Jupiter is the real Benefic

Jupiter has physically protected earth for billions of years. No wonder the largest planet was worshipped as the Head god of Mount Olympus as Thor, Yahweh, Jehovah, Jove tiktok.com/ZMdmc7SfF/

Juno found FM radio signal from a Moon of Jupiter

News that NASA’s JUNO spacecraft picked up an FM radio signal from

Ganymede, one of Jupiter’s Moons made me think. When I was a Teen Rock FM stations had just started. They played non-commercial music it was a great alternative to pop Top 40 radio playlists.

“The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has extended its Juno mission as the space agency plans to take explorers back to the moon and on to Mars. The satellite circling Jupiter since July 2016 has allegedly observed an FM radio signal that could have come from the Ganymede moon of Jupiter. Research indicates that no such detections had historically been collected from the most giant moon in our solar system with its own magnetic field.

What kind of music would a moon of Jupiter listen to?

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Law of Attraction, the Sun and Pluto

Sept 6 and 7th the Sun squares the GREAT ATTRACTOR, the main and real Law of ATTRACTION, the largest object in the Universe, from 14-15 degrees VIRGO to 14-15 Sagittarius and trining PLUTO in Capricorn.

Great attractor, largest space object ,Tara Greene

The GREAT ATTRACTOR is a gravitational anomaly in Intergalactic Space

The Great Attractor is a gravitational anomaly in intergalactic space within the vicinity of the Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster at the centre of the Laniakea Supercluster that reveals the existence of a localised concentration of mass tens of thousands of times more massive than the Milky Way. Could this be GOD? calling us home to our origins? That’s one way to think of it.

Under a deeply felt,  emotionally intense, willful SCORPIO Moon energy. La LUNA, or the ALUNA trines NEPTUNE in PISCES bringing on very strong intuitive hunches as well as very powerful dreams. Moon also sextiles the SUN and PLUTO, symbolizing the LIGHT and the DARK. They are the two major players in these aspects provides a coherent balance for us to work with. 

Jupiter, the planet that governs Sagittarius and Pisces traditionally says “au revoir” to his year-long educational, orderly, hygienic, on budget and fun tour of VIRGO September 9th.  Jupiter himself is still in a late square with the Galactic Center offering wowza opportunities for galactic insights and major transformations.

These are HUGE aspects. HUGE.  The Sun is in VIRGO shinging the light on focusing on your health, being of service to others, especially through your work, craft or community. As Mercury is Retrograde we are all reviewing these things. It’s a great time to declutter physically which I am doing, moving my office or emotionally. Wellness is general is the Star du jour. Our stewardship, commitment and being accountable to Mother Earth is also huge now. Native indigenous peoples are protesting in the Dakota Pipeline.

Stay grounded. Sit with your inner Hermit wisdom, all your ancestors, and ask for guidance. Talk to mother earth, send her love. Doing ritual and ceremony is very important to help connect the Heavens to the earthly realm. 

The Sun´s square to the Great Attractor in SAGITTARIUS brings us in touch with master teachers on higher planes and Galactic unknowns so vast we cannot even comprehend them. We don’t even know what the right questions are to ask. There will also be meetings with singular teachers  on earth. Travelling, learning, sharing, connecting, education, vision questing, networking and publishing, or fighting for a cause to bring the truth to justice is also a major calling. 


WTF have I been attracting into my life? 

Write about this, sit with it, analyze it. Run the budgets and the debt, in real time, emotions, physical energy, etc.  

Chakras 1-7 + 8th and 9th chakras

Chakras 1-7 + 8th and 9th chakras

DO Connect with your higher 8th chakra, a golden ball of light, the crown of light that Jesus is shown to be wearing. Inka shamans call it the Wiracocha. Use the SUN/ 8th chakra image to get really clear about your agenda. 

 Major connections are being forged right now. Follow the connections, the path being forged from the Great attractor. Remember like attracts Like. It is homeopathic. 


Brings both blessings and curses. We need to face the Light and the dark of the collective shadow, our own personal shadows and daemons which we project out onto others and that of The Collective Unconscious  which we have all inherited by dropping into such a place and time.

We must confront the power and control, death bringing, war mongering, patriarchal, prestige, governing bodies institutions. The Plutocracy, the 1% is attempting to  control the entire world.  We are all being programmed, drip fed fear by the culture, religion, educational systems. You need to fully connect with your inner light to combat the darkness all around you. LIGHT WORKERS must always do their own shadow work. 

