Love and Light, Venus in Heart of the SUN

Your search for a heart of Gold is over now as Venus and the SUN conjoin June 3 at 13 Gemini 35 minutes at 10:44 am PDT/ 1:44 pm EDT/ 6:44 pm GMT. Venus is considered to be in the heart of the SUN until she reaches 13 degrees 18 minutes in GEMINI. This period lasts according to my calculations, using the Classic orb of 17 minutes until June 3 at 9:40 am PDT/ June 4 at 12:40 am EDT and June 4 @ 5:40 am GMT lasting around 11 hours. 

Venus at the heart of the Sun June 3 2020

Venus at the heart of the Sun June 3 2020

That’s an extremely special and rare event. A Good long time to Lighten up your heavy heart and bask in the heart of the sun.

Ishtar on Akkadian Seal Venus Retrograde Ishtar/Innana/Venus in Gold

Venus is in her Retrograde cycle, a 19-month transformation. She is in invisible and in darkness from our vantage point until she rises again as the morning star around June 11th. Venus Retrograde is enshrined in the Myth of Inanna in the Underworld also known as Ishtar.

This is LOVE And LIGHT for real. Use this rare and special time to send love and light from your own heart out into the world which needs it now. 

This is a time that completes the very rare and historic Venus crossing in front of the SUN on June 6, 2012 a once in a lifetime event. Think back to where you were 8 years ago. The number 8 is the number of infinity. This is INFINITE LOVE and LIGHT.

read more about that here

Venus  Cazimi should be a great day for creative and artistic pursuits and for developing love. Hit the drawing board, paint, dance, sing, tone. VENUS RETROGRADE in GEMINI, increases social media, texting, online dating, quick connections. yes, traditional cookbook astrology says old lovers will connect with you, You may be unable to stop thinking about them. 

WOMEN crown yourself with the SUN, You are Queen for the Day as is everyone because all genders even non-genders have a feminine aspect of receptivity, love and creativity within themselves, The Masculine and the Feminine is not gender-related necessarily. These are anthropomorphic, Patriarchal and sexist attitudes of good-bad, overlayed. Masculine and Feminine or active and receptive are equal polarities and that is what GEMINI is all about. The Sun can dissolve all boundaries. 

VENUS rules LUXURY and this conjunction can indicate a fall of the gold markets. Gold is the SUN in material form. Wear gold jewellery and gold and green clothing. It may increase socializing, luxuriating,  going out for fun and amusement.  

Cue the Neil Young song

This cycle ends with Venus in GEMINI squares Mars in Pisces and an ongoing square with Ceres in PISCES applies thru the whole 2-week transition. Ceres the Great Mother is conjunct MARS now. The GREAT MOTHER offers compassion, empathy an abundance of feelings and most importantly the realization that we are all ONE. Mars and Venus are locked in battle indicating the taking of sides and polarity exaggerating things.  Ceres Great Mother energy steps in to make sure her children dont squabble and scrap. 

Take time out to meditate, make love tinctures, and open your heart to the Source of LIGHT and LOVE and send it out 

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Sun Venus conjunction June 6 from CIA

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It’s mutable and it’s chaos!

Venus /Sun Star point triggers the mutable Cross, exact June 6th  10:30pm UT

There is nothing like a bit of chaos in our lives to get motivated to change and adjust and shift perspectives. I’ve used  “Edge of Chaos” often as a symbol to help us understand, the creative edge between the current reality and the one that is always being formed, that which we are always partaking in be it consciously, or unconsciously.

No doubt many of us are feeling the uncertainty and extremity of the culminating mutable cross. The mutable cross is the alignment of three major planets (now 5) that have been in this formation in and out of intensity since the end of last year. First Jupiter opposed Neptune in September 2015, begining the mutable face off, as the two boundary less planets opened our eyes into the abyss of the unknown where only faith and truth could survive.  Followed by the first Saturn- Neptune square in November,  and the first exact square on Jupiter and Saturn  in March 2016. It’s been a T-square in and out of the making and now this week Venus and the Sun join this mutable line up to form the most exact timing of this cross.  Saturn and Jupiter made their last exact square on May 26th and Saturn and Neptune make their next exact square on June 17th, and now Venus and the Sun come to the midpoint date of these two grand alignments on June 6th/7th at 16° Gemini.

When so much is happening at once, we need to tease out all the aspects one by one, and then synthesise them back together again to make sense of it all.

