Leo New Moon is Wild at Heart

Leo New Moon, Tara Greene Tarot reader astrologer, Sidney Hall Urania's Mirrror
Sidney Hall_ Urania’s Mirror-_Leo Major and_Leo Minor Sidney Hall [Public domain]

The Leo New Moon at 5° is a wild ride. July 28 at 1:55 pm EDT. Jupiter also turns Retrograde hours later.

Leo rules the heart, the will, it’s daring dramatic and powerful. There’s so much hi-tension going on. I explain it all. New moons last approximately 2.5 days until the first sliver appears.

JUPITER turns Retrograde- i wrote about that already. see previous article. The building URANUS NORTH NODE MARS conjunction occurs starting on July 31 and is exact August 1, I will do a separate article about that.

There’s a mighty powerful GRAND FIXED SQUARE at the NEW MOON as Mars URANUS NN is square MERCURY in LEO is SQUARE the SOUTH NODE in SCORPIO and SATURN in AQUARIUS. This is one hell of a set to break loose energy.

It’s also dangerous dramatic, hot, fiery, temperamental,and Radioactive.

Check where you have 1-7 degrees LEO in your Natal chart to see where the new heartfelt beginning is coming from. Also check the 13-19 degrees TAURUS and all fixed signs. being heavily affected by the fires of revolutionary freedom.

Burning down the house should be the theme song.

If you are wondering why I am a bit behind these days, My energy is pretty up and down and I was busy with events the last week and a lengthy interview plus very emotional upheavals with family and home as is par for the course with these crazy wild topsy turvy energies.

The Chandra and Omega symbols for 6 degrees LEO from John Sandbach

Phase 26. Order from Chaos (Hey Aleph Aleph)

Angel: HAAIAH (HA-ee-YAH) Political Science and Ambition

Leo 6. Hidden photos of a deceased woman are discovered. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Experimental

(Degree Angel Name: Nithael (NIT-ha-EL) The Death of Death, Rejuvenation and Eternal Youth)

The past is continually revealing new things about itself as we grow in consciousness and change our perspective on it. You have the ability to shed new light on old truths, and to express taken-for-granted information in such a manner that it comes alive in a new way to people. You help others to see how the past has shaped their personality, and how it can be renewed and reshaped.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A hamster running in a treadmill.” Here we find sheer impulsiveness and a compelling need to exert oneself. There’s little thought about the future or even the significance of its actions, but rather an unquestioning compliance with what it’s instincts are wanting it to do. The simplicity of this can be refreshing, and can help to stir others to action. “I am what I am and I do what I do” is the attitude, and this tends to be expressed in a healthy, direct way. Even within limited or restricted situations, or when thwarted, (I’m presuming the hamster is in a cage), this individual is unflagging, and keeps busy.

Sometimes there is also a tendency to go over and over the same territory, but rather than this causing frustration it often results in seeing things in a new way, for such repetition can lead to a deep comprehension and assimilation of what’s being reviewed. In this way the Chandra Symbol connects to the new photographs of the woman in the Omega Symbol, where new revelations come to light concerning something that one presumed as passed and finished.

Pleidian Symbol: A woman decked out in beautiful finery conversing with another woman who is totally naked.

Azoth Symbol: A glowing meteor speeding through the atmosphere.

Seed degree: Gemini 5. Two people calling to each other across a wide, deep canyon. (Omega Symbol). When we deeply connect with others – especially when it is difficult – we always gain some form of new perspective – which often goes beyond the biases we formerly held.

An immense tortoise with jewels inlaid on its back. (Chandra Symbol). Glimpsing the spiritual treasures we carry with us fills us with hope and enthusiasm and spurs us on to fresh efforts.

Fulfillment degree: Virgo 11. The smell of ancient perfume as an Egyptian tomb is opened. (Omega Symbol). Through gaining new perspectives on the past we are able to psychically merge with its atmosphere and hence understand it more deeply.

A four-year-old girl dressed as a nurse. (Chandra Symbol). Anxious to exercise our powers we innocently plunge into situations, which, though they may seem beyond our capacity, our naivete allows us to perform beautifully.