Pick a cause or causes that you can personally serve. Is it education? vaccinations? the banking system? indigenous peoples being mistreated? women’s rights? the environment? animal rights? Black Lives Matter? the list goes on and on.  You may need to confront someone more personal. An abusive partner, boss or official. Most importantly your own power desires and ego needs. 

Ruminate on all of this. After Mercury is direct, September 21-22 at 14 Virgo- the exact current position of the SUN, you can begin to act on this. 

Keep notes, keep talking to the earth and the Universe. Get out to see the stars in a dark place and talk to the Great Attractor. 

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July 4, Oceans of love, Cancer New Moon,

The New Moon in Cancer July 4th at 4:00 am PDT/ 7:00 a.m. EDT/ 11:00 am GMT is conjunct to the very famous and brightest star in the Heavens, SIRIUS. This Star is famous in the myths of the Ancient Persians, Indians, Polynesians, Chinese and Dogon people in Africa. The great star heralded the flooding of the Nile to the ancient Egyptians where it was worshipped as Sothis and associated with the Great Goddess of the cosmos ISIS. Sirius is also known as the Dog-Star in the Constellation of Canis Major.  Native Americans call it the Wolf or coyote star.  Dogs are mans best friend and wolves are considered teachers and connected with the moon. 

Cancer New Moon July 4, Tara Greene astrology

SIRIUS is considered to be a very spiritual star. According to Theosophy it is believed that the seven stars of The Pleiades transmit spiritual energies of the seven Rays from the Galactic Logos to the Seven Stars of the Great Bear then to Sirius. 

July 4th is also America’s 240th birthday!  The Sun at 12+ degrees Cancer is almost on the U.S. Natal Sun at 13+ degrees Cancer. July 4th was symbolically chosen as the Nation’s birthday by the founding father’s who were Masons so that the important Star SIRIUS would empower the U.S. identity. 

240 is an important number because 3 x 24 or 240 = 72 which is a mystical and powerful number in astronomy. It takes a “Fixed Star”  72 years to move one degree. The Sun is 2 degrees wide. The symbolic number 144,000 is a doubling of 72.  240 is also twenty, 12 year archetypal Jupiter cycles. 

Coinciding with the New Moon is also NASA’s historic unique spacecraft JUNO which will get very close to JUPITER for the first time ever on this day. It is hoped. There will be live broadcasts of Juno’s findings. Juno is the Roman name of Zeus’s wife and an Asteroid which is presently at 29 critical degrees of LIBRA opposite Uranus and Eris and Ceres. Things may not go as planned.

This a very watery, emotional, sentimental NEW MOON. The U.S. has long been associated with Mom, apple pie, patriotism, home and “family values.” 

There are a total of 9 planets The South Node, and an asteroid in WATER SIGNS. 

The SUN and NEPTUNE are in an exact trine July 3rd and that energy is still in effect. It will feel very spiritual, dreamy, romantic, sentimental, warm and fuzzy. This is very creative energy for Hollywood, image makers, musicians, and artists and everyone who tunes into the subtle flow of loving energies.. 

The SUN MOON MERCURY and VENUS are all within 11 degrees of each other. This is a quadruple Cancerian energy. Mars now moving slowly direct is in Scorpio at 23 degrees, trining Venus. VENUS and MARS trine exactly on July 6th.  Athena, Goddess of wisdom and war strategy is in Pisces conjunct to Neptune, the South Node of the Moon and Chiron spread out over 19 degrees. They all form a very very powerful GRAND WATER TRINE.

We may feel totally awash in feelings, in that kind of shiver that I just felt when I tuned into the power of the unconscious emotional Karmic connection that all humanity shares.  Drink lots of water to aid the process of washing away anything sticky, gritty or unecessary.

The South Node in Pisces indicates a time of letting go, of surrendering, of releasing old outworn self-sabotaging unconscious habits, of addictions that keep us bound by fear, of old patterns of martyrdom and co-dependency.  

JUPITER and the NORTH NODE in VIRGO are sextile to the SUN And MOON in CANCER + Mercury and Venus. This is where we need to aspire to, the North Node, in earthy, practical,humble, budget conscious, hard working, being of service to the earth, to our harvest, our health, our food and our work. 