Firstly the mutable signs Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces are the signs of the zodiac aligned with the end of  the seasons in the tropical zodiac,  when summer moves to autumn and winter begins to show the signs of the coming spring. The mutable signs represent the time for harvest and sharing the bounty (Virgo), the ending of cycles (Pisces),  a time of great anticipation of what the future may hold(Sagittarius) and the collecting and gathering of information that will see us through the next changing phase (Gemini). The mutable signs together represent change, movement, flowing and shape shifting into the next phase of the story.  Anxiety rises, as fears of the unknown also arise within and more so if the story, purpose or goal, when looking into the future may not be clear.

The shadow side of the mutable signs is also felt and experienced strongly at these times, when  the mutable signs show they are unreliable, fickle, deceptive, cunning and nervous and can be seen greatly in the world right now(some may say this is nothing new) but the example is the deception and lies leading to the US elections, the hampering of the votes, the deception by the media and it is hard to decipher what is the real truth.

This is a big part of why we do astrology, we want to know more, increasingly not so much as a predictive tool, but one of purposeful co-creativeness. Not dissimilar from our ancient alchemist magicians where we partake in the planetary magic. How can we best navigate through the Cross?

First it’s good to remember that mutable energy is about being adaptable and versatile, that can help put us back on paths of necessary change, however subtle they may seem. In times like these we call upon the intuitive and the need to understand things from different philosophical perspectives, re- educating ourselves, learning more. If it feels you maybe stuck in your life, this is exactly what is being called for, a re-invention of your wheel. The mutable signs are also about sharing, giving, collecting and distributing information and ideas and cross pollinating with others is key to feeling supported at this time.


With the mutable line up we have the four signs strongly enforced by a planet or two within them:

Jupiter – North Node in Virgo – here we are asked to perfect, refine, our beliefs, live your truth, walk our talk. No BS, especially to yourself. It’s the big truth cleansing.

Saturn rx – Sagittarius – here we are tested to believe in our cause, work, project, life. A vision of how we are structuring what we need, sculpting our future is necessary.

Neptune South Node in Pisces – (stations rx in 7days) – here we need to open up to possibilities, believe in the dream, embrace the unknown, and most of all keep the faith. Also with Neptune in Pisces, we need to know that some things are beyond us, and square Saturn, beyond our control. Sometimes it is best to surrender, open up to love and grace and have faith in what will come. A test of Faith is Saturn square Neptune.


Come June 6th just after a new Moon on June 4th at 14° Gemini, all these major planets are joined by Venus and the Sun, which help greatly in this formation to help us make better sense of the matter. The Sun defines goals and purpose and Venus shows us what we love and attract into our lives and being. Venus and the Sun are the quick moving points  in this dynamic , like the wildcards that bring a certain opportunity for a certain moment in time, here they help bring coherence and understanding to the chaos. Ask yourself what it is you want the most and use your heart to help answer any uncertainties. Venus represents  love, and attraction and in Gemini  she is curious, independent, sociable and curious and ready to learn more, re-awaken, and in this position, see the light. If you are sitting back expecting things to shift, change, move for you, it won’t happen without your input. You need to get yourself  out there, change what needs to be changed,  connect, communicate, share your story, ideas, tell your story, act it out, test the water so to speak. If you want something you need to create it, go for it, like a bee after honey, go and actively find what you want, say what you have to say.

The current Venus cycle began with the last retrograde in Leo in August 2015 after which Venus became the eager, on a mission morning star Venus. Now at this next culmination point 9.5 mths later, we are at the peak of her cycle. Here mid cycle, Venus is flying as if with wings behind the Sun toward the next exact Star Point at 16° Gemini.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 2.52.24 pmFast moving, invisible, in the beams of the Sun, it’s as if Venus here is on her secret mission at this phase of her cycle. She has some personal things to attend to, things she needs to get off her chest. Often connected to Babylonian Goddess Inanna  as here she disappears from our view for 60 days or more and rises again as an evening star, and this part of her journey relates to the descent if Inanna into the underworld that started 7 months prior. Some astrologers see this part of her cycle as her re-birth, (others see the  birth of her cycle as  the retrograde conjunction with the Sun) as here she begins to rise from the underworld.

Either way in this position a transformation is taking place. Here we see Venus  at her fullness phase(even though we can’t see her) symbolic of being fully exposed to her true being, to no one else but the Gods. The Gods, the higher self, demand of her truth and authenticity, where no pretensions, masks, clothes, makeup, belts or jewellery can reinforce her on her mission, only her true, exposed, authentic self.  Yet it’s not an exposure for all to see or witness, in her fullness phase only to the Sun and to the Gods and her true self.

