17/17 Numerology,Tarot, Kick Asstrology

Nine more days till the super Solar eclipse. In betwixt eclipses is intense. Haven’t you been feeling the roller coaster? I have so many people contacting me for readings. I am still trying to perfect the bi-locating and being an 8 armed Hindu Goddess so I can handle it all. 

SCORPIO MOON Moods today

If you are a Scorpio, or any of the FIXED SIGNS- Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius, you feel the pull of the moon’s intensity stronger than most.

BYE BYE AQUARIUS, the Sun sits at the last critical 29th degree of Aquarius TODAY.  That’s  the Tarot card of the STAR, which is the sign of AQUARIUS #17.                 

Sun Tarot Tara Greene psychic                                           

#17 The Star Aquarius Thoth tarot

The Thoth Tarot deck which I use
#17 Aquarius The STAR




Numerology of the Day     17/17      

How synchronous is that? 

Scorpio Moon trines Neptune – dreams will be lucid, sexual, powerful, scary, full of shadows and vivid.

Moon inconjuncts MARS in ARIES and URANUS later in the day

Two inconjuncts don’t make a right. 

Moon squares MERCURY in AQUARIUS 

detach from all the drama. Use the SUN at last degree to further stay cool headed.

Moon sextiles PLUTO in CAPRICORN

When Push comes to shove, Who wins Scorpio or the Plutocracy?

Last but not least Moon trines CHIRON in PISCES in PST 

It may be a sad emotionally intense Friday night/ Saturday Morning for many people. It’s Ok to cry. Don’t unconsciously get mad at someone else because you are feeling hurt. There is a lot of super intense energies building up too.

There are a lot of super intense planetary energies building up too.

MARS, Scorpio’s ruling planet is moving up to SQUARE PLUTO. the co-ruler of Scorpio, on the 22nd. We can feel this intensity already.

Mars in ARIES is KICK ASS, in his power, on his home turf. Not just for men. Women also have an inner MARS, he acts out on the Feminine’s commands.

This is a new cycle of those CARDINAL CROSSES since 2012 when the Arab Spring began. Are you ready to take it higher? Fight for your rights to be free. 

Then Mars squares URANUS on the 26 on the New Moon  Solar Eclipse in Pisces. Mars opposes JUPITER on the 27th. 

JUPITER opposes URANUS on the 2nd of MARCH.

Those GRAND CARDINAL CROSSES are coming to kick our butts again. Thats a good thing BTW. If you’ve never seen the film Kick-Ass, it is very violent, but also funny and well done. My daughter loves it. It was shot partly in Toronto, I recognize the landmarks. Nick Cage is in it too. 

VENUS goes RETROGRADE on March 4th !!!

You can see everything is starting to build up even more.

Sun enters PISCES Feb 18 @ 3:31 am PST/ 6:31 am EST/ 11:31 am GMT 

We will be eating cake by the ocean for the next month. Dreamy, surreal, creative, spiritual, delusional, Big OIL in the news, drugs, lies, self-sabotage, addictions and endings. The last sign of the Zodiac, meditate do yoga, work on your projections. 

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Tarot Astro vlog for today.

Kick Ass, humpday. Psychic Astro Tarot byTara Greene

June 23- 27
Yes the LOVE GODDESS is in double your pleasure mode in GEMINI and so is the Moon, Tuesday June 24

There’ll be talking head romances and quick change partners.

Tuesday afternoon
 An old Moody Blues song, very dreamy with Moon conjunct Venus and later Moon square to Neptune in PISCES. What’s the sound of a GEMINI soul mate dream falling in the faery forest sound like?

MARS in LIBRA 16 + degrees LIBRA to URANUS at 16+ ARIES =BADASS

We’ve had a number of these powerful squares this year. How was APRIL for you?

Be careful not to enrage anyone. DO NOT WEAR RED.  Don’t cut your hair. Be careful with knives, shaving with razors and lighting BBQ’s. Seriously.

Unexpected violence, anger and chaos but also Wowe zowie HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS breakthroughs.  BAZINGA!

MARS- was RETROGRADE in April, now cannot be contained, tamed or sit on the energy NYmore.

