Eris Great Goddess of disruption

MOON is in SAGITTARIUS Jan 12 @ 2:04 am EST 

THE SUN SQUARES DWARF PLANET ERIS @ 22+ degrees Capricorn/Aries

ERIS was the goddess or personified spirit (daimona) of strife, discord, contention, and rivalry. She was often portrayed,  as the daimona or daemona a female spirit of the strife of war, haunting the battlefield and delighting in human bloodshed.

She was the uninvited guest at a famous wedding of Peleus and Thetis. When she crashed the party and was refused admittance, Eris in a rage threw a golden apple amongst the goddesses inscribed “To the fairest.”  Three of them scrambled for it. Aphrodite was chosen and long story short…this lead to the great Trojan War.  ERIS was delighted as she got her blood. She has been popularized and sanitized into the 13th uninvited Fairy in Sleeping Beauty who curses the Princess to die on her 16th birthday from a prick of a spindle which is all a metaphor for sex. But that’s a whole other story. 

All squares are tense aspects. This one will bring up more “shit” for Hillary Clinton and her gang.

ERIS is classified as a large dwarf planet. An oxymoron for sure perhaps a clue to her real nature. She orbits very far beyond Pluto and her orbit is a very long 560-year elliptical one. Even though she is very small she packs quite a wallop. She inches along like the tortoise of time and space. The tortois wins the race.

I see her as the strong independent revengeful side of the Divine Feminine. She seeks revenge because she was put down. She is the sister of Ares God of War. She is a warrior Goddess. We can see that happening in the world right now too. While I wholeheartedly embrace the #MeToo #Timesup sentiments. There is the backlash within the Feminist movement too as Rose McGowan who initiated the movement which brought down Harvey Weinstein spoke out at Hollywood hypocrites at the Golden Globe Awards January 7th wearing all black dresses.

ERIS entered ARIES- the zero degrees world point in January 1927 and sat there through 1929 when the biggest stock market crash ever occurred.

ERIS has been hanging out at 23+ degrees + ARIES since before the 2016 presidential election. That degree is conjunct the Washington D.C. Geodetic Ascendant at 23°11’ Aries. She won’t clear that degree until 2022, which will obviously affect the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Clearly, the ERIS/URANUS cheek to jowl dance is one heck of a disruptive chaotic laugh a minute for these two planets. That is why no one seems to know WTF is up these days in American and world politics.  Watch alt. news on Youtube like Jason Goodman. 

According to astrologer Arielle Guttman

she explains what the Washington D.C. Geodetic Ascendant is and its a very interesting article as it was written April 4, 2016


Eris and Uranus and YOU

These two Merry Pranksters tricksters effect us personally as well.  Look at where is 22°- 23°-24 degrees Aries is in your natal chart. This is where the uninvited angry Goddess who has returned to settle karmic debts for destroying the Goddess religion showing up in your life?

How does one deal with an angry Goddess? What is she asking of us to assist her in rebalancing the karmic scales of justice? 

One way to honor Eris’s energy is to include her and her rather discomfiting perspective rather than pushing her away further enraging her even if you don’t agree with her.  Empathise with Eris. She has a right to be angry. 5000 years of patriarchal brainwashing and tyranny.


It’s also a good day for long-term goal planning and serious business talks up to the Highest levels. 

MERCURY conjunct SATURN in CAPRICORN @ 2+ degrees is a KARMIC conversation. SOME MAJOR SHIT will go down about certain people in power.  Watch to hear some former and current higher-ups get taken down. 

SATURN is the Patriarchy BTW aka The Devil SATAN. 

What goes around comes around.

MOON SQUARES NEPTUNE at night in PDT 1/13 early in wee hours EDT and GMT. This is an excellent dreaming aspect. Pay attention to your dreams.

VENUS squares URANUS on the 13th @ 24+ degrees Capricorn/ Aries

That’l put some ZING and spontaneous weirdness into any boring relationship. This is relationship chaos. Maybe its time to take a break and step out of your comfort zone?

These are CARDINAL CROSSES on a higher level than the heavy hitting ones from 2012-2015. They are still playing out.

and SUN Squares URANUS on the 14th @ the same degrees. 


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