Brilliant insights and rocky Finances Sun Uranus conjunction

Sun/Uranus conjunction/Cazimi in Taurus at 15th degree May 5th lasts until May 7th. It can manifest in many ways. It’s largely unfamiliar territory, with rebellious, innovative, chaotic energy. Stock market-Bull market, NASDAQ, #cryptocurrency worries, rebellion, food prices skyrocket. Be careful with anything dangerous, tool’s especially.

Uranus is the “higher octave” of Mercury which is about to turn Retrograde May 10. It Can bring shocking information, and revelations. Danger from earthquakes, landslides, pot holes, as well as dangerous driving, chaos in th cryto markets- we saw this a few days ago as this energy was building with Ethereum. Stay safe.

“Ohh baby, baby, it’s a wild world” by Cat Stevens would be theme song.

Uranus was the Greek Primordial God of the Sky. Called Protogenos. Urania was the Goddess of Astrology. see link below for more info about Uranus in Classical Greek myths.

The Sabian Symbol for the 15th and most stubborn Fixed degree of Taurus is: A Man with a Silk Hat, Muffled Against the Cold, Braves A Storm. The following interpretations are from Astrologer Linda Hill’s Book

‘A Man’ in this Symbol is shown ‘Muffled Against the Storm’. He is experiencing a time of hardship and discomfort, and is unable to avoid the difficulties that have arisen. He ‘Braves a Storm’, yet he is wearing his ‘Silk Hat’. The ‘Silk Hat’ indicates that he may be somewhat of an expensive and stylish dresser. The fact that he’s wearing it shows a somewhat ‘Brave’, dignified and optimistic attitude of confidence and hope for the future. However, people often don’t take other’s difficulties seriously if they put on a brave and dignified attitude, dressing properly and presenting things as if they were really okay.

There is a need to show determination, confidence and hope for the future, as this will encourage you and those around you. There may not be much that can really be done; it’s just a difficult, ‘Stormy’ time. It’s the nature of life for things to turn around and improve. Forge ahead knowing that life will calm down and get easier. It is important to know whether the ‘Storm’ is visible to everyone and not merely in someone’s mind. The bad weather you perceive could be hidden from others. Presenting a brave face to all you meet and hoping for a better future often helps. However, it could lead to you not being taken seriously by others. ‘Brave the Storm’ and eventually you will you be able to relax both your mind and body. Then you will be able to, once again, show your individual style and be appreciated.

Keywords: Inner poise being more important than outer appearances. Braving stormy weather. Ploughing on through difficulties. Being willing to weather storms and take on the hard times. Having tasks or errands to perform when one would rather not. Hats, scarves and muffles. Sudden change of circumstances.

The Caution: Not showing one’s true feelings. Superficial shows of strength. Not noticing things improving. Always battling the “elements”. Complaining and whining instead of getting on with the task at hand. Wanting to be pampered and not face up to life’s storms. Considering appearance before all else. Superficiality. Insufficient or inappropriate clothing or apparel. Refusing to protect one’s self from cold or harm.

The measure of a man is the way he bears up under misfortune. Plutarch

The sum of the whole is this: walk and be happy, walk and be healthy. The best way to lengthen out our days is to walk steadily and with a purpose. Charles Dickens

There is many a good man to be found under a shabby hat. Chinese Proverb

And all your future lies beneath your hat. John Oldham

Keeping your clothes well pressed will keep you from looking hard-pressed. Coleman Cox

It is easy enough to be pleasant when life blows by like a song. But the man worthwhile is the one who will smile when everything goes dead wrong. Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Patience serves as a protection against wrongs as clothes do against cold. For if you put on more clothes as the cold increases, it will have no power to hurt you.-Leonardo da Vinci

Never run after your own hat. Others will be delighted to do it. Why spoil their fun? Thomas Paine

This energy is like The TOWER card in the Tarot #16 which is ruled by Mars.

Today’s Sun Uranus Cazimi/conjunction at the 15th degree of Taurus. I synchronistically looked up a Leonardo Da Vinci quote, then his chart. Leo had Mars at 15 degrees Taurus, squaring that degree today.

Do be careful driving or working with anything dangerous as the energies will be erratic at best. This aspect can trigger earthquakes. until the 7th when the Sun makes is next connection with a Sextile to Mars in Pisces. A much softer more benevolent aspect.

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MOre info about URANUS/ Ouranos

Art, Venus in Libra, Neptune in Pisces astrology Tara Greene

ART, artists, Astrology

VENUS besides ruling women, relationships, values, money, luxury also rules beauty and the ARTS.

I was born with Venus in Libra. 

I started out telling my very surprised mother that I was going to be an artist when I grew up when I  was nine years old.

