Solstice Portal, Lilith awakens

Greetings. Solstice time is here. This is one of the four major Portals in the year. We are turning from the dark times in the North back towards the Light. This is the shortest daylight and the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere marking Winter’s official beginning as the Sun touches the Tropic of Capricorn. Summer begins in the Southern Hemisphere as they experience the longest daylight and the shortest night.

Happy WINTER/Happy Summer. 

Solstice occurs December 21, 11:48 pm EST/ December 22 at 4:48 UTC .

We have a very unique Solstice this year as we begin the Sun’s journey through the sign of Capricorn.

The Sun has just passed over the Galactic Center, which I believe was the origin for the celebrations at this time of year. The G.C. stands at 27+ degrees of Sagittarius Tropical Astrology, and we have a tight T-square with the North Node, everyone’s spiritual GPS and our highest spiritual goal at  26+ degrees of  VIRGO. The Solstice chart is set for New York and has 28+ degrees Virgo rising, involving the Nodes as our guides.

 Jupiter is also conjunct the North Node, opposing the South. Jupiter in Virgo is grounded, earthy, humble, exacting, perfectionist and focused on getting the job done, on time, under budget and with great precision.

The Solstice moment chart is a birth chart, just as Christs’s birth is celebrated as a later overlay from the traditional Pagan rebirth of the Sun. It’s also a symbolic conception chart for the next three, six and nine months. What do you want to give birth to and create over these next few months?


Pluto and Mercury are conjunct in Capricorn trined by Jupiter in Virgo and a Taurus Moon. Trines only have 5 degree aspects.  The message is to be centered and grounded. Your thinking needs to be very practical and connected to your souls gifts. Stay in touch with the depths of the unconscious which Pluto governs in 2016.

Grand Cardinal Crosses awakens LILITH

Uranus in Aries is squaring Mercury and Pluto and opposing LILITH in Libra most powerfully, with Mars involved, 10 degrees awaya. This indicates a very strong push for women to break free of traditional relationships and roles where they are underpaid, undeserving and male dominated.  

Lilith is the archetype of Feminine wholeness.  She is the New Moon aspect of t he Goddess,her dark phase.  She was not a Vampire, that is a modern Patriarchal overlay of fear and condemnation. Lilith is the Virgin aspect of the Feminine, meaning that she belongs to no one but Herself. Lilith will not be tamed and will not be subjugated by man because she knows she is the Source, she knows all life issues from her. She is the dark side of the nurturing,  sustaining Goddess where she needs to attend to her own needs. Traditional Mothering is always naturally sacrificing for her children.Lilith is the natural counterbalancing point. 

Women will be waking up to this and remembering how to feed their own needs and to their origins in 2016. With all the earth elements this is a great year for women to make advances in business, the world, and in their personal lives.

Uranus is also inconjunct, { a 150 degrees angle } to Jupiter in Virgo and Venus in Scorpio, making Uranus the apex or  Finger of God point between the sextile of Jupiter and Venus. There is some deep shit being unearthed. Venus in Scorpio is sitting on a volcano of emotions and potential upheavals in the financial sector as well. 

Uranus and Ceres in Aquarius are also in sextile to each other and finger of Godding back to Jupiter in Virgo  { not shown on the charts}. There is a cat’s cradle see-sawing energy going on. Can you hear it? Like someone trying to chop down a huge old tree with a hand saw? This is the Tree of Life, attempting to be sawed off at the knees. This dichotomy of preserving resources using new technologies versus profit at any costs. On a personal level ask yourself, How much wholesale selling out am I  doing in my own life ? 

And last but not least Saturn in Sagittarius is conjunct to ANTARES the rival of Mars, squaring Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.  For many people this is a very painful time, there is a lot of fear, angst and vulnerability but also a time of great healing. For those who are honest enough with themselves, who face their illusions  this is a huge shift in perspectives and necessity. The Saturn Neptune Square is the major aspect of 2016 and the gap between what is real and what is illusion is huge in all areas. The media, culture, religion, your own belief systems.  Many people will not be able to deal with their illusions being popped by Saturn’s mandate for the truth, honesty and transparency. They will want to take the blue pill and run further away from reality into drugs, porn, video games, debts and projecting their fears onto others, like Muslims,infidels/Republicans/ whatever “others” they have. 

It’s time to build a new dream, to consolidate your spiritual practice, to walk your talk. Saturn in Sagittarius is a Vision Quest image,so aim your arrows of truth and inspiration higher than the delusions of Neptune in Pisces. 

You're a ghost driving a meat coated skeleton made from stardust. What do you have to be afraid of? Astrology


We have collectively been like Sleeping Beauty, sleeping, dreaming and are awakening now to the “prince’s kiss.” Sorry ladies, there is no Prince Charming in physical reality except your own inner Prince, the animus, who does the bidding of your feminine feelings and instincts. These are always symbolic metaphors of our own inner psychic processes,never meant to be taken literally, just like the Bible. This is a gift of grace, so Wake up and smell the coffee. Like the Angels in Wings of Desire, who come to earth to enjoy all of its’ rich sensuality for its own sake. Feel the earth, smell the air, be present. Enjoy this temporal journey through the cosmos whilst inhabiting a personality mask /meat dress, which we can change at will, as our moods do. Nothing is written in stone, Saturn in Sagittarius takes us collectively higher in remembering our history as Star Dust.  

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Wings of Desire by Wim Wenders 1987