Lucky day, Sun sextiles Mars, Sun storm

The Moon is still in upbeat Sagittarius conjuncting big honcho ruler Jupiter in the AM. A very bouncy red rubber ball bountiful fun aspect. Plan something fun and expansive. Jupiter tends to cause weight gain in the thighs. has anyone noticed this yet?

Sagittarius Moon squares Mercury in Pisces this may be too much honesty wrapped up in a compassion taco. You may be scratching your head.

The Sun at 9 Pisces sextiles Mars at 9 Taurus the 9’s have it.

Also affects you if born at 9 degrees Virgo as a Trine from Mars. 

This is a very nice sensuous and spiritual combo laying on of hands and good for body and spiritual work bringing down spiritual higher frequencies.

Moon trines URANUS in ARIES at night in PST/ Feb 28 @ 1:17 am EST

Go out and do something completely different for fun. This is very reckless energy, though at the last degree of Aries. Be careful not to take a dare or spontaneously do something stupid. Sagittarius can be reckless and unthinking too and klutzy. Accidents can happen. You can expect wild and crazy and chaotic if that’s your cup of tea just enjoy. Wacky jokes will be told. 

Moon is void of course enters Capricorn @ 10:48 pm PST/ Feb 28 @ 1:48 am EST

We get stone cold sober and hit the wall of reality. I hope you’re not driving at 120 miles an hour when this happens.

Moon squares Chiron at 0 Aries

This is a fireball an accident a slam dunk a brakes on energy. Zero Aries is the beginning of the zodiac and a powerful point.

A Geomagnetic Storm is set to hit earth today and tomorrow

If you feel dizzy exhausted or headachy I find these magnetic storms from the Sun do have those effects. Rest if you need to drink lots of water with lemon in it. Take magnesium.

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12/14/15 Very positive Lucky energy

It’s a feel good, lighten up, crack some jokes, take some risks, be bold and optimistic energy.
You got planets there? Angles? Buy a lottery ticket, plan a trip, enter a contest, clean up your act.
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 APOLLO from Pompeii wall                                                                                                         ZEUS/ JUPITER
It’s a fun, optimistic passionate energy which is honest to a fault. Watch out for too much truth and too many details.
A great Accountants appreciation day. You can feel good about being obsessive compulsive.
This sun Jupiter push will give you the oomph to finish lots of mundane but necessary details. Sing while you clean, organize and declutter. Smoke something natural and enjoy the satisfaction of order and attention to details.
Jupiter even in Virgo tends to overdue, so watch what you eat. as this energy makes your digestive system more sensitive than usual.
Moon in Aquarius early morning brings detachment for the next couple of days. We are in airy mode,There is air and fire and the air fans the fire. 
Mercury in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces
This is a great aspect for practical thinking and planning long-term career driven dreams or any dreams.
This helps us all to think more grounded and lifts the Neptunian foggy fuzziness so we can see where we are headed.
With Jupiter ruling the Sage Sun and Pisces  
this is a great day to imagine what you could build and make it real. bring it down to earth, put flesh on its bones,Everything begins in the imagination.
Moon sextiles Saturn late at night PST- next morn EST
Higher consciousness and positive intentions combine.  Aim higher, be yourself, march to your own drummer, teach those who havent got a clue. Do it with humour. 
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all writing is copyright of Tara Greene