The photos found in a secret drawer disturbed him at first, for they were nothing like his memory of her. He had fixed pictures of her in his mind, but these newly discovered ones seemed as if they came from another life, one he was not privy to. They seems to assail his own inner pictures, which he felt a need to protect.

Until he realized that she, like all others, was not one person but many, each being a forest of people. And so in his imagination he made room for a new her, and left space, as well, for other versions of her to arise, if they so desired.https://john-sandbach.blogspot.com/2010/03/121-omegachandra-symbols-leo-6-10.html



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Leo New Moon Hot Mess

Leo New Moon August 18/19 at 26+ LEO is a HOT MESS

leo new Moon

I know many Astrologers love to sugar coat things these days. Making mantras and remedies and talismans and crystals and candles and all, which is fine but you still can’t always make the difficult challenges easier.

For me, you need to know what you are up against so you can do draw your battle lines and prepare especially with ATHENA the Asteroid Goddess in Capricorn squaring Lilith Eris and Mars widely and opposing Venus in Cancer.

here are the major aspects of the New Moon. 

leo new moon

There is a longer video below to watch. 

I am having some difficulty with my computer this morning which I hope is resolved and this pasting of aspects is not my usual formatting. I also had to make 5 copies of the astro chart until I got it right. is it me or is it the software? This is an example of this quincunx energy.

Leo New Moon @ 26+ conjunct Fixed Star Alphard gives wisdom, musical, artistic appreciation, understands human nature, strong passions, lacks self-control and immorality. The danger of sudden death by poison or drowning. Problems with law, love affairs, drugs. Fortunate; Saturn/Venus.

Robson states: “With Sun: Power and authority but suffering through own acts and from enemies, loss of position and honor, overcome by enemies.”- Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923

NEW MOON squares Most Notorius Algol @ 26°10 Taurus Medusa, The Gorgon’s Head. fear of powerful female sexuality, strangulation, beheading, danger to throat and neck, murder, violence, mass catastrophe, Demons; passions; intense; hysterical. Very Unfortunate; Saturn/ Jupiter

If you have planets rising, moon or other placements here this further enhances the new moon’s impact. #DonaldTrump is very impacted at this New Moon as it falls exactly on his Mars at 26 Leo and his Rising at 29+ LEO and squares his MC at 24 Taurus and IC at 24 Scorpio.

This is the CHANDRA symbol by Elias Lonsdale for the degree of the New Moon

“LEO 27
A beaded curtain.
A double identity: outwardly conventional, appropriate, legitimate, and orthodox; inwardly alien, cosmic, involved with other realities, and boldly exploring the infinite. You feel compelled by inner necessity to maintain both worlds and to serve the outer by bolstering good will everywhere. Yet this is achieved with a fraction of your awareness and sensibility. Meanwhile the depths, the heights, the many worlds beyond are there, are attended to, are thoroughly made your own. You are the iceberg person with a wonderful tip showing and a fabulous wealth of goodies inside to partake in endlessly.”

Watch the video which explains it all. If you have degrees prominent under this new moon expect to feel the impact much stronger. Especially 20-28 degrees Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra.

The words to the tune “Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads comes to mind.

“I can’t seem to face up to the facts
I’m tense and nervous and I can’t relax
I can’t sleep ’cause my bed’s on fire
Don’t touch me I’m a real live wire
Psycho Killer
Qu’est-ce que c’est
Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-far better
Run, run, run, run, run, run, run away oh oh
You start a conversation you can’t even finish it
You’re talking a lot, but you’re not saying anything
When I have nothing to say, my lips are sealed
Say something once, why say it again?
Psycho Killer etc.” – repeat.

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Five things to inspire courage on Leo New Moon

The LEO NEW MOON at zero degrees LEO indicates that we are embarking on an entirely new HERO’s JOURNEY. Every person needs to be the hero or heroine of their own heart’s quest. The SUN rules LEO and this New moon is one to shine the brightest, go for the gold, and be proud of who you are. The cosmic message from the Universe offers up new Sovereign powers of will, courage, heart, chutzpah, verve, passion, play, drama, and leadership.

Leo New Moon, astrology Tara Greene

Fire lion by k a y o

Fire=SPIRIT and action. This is a 5 alarm spiritual fire with SUN, MOON, MARS, NORTH NODE + MERCURY all in LEO.

