Witches New Year, Halloween Blue Moon, Lilith and Circe

Full Blue Halloween Moon astrology by Tara Greene
Full Blue Halloween Moon astrology

I have always identified with being a witch, very much so. I was teased and called a witch since I was a kid because of my unruly coarse black hair and intense energy. Numerologically I am a number 11/2. A High Priestess and remember past lives serving in Ancient Temples. I felt connected to Circe the Sorceress since I was a teenager. Going to Stonehenge, Greece and Ephesus, Turkey when I was 17 brought many past life memories back into my consciousness as a High Priestess. I remember being burned at the stake in a past life through intuition and past life regressions. I used to work with a small coven of women in the 1980s but have been a solitary coven of and I also do ceremonies with my husband. I was initiated as a Green Witch by Susun Weed at her Wise Woman Center in Woodstock in 1987. I have always known that women have magical power because they can give birth and bleed and are tuned into the cosmos, and are always straddling the worlds. I’ve always felt connected to the cosmos and Nature and participating in the ancient turning of the circle of the years. I feel connected to the Darkness, and Scorpio death-rebirth and transformation.

Halloween is Pagans/Witches New Year called SAMHAIN     October 31st is when the Veil between the worlds is the thinnest it’s the best night in the year to scry, gaze into your crystal ball and connect with the spirits of your Ancestors.  
 It is the Noche of Día de los Muertos the Day of the dead in Mexico.

These days Halloween has become another day in the year in which to sell lots of junk candy scary rubber and plastic paraphernalia, fake blood, creaky coffin lids, etc etc. another commercialized holiday. The kiddies are given way too much sugar. The guys love to dress in drag, it is the modern version of the SATURNALIA. But let’s not forget the origins of Halloween. It is Hallow’ed Evening. A Holy Evening, the Ancient Pagan/Wiccan New Year when the Sun is in Scorpio, the sign of Birth, Death and Transformation. It is close to the mid-point between Autumn and Winter Solstice. Death is Rebirth. The Wheel of the Year Turns and this is a Sabbat or Sabbath Night, covens gather to do a Ceremony. This is a Sacred not a Scared/Scary Night. Honour this day as it was originally intended.

Remember in the midst of all the superficial trappings of Halloween, the hundreds of thousands, some say up to 9,000,000 mainly women, children and men who were accused of being witches by the Catholic Church who were tortured and burned at the stake. Old women, crones, medicine women, herbalists, midwives, pagans, their families, the poor, all innocent people who lived in harmony with Nature, who Loved their Mother the Earth, who knew the Wise Women Ways, the ancient ways to heal, to tend the sick and dying, the mothers giving birth. It was misogynist fascist Christian tyranny that went on for over 300 years in Europe and to the New World where the last woman was burned at the stake at Salem, Mass.   Remember this Holocaust because it wasn’t so long ago. You only had to be a woman who owned land, who had some power and status and if you were old you were worthless. It was a land grab by the Catholic Church. You simply just had to be a woman and therefore evil in the sainted eyes of the Holy Christian Church. The genderside continues daily on this planet.

  I remember my own burning, I relived this memory of my past life during a HOLOTROPIC BREATHWORK session. Those 100,000-200,000 to 9 million innocent souls who were terribly tortured and burned are back now on this earth. Deep in the cells of your own being, in your cellular consciousness be you male or female at this time, you remember the Burning Times, when you lived in total fear, when you hid you pagan religion, your ability to help, to heal, your compassion. When tyranny was all around and anyone could accuse you of being a witch thereby ensuring your almost certain death. Watch The Burning Times a Canada Film Board movie which chronicles in detail this stain upon humanity. Light a candle for those hundreds of thousands, nay millions of souls whose lives were taken by a cruel arrogant Church, hypocritical to the nth degree. Given 6 degrees of separation you or someone you love, your BBF, your boss or colleagues was surely enough one of those people. It’s time to acknowledge the deep pain in the shadows of our unconscious. The only way to heal it is to acknowledge that shadow, let the tears flow, the grief, the agony. This brings it out of unconsciousness otherwise that shadow control our actions unconsciously and allows us to keep inflicting pain on others and self, believing that we are not worthy, not lovable, deceitful, sinners, powerless. There is a collective shadow of women being afraid to hold their power and beauty.” This was originally written in 2012.

