Valentine’s Day astrology outlook

Happy Valentine’s day! This is the day where we legitimately worship women, and the Goddess of LOVE, VENUS and Cupid too. 
VENUS, MARS, and CUPID by REUBENS  1630’s 
There is also a special Valentine’s Day on July 7 in China of the lunar calendar, based on an ancient Chinese folktale.  Both dates are equally as important. Many men purchase expensive bouquets of roses and other flowers for their sweethearts on these days.
Under a LIBRA MOON, the sign of love and marriage
Venus’s sign,  fairness, equality and balanced communications, this bodes well.
Remember that VENUS, the Goddess who RULES on VALENTINE’S DAY is in ARIES where she is already in her detriment in Mars rules sign.
VENUS in ARIES is spontaneous, fiery, prone to quick anger, independent, will walk out on a dime. Don’t try to tell her what to do. She is in Amazon mode. She is ready to slay, as the kids say these days.  Buy her empowering things. 
VENUS is also already in her RETROGRADE shadow, which officially begins March 4/5 to April 15 from 13º Aries to 26º Pisces. I will write in more depth about that soon. 
The LIBRA MOON opposes VENUS in the wee hours.
They can be seen as being equal opposites, united and balanced. SWEET.
JUPITER in LIBRA makes a difficult aspect to Chiron the wounded healer in PISCES.
Many who are alone will feel rejected, sad and depressed. Don’t buy into the commercialism. Use this energy to heal your heart where it is the most yearning for love by giving yourself unconditional love. This leads to greater healing from which you can enter a romantic relationship more fully when it happens.
There will be some romantic panic in the day as the Moon makes difficult aspects to Chiron in PISCES and NEPTUNE, supreme ruler of romantic love.
Libra Moon trines MERCURY in AQUARIUS
This is a group date night. No one should be excluded, everyone shares the love and friendship. This should be more of a mutual admiration society Valentine’s day. Who says you can’t change it up? I predict new high-tech valentine’s day sex toys will be the rage as a result of this. Also success for IV fertility treatments.
It’s definitely equal time for both sexes today.that’s good.Be impulsive. Be careful of cupid’s arrow, you may fall in love very quickly.
Moon squares Pluto in CAPRICORN at night in PDT
This can be a very intense end to the date night. Power struggles may also surface. Someone may obsess over you and you over them. Share the obsession. 
If you are out late look up and ysee the Moon ,Jupiter and SPICA in the sky. 
PLANET VENUS will be at her brightest brilliancy February 16-17
Please share widely. all writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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GIVE ME LOVE- by Ed Sheeran 2012

Robert Pattinson, FKA and orbs everywhere

Robert Pattinson and his new love FKA Twigs were photographed coming out of the Brit Awards Feb 26 2015. I’ve been thinking about them and how I need to catch up and write about their astrology chart connections.

What I found interesting were the multitude of orbs around Robert in all the photos and FKA.

You know about orbs?

 Many people believe that they are a new paranormal phenomena. Some say that Orbs are highly evolved spiritual energies and entities which are attracted to higher consciousness and vibrations. Many people have shown me really mind-blowing orbs and auras in photographs which are impressive.Some people dismiss them as just optical illusions from digital cameras.

Orbs are called “paraeidola” or ghost like images, usually round. They have been interpreted as a highly variable range of supernatural paranormal phenomena which cannot be verified. Orbs include invisible spirits, unusual lights, auras, angels, ghosts, energy fields, psycho-energetic artifacts, and energy balls. They can be different colors, and some seem to have ectoplasmic beings or images inside of them when examined close up. 

I have seen them in my photographs. Have they appeared in yours?

Here’s one photo but there are many more. Is he really an angel and not a vampire in disguise? 

What do you think? what’s your experience with orbs?

I do have a totally mind-blowing photo of someone morphing into an animal but I have been waiting for the right moment to publish it. 

Please share widely

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Cosmic solar flares and earth trines

As above so below. That’s the famous Hermetic Maxim. 

Sun= Helios= Appolo = Sol 

Sol is on fire.  SOUL IS ON FIRE. The great Mystery always speaks in puns. Its GOD LANGUAGE.

You know dog spelled backwards. 


The physical SUN Erupted with two coronal mass ejections September 10, These CME’s alter the magnetic fields for millions of miles and the solar winds. This X Class 1.6 one is headed directly towards us on earth, speeding across space at 2.5 million miles per hour. 

We are set to get hit with geomagnetic storms Sept 12. They can knock out electric grids and satellites.  But Don’t panic, like chicken Little. I got an email from a client worried. Although the U.S. just realized how dangerous and easy it could be if we were hit hard- the entire grid could go down. Was that a bit of presqua vu, preparing everyone? Ya Think?