CHANNEL this born to be wild ZAP stuff positively get involved and protest MONSANTO,

It’s V for VENDETTA  planetary energy. March in GAY WORLD PRIDE in Toronto.


ARIES, LIBRA,CAPRICORN and CANCER peeps with strong mid degree Cardinal signs have been hammered. MARS is balancing but pushing you into that FIRE PIT NOW. Ukraine is one of the countries  activated by the GRIND CARDINAL CROSS. perfect name for it. You think?

If you like weird offbeat sex than this is your SPECIAL DAY.

Mars is a torch exacerbating by VENUS in GEMINI not to be confused with masturbating.



Don’t tread too hard on people’s hearts. Don’t mess with power-hungry slim shady’s. Summertime sadness.

June 26

Moon and MERCURY canoodling early a.m.  MOON GOES Void of course all day till 2:05 pm PDT


CANCER NEW MOON  on Friday- will write separately.


Divine Tarot Tara Greene Psychic


Legacy of the DIVINE TAROT by Ciro Marchetti

Aces are always the UBER everything at the nano level.

the Acorn of the Oak, the fulfilment of the bonfire in the first strike of the match,

The Ace of Wands rules ARIES and is governed by MARS= how appropriate…

Yes even though Mercury is STILL RETROGRADE- can’t we wake that winged helmeted, foot fetish messenger up, or tempt him back with some BIG MESSAGE he has to deliver?


Especially as the energy of FIRE will soon be BLAZING all over this land. I am writing all about JUPITER entering LEO July 16 and SATURN entering SAGITTARIUS December 23 for a short appetizer of heavy, serious mature archery as  Lead becomes arrows aimed at GALACTIC CENTER inspirational sign for the next few years!

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Heart of Darkness, Phoenix Scorpio Solar Eclipse


This SCORPIO solar eclipse is a KICK ASS hybrid one that will shake and awaken your soul purpose.   During a Solar eclipse the electromagnetic energy of the moon blocking the Sun’s Light, re-purposes and re-aligns your pineal gland, the seat of the soul, your 3rd eye  function and the earth’s energy grids.

This hybrid solar eclipse packs a terrific KARMIC Saturn infused soul punch. Featuring SUN, MOON, SATURN, NORTH NODE AND MERCURY Retrograde all within 8 degrees of each other. 

Scorpio Solar Eclipse chart Tara Greene

OCCURRING 4 days after HALLOWEEN, the ancient PAGAN NEW YEAR, and 2 days after the Day of the Dead that alone packs significance.

I’d prep now. THIS MEANS YOU! Especially Scorpio’s born October 28th  – November 5.

All Taurus’s born -from approx. April 27 – May 7 – you get the opposition

All Leo’s born from approx. July 29- August 9th and

All AQUARIUS born from approx.  January 26 -February 5th -get squared- intense pressure

NOVEMBER 1st is also the 4th of seven EXACT squares between revolutionary URANUS and Soul/collective unconscious Planet PLUTO.This eclipse also carries that revolutionary evolutionary death to the old Capricorn order and revolutionary new life stamp with Uranus in Aries.

CAPRCIORNS AND ARIES born December 31- get the exact hit from that one. Aries born on MARCH 30. If you are born December 26-January 5 and March 25- April 5 you will also feel the full impact. You are meant to embody this evolutionary soul transforming energy. This is your life lesson and karmic mandate. Your mission. Do you understand?

 The last eclipse in this cycle was TOTAL and occurred on November 3 1994 at 10 degrees+ Scorpio. Where were you then? You have completed that cycle now. 

Many young people born in 1994, are so young to be under such intense pressure. If you are in this age group. You definitely need some guidance. – See link below to get your reading.

Other previous eclipse dates to reflect upon.

October 23,1976 , October 12, 1958 , October 1, 1940- John Lennon was born 8 days later. September 21 1922 ,   September 9 1904.

Eclipses have always had bad reputations going back millennia. SCORPIO is the sign most associated with Death, sex, power, the shadow, unconscious, secrets, and the soul. We have reason to fear.

