Law of Attraction, the force is with you today

The hyped-up action oriented Rammin’ ARIES MOON time is always hyper energetic. 

Moon is inconjunct {135 degrees} Mars in the early bird morning.

You may awake feeling irritated, headachy and clenching your teeth, or may have disturbing dreams.  Try not to be be too impatient. Yah right, LOL Aries peeps.
Moon trines Saturn in Sagittarius – FIRE TRINE @ 12+ degrees SAGE, conjunct  GREAT ATTRACTOR

You can attract anything you want.  Focus on your inner fire, what the Buddhist call the Tumo or dumo fire. This is kundalini energy. Your fire is your passion drive desire, sexuality, hunger, erotic life force energy. What turns you on? dancing, singing? lovemaking? gardening?


law of passion, attraction, Tara Greene

Aries Fire Force Attraction from three rivers deep 

  Make a fresh start.
Cardinal Crosses one more time.

Moon squares Pluto and conjuncts Uranus and opposes LILITH

Hell hath no fury like a woman held back or scorned. 

She is Kali-like and destroys egos. She seems to be working overtime what with so many celebrity deaths this week. Bowie, Alan Rickman, the ISIL Jakarta attacks, Rene Angelil, Celine Dion’s husband, and more.  RIP you all.

Gotta go

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World Snake Day, Kundalini Energy

It’s world snake day July 16.  DO you have ophidiophobia? Fear of snakes. Many people do. Yes they can kill you, in the Amazon they reach 30 feet. They symbolize kundalini energy the energy of enlightenment coiled in the base of your spine. Yes a snake lives in your body.  Learn to love and respect these powerful reptiles. They carry a huge symbolic and archetypal energy from the Story of Genesis on. 

They were and still are primarily WOMEN’S Symbols.

Snake Goddess Crete Tara Greene

Crete Snake Goddess/Priestess 1600 B.C.

The patriarchy Freud, made them into men’s-  phallic symbols. But they writhe like a  women’s hips. They actually symbolize the menstrual cycle. Snakes were revered and worshipped by early Goddess cultures and particularly in Crete where this beautiful snake Priestess comes from. Snakes were used by the Priestess to divine with. The oracles at Delphi, Greece had snakes on their bodies which they used along with hallucinogenic plants to trance with. They may have used the venom as a hallucinogenic poison as well.

Do you do YOGA? Snake energy is an essential part of every yoga pose.

My friend and teacher Kathleen Graham practices Snake Yoga and dances with her two pythons. 

snakes Tara Greene yoga

Personally I love snakes and have caught wild ones with my bare hands and always felt I could talk to them Like Harry Potter when I was a child years and years before Harry.

Harry Potter Parseltongue

Snake dance- Salma Hayek  

Vesta Venus Saturn Grand FireTrine Intentions

VENUS enters LEO June 5, late PDT/June 6 EDT. Venus trines Retrogade SATURN and trines Asteroid VESTA at zero degrees of Aries. The two planets and the asteroid form a Grand Fire Trine at zero degrees which lasts till June 7 Initiating us into the Divine Feminine wisdom, uniting hearts, dedication, passion and serious commitments.

Grand fire trine vesta venus saturn tara Greene

This is a unique opportunity: VESTA is the Roman Goddess of the hearth, home and fire. She represents focus, determination, care, keeping the home fires burning. All fires symbolize the spirit and kundalini energy.

Vesta was a very important ancient Roman Goddess who symbolizes the alpha and omega the beginning and the end  the source {Fire/ Spirit} from which all emerges and to which all must return. Her name was given to the fourth asteroid discovered in 1807. Vesta’s symbol is the sacred flame. Her name is familiar to us today through the words investment, investigate, investiture, invested.

Vesta was a greatly revered Roman Goddess. Her round roofed Temple was a foundation of Rome from before antiquity. She was worshipped as the sacred hearth fire itself, the spark of life, which was necessary for life to be sustained and formed the basis of all hearths in each and every home. Vesta rules all sacred spaces, a sweatlodge, or your meditation space where you focus within. 

The original Vestal Virgins were not chaste at all. Her origins are extremely ancient. Virgin originally meant a woman who is whole and complete and answers to no one but her Goddess and is owned by no man. The original Vestales were sacred sexual priestesses who controlled, focused and used sacred tantric sexuality as a way to unite the sacred fire of orgasm with the earthly human realm. They embodied the Goddess and brought Her energy through to give to men to keep the sacred alive as a Holy sacrament. Kundalini energy is the original sacred flame. The priesteses were able to conserve their sexual energy and to use it for spiritual ecstacy and to give birth parthenogenicaly.

The Vestal Virgins who were chaste was a later corrupt Patriarchal interpretation. The famed Vestal Virgins who served in her temples were women were were chosen from a young age to keep the sacred flame always alight.  The Vestales swore thirty year vows of chastity. The penalty for breaking the vows was death by being buried alive or having to swallow molten lead. This was a dire warning to keep the women from going back to their origins.  Vestal Virgins were of high class, educated, independent and respected.  