You can see how far women’s awareness has shifted because now being a WITCH and the #MeToo movement and being further into the 1,000-year long reign of the 2000s initiated by the High Priestess in the Tarot #2 is burgeoning along. There may be the first Woman Vice President in U.S. History elected in a few days.  

As this is a New Year in the Ancient Pagan turning of the great circle of the year
Light a Candle of Illumination and Enlightenment and go beyond the rage, the anger into Love.

on the rare BLUE MOON put your crystals out under the FULL MOON light to be cleansed for a new year.

HALLOWEEN 2020 is a RARE BLUE Full MOON and under Covid-19 most people will not be trick or treating as usual. Which in this instance is a good thing. 2020 has turned everyone back into themselves to examine what is really valuable to them.

Lilith the Dark Goddess and CIRCE the Sorceress are conjunct the Moon at 1and 2 degrees Taurus.
Lilith and Circe are conjunct the MOON and URANUS an electrifying combo

MOON LILLITH, CIRCE brings up all the dark Feminine energy to Halloween especially as she is opposite the SCORPIO SUN which Lilith is associated with.

The dream of the rebirth of the FEMININE is here.

LILITH the demonized empowered Goddess of equality will rise and will be invisible but conjunct the Full Moon on HALLOWE’EN EVE and whisper in your soul and make the Divine Feminine, come alive and be heard. So sit in ceremony and scry on the night when the veils between the worlds is thinnest. Lilith will also come into your dreams. LILITH is KALI/DURGA and her wrath is nothing compared to any Hurricane.

HAPPY SAFE Hallow’ed Eve and I’ll see you as I fly on my broom

blessings, TARA

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Season of the Witch by Julie Driscoll https://youtu.be/ne7CFsVufy4

Taurus Super Moon, Lilith empowerment

It’ll be the biggest, closest Super Moon since 1948. We won’t see another like it until November 2034! The Moon will be 30 times brighter and 15% larger and because of its stronger gravitational pull it will cause higher tides in the oceans and swell our emotional bodies too. Intend to have clear skies to witness this amazing event especially as the Moon rises when it appears largest in the East.

The TAURUS FULL Moon @ 22+ degrees occurs @ 5:52 am PST/ 8:52 am EST/ 1:52 pm GMT therefore it won’t be visible at its exactness in the daylight but you will feel it.  A Full Moon’s energies also last three days. You will feel it the day before and two days afterward.

Taurus Super Moon, Tara Greene astrology

Full Moon in earthy TAURUS is exalted, in its glory and exactly  what we need right now to ground us in our bodies here in this Garden of Eden,  no matter what it appears to be. Taurus is the first earth sign, stubborn and Fixed in nature. Taurus is sensuous, practical and relates to  our self- esteem and our resources of all kinds. Ruled by the Goddess of  Love Venus, Taurus loves beauty, luxury, sex, real estate, art and gold, things that have lasting value and beauty.

Look for where 22+ degrees Taurus is in your Natal Chart to find what new ground you need to stand firm on and where the super emotional fulfillment degree is. Taurus can be a couch potato but in these turbulent times, there is no time to waste. 

The SCORPIO SUN brings up passion, desire, anger, resentment, deep-seated soulful shadows. Scorpio brings up themes of power, control, jealousy, revenge, sex, ruthlessness, secrets, and obsessions.  Millions are feeling much anger in the U.S. and are reeling from the Trump presidential win. Many who voted for Trump are also having a field day taking out their own shadows on Muslims, Immigrants, Mexicans, gays, blacks, people of color and women or anyone who doesn’t agree with their bible thumping holier than thou, white supremacy. 