I loved to draw,and  danced from the age of 5, loved to sing,and wrote poems, dreamed and fantasized a lot. I was interested in metaphysics, mysticism, the occult since I was very young. I was always a unique individual, against the mainstream, also born psychic. Art allowed me to express my soul.

Art and all artistic endeavours, painting, music, dance, writing, acting are all ruled by VENUS, who co-rules Feminine earthy sensual Taurus and the  airy Masculine sign of LIBRA.

NEPTUNE is considered to be Libra’s Higher Octave, and in modern Western tropical astrology Neptune rules the sign of PISCES, the sign of spirit, of the Source, which all artists must channel through. Neptune rules illusions, fantasy, film and photography, addictions, delusions.

As Venus is in Libra now and will be From Oct.28 to Nov.21st Venus the Goddess of beauty is impelling me to talk about ART.  ART is necessary to feed the beauty of your soul. In Europe and in most 3rd world countries, Art is a part of everyone’s daily life. Art is as essential as your daily bread.

Neptune rules artists as shaman’s, shape shifters. They must channel through spirit and many are alcoholics, addicts as the dark side of Neptune.

With Neptune at zero degrees of its own sign NOW and for the next 14 years. ART and Spirituality will be a very important part of our need for beauty and artistic creative self expression.

I was born with Venus in Libra exactlly conjunct NEPTUNE at 20 degrees. I can’t really separate Neptune from Venus.

So to me Art is always about spirtuality, the soul expressing itself. Especially in visual arts, as the soul always  speaks in images, symbols, icons, in dreams, it has no real spoken language. We are naturally image makers.

So lets look at Venus in Libra and Neptune in some famous artists charts.

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci Astrology

click on chart to view larger

Leonardo Da Vinci one of the most famous and deservedly so artists and genius’ in the world and Venus and Neptune are very strong in his natal chart.

Born illegitimately on April 15 1452 Old Style, his birth date has been changed to accord with Gregorian calendars to April 23 with a birth time recorded as close to 9:40 pm. The chart has been used by Astro data Bank.

Leonardo has Venus dignified in Taurus @ 24 degrees in the 6th house of work discipline, service. Born with Neptune Retrograde at Zero degrees of LIBRA, Venus trines Neptune which is the highest elevated Planet in the 10th house of worldly fame. Saturn sign of hard work, discipline is also in Libra where it is exalted.

Jupiter is in his home Feminine sign of PISCES.

the ruler of Pisces in Traditional astrology is conjunct Leonardo’s  very imaginative, spiritual, mutable, artistic Moon,which it rules in the 3rd house of communications.

Leonardo also has a SAGITTARIUS Ascendant

6 degrees of Sagittarius. Also ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is expansive, metaphysical, aiming higher, reaching for the stars, honest. I was pleasantly surprised to see it  is the degree of my Sun!

PICASSO born Oct 25 1881 Malaga Spain 11:15 pm

Has Venus at 4 degrees of LIBRA dignified in his 3rd house of communicating

Was born with 5 planets in TAURUS, all Venus ruled

Saturn at 9 degrees Retrograde in the 10th house

Neptune at 15 degrees Taurus Retrograde in the 10th

Chiron at 22 degrees Taurus in the 10th house

Jupiter at 23 degrees TAurus retrograde in the 10th house

Pluto at 28 degrees Taurus Retrograde in the 10th house

If anyone was born with a chart to  be a wealthy world-famous artist it is definitely PICASSO!

and co-incidentally Picasso‘s Moon, his Unconscious is at 8 degrees of Sagittarius conjunct his North Node at 9 degrees Sagittarius which is also conjunct to Leonardo’s chart. Which makes me think that perhaps Leonardo re-incarnated as Picasso. Those specific Sagittarius degrees are also conjunct to major fixed Star Antares.

ART SHOWS to see while Venus is in LIBRA


Napoleon Brousseau art

Napoleon Brousseau

Toronto is a big art Town. Nuit Blanche Toronoto’s Annual all night art crawl has 500,000 people attending. Famous for TIFF, theatre and music.

Get to Toronto to see  Napoleon Brousseau’s new show of amazing  portrait paintings

Opening Saturday November 10 in Toronto Canada

at the Robert Kananaj Gallery

called RETURNING: Fantome de la Memorie

Created in an utterly unique style, using hand cut rollers, which the artist makes to rotary print a repetitive pattern in a shamanic like state. They are then sealed with epoxy and ground down and then brush work is applied. Some paintings take years to make.

These are really phenomenal  portraits of  memory phantoms, ghost  dreams, half remembered figments, eidolons, spirit images.

The opening is Sat. Nov. 10 from 5:00 – 9:00 pm

The artist will be present, show continues till Dec 8.