox in 1987 to find out unbeknownst to me consciously and after the fact that 10,000 people were scheduled to arrive on  these dates in a town of 7,500 people. They did. I was there on Bell Rock and the Airport Vortex doing movement meditations. It was on National News.

My point is folks, that Venus the Goddess of women, beauty, love, harmony, balance the Arts is going to Kanoodle with the Sun on this very same date bringing the point that as in the Harry Potter Deathly Hallow’s part 1 – the Golden snitch says “I OPEN AT THE CLOSE.” cryptic words those.

So we are back to where we began this little story, Venus, the Sun , Leo, The President, Golden Girls- Marilyn Monroe, Happy 50th, anniversaries.  

The Ancients called the convergence of Venus with the Sun “CAZIMI” meaning under the Sun’s beams, burnt out, disappeared, and evil.

As a symbol of what these dates have symbolized to the collective consciousness and to have this important rendezvous now means:

Now we don’t live in fear, but in insight from our hearts, the place that LEO rules. So throw open the gates of your heart, 

Love  loud and proud, not vaingloriously but un- egotistically.  Venus disappearing, being swallowed up by the Sun,

means she is entering a Golden Palace, a Heaven world, and we as the microcosmic mirror of the Marcocosm. “AS ABOVE< SO BELOW>”

as She is dying to Herself to rise like the Phoenix from the ashes of her own immolation,

out of compete unselfish Love for the Sun, the Source of all Light and Life, to have her ego/self extinguished.

 Venus will then no longer be visible as the morning star [ DAWN STAR} where she has risen so beautifully at night in the East,

she will go to the Underworld, the night Sea journey, to the dark side of the SUN, to be reborn many months from now.

And we must go with Her whether consciously or Unconsciously.

The Lust and speculation over Gold as security in a changing worldscape is a projection of our need for what Gold holds and trasmits, what it symbolizes.  the Light of the Sun, our very Selves, our Golden Self, our Spirits, our Souls,. shining Lights, Stars. 

.The symbol # 17 in the Tarot, The Star symbol of Aquarius and you remember that song, from another famous ‘60’s musical icon don’t you?

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Aquarius.  

We are Stardust, We are Golden, and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the Garden. Thank You Joni Mitchell for so eloquently tuning into the cosmic vibe of Eternity.

Back to Obama

And as for Mr. Obama the Venus Sun conjunction occurs in his 7th house, on his Uranus, planet of REVOLUTION in-between that planet and LILLITH, at 20 degrees of Leo very near to his Descendant.

LILLITH the archetypal first woman proceeding EVE. Didya read that story in the Bible? Not just a women’s songfest. LILLITH was the first woman, She was the original “I am woman hear me roar. ” She refused to allow Adam to dominate her sexually, like an animal. Pointing out rightly so, that G*d had created Her and Him EQUAL, of the earth, so what the heck was he thinking?

He wasn’t obviously, he was Unconscious. So Lillith took off and flew the coop and she left Eden. Yep that’s right, she flew right outa there and went to reside by the Red Sea. Ok. Long story short. She refuses to compromise in any way and is demonized by the Patriarchs who were trying to re-write HIStory from He point of view, when everyone knows deep down in their cellular memories that it was and is and always shall be SHEstory.

That is a Matriarchal comprehension of the Universe, self-evident, common sensicle. So Adam is in the Garden and asks God to make him a mate. So G* d creates Eve to be the perfect Lord it over the women prototype and women are blamed, defamed, and eternally damned in this historical rewrite.


So what does that mean? Well I believe the Women will revolt and take back their power!!!!!!!!!!!! I am woman hear me roar!!! Venus in Leo, conjunct the Sun. Which is ungoldenly the Ego, vanity, greed, fear and in the Light, and spiritually the divine essence, the spirit itself, rising again as Divine Love.