THERE will be amazing Aurora Borealis shows in Norway, Iceland and Northern Canada and U.S.

Northern Lights Tara Greene


so go out and look up Friday night.

I usually feel very dizzy during these fluctuations in electromagnetic energy that happens during these solar flares. I am not feeling that way yet but I am also in Sedona where the electro magnetic energy is very high naturally anyways. Are you feeling it? Are you panicking?


Taurus Moon Trines Venus in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn 11 degrees 

This should help you stay grounded. 

Moon squares Jupiter in Leo in the eve. Stubborn ego battles.


Well this aspect alone would guarantee communications and tech breakdowns. So I predict there will be some grids down. Make sure you have water and candles or flashlights ready. I would be cautious about being airborne.

Tune into what you feel is happening.

Moon quincunx Mercury in Libra late at night

Earth breakdown with communications. Dont try to explain.

I had a vision today. It was as if 9th dimensional Lovers entered the space They were full of Light, kissing it was like Egyptian great goddess ISIS and Osiris. 


the Lovers Tarot Tara Greene

The Greenwood Tarot


I gotta go. Been in transit takes me a day or two to get grounded from jet lag.

So happy to be in Sedona again


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Good Day Sunshine The Beatles 

Satellite of Love – Lou Reed 


Lovers Weekend Astrology,it’s royal, jam packed, karmic

A little weekend overview for you

FRIDAY 7/5 Gemini, follow the bouncing ball Moon irritates Pluto in the wee hours EDT.

SUN trines Chiron in Pisces- teary but happy.

Moon squares Chiron later- bouncing back and forth between martyrdom, acceptance and denial of your vulnerability?


on Her day- Friday is Vendredi in French- Venus’ day or Frigga/Freya also Nordic Venus

VENUS in Leo is the QUEEN BEE and she and Pluto play stinging heart games. Venus doesn’t aspect other planets as often as the Moon or other planets. Ego’s can fry. It’s love me or leave me time with Venus in the highest heels imaginable.

This area of the Zodiac is symbolized by the PRINCE of WANDS in the TAROT 


GEMINI MOON June, croon, conjunct MARS- early in the day- WHOOP DE DOO!

get an early start, double the energy today, short trips are highlighted,

moods will be upbeat easy, chatty, flirty,  lots of fun acquaintances. Moon goes Void of course all day, a good day for mundane things.

Moon enters CANCER @ 3:14 pm PDt/6:14 pm EDT intrigueing

Mood shifts to sentimental, homing pigeons, comfort food.

Cancer Moon Conjuncts JUPITER-@ 8:21 pm PDT?11:21 pm EDT = PURPLE RAIN- see link below for this song by PRINCE

Purple Rain tara Greene Astrology

effulgent, super FERTILE DAY, big rich energy, I am feeling the Royal Baby coming in as this is a ROYAL ASPECT.

people’s hearts will be very open. Indulge yourself in a Royal treatment of some kind.


BUSY aspect- leading up to New Moon and SATURN turning DIRECT on MONDAY July 8

4 trines today Moon to SATURN then NEPTUNE  in wee hours then to Chiron in Pisces at night.

JULY is the BIG TRINE month this year- all TRINES are easy and beneficial

emotionally feel the new architecture of a new spiritual creative healed dream coming true.

Moon opposes PLUTO @ 11:48 am PDT/2:48 pm EDT choking on your bagels and lox?

this is always a heavy aspect every month-emotions which you think you buried may appear as shadow material projected onto others,

Stay as detached and observant as you can of your own feelings. Dont be mean and heavy.


Change ups galore!  A very hot wild night could be in store with an unexpected person.

Unusual new beginnings in relationships and values. You will be atttracted to quirky offbeat revolutionary individuals.

You are also desiring to stand up to your own unique values in love. 

SATURN in SCORPIO goes DIRECT @ 10:12 pm PDT 

Saturn is powerful now so if you’ve felt tired, its because Saturn’s been grinding the 3D world to a halt. This is a KARMIC turning point.

All the work done behind the scenes will begin to emerge as practical, real transformational powers till early March 2014 when Saturn again does its annual RETRO Retread.

NEW MOON occurs Monday in the wee hours @ 12:14 am PDT/ 3:14 am EDT 

will write about that separately.

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Blessings TARA

Inspirational Card of the day, The LOVERS, the Tarot,weddings

June 2  Inspirational card of the Day

Everyone’s favourite card- 

THE LOVERS  Major Trump # VI

The Lovers tarot Tara Greene

Chateau de Avenieres Tarot Mosaic at Cruseilles in France

The Lovers is also the Sign of GEMINI 

When I started studying Tarot I’d already learned Astrology, so I was quite bewildered to discover Gemini as the sign of the LOVERS at first. The Air sign is detached, Peter Pan like. Gemini is duality, ambivalence, immature but mainly about COMMUNICATING, which is vital to any relationship.