Connected to the Sun, Venus  here is also asked to redefine her goals and purpose, a confirmation of her loves, desires, wants and values all Venusian principles of being is also required. A focus on what she truly wants is needed. Getting to what is at the heart of the matter will answer the questions, what is at the heart needs to be well defined made sense of. When Venus and the Sun connect, they are seen to embrace or kiss, others see Venus here as consumed by the Sun, combust, weakened. I would prefer to see her here as seeking empowerment, away from others, her own personal challenge, a struggle for survival for some. In the ned this is the next phase of transformative growth as part of the Venus cycle, for when she come back down to Earth, things will not be the same, or looked at seen, perceived in the same light, from the same perspective again. Here she makes definitive choices and sees things, relationships and others as they truly are, as Venus also represents also those who mirror us to ourselves and that we attract around us. With Mars rx now back in Scorpio we have a strong connection to both planets being in a state of transformative growth and purification.

Venus is the conduit of the planets in the zodiac that connects all as does her ruling metal, Copper.  She is the co-creative goddess that connects all, unlike Mercury who connects through cognition, words and understanding, Venus connects through, love, harmony and natural beauty. The magic of the Venus cycle reflects the magic in the world, that which is always in flux, growing, evolving,  and part of our co-creative output. If we tap into it, we begin to see it all around,  connect and take part, and know we are co-creating it all as we go. All planets are magicians to us and in their own archetypal ways. Mercury as ruler of our minds and thoughts and creator or our cognitive reality. Mercury at this time in the Venus ruled sign of Taurus, heightens this connection, the Bull that goes form what it wants. Venus opposite Saturn at this time reflects to us, what and why we work, and what we work towards, who or what makes our lives too hard, or too controlled and how we value these connections, how we value what we are paid for. It’s not all love, roses and champagne and Venus /Saturn connections can be pretty heavy as they show us the pain, the hurt and the hardship of the living reality, the debt, the mortgage the bills and the injustice. Yet what we must do, is take back control. Take back control or be controlled.  Also squaring the great openness of Neptune and Jupiter at this time, we are challenged to think big, to think beyond self imposed boundaries, can’t do’s and should do’s  and begin to shape them into the reality that we are in the end, in control of.!!!

Venus and the Sun here at 16° Gemini, are also square the Nodal axis. With the Sun square the nodes we know we are  at the midpoint between eclipses, the last being in March the next in September, it is a cosmic turnaround point. Together with Venus we can see the edge we are truly on, between the past and the future. The Pisces past, don’t forget those dreams, and the Virgoan future, pay attention, focus and serve to make it happen. This polarity reminds us of giving and sharing and believing in the creation of better things. 16° Gemini, is  a point of great awareness in the, a zodiac as one of Venus’ current star points, the point where Venus made her 2 last Transits across the face of the Sun in 2004 and 2012,( for more click here) , and inbetween the Earth and Sun and is also square to the point of 16° Virgo, where the Pluto and Uranus conjunction occurred in 1965,  with the first exact square taking place in 2012. Venus ties together the changing times in this  Age of Awareness. We are at the creative edge of Chaos, which the magical cycle of Venus reflects. (Click for details of the Venus Cycle)

Where is the mutable chaos in your chart? Look between the degrees of 10-18° of mutable signs or narrow it down for more effect to see what maybe aspected for you, and mostly where 16° Gemini is. We put it all together to make sure that this Cross challenge is a test for us to believe in ourselves(Jupiter), have faith, (Neptune), do the work (Saturn) and go for it!

With the Moon in Cancer during this exact alignment, fresh, strong, and newly birthed, it is a perfect and potent time to release your intentions. In this week prior, as the Moon wanes, reflect and refine your intentions, and release them with purpose and meaning at this potent alignment, as Venus visits the land of the Gods.

Venus reminds us to be the Bee, to be like a Bee and go for what we want, collect the golden honey. Imagine yourself as a Bee at a fractal point, when everything is about to burst into change and shift, where the past and the future come together and know yourself as the creator at this transition point.
A message also comes with the Bee and that is one of sharing, collecting, distributing what we do for the good of the collective!
Let us all go forth on our missions to help create a new and far better reality for the many of us to live in!

You, We are the Bees at that fractal edge of Chaos!

Look upon the Mutable Cross from the heart’s perspective. Focusing on the “heart of the matter” it is from there we will find most clarity. 


Venus star point, Love forecast, Mercury Direct

Oct 25 

SUN CONJUNCTS VENUS  {3:31 am} at 1+ degrees SCORPIO it’s the rebirth of LIGHT and LOVE. A new VENUS/ love cycle in your life.