This eclipse symbolizes the death of many old  karmic, emotional and FINANCIAL 8th house cycles. Death through water; waste, as symbolized by PLUTO, URANUS and Scorpio.  It’s like the BLACK PLAGUE metaphorically speaking.


As I wrote before  use this eclipse energies to imagine that you have already died. Feel this. as if you have left your physical vehicle, your body and are hovering beyond it. You have your LIFE REVIEW flash before your eyes. You are shown all the damage you have done emotionally to others and yourself. You take FULL karmic responsibility for creating ever bit of it. In doing so, you create the opportunity to change everything. Change is the operative word here. Death change, rebirth. The PHOENIX RISING is the highest symbol of SCORPIO transformed.


A hybrid eclipse is a unique type of central eclipse where parts of  it appear as  annular, while other parts are total. This one is annular only at the beginning. The eclipse will be visible from the East Coast of North America,the Caribbean and South America, mainly over Equatorial AFRICA and the Indian Ocean. ECLIPSE energies begin to be felt 3 months ahead of the actual eclipse.

The areas where the eclipse is TOTAL are the areas affected the most. Nairobi KENYA is one area, where the terrorist attack in the mall occurred. Al- Shabbad claimed responsibility for these attacks for retribution for events that occurred in SOMALIA which is also a prime focus.

Mars, the planetary ruler of the eclipse sextiles it from 11 degrees Virgo, opposite to Chiron in Pisces and Quincunxes Uranus in Aries.

This is KICK ASS new masculine energy.

The eclipse chart features an EARTH GRAND TRINE with PLUTO in Capricorn, Mars in Virgo and the South Node in Taurus. ALL FEMININE.

MOST IMPORTANTLY 2012 the next level up.

I feel this eclipse locks in or takes us higher from the Dec 21 2012 alignments as VENUS is EXACTLY on the GALACTIC CENTER at 28 degrees SAGITTARIUS. There will be massive transmissions of infra-red and other very high level frequencies.

So do TUNE Into XIBALBA,  the cosmic vagina, the black hole between the universes.PLace of death and rebirth.

MEDITATE when the eclipse is most intense at 4:49 am PST /7:49 am EST

USE the BLACK OPAL as a meditation tool 

Black opal meditation crystal tara Greene

 MEDITATE on feeling the forces of the electro-magnetic energies shift and change during the entire eclipse.  Send your intention out to Venus at the Galactic Center, Ask your guardian angels to come and be with you. Ask to transmute the dark masculine  energies of death and destruction, of hatred and fear into love and understanding. Acceptance and balance. Ask for direction as how you can bring in more LIght into your heart, soul and into the world. 

The eclipse  will last 4 and a half hours.

see http://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/solar/2013-november-3 for all info for your specific area


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BLACK HOLE SUN- Soundgarden 1994  4

Star of David,Grand Sextile Mystic Merkaba, how to’s

On July 29 a VERY RARE formation of planets creates a Star of David or GRAND SEXTILE in the sky. AKA the BIG EASY. AS ABOVE SO BELOW.

Composed of intertwined Grand Trines- they are created by 6 or more planets, 60 degrees apart,with a 5 degree orb allowed which form a six pointed star, or a Merkaba, a MYSTIC sacred  geometrical formation. You can clearly see the formation in the Astrology chart below in blue lines.

Merkabah Astrology Tara Greene

They are very rare, the last one was November 8 2003 @ 8:13 PM EST when the Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Chiron and the Moon formed a Star of David and it was called the Harmonic Concordance as it also occurred on a Lunar Eclipse. There was only two in the 20th Century.

The Star of David, Solomon’s Seal or interlocking Grand Trines are an ancient symbol from India known as the SRI YANTRA, symbolizing the SACRED MARRIAGE, the balance of HEAVEN -an upturned Triangle; with EARTH, a downwards pointing Triangle- a Yoni symbol,  which the Jews adopted, and which adorns the flag of Israel. It is a very powerful ALCHEMICAL symbol.

