Live it up, good luck grand healing weekend Astrology

Moon enters CAPRICORN Sat May 17 @ 1:12 am PDT always a rather sobering experience don’t you think?



MERCURY in GEMINI SQUARES CHIRON in PISCES this brings out the double trouble wounds and the balm which heals. the assumption of duality is what GEMINI is. It’s How they THINK, and experience life. Our brains are- bi-lobed. 

We experience the UNIVERSE as a wave or a particle, black/white, off on pulse of the universe, in out, up down, male/female, good vs. evil, us vs. them, yes or no.  It is the primal wound of separation from SOURCE.

BUT PISCES knows no DUALITY. PISCES IS THE ALL IN ONE- WE ARE ALL ONE BEING SPIRITUAL Where we all come from and to where we are all going. So think about that and how that separation is a wound  and release yourself from the treacherous dichotomy. It’s all good even when it seems bad. Yes there is evil forces existing in the Universe.

I often agree with what my old Teacher STUART WILDE said that earth is a prison planet. But I also see it as HEAVEN on earth. BOTH.  

So let’s be totally INCLUSIVE. All dualism is like a cancer. I was thinking about this earlier this morning. I tend to meditate when Iwake up. THE EXTREMISTS MUSLIMS kidnapping girls and the extremist  Christian fundamentalists are two sides of the same coin.

SO MOON makes all the G.C.C.  aspects to MARS conjuncts PLUTO late on SAT PDT squares URANUS and opposes JUPITER at early in the day.

LIVE IT UP GRAND As VENUS in ARIES squares JUPITER in CANCER @ 8:31 am PDT/11:31 am EDT



Trumps 3 + 4 = 7

MODERN Equivalents – would be PRINCE WILLIAM AND KATE ,the President and First Lady,Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Brangelina, ETC.

this is one of the biggest fattest most positive  LOVE MONEY LUCK GOOD FORTUNE TRANSITS especially if you have planets and stuff at 17 degrees ARIES CANCER LIBRA CAPRICORN

Do a GOOD LUCK RITUAL spread rose petals around, VENUS LOVES COPPER and JUPITER TIN

very fertile 

MEDITATIONS Meditate  on all the abundance in your life…

WRITE A THANK YOU Note from the Universe for all the goodness you have received in PAST TENSE.

practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty- Remember that one? it’s still a great practice.

Good day for a marriage. Meeting a new flame. Hanging out with family.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

get a reading with TARA- how’s your luck?

You’re My Queen- Mercury Rev  

Lucky in love Mick Jagger 

New year,great 1st week Astrology Lucky Grand Trine

the quintessential New year’s song 

I had a great time at the uber hip Drake Hotel in Toronto on Queen Street West early on Dec 31 reading Tarot cards for guests non – stop for 3 hours. Its been a very busy last few days for me. I did 2 interviews  on the phone for two more newspapers Dec 31. I used tarot cards to predict politics, hockey negotiations, weather patterns. It’s awesome.


My husbands birthday is Dec 31 so I ran home to celebrate with our daughter and toast the New year. You’ve most likely seen his giant ant sculpture’s on the Cameron House Hotel at Queen West and Spadina in Toronto.

Tues Jan 1 Moon enters VIRGO 12:34 pm EST  NEW YEAR”S DAY- yes lots of list making and hard work disciplined goals,don’ t start complaining already!

MOON opposes Neptune 2 hours later – faith or fog? that’s a bit of a joke… reality vs dream check-  you may be feeling a tad blurry after last nights too much bubbly?

drink lots of water hydration is important, water is the major element this year

Moon trines Mercury in Aquarius soon after to clear your mind, ah VIRGO’s are happy 

Wed. -very quiet.. take it easy then its been a very busy last part of 2012 and it will be a whirlwind year again

Thursday Jan 3- all fired up!

gets the grey matter fired up with a MERCURY URANUS square early in the a.m. @ 4 degrees Capricorn Aries

dont need any Starbucks in my cup- you’re easily in overdrive with  brilliant ideas and insights that come channelling through with this aspect

MOON enters LIBRA 8:11 pm EST 

Friday Jan 4 – a very positive super lucky day

Libra Moon opposite Uranus and square Mercury very early Fri a.m.

means weird conversations that could possibly be brilliant conversations…

Upbeat oodles of  spontaneous energy, what with optimistic  MARS  JUPITER TRINE -7:45 am EST @ 7 Aquarius- Gemini

JUPiter it still Retro till January 30 

so review that “I jumped in too fast where angels feared to tread” stuff, maybe you didn’t  learn that lesson yet


Libra Moon Mars and Jupiter GRAND AIR TRINE 10:00 am EST

Lucky Schnooks

BUY SOME LOTTERY TICKETS, ask for that raise! expect miracles and you’ll get them especially Air and Fire signs

relationships move fast under this one, can indicate peace talks, reciprocity, Libra ambassadors, a deal for the fiscal cliff.

nice manners , dress to impress  


remember JUPITER is always fertile so if you’re trying to make babies this is about as good as it gets

Enjoy Fridays energies while you can 

the energy stabilizes in the evening Venus @ 24 degrees Sagittarius semi-squares Saturn @ 9 Scorpio – a 45 degrees can make 

being too honest and/or  too secretive a caca-phonious, I like the onomatopeia of that and a clash of hurt feelings, irritating and causes tempers to fly

At 10:59 pm EST Libra Moon forms Last Quarter to Capricorn Sun

partnerships must be fair and square, hierarchies are on the way out

it’s a year of shedding skins

so list everything  you need to shed

NEW YEAR is the best time to get a reading