  1. Put FUN at the top of the To-Do list

Leo is the 5th sign and governs the heart. As the symbol of the  LION, this sign is known for pride and courage. The word courage comes from the French word coeur which means heart. It’s also the sign of the child, who loves to dress up and have fun. Be sure to encourage your inner child to play at this time. 

MARS is conjunct the SUN and MOON  

Mars is beginning a new 2-year cycle as he conjuncts the SUN. This is a Fiery Masculine rebirth, like a Phoenix being reborn from the flames of its own ashes. This can bring positive energies, new vitality, passion aggression, and motivation. We are in the Year of the FIRE ROOSTER of PHOENIX in the Chinese Zodiac this year. 

Phoenix, Astrology, tara Greene

This is pretty incendiary energy. In these very intense, rather insane times where everyone is ready to mouth off and wants to be King or Queen of their own domain and opinion. This quintuple LEO energy can amp that up to Dangerous DRAMATIC Big ego levels and battles.  Be careful of not triggering some ego maniac to rage at you out of control.  Women must be on quick defense for men who may be unable to hold back their sexual energy and anger under this intense MARTIAL energy. We could see some of the worst tyrannical, domineering, macho ego overkill, warrior energy personally and in the world. Women must be on quick defense for men who may be unable to hold back their sexual energy and anger. We may see new investigations into child sexual predators, trafficking, and rape issues.

BE careful of using fire in BBQ’s or any dangerous flammable equipment at work or in the house as there is a higher possibility of explosions, including volcanic ones. Expect to hear more bad news about raging forest fires and record high temperatures in the world. 

ALL of this FIRE POWER can also be seen positively as the old worn masculine Patriarchal energies and expressions being burned to ashes, transmuted in the cleansing Golden fire of the Sun’s alchemical furnace.  

A planet very close to the Sun is considered to be burned out and weakened. On a personal level, we may be feeling heart fatigued, at his New Moon especially those with planets at the first 5 degrees of all FIXED SIGNS, TAURUS, LEO, SCORPIO, and AQUARIUS.  Mars will get stronger as it pulls away from the SUN’S beams and becomes visible again in September. 

The New Moon forms an out of sign square to URANUS in ARIES the planet of freedom, higher consciousness, and revolution. Listen to your heart to find out where you have been disconnected from it. Uranus is nearing the end of its 7 years journey through the first sign. The planet of innovation urges us to have the courage to be true to our own individual wills and to work with the collective in unity. 

SUN MOON MARS trio also make an out of sign Trine to CHIRON the Wounded HEALER in PISCES. The image of fire and water creates lots of steam heat. Old repressed anger issues may rise up from the shadows around this DARK MOON. You may be feeling this up to the Aquarius LUNAR ECLIPSE on AUG. 7.


Anger is the defensive layer shielding the emotional pain and trauma. Be careful not to let the rage overtake you as it can quickly burn out of control. But do Roar out your rage at those that deserve it if you have been sexually abused. You will have greater courage to speak from your heart. Stand up for yourself, Be the Queen or King of the show. Star in your own movie, be proud of who you are.

MERCURY in LEO is conjunct the NORTH NODE


All fire rituals are recommended.

3. Burn away anything which no longer suits your energy, drives and heart’s desires. Light red candles or a real fire. Write down the things which you know need to go on a piece of paper and burn it in the fire. Make a statement of intent. As the fire consumes these things, you can name them, or situation which no longer serve me, may my heart, passion, spirit and courage be reborn on this New Moon.  

Practice PYROMANCY-Divination with Fire

4. Gaze into the fire, ask your question. Watch the flames for images or pictures. Allow the images to come to you. You may see fire spirits, your ancestors, and your true hearts’ strength speaking or signaling to you through the flames.


You can do this alone, as a New Moon is traditionally a solitary time for women only to gather together in their Red Tents or to be alone. This is a Tantric breathing technique to open your chakras. Starting with your root chakra, you can imagine breathing in the fire power of the SUN into your root. Breathe slowly and naturally deepening your breath. Take your time, you may feel a sexual energy, tingle or jolt in your body. This is a sign of the chakra opening. Women can very easily have full body orgasms from this technique. You need to control the breath and slowly breathe the fire up through the chakras, right to the crown chakra.


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