How to cleanse past life karma

This is one of the most propitious times to cleanse past life karma that I can remember.

Grand Water Trine karmic healing astrology meditation Tara Greene

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It’s all about timing right? Well, this is definitely Divine Timing offering you a gift now. 

As above so below. 

With 4 planets in PISCES + Chiron and Jupiter in Scorpio, that’s a lot of emotional cleansing water energy.

The Grand Trine tsunami that was building yesterday  comes to completion all during the day on the 26th

Grand WATER Trine forming all day Feb. 26 with CANCER MOON VENUS in PISCES and JUPITER in SCORPIO and CHIRON in PISCES. This is a watershed moment to cleanse eons of karmic baggage. We are all feeling overwhelmed emotionally. This is a way to cleanse past life issues which are intruding into your present life as well.

PISCES in the Tarot is the Card #18 THE MOON

I have been meditating and this is an optimum time. If you just take time o breathe meditate and tune into your Higher self these amazing golden light beings will appear.

If you have difficulty meditating and visualizing its best to go with the element and get into a long luxurious ritual meditative cleansing bath. Do this with intention. Use rose or lavender oil and rose petals strewn in the bath is always lovely you can throw in a nice handful of relaxing and cleansing Epsom salts and get out the candles too.  Get into the bath take long slow unforced deep breaths and close your eyes. Visualize angels and invite beings of the light to guide you. You can put your hands over your heart too. Bring your awareness into your heart. Ask that all conscious and unconscious karmas from all time be released safely into the water. You will not want to sit in the water for long after this.But stay with the emotions and the feelings. Visualize or sense a dark stuck or viscous energy seeping out from your body into the water. If you don’t feel anything- imagine it. Create it direct it.  Thank the angels and spirit guides who are with you. And get out of the water and dry off. Apply rose oil or lavender to body cream and rub your body all over with it. It would be good to rest and meditate.

You can ask for a sign symbol or word to assist you.

If you are not a bath person or don’t have a bath a shower will do the same thing. If you can be out in nature even better. Dive into a river lake the ocean or pond and release in there. 

Make an altar and offer thanks for the angels and spirits who have helped you. Stay with the golden light beings or however and however they present to you. Spirit beings can take any form to adapt to any religious belief. In essence, they are pure spirit and there is no separation between any religions which are simply man-made belief systems.

You can also ask to be healed in the Dreamtime as the lucid dreaming energy is also off the map until March 5/6th.

Please share widely. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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COSMIC clearing ,10 step ritual, WORLD TAROT DAY

May 21-23   MOON is in PISCES the most spiritual compassionate and dreamy of all signs.

Jupiter is in Cancer and is fertile and expansive trining Saturn in Scorpio- the soul depths and in trine to Chiron in Pisces the wounded healer is approaching exactitude May 24.

Someone’s getting married that day.

This is an incredibly rare healing dreaming cleansing karma opportunity you don’t want to miss.

MOON conjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES May 21 at 9:05 pm PDT so use this divine timing to call upon ANGELS,  high level spiritual beings to visit you in your dreams tonight and tomorrow as well.

May 22 MOOn sextiles Pluto conjuncts CHIRON, TRINES JUPITER and SATURN and squares MERCURY in GEMINI.

Moon goes Void of course  May 23 @ 2:25 am EDT until 12:01 pm EDT.


Do this near a natural waterway river, ocean or lake. Or just  fill a bathtub or sink with water.

I will be at the lovely GRAIL SPRINGS SPA in Bancroft Ontario leading a ritual there at my workshop.

YOU WILL NEED -A CLEAR GLASS JAR, some smudge or incense, a white candle.

ALWAYS smudge or cleanse your aura and psychic field first. Light the candle.

YOu can listen to the music link at bottom

1. CALL IN GUARDIAN ANGELS TO PROTECT YOU – the 4 archangels and your own personal angels. 

INVOKE the energies of JUPITER- sacred law giver and Saturn – the cosmic cop, to be with you and bless you.

2. Make a list of everything you have done that you feel regretful, angry, unable to let go of. Be very honest with yourself.

3. YOU need to really FEEL the emotion. The karmic super glue is the emotions held in the body, in your cellular consciousness.  Don’t be afraid of being overwhelmed by them. Yes there may be deep-seated  anger if you were sexually emotionally physically mentally abused in one way or another. REMEMBER you have angelic protection and are safe.


FRIDA KAHLO, Tara Greene Astrology


4. Imagine the feelings, releasing themselves from every cell and fibre of your being. Be with this feeling for as long as you can. Intensify it, you may start sobbing and shaking.  That’s good. Visualize the karmic glue and all the issue pouring out from your stomach, solar plexus, from all of your chakras and out the top of your head and into the glass jar. Feel it as a stream with its own currents, you will see the jar fill up with sludgy, dirty water on the etheric level. If you don’t actually see that  simply sense it, imagine it.

5. WHEn you feel that you have expelled every  particle of the karmic emotions from your being, See them as  detached and observe all of the emotional lessons that you experienced that is knowledge, pain, human suffering, karmic lessons that have brought you awareness, knowledge and wisdom. Be grateful for these hard painful soul lessons. THE GRATITUDE and awareness of what the painful lessons have taught you is key to this process.

6. WHEN you feel absolutely clean, cleared and that you have new knowing and understanding. Slowly pour the emotions which may appear invisible in the jar into the body of water or sink. 

7. Know that you have released a great deal of old karmic shit. FEEL IT.

8. Thanks the angels for being with you. Know that all time is NOW. You have taken responsibility that’s Saturn- for you SOUL’s karmic lessons and are now clear to move forwards in your life. 

9. Write down what you felt, thought and learned.  

10. You may feel disoriented, definitely lighter, very vulnerable and open, curious,elated, scared. It’s important  that you create an invisible psychic protective shield over you as you are open, new and vulnerable. Yes their are negative entities everywhere who feed off of negative emotions. You have just starved them out.  IMAGINE a violet circle of light around you which is always protecting you. 

INVOKE these words

I am totally protected by the Ultra violet flame. Only loving energies angels and entities may enter my circle.  Say HO ,AHO or So Mote it be.


all writing is copyright of TARA GREENE
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