Finding The Holy Grail, Stuart Wilde The Official Author Website

I have been a follower of spiritual Author and workshop leader Stuart Wilde for about 10 years now. I find his writings absolutely true in their depth of perception. He is an English- Sicilian Scallywag and incredibly funny.  He pretty much thumbs his nose at every thing everyone else thinks of as sacred. He has been writing about the basics of affirmations, your Eternal Self since the late 80’s and pioneering THETA technology for meditating to go into trance.

Stuart and many others believe that another Higher Dimension of fantastic Celestial Beings, animals, half human/animals, Goddesses, Jesus, Camelot type symbolic energies have begun intermeshing with ours since 2001. Stuart calls it The  Aluna, 

This MIRROR WORLD, a doppelganger world, THE ALUNA, is a word a very mystical tribe of Natives called the KOGI of Columbia call it. Stuart explains that Everything that happens in the physical world can be seen first in the alternative parallel universe by people who are able to slow down their brain waves to THETA and DELTA through years of rigorous practice whose pineal glands are active. Stuart also uses the South American sacred plant medicine Ayahuasca, which he encourages people to try as the fastest way to get rid of your ego and know those other dimensions as real. He has had hundreds of these mystical encounters through its ritual use.

This other dimension is a kind of SUPERNATURAL Camelot world of chivalry, tenderness, respect, kindness and GRACE which we all long for. There is also hell worlds in the Aluna, much like Hieronymus Bosch’s paintings. Stuart says these degraded places do exist.

Much spiritual work and self- knowledge is needed in order to  purify ourselves and definitely work on our shadow sides to be able to find the HOLY GRAIL, much like the myth of Parzival.

The ALUNA DIMENSION, is a world of beauty and Hope, this dimension is conquering the Darkness, the EVIL, hell worlds and ghouls that Stuart believes impulse people’s souls to do horrific cruel behaviours in our dimension now. Being cold, selfish egotistical, cruel, arrogant, meat eaters, focussed on the material world only  attracts these ghouls. Like the Jodi Arias trial.

Stuart describes seeing the HOLY GRAIL in a recent vision. He has has hundreds of thousands of them. Somehow it has something synchronous with the POPE I feel, Stuart also felt this new Pope could turn out to be a real authentic humble leader and bring real light back to the tarnished Catholic religion for all the sexual abuse. SO let me know what you think.

Finding The Holy Grail | Stuart Wilde | The Official Author Website.