MahaSri Yantra Tara Greene Astrology

July 29 forms with the Moon in TAURUS in Sextile to Jupiter conjunct to Lilith and Mars in CANCER, sextile to VENUS in VIRGO sextile to  Saturn in SCORPIO sextile to Pluto in CAPRICORN sextile to  Neptune in PISCES which is sextile to the MOON.

The EARTH Grand Trine consists of the Moon in Taurus Trine to Venus in Virgo Trine to Pluto in Capricorn. All the planets are from 4-10  degrees in their respective signs. Check out how the STAR OF DAVID aligns with nyour own chart.   The WATER GRAND TRINE is Jupiter Mars and Lilith to Saturn in Scorpio to Neptune in PISCES.

This Grand Sextile contains 7 planets + Lilith which is 8 which is PHENOMENAL.

The 6 pointed Star also echoes the numerology of the year 2013 reduces to 6 which is THE LOVERS in the Tarot. Good for balancing sex and love. This is all about LOVE and Higher Consciousness.Balance in relationships within and without.

This is one of the major highlights of the year. These Grand Trines have been coming into focus and climaxing with this.

If you have planets between 4- 10 degrees of any earth or water sign- YOU ARE IN the mix.

A Grand Sextile allow you to step into the merkaba which is a mystic transcendent 3rd- 5th Dimensional vehicle to ASCEND to Higher consciousness and Dimensions.

MEDITATE on this image

Merkaba astrology ascencion Tara Greene

Imagine yourself at the Center of the Grand Sextile with the powers of the MOON, VENUS, MARS, JUPITER ,SATURN, NEPTUNE & PLUTO surrounding you as a vehicle to ascend to higher consciousness with. The Markaba will expand -20- 30 feet around your body in 3 D. The Merkaba has been used for  thousands of years and the planets are taking anyone HIGHER who tunes in to those planes of consciousness.

Use crystals on your body as you meditate- I would use CELESTITE or LABRADORITE, AMETHYST or clear quartz crystals.

TAKE IT EASY and meditate on making life easy for yourself. But beware of the shadows. A Grand Sextile allows one to free oneself from hindrances of all types. Take time out on this day.



Fired up by JUPITER in CANCER conjunct MARS + Lilith =WOMEN are SO ANGRY about being denigrated, these planets oppose PLUTO in Capricorn  and are squaring Uranus in Aries.

A T- square of dark shadow angry Women a powder keg ready to ignite and explode.

This is fantastic. The dark shadow energy of Lilith,the free powerful sexual liberated Goddess whole and complete unto herself is ready to take on all comers now, governments, laws, corporations.

Like the Movie Kick Ass- which we were just watching again for the 2nd time and the sequel due out soon, the young heroine known as HIT GIRL takes revenge on all the male gangsta’s. Not that I RECOMMEND Violence, it is more the symbolic energy of Hit Girl, as women refuse to get beaten, accept patriarchal religious laws, being put down, and stand up for their rights and on their own. Hollywood always has an unconscious spiritual side too.

The SUN in LEO, which it RULES, at 6 degrees at the top of the chart squares almost exactly Saturn in Scorpio -death and change to the EGO and the Moon opposite in Taurus which is simplistic materialism. This is another very HEAVY T- square which symbolizes the basic stress of EGO, CONTROL, POWER, MONEY. This is the DEVIL side, which is the other side of the LOVERS in the Tarot.

The SUN is  QUINCUNX to PLUTO and NEPTUNE so the SUN is it’s own FINGER OF GOD, or YOD aspect peak.  The Sun in LEO is shining at high noon. Follow the Highest Light of the SUN,  Neptune in PISCES and PLUTO, the SOUL.


VENUS in VIRGO opposite Neptune and CHIRON the wounded healer.  Neptune is the Higher Octave of Venus. Neptune is in its home sign so it outweighs nitpick-y  Venus here. It symbolizes the withdrawing of projections, the healing of co-dependent relationship  addictions, the “I need you, I can’t live without you,”  of which most pop and country music songs depend. The delusions and illusions which Venus in Virgo will surely discard as  unproductive, unrealistic and too expensive.

Drunvalo Melchizadek has taught Merkabah meditations for many years. see links below


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EASY TO LOVE by Frank Sinatra