Alone again, 12th House and Pisces

All weekend, with the Moon in Pisces which begins at 2:39 pm EDT April 17, it gives all of humanity a 12th Sign/ and natural House immersive experience.

The 12th SIGN and HOUSE is the HOUSE OF SOLITUDE. It is the house of quarantine, of returning to the Spiritual Source from which everything is born. It is the womb of death and rebirth and transformation all in one. I just realized this as Pisces culminates all of the previous water signs of birth, Cancer, sex and death Scorpio and return to Source Pisces as the sou returns to source. Water is also known as consciousness

The 12th Sign of PISCES  is also associated with mental illness, paranoia, anxiety, illusions, projections, dreams, the unconscious, spirituality, psychism, creativity, imagination, glamour, and endings.

We always get this opportunity to experience the Moon in Pisces for 2.5 days once a month. But during the gift of COVID-19 we get to truly experience what the 12th Sign/house Pisces experience is all about. It is important to mine the most positive energies from this great gift of the world on PAUSE.

Read this wonderful long article. You have the gift of time now to read through it all. Even if you never get out to adventure in the wilds alone, there is a deep beauty revealed here to inspire your imagination.

“The Tincture of Solitude is worth a thousand conversations. “

And do remember to pay attention to your dreams during the weekend. Pisces Moon and Moon conjunct Neptune on the 19th invokes the most powerful and lucid dreams. 

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