Leo New Moon,may the force…Astrology

New Moon’s are always times of new beginnings in the monthly cycle. La Luna, call her Goddess Diana or Selene, has withdrawn into her own cosmic womb space for three days to rest and renew Herself. We are in the Dark or Black Moon times; very intuitive, magical, especially feminine and receptive. These three days are the most mystery filled time of the month. We are in the void, safe in the dark, receptive non-knowing space.

black panther astrology tara greene

This Leo New Moon carries the energies of a witch’s familiar, a black cat’s energy which deflects negative energy.  The New Moon is at 10+ degrees LEO involves our hearts and our wills. This is a very erotic dramatic joyful playful black panther energy. Call on the power of the panther into your life, a super powerful shamanic animal.

 The New Moon day begins with a very fiery positive BANG as MARS re-enters Sagittarius for the first time since May 27.  

If you’re reading this, congratulations, you survived Mars Retrograde in Scorpio.

 The energies stirred up by Mars in Scorpio have been very angry, deeply soul-stirring. Mars in one of his home signs has been a time of deeply intense, obsessive and often painful shadow work, whether we entered that realm by choice or not. Many relationships broke up during this period.  Secrets have come out into the light, hacking, deception, manipulation, power and control issues are plain to see. The obsessive, darkly sexual qualities will definitely lift with the warrior in Sagittarius again.  Wherever Mars is, is where the action is. Mars is  pure energy, fire, passion, sexuality, testosterone, drive, initiating, defensiveness. Women have their own inner Masculine side too. 

Mars first entered SAGITTARIUS on March 5th. Think back; what was happening almost 5 months ago? What types of emotional changes have you gone through? MARS in Sagittarius brings back our sense of humor, our optimism, justice, inspiration, adventurous thrill seeking, yearning to travel and explore. Sagittarius energy seeks wide open spaces, mystical metaphysical  information and connects us with spiritual faith. We want to learn, to teach and share philosophical beliefs.  Mars in Sagittarius makes everyone feel much at ease, open and accepting. We are out of the boiling cauldron and into the positive fire.  There a lot of  positive energy at this New Moon.

Mars in SAGITTARIUS lights the fires of truth-telling in politics. Many people will be digging up the dirt on both leaders. Especially angry as hell at the DNC are Bernie followers who justifiably won’t quit or back HILLARY. His young followers are still passionate idealists and he has started a revolutionary fervor which won’t die out. Don’t expect politics to settle down in the U.S. or in the rest of the World either as Turkey is now a very worrisome place as is Russia. Mars in Sagittarius is literally foreign religious warriors. Daesh is a religious based Terrorist organization and we will continue, unfortunately, to hear more in France, Germany and other places.  

MARS at zero degrees Sagittarius squares REGULUS the Star which marks “Heart of the Lion” now at zero degrees VIRGO. This helps us to activate our solar, higher heart chakras connecting us with the ArchAngel Raphael who symbolizes this degree.  Raphael’s energy is a beautiful emerald green ray of light. Meditate on this energy and send it out to the world with the courage and strength of the Force to help heal the earth. 

MARS is sexual energy and its being squared by the Asteroid EROS in Pisces @ 6 degrees and opposing Mercury in VIRGO at 4 degrees. This creates a new spark and awareness of the body as the nexus of spiritual and sexual erotic energy. Do what you love to do. Is it painting, yoga, photography, dancing, singing, helping others, ? 

 There a lot of UP positive energy at this New Moon. 

The Moon in Leo is STRENGTH, in French La Force, literally The Force, as in “May the force be with you.” in Star Wars.  Usually symbolized by card #8 or #11

Strength Tarot Card, Tara Greene

The Marseilles Pattern Tarot 18th C. 

Moon Trines SATURN in SAGITTARIUS  which creates a positive sense of purpose and maturity especially in the political ring. 

Venus is also in LEO the sign of love affairs, creativity, children and will power.  It is women’s time to be in the starring role right now. The Symbol of STRENGTH is very much Venus in LEO. LEO is ruled by the SUN. Shine like gold.

Venus is Trine to the Galactic Center at 27 degrees SAGITTARIUS, indicating a great time to tap into the highest consciousness available from that black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy.  

CHIRON at 24+ PISCES opposes JUPITER in VIRGO and they both square the Galactic Center. A great time to meditate on the miracle of being conscious in a human body and ask to receive Divine connection and healing. 