SATURN Lord of KARMA is inconjunct to the Cancerian New Moon and square to Neptune Athena and the South Node in PISCES, indicating that there is some heavy challenges from the past to be dealt with which we cannot overlook. We must take responsibility for any addictions we and the culture has been using to avoid dealing with the truth at hand. We cannot drown out through any means, by consumerism, mass media brainwashing, sex addiction or eating our way to numbness to ignore them. Saturn in Sagittarius insists on the truth, of the highest ethics, of going to the highest courts of spiritual law and true justice. The square to Neptune indicates secrets, hidden subterfuge in organizations, addictions, smoke screens, false trails and delusion, false idol worshipping which will come out in the wash from the dirty laundry. 

ATHENA can help us be brave as she is squaring Saturn in Sagittarius. Interesting that the focus is on the largest planet in our solar system JUPITER, as Athena was the first goddess to be born not from a woman but birthed fully grown and armored from Zeus’s head. This is a symbol that she was an idea, a thought form, definitely a father’s daughter, usurped by the Patriarchy from an earlier myth.  If we need to stand up to the Patriarchy in its hundred fold armed grasp then Athena is ready to do battle. 

ERIS the Goddess of shit disturbing and Uranus and Ceres the earth Goddess are in another posse aligned in ARIES and squaring VENUS and very widely squaring the SUN and MOON.

Eris and Uranus are ensuring that chaos reigns every day, their purpose is to provoke change.Ceres on the other hand is the Great Mother and very much aligned with the sign of CANCER, symbol of the personal mother. Ceres square Venus is seeing how much power and strength women have. The power of love and unconditional nurturing and support is the most powerful tool we have.


These two outer planets are still in a square aspect even though their seven exact squares between 2012-2015 are over they will remain within 10 degrees of a square until 2020.  They are in a separating square which will be less than 4 degrees apart at the end of 2016.  

From June 30- July 7 VENUS in CANCER is in a T-square with Uranus and Pluto adding an economic and very feminine clout to their square.  

MERCURY in CANCER also squares Uranus and opposes PLUTO from July 7-11.the SUN in Cancer also does the same from July 7-16.

If you remember those exact squares and T-squares with other planets you will recollect how much more intense the energy of each planet involved becomes. 

If you have NATAL planets or angles between 16-24 degrees ARIES, CAPRICORN, CANCER and LIBRA you will be feeling the evolutionary pressure of the changes impinging on you in a myriad of ways.  

I have noticed with my own clients that some have not already gone through the major “slash and burn” of a Uranus in ARIES Pluto in Capricorn square yet. This extra ingredient of Venus the Sun and Mercury may be the straw that breaks the camels back. This is a good thing.

Our feelings, relationships, homes, emotional security needs and families are being challenged as Venus enters the Mix. Women in general are called to step into the Divine Feminine power. The SUN in Cancer challenges our identities in the world and Mercury in Cancer challenges us to open and to change our minds and our ways of thinking.

Water is receptive, with all of this water. Make sure that you are near water, in a big soak at the New Moon or using water in a ritual of going back into the Divine WOMB.  Spend time receiving, listening and attending to your innermost feelings and intuition. Let the spirit of water wash you clean in a cosmic Baptism in a rebirthing time.

Connect with the Divine Cosmic Mother of us all and feel her unconditional love for every man woman and child, creature and living thing in existence. Sit with this energy until you feel totally cleansed and renewed.

I will be meditating by the Lake here in Toronto. There is three days from the New Moon when the Moon is not visible which is considered to be sacred Red Tent time, a real and a metaphorical bleeding time. Let old things pass away. Listen to your dreams over the three nights.  The Moon remains in Cancer until the 5th. Stay as still and quiet as you can for three days.  Send healing energy to all the waters of the earth as the Oceans are endangered.

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Composer Karlheinz Stockhausen who wrote a piece called Sirius, has been claimed to have said on several occasions that he came from a planet in the Sirius system.To Stockhausen, Sirius stood for ‘the place where music is the highest of vibrations’ and where music had been developed in the most perfect way.

