Saturn Retrograde, Repeat lessons

Sorry for the delay in my output lately i have been having weird computer issues and muscle cramps in my hands. Just want you to know I love you all and have to pace myself.

Saturn turns Retrograde June 4 at 25 degrees 15 minutes AQUARIUS to October 22/23 at 18 degrees 35 minutes Aquarius. As Saturn turns Retrograde it also squares MERCURY stationing DIRECT in TAURUS on ALGOL/the Demon Star. The Amber Heard Johnny Depp trial outcome has made her and by extension all women seemingly be monsters who are then demonized.

There was a similar aspect to the Mercury Saturn square in November 2020 which was the time of the long recount of the US presidential election. There may be similar delays in things getting up and going again. It will take until June 18 until Mercury surpasses its Retrograde station point in GEMINI.

Saturn makes us face reality through hard tests, raising obstacles, maturing and limiting us.Saturn rules our bones, and our lives. Traditionally he is Father Time, The Grim Reaper or Death. As Saturn governs career, work and long term plans and goals, You may want to change careers while Saturn is Retrograde and head out into a completely new and freer direction. Many more people are choosing to work remotely. But you need more discipline to do so. That’s Saturn’s alley.

VENUS squares SATURN on JUNE 18 at 25 degrees/TAURUS SCORPIO

This revisits and rekindles the Blood Moon Solar eclipse degree from MAY 15th

Both these planets deal with reality. Karma will need to be paid.

VENUS TRINES SATURN July 13/14 at 24 degrees GEMINI/ AQUARIUS on a FULL MOON in Capricorn

July 16 SUN inconjuncts SATURN at 23+

JULY 30/31 MERCURY IN LEO opposite SATURN at 23+

AUGUST 5 VENUS inconjuncts SATURN at 22+

August 7 MARS SQUARE SATURN at 22+

AUG. 18 MERCURY IN VIRGO inconjunct SATURN at 21+

AUGUST 28 VENUS opposite SATURN at 20+


October 13/14 VENUS in LIBRA trine SATURN at 18+

October 22 Mercury in LIBRA trine SATURN at 18+ as SATURN stations DIRECT

Where are these degrees 18-25 degrees AQUARIUS in your Natal chart? What house and what aspects does Saturn the great task masker ask you to review and complete now.

Saturn rules fathers, seniors, bosses, mentors. Saturn rules career and long term goals and reputation. Aquarius is Saturn’s scientific, retooling revolutionary ideas sign.

Saturn like to keep things the same. As Saturn goes Retrograde expect backlashes to any forwards movements. Saturn still is the great teacher, father Times, limitations and obstacles he demands sweat equity and hard hard work. Saturn is also limits within ourselves the negativities and walls, the resistance to change which Aquarius needs to invent so life can evolve and grow in consciousness.

So do some inventory on your career direction and life plans. It’s been hard to do with Covid-19. But listen to your higher self and what you need to break free of. Saturn is still reality in whatever sign it moves through. You need to respect your own history and learn it before you can retool it.

Take as much time as you need to integrate lessons so you can be ready to move on after the Retrograde

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last of 2014, feeling overwhelmed, magical helpers

Boxing Day did you go out shopping?

Dec. 27

Moon is still in relative Peace and spiritual blissed outedness and making lovely sextiles to Mercury and Venus. Smooch smooch. Moon goes Void of course at 7:44 am PDT/ 10:44 am EST.

Venus in Capricorn is in  quincunx to Retro Jupiter in Leo at night PST

Going over the why you made that decision makes love a rather difficult thing to express, or to feel heard by the heart. Be careful of being too guarded and justifying your actions.

Dec 27 Moon enters ARIES @ 10:35 pm PST / Dec 28 @ 12:51 am

Moon trines Saturn @ 12:25 pm PST/ Dec 28 @ 2:25 pm EST

This is a good day to write out your New year’s resolutions as you will be feeling energized and optimistic.

Moon squares SUN

we are 1/2 way to the next Full Moon Jan 4/5 in Cancer.

Moon does the Cardinal Square Dance with 4 other planets

you know the steps to this dance, conjunct Uranus, square Pluto- Dec 29 in EST.

It’s a very long slow dance right now

Moon continues to square Mercury and Venus till late on Monday.

Challenges in communications and choosing love over career.

2014 is winding down. I don’t know where it went.

I am grateful for a year with travels, new accomplishments and new friends. Shout out to Julija from Cosmic Intelligence Agency, who is my new galfriend, she came and stayed with me in Sedona in September. I am Agent 129.



10 of WANDS

The Fairy Tale Tarot by Lisa Hunt

The 10’s are always the end of the cycle, they symbolize the ultimate accumulation of any element. The cycle is full, complete, the baby is past its due date, the expiration date is now.

Wands are Fire, inspiration, action, passion, aggression.

In the Fairy Tale Tarot of Rumpelstiltskin, one of my favorite fairy tales, the heroine is pictured as trapped and feeling helpless, overwhelmed by the task set to her of spinning the straw into gold. Rumpelstiltskin, the little bearded gnome like man is just entering the room to come to her aid.


On the image, feel yourself as the heroine in the card. Think about how the feeling of being overwhelmed energetically is affecting your life now. I can certainly relate to this. Too  many demands, too much to do, not enough time, energy is feeling blocked. Needing a little magical miracle helper to get yourself out of the stuckness.

I think this is how a lot of people are feeling from Saturn being in Scorpio for the last 2 years.

The Lesson

There is always magical help available. You may have forgotten about that. Pray and call on a magical helper from the Light to come clear your path, help you organize your chaos, reconnect you to your passion.

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