Lilith Moon magic today

The Moon in SAGITTARIUS conjuncts the GALACTIC CENTER @ 27 degrees + LILITH at 28 degrees over the next 4 hours October 24.
This is the best time to tune into LILITH’s energy. The “first feminist” Lilith is behind the #MeTo” campaign. 
The best time to do sexual healing to ask for guidance to make magic potions to Lilith is now.
If you want to contact Lilith directly in meditation do it now.
Her symbols are the owl. 
She is the Death bringing Goddess of menstruation. 
If you have problems with your periods then you need to tune into Lilith-she went to live in a cave by the Red Sea. Retreat into your holy womb while you are menstruating. You shouldn’t be out in public for three days. That is the ancient tradition. Because you are totally psychic tuned into the Dreamtime and able to contact your own YONI wisdom directly. That is why periods became “taboo” by the Patriarchy. Tabu originally meant Sacred. 
The Black Madonna is related in some ways to Lilith.
All times in EDT
The moon moves 1 degree every two hours.
These planetary hours are for Tuesday ruled by Mars.
3:00-4:00 pm today Venus hour
4-5:00 pm is Mercury hour
5-6:00 pm is the hour of the Moon
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Good loving astrology, Venus trine Jupiter 

July 18 it’s a very complex and positive day. After yesterday’s Venus square Neptune and Mars Square Uranus, the game of love rules have changed. 

I don’t know about you but my energy which is something governed by Mars, totally crashed and burned very unexpectedly, that’s Uranus in Aries energy for sure. 

Mars trines Chiron in Pisces in the a.m.

This is where we have to clean and lick our wounds. Whatever the unexpected chaos was it affects us all deeply on the emotional levels. It’s ok to want to stay at home, in your rabbit hole shaking and crying. We should be doing that today. Remember Chiron is the empathic Wounded Healer, we are feeling the wounds of the world. 

Taurus moon just keeps on keeping on, though. The Bull Moon makes two difficult aspects to Jupiter in Libra the king of relationship balances and checks at night during our Dreamtime and later to Saturn Rx. In Sagittarius, where speaking the truth may be hard to do. 

That Taurus Moon is a hell of a busy creature today. We feel grounded but things are changing very quickly, Taurus is a fixed earth sign and doesn’t like change. 

The sensuous moon trines PLUTO in CAPRICORN in our dream times in PDT and EDT. This aspect brings bravery and a conquering the world or our public reputation energy to it. 

Moon squares MERCURIUS in LEO 

Stick to your hearts desires. Be the queen or king of your domain. Don’t back down.

VENUS trines JUPITER  @ 1:09 pm PDT/ 4:09 pm EDT/ 8:09 pm GMT

This Grand Air Trine is one of the best aspects for love, sales, advertising, communications, socializing and charm. You can sell anything to anyone today under this expansive, optimistic energy. 

VENUS is The EMPRESS #3 in the Tarot           JUPITER is The Wheel of Fortune #10

 VENUS in GEMINI is the Goddess of charm, flirty, sweet talking and seducing anyone with her words.

This is super romantic. Saying words of love comes easily now. You feel mentally connected and can wax poetically. Falling in love with a long distance relationship, and/ or with an exotic foreigner or two is easy to do. 

Having two lovers also figures under this pattern. This is an open relationship energy. You have so much love to give, what’s wrong with that. You can smoothie over any relationship hiccups or lack of trust during this time. 

It’s a great day to make LOVE SPELLS And MAGIC POTIONS as the Moon favors Venus.

 JUPITER King of the gods, my spell checker just wrote bling, so I’ll leave it there. Jupiter in Libra is the master of the social scene, the ambassador king. 

Venus governs both Taurus and Libra so She is the Queen of this Day. This aspect with Jupiter makes lucky connections, great diplomacy, easy mental clicking between international countries, businesses or affairs. Jupiter always expands and enlarges everything he touches so this may feel overwhelming with too many choices, negotiations, and playing go-between trying to keep all parties satisfied. 

 Our minds will be moving faster than our actual physical abilities esp. under this Taurus mood. Be careful that you don’t promise more than you can deliver as Gemini is all talk and Jupiter is notorious for being all hot air. Talk can be cheap even with Venus,  goddess of luxury and Jupiter the king. 

It’s a good day for beauty and creativity, for teaching, traveling, seeing art, music or culture, sales, high couture shows, anything related to big deals in the beauty or fashion, or visual arts sectors and industry.  

This aspect enhances all counseling, the ability to speak openly and restore and broken trusts, Jupiter is always optimistic and good natured. Also good for your own creativity, in all the arts and especially grant proposals, writing and kicking writer’s block. Book publishing sales and international deal making in this industry is enhanced as Jupiter rules publishing. 

On the other hand or more specifically the other half of our minds which GEMINI rules, can create make us feel overwhelmed with indecision and too many choices, more of “should I or shouldn’t I?” I want both but how can I do two things st once? 

Be careful of saying too much today as verbal diarrhea is another aspect of this. 

But do fling your pitch out into the world. Your trust and faith in inherent peace and love in the world is strong today. 

At 15 degrees GEMINI and LIBRA, the minds expansion aspect is strengthened. Remember your thought and words have power. Be conscious of what you say and the impact of your words on others. 

If you have planets at 15 degrees AQUARIUS you get the gift of the higher consciousness GRAND Air Trine. This brings in even higher more advanced futuristic big picture thinking. 

Then the cherry on the cake is the sensuous Taurean Moon sweetly sextiles the Sun which enters Its own sign LEO on the 22. 

The moon brings sextiles with CHIRON  in PISCES and MARS in PDT, the next day in EDT and GMT. 

This is all earth and watery, physical and emotional energy. Under all these airy aspects stay fully grounded. The Taurus Moon is sensuous, eat well, listen to your gut instincts if you are feeling mentally overwhelmed with too many choices or socializing. Get a good nights sleep. 

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