Vesta symbolizes sexuality through celibacy or through sacred celebration of sex. She rules commitment, dedication and sacrifice to a common goal. She is relenting in her purpose. Virgo is the sign associated with Vesta.

Vesta is symbolized in your astrology chart by this symbol. Check out how Vesta aspects your life from birth.

Vesta symbol astrology Tara Greene

Interestingly, Vesta’s annual celebration, the Vestalia took place over 8 days from June 7- June 15 and was a time when the inner sanctum was opened to all women to visit the temple  and make offerings to the Goddess.  

A special sacred cake was baked from spelt flour and water from a sacred spring carried in consecrated jugs. The water was never permitted to come into contact with the earth between the spring and the cake, which also included sacred salt and ritually prepared brine as ingredients. The hard baked cakes were cut into slices and offered to Vesta in all public ceremonies.

At the end of the Vestalia, the Temple was thoroughly cleaned, swept of all debris which was carried away to be disposed in the Tiber River. On the last day of Vestalia Ovid says,  June 15th  became a holiday for bakers and all who worked with grain who hung flower garlands and small loves of bread.

 As the synchronicity is so exact. Do a modern ritual to honor Vesta and bake a special cake which you offer to the Goddess who also lives with in you. As you are alive you are the keeper of your own sacred spark. This offering brings you blessings of new commitments in the physical realm. Keep the hard cake as a reminder of the goal. 

Venus in LEO is love in a hugely courageous open heart proud fiery pussy cat. The Egyptian Goddess Bubastis- is this where the origin of the word boobs comes from ? is one expression of Venus in Leo. She is the QUEEN, who demands to be treated regally. Only the best for her. Venus in Leo opens your heart big and wide, to express your creative passion as you wish. Courageous and fearlessness you are unafraid to love as you wish.  Venus in Leo loves rich luxurious beautiful things. 

What about Saturn Retrograde at zero degrees Sagittarius? We think of Saturn as masculine but it was traditionally seen as Feminine as the Great Mother, the Empress, Tarot Trump #3. We are all born in the physical realm through a woman. EVERYTHING IS BORN OF THE FEMININE, is the first sacred law. Saturn in Sagittarius is the mature Sage. She is a crone, she has been a maiden, a mother and is post-menopausal and keeps her sacred menstrual blood within her which ensure her wisdom. She is the most respected member of the tribe. A mature purple wearing warrior Goddess who takes no shit from anyone and doesn’t care what anyone thinks.  Her fire is of burning embers, which emits more heat and burns longer.

Use the energies of this powerful FEMALE Trinity at zero degrees to initiate your new focussed intentions. Do a fire ceremony and call in Vesta, Venus and Saturn into your sacred space .

Have three red candles and create a mesa or sacred platform of power. Initiate this on June 7 to honor Vesta and your own new focus and intentions. Breathe the sacred serpent or kundalini fire up through your chakras. If you dont know what you want, ask the Goddesses for help and to guide you. This is a great opportunity to attract new loves into your life, new success and steadfast grounded purpose. Do this every day for 8 days. 


Saturn wil re-enter Scorpio on June 14/ June 15 in Eastern parts of the world. On the 15th Saturn is then ruled by Pluto again and Pluto is under Saturn’s soveriegnity. They are once again in Mutual reception. June 15 is the last day of the Vestalia. Clean your temple outer and inner. Invest in yourself. Bake a Vesta cake. 

Focus on what you want to create. All the zero degrees give us opportunities to reset our spiritual goals and to reignite our passions and new waves of expressing love.


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The unforgettable Fire U2 Unforgettable fire U2


Very positive energy, Lucky 13

I am feeling pretty high now just after the Scorpio Full Moon. 

The Moon was square to Jupiter which is  very positive. 

Moon sextiles PLUTO its other “leader” planet. Also good to aid in deathing and rebirthing.

5/4/15  A very positive powerful Square of the SUN and JUPITER  at 13 degrees of Fixed Signs  of Taurus  and Leo and the Full Moon was at 13 degrees of Scorpio and still forming a T-square with the expansive optimistic heart centered leadership of Jupiter in Leo and the solid sensual artistic creativity of Sun in Taurus. 

SUn square Jupiter Numerology Astrology Tara Greene

Sun in Taurus is symbolized The HIGH PRIEST/Pope or Heirophant in the Tarot and symbolizes the connection to any individual and their Higher Self or Guardian Angel is there, activated, ON. 

Jupiter in LEO is symbolized by THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE #10 and Leo is STRENGTH. 

Put those three symbols together and what have you got? 

The connection to your Higher Self or Guardian Angel, with the acceleration and optimism, trust and exuberance of The Wheel of Fortune, backed by a strong, true, open heart. 