This anger is Scorpio at its lowest level of consciousness. Scorpio is the sign of death, decay, garbage, recycling, renewal and new life. To add injury to insult, word that  great poet-songwriter Leonard Cohen passed away this week. We must open to death and grieve through and accept the process while moving back into life with renewed strength.

Ultimately we can’t take any material things with us when we die. The really important things that matter are the love and beauty we make and this beautiful earth whose resources we must protect.

There are a number of powerful factors at this Full Moon.

 The Sun is very close to the Pleiades, the fabled 7 weeping sisters, which many cultures believe is the originator of human life on earth. Tune into the Pleiadians who many channelers believe are available to help and guide us. 

BLACK MOON LILITH is conjunct the SUN. Lilith is part of the original GREAT GODDESS, creatress of all. She is the original great mother who in the original Story of Genesis was created equally to Adam from the red earth. You will not find that in your King James or other rewritten not original versions of the Bible.  Lilith refused to be subordinate sexually to ADAM and left PARADISE to live by the Red Sea. Lilith is a free autonomous, sexual, Goddess. She symbolizes the death bringing aspect of the Goddess, a necessary part of life. Her conjunction with the SUN, the masculine light source, brings LILITH/KALI in the HINDU pantheon to power and into the Light. Also brings up the fear of women’s autonomy, sexuality and power as evidenced by Mike Pence’s threat to destroy women’s free choice by reversing Roe versus Wade. 

These issues will come to a head in the next few months and more. I urge all women and men who believe that women are autonomous free beings to  stand up to this backward, dark ages attempt to control women’s bodies. No government law, bible or any man has any right to tell a woman what to do. 

Invoke LILITH on this SUPER MOON

Creator, Lilith by Christina Ridgeway

“The Creator” by Christina Ridgeway  2015

to embolden all women to march as one Goddess against the patriarchal religious fallacies once and for all and to see them as pure brainwashing to control women. That is what they were designed for specifically. Think of the Bible as equal to Mein Kampf, Hitlers plan to destroy Jews. I’m gonna get some flack for that I know. I mean it is the same type of sinister plan. Get it? Once you see it you won’t be able to unsee it. The rewritten St. James and other popular Bibles are totally all about enslaving women.  Do as the Ancient Greek story of  Lysistrata ladies and refuse to have sex with your husbands and lovers until they back up your freedom. Spike Lee recently released a modern telling of this tale called Chi-Raq the first film released on Amazon films in 2015.

Venus is in Capricorn where she further harnesses the earthy, practical long-term mature approach. Venus in Capricorn is all business. Make plans for what you want in your career on this full Moon. It is also the most potent time to get your crystals out in that Super Moonlight. 

It is also the most potent time to get your crystals out in that Super Moonlight. 

All full moons are times of completion. Give thanks for Material resources and pleasures. 

We want to look back at what happened in 1948 at the last Super Moon this close. Gandhi was assassinated. Israel was born. Indonesia was established. The Republic of Korea is created. President Truman ends racial segregation.  Margaret Sanger founds Planned Parenthood.

The Cardinal T- square of Jupiter in Libra Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries with ERIS and CERES conjunct is very powerful. We are feeling and seeing the effects of all that tension. PLUTO is in its final opposition to the U.S. Sun with Jupiter exactly square to it. This is one of the major reasons behind Trump’s surprise win.  Saturn rules Capricorn, the Patriarchal, traditional control and conservative sign. Pluto is fascism, in its darkest. This is Pluto’s need for power and revenge, rape and secrecy, money and resources. This is the shadow of what we hoped would not rear its ugly head during this time period. But it’s better out in the open than hidden. 

Mercury and JUNO are conjunct in early Sagittarius squaring NEPTUNE and the SOUTH NODE,exact Nov. 17th. JUNO, the Feminine form of Genius will be raising her torch for all women to seek truth, justice, higher law, education and freedom. This is not a dream or delusion, action swift and fierce of truth will be shouted out by all who believe in it. 