InspiratIonal card of the Day

Picasso astrology Venus Tara Greene

Picasso Venus by the sea

Venus and the SUN conjunct once every 19 months. When this happens when Venus is RETROGRADE it is called the interior or inferior conjunction, it’s like a new moon phase, a new cycle. Venus will then rise as the beautiful Morning star called VENUS LUCIFER. In this aspect she is a warrior Goddess.

Lucifer means LIGHT BRINGER not the DEVIL in Latin. This stage or point ocurred January 11 2014 at 21 + degrees Capricorn and marked this past 9+ month phase. Check out where that degree was in your natal chart for planets conjunct or aspecting that degree.

Venus can never be more than 47.5 degrees ahead of or behind the sun. When the Sun and Venus conjunct when Venus is DIRECT – as now-  this is called the exterior or SUPERIOR conjunction, as Venus passes on the other side from the side from the earth.  It is like a FULL MOON phase, this past love cycle is being completed. Venus is invisible now and in the Underworld.

Venus will rise again in the evening SKY starting December 3, 36 days after this date as  VENUS HERSPERUS the Love Goddess aspect. yay. OBSESSIONAL LOVE TIME>

Venus will make her next INTERIOR Retrograde conjunction with the Sun August  15 2015 at 22 degrees LEO sign of the HEART. Find out where your love life is headed by checking out your natal chart and any planetary aspects to it. see below

We are moving from an earthy, pragmatic, hard-edged, Retrograde Capricorn all business, warrior Love goddess aspect into a very emotional sensitive, deeper more passionate SOULFUL, SCORPIO intensely sexual  loving time.

It is also important to find out what stage Venus was in when you were born, as they represent two different types of LOVE styles and temperaments. Two different  values, love natures, creativity, how you want to be appreciated.

Find out how you shine your LOVE LIGHT in your natal chart. 

If Venus is clockwise from the SUN, ahead of it in sign, you are a VENUS LUCIFER Morning Star type.  You are more emotionally direct and forthright. You like public displays of affection. People know how you feel ,you express love out in the open. 

If Venus is positioned counterclockwise from the Sun or behind the sun in signs  you are a VENUS HESPERUS type, an EVENING STAR. You are emotionally reflective and internalize your feelings. You feel things after they happen and appear more mature.  You make love in the dark.

If you were born with Venus Retrograde it will be indicated on your birth chart.

LOVE LIFE PREDICTIONS  Venus at 1+  degrees SCORPIO with Mercury about to turn DIRECT as well.

The conjunction occurs about 12 hours before Mercury turns direct and planets are at their most powerful then. This aspect influences this Venus point.

SCORPIO is concerned with SEX, Sex and more sex. It is also about the Psyche, the SOUL, the Unconscious drives. Secrets, power struggles,obsession,  using sex as a weapon to control and to get revenge is unconscious and will come back to haunt you

Are you caught in a bad romance? Face it and leave. Do your inner work now. The true nature of all of your unconscious emotions  need to be delved into and dealt with.  This is raw, basic, primal energy. The life force of the Universe. Scorpio unconscious is fixed, manipulating,  selfish ,using others.

Scorpio love energy on higher levels is detached, feels the intensity of the emotions but channels that energy, does not react from it. Like a Chi Kung master, use the full natural sexual urge for higher purposes. Tantric sexuality, where no orgasm is allowed but the tension of the energy is ridden would be an appropriate expression of this energy. Take the high road do not submit to base desire.

VENUS rules LIBRA;  the North Node and Mercury are both under her rule, 3 degrees apart.

Choose your HIGHEST direction now, carefully, be fair, balanced, objective.  See through your lovers eyes.  It needs to be artful.

BE VERY very careful with what you say and how you communicate . MERCURY RETROGRADE stationing Direct indicated the need to change your hearts gears very carefully for the entire next cycle. In a sense our love lives thoughts and values are still in retrograde motion.

The recent SOLAR ECLIPSE though is making us barrel forward, in a NEW MOON phase although we are still Retrogradeish. It feels confusing. 

We will all be obsessing we will be relentlessly asking our hearts WTF our hearts true desires are. 

Love energy in general is shifting into a more reflective post full moon stage towards a new moon stage next August.

We may be feeling lost and without a compass as VENUS is invisible in the underworld until she emerges on December the 3rd 2014 to LIGHT OUR WAY.

Check this out for yourself, Venus must go invisible and release her attachments to her ego and her lover at this time. 

This is the ancient myth of INANNA. 

Venus as our love nature is preparing to dissolve old attachments, she is in an entirely new incarnation. Such is the cyclical nature of life. Embrace it.


Have your LOVE LIFE cycle decoded by TARA

all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

Happy birthday to Picasso 

LIGHT MY WAY by U2 Achtung Baby 

BAD ROMANCE by Lady Gaga