Tarot cards Tara Greene Astrology

Major Arcana The Pope #5 the Wheel of Fortune #10 Strength/Lust #11 

If May 4th is your birthday you will have a very  positive powerful expansive year ahead. Happy Birthday to my cousin Carol Karasik, author of books on the Maya, women’s dreams, and Mayan archeo-astronomer researcher and tour guide. 

The Sun is at 13 degrees and so is Jupiter. 13 in the TAROT is SCORPIO the symbol of DEATH And REBIRTH. 

lucky 13

#13 is the secret number of the Moon, of the Feminine, as the Moon’s cycles and menstruation are inextricably linked. Every month when a woman bleeds in concert with the New Moon in a natural cycle, there is a death, an egg was not fertilized, the uterine lining is shed and the menstrual blood was traditionally considered sacred, Holy, still life giving and was given back to the earth to fertilize the crops.  There is always a rebirth, a transformation and a new cycle at the Full Moon when another ripe ovum is ready to be Fertilized and may become a new life.

There are both symbols of Death  and Life at this Full Moon. My teacher taught me that in every new beginning in life there was also a death. When a woman becomes a mother for the first time, she dies to her former single self. When one get married there is a commitment to a new birth as a couple, a unit, a new entity and the death of the old identity.  

The symbol of death in life is the INFINITY symbol, the number 8. 2015= 8. This entire year offers us the opportunities to die daily, minute by minute, nano second by nano second. If we are alive we are also dying. 

So there is a secret # 13 cabal script. 

Use the potency of the post- Scorpio Full Moon to continue doing “the work.” The shedding, the letting go, the transformations, the deaths, the surrenders, the heavy dark shadows and the deep emotions which are available.

Moon is INconjunct to Uranus in Aries

Don’t try to push too fast. Don’t force anything or be forced. 

Scorpio Moon trines Chiron in Pisces

it will be easier to forgive your self and the others. Scorpio has a hard time forgiving and letting go. This aspect helps.

Moon opposes MARS in TAURUS 

Mars rules Scorpio so this is a nice balance and relationship. You need to let the energy out through your body. Mars in Taurus is very earthy and sensual. 

Don’t forget SCORPIO is above all, SEXUAL.

Move the Kundalini energy through your body, feel it, moan with it, dance with it, slither it. 

Moon will quincunx Venus in Gemini late at night PDT

but don’t think about it don’t analyze it. 


My work is meant to help assist and guide you to more enlightenment and awareness. 

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Dead Man soundtrack by Neil Young 

Crystal Meditation, Inspirational Card

I want to really make you aware that you do the work now with these intensely karmic times for the first three weeks of 2015. We are nearing the end of the 7 exact Uranus Pluto squares in March 2015.

The Nodes of the Moon, which are very karmic indicators, are gateways or STAR GATES to releasing  old patterns and integrating new breakthroughs. They are aligning exactly in the CARDINAL CROSS HAIRS of the Uranus Pluto square exactly, now until the end of January.

Pluto is  opposite the Fixed Star Sirius indicating this ancient Egyptian SIRIAN STAR GATE is opening now. 

Pluto and Uranus and the Nodes are in hard alignment with the U.S. Sun at 13 degrees Cancer which is conjunct to Sirius. The G.C.C. + Nodes are also squaring,opposing and conjuncting the U.S. Natal Saturn at 14 degrees Libra.  There is something huge happening here. We may not see the effects right away though. But the pressure is certainly there.  Saturn in Libra rules the historical laws, the patriarchy and the legal system. Pluto opposite the U.S. Sun is breaking down the old democratic and Plutocratic elite structures, slowly. Pluto’s actions are not quick. Uranus is bringing protest to the streets worldwide and into the news every day.. 

Lets get an inspirational card of the day as we lead up to the Full Moon in Cancer a time of calling down the Divine Mother and to receive unconditional love. 

MEDIATE every day

Use Labradorite as a crystal and grounding tool a beautiful luminous magical  stone. Very powerful.

Labradorite gazing crystal Tara Greene

Ask to receive the star gate codes and instructions necessary to help midwife yourself and the world into a new consciousness. Meditate every day, you will help raise the vibration of the earth.

Inspirational Card of the day 

 The 7 of wands

7 of wands Tara Greene inspiration

by Pamela Matthews 2011

The 7 of wands is a symbol of strength, courage, challenge, competition.  The sevens suggest to me that you need to open all of your chakra’s fully in order to manifest the sacred fire of your kundalini energy to gather all of your strength and power for the dangerous and empowering journey ahead. 

Breathe through each chakra, and feel the sacred fire igniting the spark from your root chakra, up through each chakra individually until you reach the crown chakra.  Feel your self as infinite, like the sun, a star, imperishable, burning up all obstacles shining with your own inner Light. 

PLEASE SHARE WIDELY especially with those who are struggling so much at this time under the enormous pressures of these planetary alignments. Feel strength with in yourself and send it out to those who are truly seeking the Light of self empowerment through Love. 

all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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