Saturn at 15 degrees SAGITTARIUS, the most powerful degree, is square to CHIRON in PISCES and Neptune South Node. Saturn is also Trining Uranus, Eris, and Ceres in ARIES. There is revolutionary energy in the air. There will be much debating and political lobbying towards an egalitarian and regressive ends. 

Mars in revolutionary AQUARIUS is quincunx to the North Node in Virgo. This is where we need to evolve towards. Yes, start the revolution. It may start a civil war in the states over this next year. We will need to wait at least 6 months until we can see the effects of this seeding. 

There will be another Super Moon on November 29th in Sagittarius- {my birthday} next month which will continue to evolve this super magnetic energy.

Call upon LILITH to help you manifest your power, control over your own life, your resources and bring your love and beauty into the light.

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Sun conjunct Lilith trine Chiron, compassion for the shadows.

The Sun has been conjunct to Mean LILITH is Scorpio the last couple of days and is now separating.

Lilith,Goddess of death, Astrology, Tara Greene

Lilith is the Dark Goddess, the rejected shadow feminine side of the Goddess who is the natural counterpart to the birth giving, unconditionally loving Mother Goddess who is called the Shekinah. Both are absolutely necessary archetypal parts of God/the Light’s dual Feminine side as outlined in the Kabbalah. Lilith is like KALI and is the destructing part of nature. Destruction and death are the opposite poles which balance life and rebirth. 
We can see these qualities coming up very strongly in the past couple of days. The collective shadows of racism, misogyny, and xenophobia and of all of our shadows that have been rejected by us, are now coming up fully into the light. Which is good, when shadows are hidden they are operating unconsciously. Better the devils you know than the ones that you don’t. Any “holier-than-thou spirituality, religion or belief- system has its shadow. This is simply a balance. These shadows may appear to be pretty ugly, dangerous, life-threatening, devouring, evil and are thus rejected. No matter how light, good,or religious, you think you are you have a dark shadow which appears outside of yourself as an “other” but that “other” is still an aspect of yourself. It is in allowing, an opening up to and asking, “what is the positive intention of this shadow aspect?” can it be healed. Shadows are always wounded aspects of ourselves.  My old teacher Stuart Wilde used to say you must fight the demons/shadows but with love. The light does not fight the dark directly. Wwe must be careful of the polarization that is so strong now.

Especially with LILITH in Scorpio, the themes of revenge, power and control, secrets,and obsessions are fuelling all the rage from both sides.  Young millennials are starting riots to protest Trumps misogyny. Hate graffiti, KKK meetings and white supremacy graffiti is appearing. That is all horrific.

We must honor Lilith for speaking her truth and refusing to be dominated sexually by Adam because iwe are all meant to be equal. Use Lilith’s energy to fight and defend yourself against tyranny.

VENUS is at the last degree of SAGITTARIUS today where her love beauty and passion are fused with SAGE wisdom. She reminds us to Love the Truth, to love freedom, love searching for higher wisdom, intelligence and embodying our own spiritual quest through self-knowledge and through love.

Venus enters CAPRICORN tonight. Where she is earthy hard working, focussed on the goals of women climbing to the tops of the mountains. 

MERCURY enters the last critical degrees of SCORPIO today

The mirror of Venus being at the last critical degree of Sagittarius and Mercury being at the last degree of Scorpio reminds us to analyze our current thoughts from the depths of our psyches. Mercury in Scorpio gives us X-Ray vision to see through all the illusions, to see bravely to the roots of the darkest darkness and to find the light in the dark. This is all good, better to see the shadows than to be ignorant, in denial or caught unawares.

Mercury enters SAGITTARIUS Nov.12th@ 6:40 am PST/ 9:40 am. EST/2:40 pm GMT.

Our thinking and communications must be bottom line honesty even if it hurts other people’s feelings. I know Jupiter is in LIBRA, so we may be able to watch out tongues before we put our hooves in our mouths. 

signing off now

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