Gemini is a twin sign- think YIN YANG in  Eastern mysticism. In the West we split- Masculine/Feminine

but BOTH are an inseparable part of  the Universe. Polarity, magnetism, opposites attract, balance, create life.

“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” RUMI,  Sufi mystic 12th Century 

LOVE is ALL THERE IS and ALL YOU NEED according to The Beatles.

Everyone wants it, needs it.  Can’t thrive without it.

The Masculine and Feminine are the microcosm of the macrocosm of the God/Goddess head, which is a Totality in unity.

The # 6 is symbolized by the 6 pointed star or Merkabah in 3-D. Yes it is the Symbol of Israel, but it is also an ancient tantric symbol from INDIA of the balance of Heaven and EARTH which all religions worshipped  originally.

The Receptive, Feminine and the Creative, masculine are the two primary Hexagrams in the I CHING the ancient wisdom oracle of China. 

JUNE is the wedding month, also Sun in  GEMINI energy 


TO FIND and receive Love, you must Love yourself first. 

You must have the INNER marriage of the Masculine and the Feminine to be whole and complete.

The Feminine is the intuition, the heart and feelings, and the Masculine acts on Her behalf.

When the two become ONE that is ALCHEMY.

See your BELOVED as yourself, see all being as yourself, Love yourself and find love being mirrored back to you. 

PLEASE SHARE WIDELY so that more people can benefit.

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Daily Inspiration THE LOVERS double trine Wheel of Fortune day

Oops so sorry I missed a day of posting. I’ve been fighting this cold, went for a massage on earth day.

Still fending it off, daughter sick, husband even worse. It happens.

CARD OF The DAY this is for Wed. APRIL:24

LIBRA moon time  + 2 GREAT TRINES 2day




Chagall Lovers Gemini

Chagall The Lovers Gemini

this is a non traditional Tarot image I have chosen for the LOVERS

Chagall’s painting, the Birthday has the airiness of it which is GEMINI the astrology sign for the Lovers seems perfect.

the Lovers Trump Tarot Card Reader

The Lovers in the THOTH TAROT

Gemini glyph

The LOVERS is apropos with the lovely JUPITER in GEMINI trine

GEMINI the sign of the TWINS , MIND, Consciousness is the dualistic hermaphrodite sign ruled by planet MERCURY

Tarot TRUMP # 6 is represented by the 6 pointed STAR or MERKABAH

the symbol on the ISRAELI flag

which is an Ancient Hindu and also EGYPTIAN symbol for a time traveling meditation device

CUPID is aiming its arrow on the lovers It is a wedding.

We are all MASCULINE and FEMININE within each one of us

When we are balanced and complete and integrate our “other side” the shadow

we become whole

When you are in balance you no longer need love

Love Yourself  unconditionally in order to find LOVE outside

Communicate only love

HOW balanced do you feel these days? Are your thoughts balanced?

What do you love? Can you honestly say you love yourself,without ego?

Love the shadows the others as you would yourself.

Cast no shadows onto others.


GEt a reading in these tempestuous times:

Astrology Tarot to attract new love now-New Moon Tara Greene

Part 2 Ritual to attract new love April 6/7- NEW MOON APRIL 10 a 5 day ritual

If you prep and do the inner work it will work – PLEASE SHARE  WIDELY 

the numerology of this day fits too April 6 = 4 + 6 = Lovers in the Tarot = 10 or 1 -MAGICIAN New beginnings

because the energy gets BIGGER and builds like passion, like a you know what

Kristen Stewart get a huge impact from this as her birthday is April 9 – i am working on it

APRIL 10 the Moon  conjuncts and activates the SUN MARS & VENUS 

This is the perfect time because its spring, mating season in the NORTHERN hemisphere,

Down Unders this works for you too

the VENUS And MARS is ALL IS NEW  in the sign of  beginning on all levels

Focussing your  energy on a photo of a gemstone works, just like Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ

we will use                                                                                                                        RUBY

Red is passion. desire. GO in most cultures. Protection too.

When intending to attract new love, never meddle in anyone’s free will.

The ritual is done as an offering to VENUS-APHRODITE Goddess of love and relationships + money + beauty  and MARS the Masculine 


You will need 2 red candles, hot pink will so

Rose incense, rose water, fresh red or deep pink roses. 