Karlheinz Stockhausen- Sirius  1975/1977 

Meaning of Thursday,Good luck,

Thursday is named in honor of the Scandinavian God Thor, it’s his day. Thor is the thunder and lightning God, the head honcho. Known for his mighty strength, protection of mankind, healing and fertility. He is associated with and was worshipped as the Mighty Oak Tree. He is like Hercules. Thor wiled his hammer of justice in Viking Nordic mythology. His name is associated with the ruin in punraz, also called Donar or Thunar.

Thor's Battle Against the Jötnar (1872) by Mårten Eskil Winge

Stan Lee’s cartoon character has become very popular portrayed in recent films by Australian actor Chris Hemsworth bring the charisma of Thor as the hero into modern culture. Thor is the planet Jupiter the largest planet in our solar system. Jupiter is equivalent to Zeus in Greek Mythology the head of Mount Olympus also throwing his lightning bolts and his weight around. He is a variation of Yahweh, Marduk to the Babylonians and Amon to the Egyptians. Known as Ahuramazda “the greatest of the gods” In India Jupiter is Shiva. Called JOVE by the Romans, the root word for jovial, or good natured.  The primordial element Thorium #90 is named in honor of Thor. 

Jupiter is considered lucky, optimistic, expansive. Jupiter in Astrology symbolizes far distant travels, higher education, taking risks, gambling, philosophy, judgement, teaching and honesty. Jupiter rules two signs traditionally SAGITTARIUS his Masculine sign and PISCES his Feminine sign. Jupiter is considered on an esoteric spiritual level to be the planet of the master teachers. 

The day is either names after the fourth day or the fifth in various religions and cultures. 

If you were born on a Thursday, you have an innately optimistic outlook on the world and are a lucky person. 

In the Tarot JUPITER is associated with Major Arcana Trump Card #10 

 wheel of fortune tarot Tara Greene


The Wheel of Fortune is the Wheel of Karma and Time, infinitely spinning round and round, circling and circling, the circle game, merry -go -round or a game if chance. Fortune means strength, forte. 

Make a wish every Thursday. Call upon THOR/ZEUS/ JOVE to grant you wishes, boons and luck. 

Tibetan Prayer Wheels

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Jupiter’s critical lessons Astrology by Tara Greene

I had a great day yesterday. Everything is finer under an Upbeat optimistic Sagittarius Moon. Don’t you agree?

It’s my monthly LUNAR RETURN. It may be yours if you were born with the Moon in Sagittarius. Yes boys get them too.  No need to be shy.

Each month the Moon travels through all 12 signs. Once each month YOU get to experience the Moon conjunct to where it was when you were born. That’s called your Lunar Return and it’s like a MOOD RING, a monthly chart from which you can calculate your personal emotional moods from.

It’s an emotional RESET button from birth. It brings up Unconscious emotional ties between you and your mother, positive or negative. That’s a very powerful point, one which holds many deep feelings which cannot been spoken about, which unconsciously may come up in your dreams,your fears, in reactions in your moods and others. It affects safety needs, security, cuddling, abandonment and intimacy.

You should know about this and can calculate when in each month your LUNAR return is. For women this may also unconsciously connect you to when you get your period. An interesting thing to track.

Jupiter is making his last hurrah through CANCER being at that 29th “critical degree” now- for another 7 days.  That degree of any sign is the pivotal point where the lessons must be learned and integrated before the next step can be taken. Empty the cache before moving on.

Jupiter as THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE was symbolically wearing Tarot Trump # 7 The CHARIOT all last year. The sign of CANCER, emotions, home, security, the Moon’s natural place, nurturing, nourishment, MOM.VERY FEMININE.  

In DIVINE TIMING, or synchronicity, 2014 reduces to a Number 7 year in Numerology as well.

Think back on what gifts and lessons JUPITER, the Master TEACHER,  bestowed upon your family, home, relationships, travelling, education, the Law, philosophy, over this past year.  Jupiter is considered to be the GREAT BENEFACTOR, bringing expansion, but sometimes Jupiter is too much of a good thing, over optimistic, a risk taker and can cause much losses, not to mention pile on the pounds.

What aspects did Jupiter bestow upon you? 

AS JUPITER moves in to LEO we are in these energies:


                                                 The WHEEL OF FORTUNE in the Tarot                                                    

Wheel of Fortune Tara Greene tarot Psychic Astrology


                   Strength Sirian Starseed Tara Greene             

                 SIRIAN STARSEED TAROT by Patricia Cori

JULY 16  Jupiter as THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE will be unbuckling the CHARIOT’S safety belt leaving the protective nurturing, security, home and emotional VICTORY behind him as he PROUDLY enters LEO and morphs the LION, symbol of the SPHYNX, the 5th sign, FIXED FIRE. Jupiter may riddle you with those famous questions.