NEPTUNE and SATURN Retrograde are squaring off.

 Saturn stations DIRECT August 13th @ 10 degrees SAGE after being Retro since March 25 @ 16 degrees SAGE.   Neptune is also conjunct the SOUTH NODE of the Moon at 12 degrees PISCES. Indicating that old karmic connections are being washed away. Old belief systems illusions and projections is being dissolved. Old friends, ways of being and martyrdom is passing away. Let it go and Bless it. 

Saturn stations DIRECT August 13 at 10 degrees after being Retro since March 25 at 16 degrees SAGE.  These two planets are creating that fierce huge polarization we see in the world these days. Projections are being met with cold hard Saturn boundaries of reality, limits and karmic testing. Will you go all Neptunian playing Pokemon Go or will you stop and face the music?  Neptune is the place of no differentiation, non-duality, only compassionate love, “no religion too”as John Lennon wrote in the Most Neptunian, idealistic songs “Imagine. ” Saturn is in another Beatles song ‘Taxman.” I’ve gone all sentimental and find comfort listening to my teenage heroes the Beatles again as my form of a Neptunian coping mechanism. 

NOTE: Saturn and Neptune will be powerfully involved in September 1st New Moon Solar Eclipse and will have their final square on September 10th @ 10+ degrees 

NEPTUNE and PLUTO create a Finger of  GOD to the New Moon at 10+ degrees LEO 

Neptune in PISCES and PLUTO are in a Sextile aspect and they both form a 150-degree quincunx or inconjunct to the New Moon. This is the famous Yod aspect. We need to focus our hearts and wills through spiritual eyes and incorporate our soul’s physicality in Capricorn. Corporate simply means corporeal, the body, manifestation, 3 D. Ruled by Saturn.

Our dreams and our willpower are out of kilter. Neptune rules oil, the image that popped into my mind is that perhaps we have to oil up the “tin man” our defenses. In the Wizard of Oz, the Tin Man desperately wants a heart as he symbolizes the cold, mechanical human as a machine or cog in the wheel. Tin is Jupiter’s metal, ruler of Sagittarius BTW. 

Use this New Moon to set powerful new intentions. We are coming up to Septembers very busy Eclipse season. This is the time to shine your light, roar with courage, let passion guide you and be the Light. 

I will have part 2 with John Sandbach’s symbols to follow.

Please share widely. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Air and Water astrology by Tara Greene

Moon is in electrifying air sign of Aquarius, early Oct 3

The mood is detached, we can see things from a new perspective and higher consciousness.

Moon already squared Mercury- getting ready to go RETROGRADE Oct 4 @ 10:02 am EDT/1:02 pm PDT.

A couple of lovely trines today;

Moon to VENUS in LIBRA early in the day

Sweet mental  connectivity, love is in the air, seek out those who are on the higher vibration of things. Move forwards with the intention of creating a new revolutionary intention in your love life  One which seeks true balance, no blame, and being sojourners of the heart united.

Moon TRINES SUN @ 6:55 pm PDT/ 9:55 pm EDT

You may not see it. But you can feel it. This is harmonious masculine and feminine energy.

Detachment is a huge part of Buddhist teachings. No drama. no fear.= FREEDOM for U and everyone to shine.

VENUS quincunx Neptune in Pisces in the evening.

THE TWO PLANETS OF LOVE  gets entangled by co-dependence. Free yourself  from those unconscious must do’s for others. It’s not true. Love shouldn’t hurt.

INSPIRATIONAL Card of the Day the 8 of cups 

The 8’s are transition numbers. When you turn 8 horizontally it becomes the INFINITY Symbol.  In the Thoth deck it appears very negative.

Thoth Tarot  8 of cups

8 of cups Thoth Tarot astrology Tara Greene

The card shows emotional energies which are stuck, swamped, drained, scattered, tired. We are going through some very intense times now. Just  before a total Lunar eclipse plus the last 2 years of the Grand Cardinal Crosses. We can easily be feeling emotionally frazzled as if  our wounds are wide open and oozing. Our energy is leaking everywhere, as if we’ve been shot 8 times. Where are we giving our energy to things that do not emotionally help us in any way?  What do we get out of this? There is always a reason we stay stuck,  in a bad relationship, job or limitations.

Here’s a very different card with the same signature. A remedy.