So guys ya better start workin on getting nice to your own inner female side, yah you. You got one too. Everyone does. Ya’all never be alone ya know.

and I stumbled upon through sheer Grace /Synchronicity through a woman named Jennifer Hough, who I recenly met at the Grail Lady Faire at the Grail Springs Spa in Bancroft Ontario.    http://www.grailsprings.com/

Grail LAdy FAire 2011

Tara Greene presenter at Grail Lady Faire 2011

she just had this on her FB page. It is a poem by David Whyte, the Washington based bard who began his writing lessons with It doesn’t interest me… which inspired my former teacher Oriah Mountain Dreamer to write  a poem which was originally a newsletter which eventually became The Invitation,






(After Derek Mahon) 


Your great mistake is to act the drama
as if you were alone. As if life
were a progressive and cunning crime
with no witness to the tiny hidden
transgressions. To feel abandoned is to deny
the intimacy of your surroundings. Surely,
even you, at times, have felt the grand array;
the swelling presence, and the chorus, crowding
out your solo voice. You must note
the way the soap dish enables you,
or the window latch grants you freedom.
Alertness is the hidden discipline of familiarity.
The stairs are your mentor of things
to come, the doors have always been there
to frighten you and invite you,
and the tiny speaker in the phone
is your dream-ladder to divinity.


 Put down the weight of your aloneness and ease into
the conversation. The kettle is singing
even as it pours you a drink, the cooking pots
have left their arrogant aloofness and
seen the good in you at last. All the birds
and creatures of the world are unutterably
themselves. Everything is waiting for you.


~ David Whyte ~
Please come and join me at the beautiful amazing very spiritual Grail Springs Spa in Bancroft Ontario
Aug 15 16 17
on the anniversaries of Woodstock and the Harmonic Convergence
I will be teaching and leading meditations and dreaming
and we will remember our Starry selves.
Watch and be enchanted by the voice of a living Angel,divinely inspired songstress and writer Pam Gerrand as she sings
the Grail Lady Faire song she wrote at the inaugural Lady Faire in 2010




(Everything is Waiting for You)




Jack Layton’s NDP stars are rising,no Scheat,Canadian Election predictions by psychic Tara Greene

My favourite pic of Stephen Harper andhis separated at birth twin

Sponge Bob and Sponge Steve separated at birth

Jack Layton NDP political candidate Canadian PM
Canadian Federal election 2011 JAck Layton Astrology

Yes, it’s true actually. Jack Layton’s stars and planetary fortunes are rising literally. Election Day is May 2 2011. 4/2/2011 is a somewhat occultist numerology to have an election on. There is a New Moon in Taurus the next day.

The Election happens on a Dark Moon. Perhaps this means a Dark Horse will win! Lets take a closer look at Jack’s chart. Remember all ancient leaders Kings etc. always, ALWAYS consulted their ASTROLOGER’s. 

DISASTER means without a star!! Never do anything without consulting a good astrologer. I am at your service for business and personal consultations. {advertisement}


For those of you who are not Canadian. Jack Layton is the head of the NDP, not a new pop group but the New Democratic Party, the 3rd party since always. The NDP has never formed a federal government. They are decidedly left leaning.

So listen up our South of the Border buddies, our dollar is stronger than yours these days, we export the most oil that you guzzle than anybody else.

We still have intimate connections to the Royal Wedding, Prince William’s Grandma  adorns our currencies.  We have lots of water,land, minerals, trees and an army that is presently doing most of your dirty work. Plus we own the most popular teenage dream pop star in the world at the moment, JB. Not a country to blow its own horn usually… Canadians are passive, gentle, we don’t carry guns except by license to shoot wild game, well some of us do, still. We pay way more taxes but we’ve all enjoyed the full benefits of a  Univeral health care system for over 50 years now.  Doesn’t everyone think beaver teeth and moose are cute?

Currently Jack’s transiting planets show Jupiter planet of expansion, truth, higher law, Philosophy, optimism, foreigners, justice, risk taking, easy going-ness in an exact conjunction with Mars, planet of men, action, defences, new life, fire, initiatives, independence, on Election day at 22 degrees of Aries.

 Both Jupiter and Mars give old Jack new pizzazz; FIREWORKS should be his theme song right now. They are in his 6th house of work and service and are a mere 4 degrees away from his Natal Descendant where he interacts with the world. Very High score here for this one.  


The NEW Moon on May 2nd is in early degrees of Taurus making a conjunction with the Sun on the 3rd at 2:51 a.m. EDT at 12 degrees of Taurus. This falls in Jack’s 7th house of marriage. Will the Canadian people want to “ marry” him?

Pluto the planet of power, control, soul, secrets, is now Retrograde in Capricorn sign of worldly power travelling through Jack’s 3rd house of communication s right now.