Jupiter was exalted in Cancer but does well in Masculine Fire.


Way more energy, PIZAZZ, lots of PARTYING, loud showing off, excess, performances, BIG DRAMAS, more heart attacks, rising gold prices, FERTILE ROYALTY, big weddings, huge inflated EGO’s, childlike playfulness, heart centered kindness, VANITY, the color PURPLE, becoming one with the animals, protection for LIONS, especially rare white ones, courage, leadership, leading from the HEART, the creative inner child, Higher law, children’s rights protected, higher education expansion, family loyalty, generosity, lots of children focussed entertainment and will power.

Trump # 11 symbolizing STRENGTH is called LUST in the THOTH TAROT.

Moon’s in Sagittarius all day July 10 and enters Capricorn 8:24 pm 

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SPACE COWBOY- Steve Miller Band 




Oscar Pistorius trial- a tragic, karmic love story by Tara Greene

I love name destiny. Something that I intuitively noticed as a teenager. The aptly named- Oscar- because he deserves one? PIST orius is someone who is PISSED OFF notoriously.

I started writing this article last year when the terrible murder of his girlfriend Reeva happened on Valentine’s day. Let’s revisit the murder night through the Astrology lens. Look at the chemistry of Reeva Steenkamp and Oscar and the future outcome of his trial.

Reeva Steenkamp and Oscar Pistorius in happier times, hero of South Afirca

OSCAR Pistorius born November 22 1986 known as The BLADE RUNNER.

He has two MASTER NUMBERS in his birthdate 11/22. 11= STRENGTH 22= THE FOOL

Oscar Pistorius Astrology Tara Greene

Oscar is a double amputee Olympic and Paralympic runner, nicknamed BLADE RUNNER who has won gold medals in races in the Olympics in 2011 and made history in 2012 as the first double leg amputee to run with non disabled athletes.

On Feb 14 2013 Oscar at 3:20 am the initial call for help came from Oscar about the “accidental shooting.” Pistorius claims he thought he shot a burgler in his bathroom through a closed door and not his model girlfriend Reeva Steencamp. The paramedics and police arrive at 4: 15 am to find Reeva already dead and that Pistorius has moved her body from the crime scene. The number one NO NO in a crime scene. There is evidence that he called his father first to get his PR machine working before the police arrived.  Because of his celebrity status he was granted bail and allowed to travel outside S.A. to compete.

His Trial runs March 3-20 in Pretoria South Africa and is televised live. He has pleaded not guilty.

OSCAR born at 10:30 a.m. has his Sun is at the Most critical of all degrees 29 SCORPIO, The FIXED WATER sign of death, riches, extreme emotions, rebirth, obsessive, fanatical, power and control freak, secrecy in the 10th house of worldly fame and renown. His MOON in fiery passionate, I AM THE KING, vain, power-hungry, ambitious, fixed, LEO. In the 6th house he has worked hard to overcome physical disability through sheer LEOnion pride and willpower. He is totally focussed on accomplishing his goals to be the top in whatever it is he puts his feelings into.

His ASCENDANT is Aquarius, showing a rebellious, cool, detached, lover of technology, an outsider, someone who has always felt that he is outside of the law. Also Fixed Sign, he is ultra stubborn and focussed. His prosthetic legs are state of the art technology.

His MERCURY is RETROGRADE and in and on the 10th house cusp indicating he will be communicating to the world in a big way.

VENUS is RETROGRADE in SCORPIO in the 9th house, a very karmic influence. Venus Retrograde indicates, especially as it conjunct to PLUTO in SCORPIO, that Oscar and whatever lady love {Venus} he was with in his life, was indeed a past life karmic one. This combination makes OSCAR extremely sexually magnetic and irresistible to women.Usually his love affairs were characterized by being fast, very intense, very powerful, sexual, s & m, jealousy, controlling, possessive, demanding, obsession  and VIOLENCE.  He still has fanatical legions of supporters.

