Discordia in effect! Eris square the SUN

Jan 13 2015

Eris is in an exact square, a 90 degree tense angle to the SUN today. DISCORD CHAOS and TROUBLE is on HIGH ALERT! Eris was discovered on Jan 5 2005 in California, the dwarf planet which was supposed to be a 10th planet in our solar system. She was almost names Xena for planet x and for the Tv show.

Eris is named for the Greek Goddess of CHAOS, STRIFE and DISCORD contention and rivalry. 

STATUE OF ERIS, and the golden apple, Caesar’s Palace  Las Vegas 

Beware the chaos. Eris symbolism is much like Uranus’s chaotic energy. We have seen how Uranian and Plutonian energies have been rattling the world these days. 

What to do in the chaos? Stay centered, breathe, radiate love. “Blow love” at people as Stuart Wilde used to say. 

She was thought of as a bloodthirsty Goddess haunting battlefields to drink blood. This reminds me that originally she may have been a Kali-like Goddess.

HESIOD described her in his Theogony as a Goddess who gave birth to many ghouls and demons to plague humankind such as Ponos- Toil, Limos- Starvation, Algea- Pain, Hysminai- Fightings, Makhai- Battles, Phonoi- Murders, Androktasiai-Manslaughterers, Neikea- Quarrelers, the Pseudo-Logoi -Lies, the Amphilogiai-Disputes,  there are more horrid children she birthed but you get the picture.

Eris was directly connected to PANDORA and her box of ill repute and dangers. A feminine metaphor for a dangerous vagina. 

She was not invited to the wedding and to get her revenge she threw a Golden Apple inscribed with “to the fairest” at 3 goddesses, Hera Athena and Venus/Aphrodite who battle it out. This eventually led to the Trojan War and much loss.  The apple relates her to VENUS and the Number 5. All Ancient Goddess are covered in Patriarchal references so her origins would place her closer to Lilith.

Eris was discovered at 19 plus degrees of Aries Tropical when she came into our consciousness again. She entered Aries in March of 1925. Her orbittal period is 558 years, twice as long as Pluto’s. She is now at 22 + degrees ARIES. She is the 9th most massive body known to orbit the sun.  We don’t know that much about her but we will soon when the New Horizons probe arrives on  Pluto on 14 July 2015 carrying Clyde Tombaugh’s ashes. He was the one who discovered Pluto in Flagstaff Arizona in 1930. 

The SUN  squares her twice a year when at 22 degrees Cancer and 22 degrees Capricorn and opposes her at 22 degrees of Libra.

Of course we can see how since we rediscovered her archetype that there is much too much discord and disagreement these days with people shooting all kinds of vile vindictiveness; terrorism, racism, gay bashing, bully’s, and internet shout outs. 

There is more  prominent Goddess symbolism.

LILITH the original WOMAN is at 3 degrees of VIRGO, sign of the harvest.

Showing us that we have thrown ourselves out of  Eden, the earthly paradise. We have  despised, humiliated, spit upon, raped, and rejected the Earth as the Patriarchy did to Lilith/Eris herself. As the Patriarchy continues to do to women. We have got to get back to the Garden from where we originated.

Lilith is opposite Neptune at 5 degrees Pisces-

This is our delusions about woman, our addictions to sex, drugs and denial as an escape from pain and refusing to face these deeply wounded archetypes of ours. And what about the Oceans we have messed up? Or the dreams we have left in the wilderness?

Lilith is square to Goddess Athena at 2 degrees Sagittarius.

ATHENA is the warrior and wisdom Goddess, who was originally an AMAZON from Libya.  Her wise owl, is one of Lilith’s symbols as well. She is a seer, one who sees in the dark.

This aspect symbolizes the anger, vengeance and warrior aspect of the Feminine Psyche in the masculine. Athena in Sagittarius is going to re-educate the world about women’s intelligence. She is aiming arrows higher, telling the truth, being optimistic, and will introduce new laws and education.

Athena is conjunct to Saturn in Sagittarius

Athena was patriatchalized ,born fully grown and armored from her father Zeus- Jupiter’s head. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces. Saturn is the Father Time, the architect. Saturn structures, limits and is karma.  Another symbol of the Feminine fighting back from patriarchal karma.

One of Sagittarius symbols is the Rainbow. The Rainbow is traditionally a symbol of a blessings from Heaven. An open chakra bridge between heaven and earth. Lets us walk on that path. Let us build the Rainbow bridge.

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Trigger happy wild weekend Astrology by Tara Greene

I am running around today as I have a big deadlines. August has started in an august way.

AUGUST is LAMMAS a pagan cross quarter day. We are 1/2 way to AUTUMN already. A time of thanks for what is blossoming in your life and to keep tending your garden and pulling weeds.

It’s a HOLIDAY WEEKEND IN CANADA – so have a safe happy long weekend

MY FREUDIAN SLIP of the day: I wrote deadlies as in deadly’s or dead lies. 

WHAT DEAD LIES do you keep repeating to yourself or others? IT’s a good question i think. Do you?

 August 1- all weekend VENUS in Cancer is very active -square Uranus in Aries on Aug 1 August Waters

LOVE the one you’re with. Sit down, get comfy, allow yourself to be taken care of rushing around Aries restless flaming hearts.

Venus trine Saturn and Chiron in Pisces. I wrote about this previously. HEALING TRINE Venus in CANCER retools Love in the deepest darkest remotest part of your Unconscious and with Chiron brings incredible compassion and healing – see link below 

LIBRA MOON squares PLUTO- Always has a big soul impact

with Moon in Libra – everything will  be NICE! NOPE! YIKES!

MARS in SCORPIO SQUARES JUPITER in LEO @ 6:46 pm @ 3+ degrees.


SUPER INFLATED EGO’s during the  Dog days Mars in Scorpio will ignite and unleash old stuck emotional garbage,


EGO’s will be super inflated, can be laughable.

jeff koons astrology art tara greene

Moon square Pluto will do that too

Moon opposes Uranus quincunx Chiron CRAZY ON YOU

emotional buried minefields.

Watch out for rampaging impatient Ariens, they are very similar to bulls.Unexpected lashing tongues and the similar

Libra Moon squares VENUS in Cancer at the end of the day it will all be OK maybe but what a journey It’s kind of  a rotor rooter day.


CONSCIOUSNESS dawns, you begin to comprende.Think with the HEART not your head. 

MERCURY squares MARS in Scorpio dueling witicisms, and deep cuts to the core issue. TOUCHE!

Moon enters Scorpio Aug @ 7:57 pm PDT/ 10:57 pm EDT

things will get darker and deeper and more intense.

Sunday is a DOOZIE! I’ll do my August preview later today. I promise.


having a secret interview I can’t reveal, hence the secretive Scorpio nature

I will try to keep writing from the Grail


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