Yoga Tarot Astrology Tara Greene

8 of Chalices


By sitting still we can repair and center. MAKE the TIME. If only for 10 minutes. Slow your breathing down. Moon is in Aquarius the electrifying breath of life. Breathing is key.

Close your  eyes and center your breath into your spine, the central channel. Visualize your roots going down from the bottom of your spine like a beautiful graceful willow tree which gets its nutrients from down way deep in the earth. I just meditated and sat under a beautiful one this morning.

The deeper your breath the more you center. Allow your mind come to a gradual stillness. Discard all thoughts that come into your head.  BE still and know. Be where you are. You will get clear, your emotions will settle like the sun sparkling on a still lake. Then you will know what to do.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Walking on sunshine Katrina & The Waves 






COSMIC clearing ,10 step ritual, WORLD TAROT DAY

May 21-23   MOON is in PISCES the most spiritual compassionate and dreamy of all signs.

Jupiter is in Cancer and is fertile and expansive trining Saturn in Scorpio- the soul depths and in trine to Chiron in Pisces the wounded healer is approaching exactitude May 24.

Someone’s getting married that day.

This is an incredibly rare healing dreaming cleansing karma opportunity you don’t want to miss.

MOON conjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES May 21 at 9:05 pm PDT so use this divine timing to call upon ANGELS,  high level spiritual beings to visit you in your dreams tonight and tomorrow as well.

May 22 MOOn sextiles Pluto conjuncts CHIRON, TRINES JUPITER and SATURN and squares MERCURY in GEMINI.

Moon goes Void of course  May 23 @ 2:25 am EDT until 12:01 pm EDT.


Do this near a natural waterway river, ocean or lake. Or just  fill a bathtub or sink with water.

I will be at the lovely GRAIL SPRINGS SPA in Bancroft Ontario leading a ritual there at my workshop.

YOU WILL NEED -A CLEAR GLASS JAR, some smudge or incense, a white candle.

ALWAYS smudge or cleanse your aura and psychic field first. Light the candle.

YOu can listen to the music link at bottom

1. CALL IN GUARDIAN ANGELS TO PROTECT YOU – the 4 archangels and your own personal angels. 

INVOKE the energies of JUPITER- sacred law giver and Saturn – the cosmic cop, to be with you and bless you.

2. Make a list of everything you have done that you feel regretful, angry, unable to let go of. Be very honest with yourself.

3. YOU need to really FEEL the emotion. The karmic super glue is the emotions held in the body, in your cellular consciousness.  Don’t be afraid of being overwhelmed by them. Yes there may be deep-seated  anger if you were sexually emotionally physically mentally abused in one way or another. REMEMBER you have angelic protection and are safe.


FRIDA KAHLO, Tara Greene Astrology


4. Imagine the feelings, releasing themselves from every cell and fibre of your being. Be with this feeling for as long as you can. Intensify it, you may start sobbing and shaking.  That’s good. Visualize the karmic glue and all the issue pouring out from your stomach, solar plexus, from all of your chakras and out the top of your head and into the glass jar. Feel it as a stream with its own currents, you will see the jar fill up with sludgy, dirty water on the etheric level. If you don’t actually see that  simply sense it, imagine it.

5. WHEn you feel that you have expelled every  particle of the karmic emotions from your being, See them as  detached and observe all of the emotional lessons that you experienced that is knowledge, pain, human suffering, karmic lessons that have brought you awareness, knowledge and wisdom. Be grateful for these hard painful soul lessons. THE GRATITUDE and awareness of what the painful lessons have taught you is key to this process.

6. WHEN you feel absolutely clean, cleared and that you have new knowing and understanding. Slowly pour the emotions which may appear invisible in the jar into the body of water or sink. 

7. Know that you have released a great deal of old karmic shit. FEEL IT.

8. Thanks the angels for being with you. Know that all time is NOW. You have taken responsibility that’s Saturn- for you SOUL’s karmic lessons and are now clear to move forwards in your life. 

9. Write down what you felt, thought and learned.  

10. You may feel disoriented, definitely lighter, very vulnerable and open, curious,elated, scared. It’s important  that you create an invisible psychic protective shield over you as you are open, new and vulnerable. Yes their are negative entities everywhere who feed off of negative emotions. You have just starved them out.  IMAGINE a violet circle of light around you which is always protecting you. 

