Mardis Gras, updates of this week

Post Pisces Solar Eclipse mayhem. We’re still in it until the first sliver of the New Moon.


I quite liked the MARS/ERIS/URANUS in ARIES /JUPITER in LIBRA opposition.

I had a lucid dream with Ryan Gosling in it last night. He was very nice and wanted to help me. 

It’s the Last day of FEBRUARY.  It’s TUESDAY, this is MARS’ DAY and fittingly the Moon is in ARIES, MARS’s sign.

The aspects are easy today. ARIES moon conjuncts VENUS. 

That’s it. You deserve a break. It won’t last long. Take it while you can.

March 1st

The Aries MOON makes cardinal crosses to PLUTO in CAPRICORN conjuncts URANUS ERIS and MARS in ARIES, opposes JUPITER in LIBRA and trines SATURN in SAGITTARIUS. 

The MOON goes Void of course at 6:18 pm PDT

It’s fiery and watery.

fire and water elements Tara Greene

SUN conjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES this is an annual, once a year event.

Don’t operate heavy machinery. Be careful with drugs, medications and alcohol. Your vision may be blurry. Reality is a dream. The dream is reality. LA LA LAND indeed. 

You’ll be wearing the rose colored glasses. It can be love at first projection. 

It’s Very very creative, a great day for channeling, meditation, making art, poetry, dancing, singing, joy, dreaming, visualizations and Writing big cheques from the Universe.

Try to stay grounded. 

Help arrives as the MOON enters earthy TAURUS at 11:43 pm PST/ MArch 2nd.

There are more shocks in store this week.

MArch 2 JUPITER opposes URANUS in ARIES and ERIS 

shocks awe, freedom, more chaos, 

March 4 VENUS turns RETROGRADE – more about that in depth soon


speaking from spirit, speaking with spirits. Channeling beings from higher planes of existence. Channeling creativity, arts, romance. Speaking in tongues. 

MArch 5


Good for the pursuit of adventure, travels, taking risks, starting wars, publishing, freedom, sparking justice, insisting on the truth or else, teaching, barring foreigners, and religious wars. It’s very masculine energy. 

Stay grounded. Stay open here the winds of change blowing….

I am enjoying the shift. I am listening to voice I haven’t heard in many years. Tears come up from time to time. 

Sending you blessings

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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