Fate Free will and Snake wisdom

After meditating yesterday and feeling I was unable to do anything purposeful except cooking a lovely dinner. I am still in tranced out mode. I was led to this. 

Asteroid LACHESIS #120 The Allotter of life

Discovered April 10, 1872, by Alphonse Borrely in Marseille France. Its orbit is 5 years 182 days and it is slightly less than 130 miles in diameter.

LACHESIS is one of the 3 FATES or MORAI in the Greek Myths. In Nordic myths they are called the Norns. 

Fate Free Will Astrology Tara Greene

The three Fates by Paul Thumman 19th C.

The first Fate Sister is CLOTHO the spinner- obviously, this goddess rules the spinning of the web of life itself. Her Roman name is NONA which means nine and she was identified with the 9th month of pregnancy. The nine is also the last number in the sequence. Nona is still used in Italy for grandmother. Clotho is the Goddess whose root word is clothing weaving and fate.

LACHESIS is the middle Morai. She measures out the thread of life.

ATROPOS the 3rd sister is the cutter of the thread of life. She chooses the manner and time of each person’s death.

Why have I been drawn to Lachesis right now? 

Asteroid Lachesis is a chord cutter of fate. She is a determiner of free will choice. CHOICE is a huge gift and a responsibility. We all have the ability to choose our fates to some degree.  


LACHESIS helps us to cut karmic chords to have the FREE WILL to change a habit behavior or karmic contract.  

We keep hearing about BE the CHANGE.

Lachesis helps us to do that. 

There is also a Homeopathic remedy called Lachesis. One of the major ones. I have taken it myself. I came across this fascinating article which I will post part of below

Under the 5 planet PISCES “Life AQUATIC” these days. If you haven’t seen that film it’s a terrific Wes Anderson film starring Bill Muray who is in almost every movie Wes has made. Very apropos.

It may be dawning upon us how we may be sinking our own ships- a very Pisces theme of self-sabotage. Being conscious of how we unconsciously choose to give our power away play the victim or martyr through weak or leaky boundaries is the first step to change. 

The12th house PISCES amplification of energy right now is to help us end our ancient karmic contracts that have held us back kept us blinded and in bondage.  It’s not healthy to love to be enslaved and tortured.

 Remember CHIRON the Wounded Healer is making its way through the last most critical degrees of PISCES and will enter ARIES which symbolizes a new instant healing spiritual enlightenment zap beginning this spring and into 2019.

This enables us to see ourselves at cause and not effect as victims. Choose consciously to honor your pain; to move through it away from guilt and blame. Choose to heal your blindness and ignorance through unconditional love right now. It was never your fault that things turned out the way they have. If you want to call them archons nasty E.T.’s the Rothschild’s or Deep State or the Devil we have been interfered with and infected for a very long time. The war is getting heavier by the moment though. It is the MATRIX folks take the proper pill and wake up now. 

 ASTEROID  Lachesis is today at 5+ degrees ARIES squaring SATURN in CAPRICORN

The meaning to me is to learn what you will allot your precious Saturn time to. 

Read more about LACHESIS by David Lilley a Fellow of the Faculty of Homeopathy.

“The snake is one of the most powerful symbols in the homeopathic materia medica, and none more so than Lachesis, the dreaded Bushmaster, a pit-viper of the Amazon basin. The longest and largest viper in the world, growing to over three meters in length, Lachesis is a magnificent creature, with a massive body as thick as a man’s thigh, a short tail and a wicked-looking, triangular head, which broadens towards the back. Highly poisonous, it possesses fangs three centimeters in length and hypodermic scimitars capable of stabbing deeply into its victim’s tissues.”

Snakes have always symbolized libido. Traditionally they symbolize women’s sexuality and her menstrual cycle. Snakes also symbolize kundalini sacred sexual enlightenment energy. 

“This libido energy is also available for the highest purposes of our existence and can transcend into poetry, art, literature, and music. The tendency to transcend and sublimate such energy into the arts by ardent, passionate and turbulent souls of this archetype is empowered by one of the best-known characteristics of Lachesis – its left-sidedness. The internal anatomy of the snake has had to be radically modified in order to accommodate the internal organs in such a narrow elongated body. Throughout the unique adaptations to internal anatomy peculiar to snakes, we see a sacrificial degeneration in the left-sided organs. Translated into human pathology this is presented as physical dysfunction of the left side of the body, but the mental stage upon which this dysfunction is enacted is the right cerebral hemisphere, which is the seat of our intuitive, artistic, imaginative and creative self. It is the stimulus of this dysfunction that can transform a gift into genius. Lachesis can soar like a phoenix!”

It’s a fascinating article.


Remember I said that the Star Bird was a Phoenix? 

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