INVOKE these words

I am totally protected by the Ultra violet flame. Only loving energies angels and entities may enter my circle.  Say HO ,AHO or So Mote it be.


all writing is copyright of TARA GREENE
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Angel of the healing waters MUSIC only by Eric Berglund





Monday Horoscope daily Inspirational card

Moon in CANCER starts the week. It is the Moon’s day -Moonday/ Monday

CANCER is hyper emotional, needs emotional security. CANCER’s naturally nurturing to others.

Cancer in the Tarot is the CHARIOT Trump # 7

2014 = number 7. This is a microcosmos symbol today.

the Chariot Sissi Tarot

Moon joins jovial  JUPITER in the middle of night PDT,early am EDT.

JUPITER expands your dreams.
You may not feel like getting out of you safe, comfy bed but you can greet the day feeling BOUNTIFUL,UP, with ABUNDANT emotions. 

Moon bed Astrology Tara Greene


Moon BED

FEELINGS  then becoming freedom seeking and chaotic as Moon squares rebellious Uranus in ARIES.- Expect emotional shocks, and unexpected expressions.

MOON opposes PLUTO in CAPRICORN around noon EDT =
home vs career, nurture vs corporate duty. Split in two. POWER STruggles with kids, family.

Moon trines CHIRON in PISCES –

crying is healing.
Mercury Squares Saturn in SCORPIO Retrograde late PDT/ MArch 11  EDT

Use this aspect to dive deep into your shadow dreams. Question your motivations, fears, what angers you, jealousy, possessiveness, control issues.

Couple of nice water trines 


Nice energy but maybe too emotional? 


Moon quincunx Mercury in Aquarius

Communications are awkward, Lost in translation.


family imbalances can be rectified. Don’t be afraid to speak up.

MOON LIGHTS UP in the evening entering ROYAL LEO

till Friday.


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MONDAY MONDAY the Mamas and the Papas  


2014 Astrology Horoscopes X BOX forecasts by Tara Greene

I wrote yesterday about MARS in LIBRA for 7+ months and its effects on Libra & those born with Pluto & Saturn in Libra.

I am feeling pretty buzzed. Sun’s in Sagittarius and Mercury just entered it to. I have both Sun Moon And Mercury in my Natal Birth Chart. I am gazing in to my crystal Ball for you. Got specific questions? Please ask.

I have now dubbed the GRAND CARDINAL CROSS Energy of 2012-2015 

X BOX Grand Cardinal Cross Tara Greene Astrology


Whatever is out there in popular culture also has a cleverly disguised hidden spiritual pun or deeper meaning. You can see it everywhere if you look or know how to look. A Grand Cardinal Cross is = to an X Box. That explains why they are so popular.

More about MARS IN LIBRA 

ARIES Rams – 7+ months of  “Not tonight honey, I’ve got a headache.” Butting your hard horny heads at an airy dervish.

sexy 50;s Astrology Tara Greene

Aries you are WEAKENED, dare we say emasculated by  MARS IN LIBRA, like Sampson having his head shorn by Delilah.

Mars in Libra may have you feeling like you’ve head master planet has betrayed you.

MARS is pussy footing around- excuse the ahem, pun in VENUS owned Libra for 7 + months.

It’s a good thing as Martha Stewart Says if you’re willing to lay down your arms, stop fighting, being the HERO.

Many soldiers are committing suicide these days because they can’t take the stress of killing.

ARIES the ALL FOR ONE Sign is being force-fed the We’re in this together, the ALL FOR TWO Libra sign.

MARRIAGE? Living together? Single no more? Could be a good thing for lots of peeps. 

You may as well stay in bed. Take a breather, sabbatical,  find a way to bide your time.

PATIENCE???? an unknown word to ARIES something you will have to swallow.

You may need Geritol ,VAM an Aphrodisiac to keep it up. You are being lured, pulled, prodded seduced into the Feminine. No man or woman is an island.

You can go willingly or fight it. The choice is yours.


especially the Pluto in Libra and SATURN in LIBRA generation

-see previous article https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/2013/12/04/mars-in-libra-men-are-from-venus-in-2014-astrology-from-tara-greene/

YOU GOTS PLANETS or ANGLES between 8- 17 degrees of ARIES, Aries ASCENDANT  ETC. 