The women he was involved with and especially REEVA, may have been someone who killed or hurt him in a past life. This reveals a duel to the death through the disguise of magnetic attraction of a passionate hate/love affair. Reeva’s chart would mirror Oscar’s. I haven’t even gotten there yet.

VENUS Retrograde conjunct PLUTO square a LEO MOON is a recipe for dark, murderous, black-hearted, obsession, hate/love, exactly what has occurred in their lives. If Reeva had only gone to a dating Astrologer before she hooked up with him they would have told her run for your life.

His MARS at 27 degrees Aquarius in the 1st house is fixed detached, steely cold, and is Square to his late late Scorpio SUN.

He is definitely a warrior, a fighter, with incredible will power to accomplish great things as an athlete, but also defensive, anger issues, controlling.

JUPITER in PISCES in the 2nd house of resources, money,is square to Uranus in Sagittarius in the 11th. Jupiter, ruler of Pisces can make people very spiritual, genius’s or addicted personalities, unconscious, self-undoing and completely deluded. Oscar’s energy, moods and feeling- stop and go on a dime. Very erratic chaotic emotionally. This also makes him a psychic sponge indicating that whatever Reeva had in her Natal chart would very much influence Oscar’s responses. He could feel Pisces self-pity one minute, and totally shift the next. This gives him a Jekyll and Hyde personality. They would call it Bi-polar these days.

SATURN at 10 degrees Sagittarius in the 10th house is square to Jupiter. Saturn rules Oscar’s father, he called him first right after the murder before he called the police. Saturn is karma. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, truth telling, justice, optimism, ethics. Yes his TRIAL- symbolized by both Jupiter and Saturn in Sagittarius are world wide headlines. He thinks he and his money, power, riches {Saturn} are a law unto themselves. In Pisces he may be able to lie to himself and others and make himself believe its true.

NEPTUNE in Capricorn quincunx his LEO Moon. He has worldy power but is totally out of touch with his heart. Moon in Leo is heart.

REEVA was born August 19 1983 in Capetown South Africa.

Oscar Pistorius reeva astrology by Tara Greene

She is a strong willed, passionate, I am woman here me roar LEO in the 10th house of worldy fame . She must be THE QUEEN.  She has MARS in LEO at 3 degrees EXACTLY conjunct to Oscar’s MOON. This is an very aggressive emotional tug of war already. Pride, control, Reeva is aggressive and will do whatever it takes to get her way. She has a very difficult SATURN PLUTO CONJUNCTION with Saturn at 29 degrees Libra squaring that proud Leo Mars. This is the mass murderer signature. This is a very dangerous, combination to have. She would be attracted to powerful, dangerous, abusive, angry men. Power struggles, ego battles, literally a karmic death in a relationship. Everyone in Reeva’s generation was born with that Saturn Pluto conjunction in Libra. It is a  soul battle for equal relationships. But not everyone ends up tragically killed as Reeva was.

HER LEO Sun is opposite Oscar’s Mars in Aquarius. EGO battles, which squares His Scorpio 29 degrees Sun -who is incontrol? which is conjunct to her Jupiter Uranus  and his SATURN in Sagittarius. VERY intense ego control issues. 

Reeva, like Oscar, also has Venus Retrograde in her 10th house in Virgo. She was a perfectionist, a nit picker, highly intelligent. Venus is squared by Chiron in Gemini on her Descendant- vulnerable to be hurt through infidelity in love and a double talking immature lover, she is ambivalent in relationships. Chiron is opposing Jupiter and Uranus in conjunction in Sagittarius on her Ascendant which also Square her VENUS. This aspect bespeaks high flying optimism, unexpected chaotic love affairs. VENUS square Uranus  is independance and unpredictability in her passion in how she loved. Her Venus In Virgo could be negative and never satisfied.

Reeva’s Moon was at 10 degrees Capricorn in her 2nd house of resources, values. Mars in Leo is in quincunx to her Natal Moon. You know who’s Moon is also Quincunx to her natal Moon. They definitely did not relate emotionally or see eye to eye. They were emotionally incompatible and spoke different emotional languages. She could be very angry and as Capricorn holds emotions in, passive aggressive.

REEVA also has LILITH at 17 degrees Aquarius, the Shadow Queen, the supposed succubus, incubus, feared, the one who rejects. Lilith is in a wide square to Occar’s Sun. 12 degrees is admissible to the Sun. