Leo Strength and Drama time


Leo Season

Sidney Hall_ Urania’s Mirror-_Leo Major and_Leo Minor Sidney Hall [Public domain]

The SUN KING, Apollo, rides his golden chariot into his HOME sign, LEO July 22 @ 1:37 am PDT/ 4:37 am EDT/ 9:37 am GMT under a LEO moon. A doubly dramatic entance. The LION KING, Ra, The Sun King or Queen. In Japan the Sun is Goddess Ameratsu.

This is a double double LEO DRAMA time. It’s HOT. Full of desire, pride, energy, firepower, courage, charisma, strength, creativity, leadership and also the child and children.

LEO, the 5th sign, is symbolized by the Constellation of the Lion, considered to be the KING and Queen of BEASTS. Female Lions rule their prides.  LEO rules the HEART, love affairs, giving love, children, creative self- expression, will power, pride, courage, EGO, DRAMA, actors, leaders, the ROYALS, luxury, gold and red, orange, yellow, excess, strength,  Bohemians, Damascus Syria, the stage, heart attacks, brokers, movie theatres, government, the spine, bright yellow stones citrine, yellow diamonds, sapphires.

The 5th sign is akin to the ancient 5th element, which is SPIRIT, symbolized always by the SUN and GOLD. Gold prices always rise when major planets are in LEO.  The Sun is the SOURCE of all Light, Life, STARS, consciousness, God, awareness. The heart and God are one. 

The Ancient Egyptians and the Incans and many many indigenous cultures worshiped the Sun God. Native American men do the Sundance and pierce themselves as they dance towards a central pole to imitate the sacrifice that women go through in giving birth and in bleeding monthly.

In 2020 The COMET NEOWISE makes its closest approach to the Earth in conjunction.

The Feast of Mary Magdalene is JULY 22, a very dramatic event with a strong passionate woman who was never a prostitute but a Sacred High Priestess who taught and supported Jesus. 

The helical rising of Sirius, the Star which the U.S. sun is tied to, is on the 23rd followed by the Mayan New Year, the Day Out Of Time July 25th which coincides with the opening of the Lion’s Gate through till August 8. 8/8


July 31 SUN trines CHIRON in ARIES

August 1 SUN squares URANUS in TAURUS

MERCURY enters LEO August 4/5 to amp up the hotness.

August 10/11 SUN inconjunct JUPITER in CAPRICORN


August 15 SUN inconjunct PLUTO in CAPRICORN

August 16 SUN trines MARS in ARIES

August 17 SUN conjunct MERCURY

August 18 NEW MOON SUN inconjuncts SATURN in CAPRICORN.

LEO  rules actors and DRAMA, so expect more hot drama tea.

While the SUN is in LEO  Don’t hide your LIGHT, let is shine for all to see.

You are the main player, the director and the STAR of your own lifedrama. “All the world’s a stage” said Shakespeare. Be aware of all the dramas you create or allow into your life. 

Muster your courage and really GO FOR IT. 

Treat yourself well, healthy pride based on positive self- esteem is good.  But also watch your EGO demanding too much attention.

PLAY with your inner child.

Do something nice for an underprivileged child, so many are denied the most basic of life’s necessities while we mainly live like King’s and Queen’s here in the West. This leo energy also ties in with the current sexual abuse child trafficking of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell and other abducted slave traded children.

DANCE, be happy, get creative, Enjoy the SUN.  

We were all originally made from LIGHT, we are the LIGHT, 

BE CONSCIOUS of everything you do. STAY IN Your heart.

LEO is the Card of STRENGTH in the TAROT #11  or #8

The card of STRENGTH traditionally has a woman opening the jaws of a lion. She has a LEMNISCATE or INFINITY symbol hovering over her head. There are thousands of variations on this symbol now. Sometimes it is #8 or #11. Too complicated to get into now.

The Card symbolizes the will over the bestial, lower animal nature, greed, survival, vanity, jealousy, and everything which LOWERS one’s consciousness.

That ability of the Feminine- the Soul, LOVE to control the lower animal nature is a mind/heart/spirit focus which is called KUNDALINI energy.  

The highest SOLAR consciousness is available to us at this time. The  SOLAR LOGOS as Theosophist Alice Bailey referred to it, is the highest Light Master teachings available the same as Buddha, Christ etc.  


President Obama, Daniel Radcliff, Chris Hemsworth, President Bill Clinton, Director James Cameron, Mick Jagger, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Shawn Mendes, Cole and Dylan Sprouse, Lawrence Fishburne, Terry Crews, Tony Bennett, Dustin Hoffman, Steve Martin, Joe Jonas, Ben Affleck, Steve Carrell, Robert DeNiro, Edward Norton, 


Meghan Markle, Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, J.K. Rowling, Viola Davis, Jennifer Larence, Lucille Ball, Coco Chanel, Madonna, Kristin Chenoweth, Elizabeth Moss, Sandra Bullock, Helen Mirren, Maya Rudolph, Kate Bush, Lisa Kudrow, Vivica A. Fox, Greta Gerwig, Charlize Theron, Whitney Houston, Anna Kendrick, Mila Kunis, Cara Delevigne, Halle Berry, Amy Adams, 


Amelia Earhart, Aldous Huxley, Stanley Kubrick, George Bernard Shaw, Henry Ford, Emily Bronte, Percy Shelley, Herman Melville, Andy Warhol, Alfred Hitchcock, Napoleon, Cecil B. Demille, Sri Aurobindo, Robert Graves, Madame Blavatsky,


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Wealthiest celebrities according to their Zodiac signs,

Reposting an article from the Daily Mail on the wealthiest celebrities according to Forbes and their astrology signs. Guess which sign is the richest? Is it hard working grounded Capricorn? I gotta be a star Leo?