Don’t forget URANUS SITTING on your SUN at 8-16 degree ARIES  if you are BORN -March 29- April 6th of any year

Mark these times on the 2014 calendar

You wont be in the pink till July 25 when MARS enters his home sign of SCORPIO and then even hotter and healthier than ever when JUPITER enters RED HOT LEO on JULY 16.

Plus you will also be squared away by PLUTO In CAPRICORN  from 11- 14 degrees all year

Jupiter in CANCER from 10 degrees Cancer- 29.59 Cancer.



Don’t bite your fingernails, hide your head in the sand, blame the others, have a shotgun wedding, drive racing cars, lift excessive weights,

DO NOT ESCAPE BY PLAYING with your XBOX all the time.

 It’s just a metaphor for the crucible,the crux, it sounds more moderne. Hipster?

YOU WILL NEED HELP- get a reading here from Tara http://www.taratarot.com


all writing copyright TARA GREENE

DELILAH Tom Jones 


Sagittarius New Moon, Ode to joy of sex, Astrology from Tara Greene

Did you know that EVERY NEW MOON is a time of HI LOVE MAKING as it is the Union of the Sun and the Moon?

Yes they do it in the dark,it is secret. but we can certainly feel it, sense it, meditate on it. 

Happens at 4:22 pm PST/7:22 pm EDT 10 degrees 59 minutes of Sagittarius close to ANTARES. MARs’ rival.

Sagittarius Horse year

All Sagittarius New Moons should have you feeling up, passionate,they are  EZ going, teaching, philosophizing, funny.

Sagittarius, the 9th sign and house, is always the truth seeker, finding a higher peak,  to inspire, to inquire.

Sagittarius is a half human, half equine character. It’s partly wild, seeking freedom, truth, justice, honesty.

Sag. is ruled by the PLanet JUPITER, KING of the GODs. CUE: Wear PURPLE to honor JOVE/Zeus.


so I would recommend that you use this backwards glance time  as an ample opportunity to review,

 and look over your mane into how 2013 was. This is the last New moon of this year. 2014 is a HORSE YEAR in the CHINESE Zodiac.

JUPITER is also in quincunx to the SUN AND MOON. So that is an outsider aspect. It’s like meeting an alien and expecting to be able to converse in English. No comprende? so 

URANUS trining this Sag. NEW MOON.- means bringing on the shiny new everything, technology too,

it’s also bring on NEW CHAOS, the Sun’s poles are about to reverse any moment. Seriously.- see link below

GODDESSES VESTA of the hearth flame and New Planetoid Ceres are opposite Uranus. The 2 Goddesses, of Mothering and focussing are in LIBRA indicating we need to balance by focussing on the DIVINE FEMININE energy. 

SATURN  @ 17 degrees Scorpio and square to Goddess JUNO- the Goddess of FEMININE genius and fertility. Yes She is teaching Saturn a lesson or two. Traditionally SATURN was the Great Mother. We come through spirit via the portals of our mother’s wombs and are birthed into Saturn’s realm. Makes sense, just think about it. Rebirth symbolism.


Jupiter and Venus in Capricorn are still in opposition a very luscious aspect too. Earthifying.

CHIRON the Wounded HEALER also a CENTAUR like the Sagittarius symbol,

is square to the SUN/Moon lovers so great TANTRIC HEALING CAN OCCUR. Chiron was a dream and visualization healer.

I would set aside time to meditate at this New Moon and call upon the Higher Master TEACHERS who are supposed to  reside on JUPITER, in esoteric tradition.


As with all ceremony,smudge to cleans yourself and the area first, 4 candles for the 4 directions. Always align with the earth and the sky and all your relations. Call in the 4 elements and directions starting EAST and moving clock-wise. Visualize the earth being healed by ultra violet rays of light coming from the SUN MOON and JUPITER , through your will heart and 3rd eye chakra. Breathe in the inner lover, visualize what the SUN and Moon making love would feel like. Align with that love vibe and enjoy the ride as your chakras open and you experience bliss, orgasm on a pure vibration level. 

This is total ALchemy.  


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Sun’s magnetic field’s to flip http://blogs.vancouversun.com/2013/11/28/suns-magnetic-field-will-soon-flip-presenting-us-with-a-light-show/

potlatch- SLEEP AT THE swamp { 02} 


DECEMBER Is very busy I’ll post all the aspects tomorrow