Pluto is Trining- an easy aspect,his Moon in the 11th house. This gives him easy access to power. The Moon in the 11th shows popularity with the people symbolized by the Moon, and the 11th house is the house of wishes hopes dreams, humanitarian idealism. Jack’s natal Moon is in Virgo, sign of hard work, the workingman, blue-collar workers, service, perfectionism, order, accounting and nitpickers.

 The transiting NORTH NODE representing how popularly the public accepts you and it is currently at 24 degree of Sagittarius and directly opposite Layton’s Natal Venus in Gemini at 25 degrees. Yes, everyone suddenly loves Jack. The South Node is then travelling over Jack’s Venus. Venus is love, values, creativity, and relationships. The love he gave in the past is now being recognized and makes him popular with the public.

His Venus in Gemini gives him great communications skills, lots of witticisms, gad about popularity, and lots of short-term travel.

Jack’s Natal North Node is at Zero degrees of Aries, the N.N. represent everyone’s Highest spiritual goal and road to aspire to.

Jack’s Highest Spiritual Goal is to be an agent of Change, a breath of fresh air, an innovator, independent, fiery, outspoken, the boss, the fire chief, the alarmist, the warrior.

Note that Aries is also Jack’s Descendant where he interfaces with business and others in relationships and men with lots of Aries energy loose their hair. 

URANUS the planet of R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N recently crossed Jack’s North Node, at zero degrees of Aries, which is also known as one of the “world’s points.”

Uranus has certainly rocked the boat in sighting revolution in many places where we would’ve said IMPOSSIBLE before. Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Syria,etc. 

Jack’s natal Uranus-no jokes please, is in his 9th house of politics at 6 degrees of Cancer.  

PLUTO is opposite his 9th house political charged Uranus now and this means sudden unexpected change! Relating to power, control, wealth into his political and philosophical viewpoints.

Pluto often brings death scares, wake up calls to change and prioritise one’s lifestyle. Jack has had a recent bout with prostate cancer, also Mars ruled.

Jack’s health should improve now. Note Uranus has an affinity with radiation {cancer treatments} as well as Pluto which rules all atomic energy.  

Chiron, looks like a key symbol, the wounded healer is now at 4 degrees of Pisces {conjunct the Archangel Gabriel} right now  and close to opposing Jack’s Moon in Virgo. Jack has Saturn in Virgo at the middle degree, which potentizes it, and Saturn in Virgo always represents ill-health. Jack has Saturn square to his Natal Chiron in Sagittarius, which also exacerbates the vulnerability of his health in general.  Luckily Jack’s natal Jupiter in Pisces retrograde opposes both the Moon and Saturn and

Squares his Part of Fortune at 8 degrees of Sagittarius.

So he has an Angel on his shoulder. Jupiter is exalted in Pisces and I like to call this the BODHISATVA aspect. Jack has put in some good karma in past lives. He came back out of charity and to give love, his creative vision and leadership {Jupiter in the 5th house} 

SATURN is now retrograde at 11 degrees of Libra in Jack’s 12 house the house of endings, completion, and servitude. Saturn started 2011 at 16 degrees of Libra right on Jack’s Mars, though this is usually considered to be a very difficult heavy aspect, especially in the 12th house, and it was shown through Jack’s health issues.  Saturn has been a karmic limitation, creating obstacles and testing and moulding Jack’s strength, virility, vitality, energy and will. Mars rules Jack’s Descendant in Aries.

Saturn will again cross Jack’s Mars on September 16th and cross his Ascendant Jack’s Ascendant at 26 degrees of LIBRA, which is also conjunct, the famous FIXED STAR SPICA at 23 degrees of Libra. This Star bestows riches and donors, fortune and fame, ability in writing, sciences, art, and sociability. Great benefactor.

Saturn crossing this symbolizes new authority, status, responsibilities an entirely new beginning on December 7th this year. The only thing is Saturn rules Capricorn and in Jacks chart using this style of houses, called Placidus, he has no cusp for the sign of Capricorn therefore Saturn has no handle with which to express itself through except in the intercepted 3rd house. 

JUPITER will enter Bullish Taurus and Square his MC the HIGH NOON spot of worldly power and career on June 15th. This is highly beneficial. 

