Cancer Lilith New Moon plus ERIS MARS self-nurture and Angry women

Cancer New Moon conjunct Lilith the 1st woman, connected with death rebirth, equality, independence, menstrual blood and abortions mirroring the US Roe versus Wade overturning in the US, and Neptune turns retrograde until December 3, its time to time to reframe, reimagine, and reflect deeply.

The New Moon is in effect for 2.5 days. stay inward and process the turmoil before acting and wait until Mars enters Taurus O July 4/5 before acting to make sure you dont do something impulsive which you will regret later.

Cancer is the sign of the mother, emotions, water, governed by the Moon is also the womb, the source of everyone’s life. Cancer rules the stomach, food, nurturing and emotional safety. This new moon marks a strong turning point in women owning their own power again and taking it back from Saturn and the patriarchy.

Eris, the Disturbia Goddess, Mars’ sister, are conjunct. Eris is hell-bent on destruction and mars only Aries is ready to fight and the brother-sister duo are formidable adversaries.

So much going on at this NEW MOON

SUN and MOON squares JUPITER in ARIES at 7 degrees

There is anger over injustice around women’s rights to abortion in the US being struck down as a guarantee that women have autonomy over their bodies.

Lots of sextiles easy aspects

Venus sextile Juipter and Mars sextile Saturn which is an interesting pattern, reflecting what is going on down below. The Divine Feminine getting an optimistic boost and the less than Divine Masculine setting boundaries limits and obstacles for the women.

MARS SQUARE PLUTO which is exact late JULY 1st Canada’s birthday which I will look at tomorrow. This aspect is still in effect on JULY 4 when MARS enters TAURUS 11:04 pm PDT- in fact MARS is angrier and stronger at the 29th degree of ARIES.

SUN and MOON squares CHIRON in ARIES

MERCURY sextiles CHIRON and Trines SATURN and squares NEPTUNE


This aspect was a COVID signature in 2020 repeating, not a good sign, Can be new viruses or fake news issues being stirred up which can lead to lockdowns again.


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