Kylie Jenner-Travis Scott baby Astrology

Congrats to Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott on the birth of their baby daughter. Let’s find out who this little girl is from her Natal chart.

Born February 1st @ 4:43 pm in Los Angeles a healthy baby girl. She is born a day after a powerful LEO Lunar Eclipse which will have an effect on her destiny.

Kylie Jenner Travis Scott baby astrology Tara Greene

The quintuple AQUARIAN with SUN plus North Node of the Moon in conjunction with VENUS and JUNO in her 7th house will be an extraordinarily unique beauty genius and sought after female genius and “trophy wife”. The Sun conjunct the North Node is the eclipse signature. The South Node is a past life indicator and to have your Sun connected to it means she comes into this life closely connected to her past. She has been a renegade; a rebel; someone who breaks up the status quo; a suffragette; a brilliant woman inventor; a radical Queen; a woman who defied those in power; someone who will continue to march to her own beat and in this life and who has the opportunity with her North Node- her highest spiritual goal in LEO in her first house of self-identity conjunct CERES the Great Mother to be the Star the Queen the woman with all the power now. She gets her power from her Mother and all the women  around her. 

She will inherit the good looks from her mother’s family with Venus opposite Ceres. She will be very close to Kyylie although they are opposites. Kylie is a LEO born August 10 1997 and Travis is a TAURUS born April 30 1992. All of them have strong fixed sign influence and will all be butting heads with each other.

She has an LEO Ascendant and will be proudly dramatic craving the spotlight and being the center of attention. 

The MOON represents her mother. The Moon in Virgo indicated that she will be vulnerable to digestive issues. She will likely have colic. I saw that her mom was eating hamburgers and french fries fast food. Very low-quality vibration food. I don’t know if she was eating this way all the time But this little girl will need to eat organic most likely vegan very pure food. Moon in Virgo describes the mother as shy grounded in her body connected to the simple things deep down; being in touch with nature and a very hard worker and a perfectionist. The little girl will emotionally be a worrying type very conscious of criticism and very industrious and disciplined. 

Travis the dad is symbolized by SATURN in CAPRICORN in her 5th house of creativity love heart and willpower.  As Saturn governs Capricorn she will find her dad being a creative reserved but big-hearted strong responsible old-fashioned rather protective conservative father. 

The baby girl’s quintuple AQUARIUS planets are governed by URANUS in ARIES which sits right at the top of her chart like the star on a Christmas tree in ARIES indicating that this girl will do something big inventive and radical. Uranus governs new technology perhaps she will invent some creative new form of business management or contribute to the world scientifically. Contrarily she could feel so in the center of the public eye and at the same time unable to fit in and she may want to escape it.

Her Moon is opposite NEPTUNE in PISCES

This makes this girl extremely sensitive psychic and spiritual. Shecaould naturally be very artistic or musical. She will need to be protected from the usual environment which most people take for granted.  Because her mother and Grandmother aunts and dad are so famous she will always be in the public eye. She is a big psychic sponge and may get lost in everyone around her and be unable to have any boundaries. For her heightened sensitivity to be in the public eye is very dangerous for her. Neptune is in her 8th house of power transformation finance inheritance sexuality { Scorpio-like} squaring her MARS in SAGITTARIUS in her 5th house of creativity children love affairs and willpower.  This is a difficult aspect. There is an element of addictions to drugs alcohol escapism debt glamour worship fantasy denial gambling chance risk-taking living fast and dangerously. She will be incredibly honest and seek the truth. She will be like a walking lie detector able to detect bullshit miles away. She will hate phoniness.  This may put her at odds with the lifestyle of the Kardashians. She may rebel and self-destruct because she has too much attention and people wanting to have pieces of her. It isn’t easy for a soul to choose this kind of life although it seems like fame and fortune make life easy it also comes at a huge cost. Alternatively, she can use the immense wealth behind her to be a philanthropist and support many good causes. She will love to travel to learn and animals. She will have a quirky sense of humor. She could be very competitive and sporty. She could also invent new technologies to save animals and anyone who is neglected. If she remembers her own past life as a renegade and outcast she can make good use of all of the power and fame at her disposal. 

She has a Grand Earth trine


This is a very powerful practical aspect. This girl will be a strong  leader for women who can be an excellent strategist in business. She may be a leader for women’s rights refusing to back down or be considered anything less than equal. Men will find her very attractive but will also be terrified of her power.

With JUPITER in SCORPIO in her 4th house square VENUS

She will never lack for money power and being able to control her destiny from her childhood. Venus rules beauty and her mother is already multi-millionairess at 20 from her cosmetics company. The daughter will very likely follow in her footsteps or be a designer. Venus in the 7th  means she needs to be desired and to be in relationships but to people who are different original unique like herself. All that AQUARIAN energy makes one very often feel like they came from some other universe. She may find it had to fit in. She is seeking spiritual connection deep down. It is very important that she finds it. 

as for names, I don’t think Kylie needs to have a different noun name like Kim and Kanye have. The baby’s father Travis’s real name is Jacques Webster. I feel they will do something more traditional.

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