Furthermore there will be a SOLAR ECLIPSE on June 1 , 2011 at 11 degrees of Gemini. Solar Eclipses always portend change. The eclipse sees the Sun and Moon in Jack’s 8th house of transformation, power, other peoples’ money, and deep communion with others, taxes, inheritances. The eclipse will Square Jacks Moon and his Part of Fortune, the circle with an x in it, marks the spot, and his Jupiter. Chiron will be on his Jupiter one degree away and he will be seen as sympathizing compassionate, honest.  

All in all, thumbs up for Jack, although I am still a tad concerned for his health. I predict he will be the dark horse of this election and WIN!!!!

They’ll hate me at the Toronto Sun for saying this. I have correctly predicted other Federal Election wins before.

 We need that Uranian change, as does the rest of the world  now. Old line Conservatism has had its day. Stephen Harper is a rogue in the worst sense, he is Canada’s own dictator.  

Canadians must wake up from their hibernation,their too humble maple syrup and beer hockey doldrums, shake the velvet off their moose antlers and slap their beaver tales to demand freedom, democracy, fresh water, the ability to control this rich countries natural resources and the excellent standards of social services, health care and support of Canadian culture and arts, not proroguing!

If ya dont know what that word means read this!


Plus I really don’t like the Harper, H.A.A.R.P. harpie synonyms at all.

Lest we get SNOW JOBBED again? 

Passover,Libra Full Moon,Solar Power, from psychic Tara Greene

This LIBRA FULL MOON is heavily weighted down by Solar Powered Aries energies.

With 5 planets in ARIES-the Sun at 27 degrees+, Jupiter at 19+, Mercury RETROGRADE at 14, and Mars, Aries’ Ruling planet fiery hot and happy in his spontaneous combustible home punching it out in an EXACT OPPOSITION to Saturn also Retrograde at 12 degrees 48 mins of Libra.
Oh yeah and REvolutionary Uranus is at 2 degrees of Aries.

It is also Full Moon which marks the beginning of Passover this year. The Jewish festival celebrates liberation,marking the road of freedom from slavery when Moses freed his people from the Egyptian Pharaoh’s tyrannical rule.
We can see this same theme being echoed in the world right now by Muslim Nations fighting back with and crying out for their dictators to “Let my people go.”
Coincidentally the Jewish people are identified with the Age of the Ram, when the Sign of Aries was actually aligned with the Spring Equinox and coincided with Abraham’s vision  some 4000 years ago.

This is also a SUPER MOON the 3rd of three in a row when the Moon appears very big as it is closest to the Earth and affects the tides and our emotions more so.

All that Aries planetary emphasis makes us feel all fired up, Totally spontaneous, a volcano ready to explode, ever-ready battery energy,ready to fight,independent, full of new life, vim and vigour. 5 Planets in Aries is a Penta-ram! I copyright that name right here right now. Fools rush in….you know that saying.

Venus at 26 degrees of Pisces, is in square aspect  to the North Node at 25 degrees of Sagittarius which has recently passed the GALACTIC CENTER. Venus, Goddess of Love, Beauty Harmony, the Arts, Relationships, is very emotional, sensitive, tender,psychic,dreamy, and compassionate in Pisces. Venus in Pisces is SOULMATE territory.  The downside of Venus in Pisces is addicting relationships, martyrdom, illusions,delusions, fantasy,escapism, sex addicts. These degrees and aspects signify our call to a Higher Truth in relationships, a divine ordering of love, freedom, honesty, humour, excitement, philosophy, a more cosmic understanding of love.


of Course all the Royal Wedding attention is center of attention these days. This is the last Full Moon of Prince William and Kate Middleton as single people.  I’ll be writing my relationship charts about the Royal Couple, the Royal Wedding of the Century, love relationships shortly.

The Libra Full Moon highlites relationship balance, balancing the budget, legal matter which bring peace, ambassadors,rebalancing structure, actions.

Mars opposite Saturn is a classic should I go {Mars in Aries} or should I stay {Saturn n Libra} ? issue.  Saturn in Libra is eternally faithful and will not leave. So the Aries lets head out for fresh territory energy is overwhelming that Retrograde Saturn, who is holding on and digging in for dear life to plead his case for the sake of peace and to keep a relationship together.

Neptune at Zero degrees of Pisces, have you been feeling the telepathy growing? Your dreams becoming more vivid? Your psychic energy expanding since Neptune entered Pisces its ruling sign on April 4? Neptune is in close conjunctions still with Chiron the Wounded Healer at 4 degrees 13 mins. of Pisces.