On April 6/7 VENUS MARS conjunct at 20 degrees Aries which also aspect Capricorn Libra Cancer’s who have planets at the same degrees.

for ritual instructions in general go to

Call in the 4 directions starting in the East, then South, West and North

Sit in the centre  and focus on the ruby red crystal at your ROOT chakra and this image

Breathe into your RED root first chakra as it opens you can ask KUNDALINI energy to start burning- slowly 

when that is open and hot

go to 2nd CHAKRA- sex/womb ORANGE energy visualize this one OPEN

then go to 3rd chakra -bright yellow and see it open

then 4th HEART chakra and visualize Green and the wish-fulfilling tantric couple in center of your heart

stay with this image opening all 4 chambers of the heart because this is about LOVE

then go up to 5th chakra and visualize seep blue LAPIZ Lazuli and feel your heart open also good to sound, moan

then go up to 6th chakra, violet flame or amethyst crystal eye-opening

then go up to crown chakra- pure white and crystal clear opening like a thousand petalled lotus

then go up to 8th chakra GOLDEN about 2 feet above your head this connects you to SOURCE all LIGHT

then state aloud: I am balanced, whole within myself, I am the BELOVED, the Beloved loves me,feel this fully

RECEIVE the love the UNIVERSE has for you

this relationship is what the UNIVERSE is doing always and forever U just need to tap into it

Its like Accupuncture,

SAY ” I am now open to receiving a new soul mate, a twin flame, my Divine other half who is human

and who vibrates at the same heart mind spirit soul physical vibration as me.”

Do this ritual DAILY till the NEW MOON April  10 so it’s a 5 day- forVENUS ritual

you can add adapt and as you feel called by your heart and soul to add to.

spend at least 10 minutes a day or longer- you are the creator

REMEMBER the Universe always sends you exactly what you seek

IF you need love coaching; schedule a reading

Solar Flare activation,how to integrate higher frequencies fromTara Greene

Over the last 24-48 hours the Sun has been shooting out huge sunspots that are visible with through camera lenses. M1 class flares  puts out mega mega mega watts of electro-magnetic frequencies. How does that affect YOU?

sun astrology

 The Sun is the central STAR of our system. the Sun is SOL/ SOUL and the Source of all  Life, the Light. It is Ra, God, Zeus,Helios, Apollo all forms of Sun Gods. 

When the Sun shoots out solar flares we do get affected on a very subtle levels, I usually have vertigo, my stomach can be affected.

How do you feel it?

a lot of  Solar activity, stirs our souls.

because we are being subtly changed by those massive tongues of fiery energy licking out into the vast dark void. 

On a spiritual level we are being re-calibrated. See it as the Sun sending a secret golden Light source zap, your personal healing message to enlighten you, to further awaken your Divine Light essence.

In your mind’s eye see the  tongue of flame licking  you on your Solar ear with a special message and  touching you in your solar heart.

Stoned Soul Picnic is the song to listen to by Laura Nyro – see link below

In the Northern Hemisphere it is Winter, the days are short and we ought to be hibernating for the next two weeks at least till Feb 1st

So Till the Moon enters Aries Jan 16-

Stay slow, open, dreamy, unfocussed, allowing, subtle, no special needs, more compassionate, closer to your spirit whisperings. Pray to Angels, use vibrational elixirs, I have a very special 11:11:11 one I created in Sedona on that special date. Meditate a lot, where white or light blue. Drink lots of water.

The Moon in Pisces each month signifies the end of a cycle. Think about what has transpired in your life since Dec. 17, 18, 19 of 2012 just before the Winter Solstice. There was a lot of hype and anticipation around that time. Whether you believe, felt or participated in a Dec 21 2012 celebration or not, doesn’t matter, just calibrate how your holidays went, your New year.

To create the Marriage which is 2013 Numerology = 6 which is the Lovers in the TAROT TRUMPS we need to balance.


Tara Greene photo Moon mirrorWOman with Hand Mirror- photo by Tara Greene

It is so vitally important to sit and contemplate. The tech communication are a great gift but also steal people’s quiet time away. It is a bit of a plot that everything is talk, talk talk noisy all the time. No time to reflect means no way of seeing what is going on,

That is the Moon’s function, to reflect. It is Feminine,the silvery mirror of the Moon whether she is full or not is still  real.

Visualize a silvery moon as a hand mirror and allow yourself to see your life’s emotions reflected in the mirror.

opposite the hand mirror, visualize the Sun sending Solar flares. Feel yourself as totally Balanced between the Moon and the Sun.

Allow yourself to be energized as the LOVERS

Then ground yourself by sending the Silver Moonlight and Golden Sunlight circulating through and all around you

then send the 2 lights’ energies through your body down your spine into the EARTH.

Stay with this, write down any images messages or visions.

 Please share- Blessings





SDO | Solar Dynamics Observatory