Chiron recently crossed FIXED STAR Fomalhaut  also on April 4, at 3 degrees 30 mins approx.  of Pisces its nearest star-aka ARCHANGEL GABRIEL who blows his trumpet on JUDGEMENT DAY. Has Chiron sounded a soulful trumpet blast that only the highly psychically sensitive and tuned in have heard as it is at an audio frequency many decibel finer and  higher than most can hear?

Chiron will pass over ARCHANGEL GABRIEL AGAIN when Retrograde on August 17th the 24th Anniversary of Harmonic Convergence and again in direct motion in early 2012! Is this the famous JUDGEMENT DAy being actually sounded? a Wake up call?  Remember that certain Mayan Scholars, Calleman for example are calling for October 28, 2011 as being  TIME WAVE ZERO, the end of the Mayan Calendar as forecasted by visionary Terrence McKenna.

There is also a very lovely Grand Trine formed at the Full Moon by the Moon at 27 degrees of Libra Trine and out of element Neptune trine to the South Node at 25 degrees of Gemini. 25 degrees of Gemini is conjunct the NORTH STAR, POLARIS. The SOuth NOde of the Moons position indicates where our spiritual past sensings need to be connected with. What was out highest goal? What did we come here to do? How can we think and communicate from that place of clarity that Polaris represents?

People born in 1982-1983-1984  are experiencing their Nodal oppositions and their first Saturn returns soon.  They are under immense pressure to manifest their highest goals.

Are Archangel Gabriel and Chiron’s Wounded healer desperately blasting into our sacred eardrums the wake up call to collectively remember our forgotten HIGHER TUNED IN  VISION that we need to fire up tout suite? Especially with Japans’ Nuclear Meltdown Fukushima disaster- remember dis-aster means without a star,we have no time left, remember it is 5 planets in Aries here-this is a 5 alarm fire to put it mildly!!!!


Saturn and Pluto, the planets which when facing off in August 2001 triggered the astrological energies of 911, are now nearing a big square, on June 13 Saturn stops and moves direct at 10 degrees and change of Libra, Pluto will be at 6 degrees+ moving Retro in Capricorn then. In effect we have a T-Square of all the big heavies at this Full Moon,Mars Saturn and Pluto. Very intense. Saturn is exalted in Libra, Mars rules Aries. Pluto rules the Soul and the collective unconscious. The exact opposition point of Mars and Saturn face off  release point is 12 degrees of Cancer which is where the U.S. Sun is and also conjunct the Fixed Star SIRIUS. So the U.S. is really into very heavy karma here, remember Saturn is the Cosmic cop, Lord of Time and Karma. In Libra the fate of the U.S. is in the Karmic Balance. Sirius at 13 degrees of Cancer is the constellation Canis Major the Great Dog, also known as OSIRIS the great Egyptian God, lover of ISIS, who she brought back from the dead after he was dismembered, literally.  THE DOG is mans best friends and i think we are judged by our friendships and our loyalty as a dog is to his owner.

The recent Libyan debacle is pressuring the U.S. to do something but Saturn is keeping the U.S. position diplomatic and or operating behind the scenes of course because besides oil, Libya has lithium and huge reservoirs of underground water, necessary commodities.

The Sabian symbols for this Full Moon are highly significant. The Sun at 28 degrees Aries- A large audience confronts the performer who disappointed its expectations. I woke up this morning thinking about arrogance, and how it is an ego defense shield for insecurity and it must now go by the wayside. The Moons’ symbol at 28 degrees of Libra is  “A man becoming aware of spiritual forces surrounding and assisting  him; the realization, at any level of existence, that one is never alone, and that the ‘community”- visible or invisible is sustaining one’s efforts.”

The pressure to act spontaneously and recklessly is intense, Saturnian restraint is in order. When the Sun enters Taurus on April 20th the energy will slow down and ground us a bit more. But things will be firey hot for awhile still. Like learning to fire walk,walking on hot coals, we need to focus our minds’ eye on intensely seeing our higher truth and soul whisperings clearly, inspite of whatever super heated situation we may find ourselves in.Yes the energies are intense. This is the further breaking down of the old world order, and new world being born. Keep balanced, focus on peace in your heart your internal heart flame.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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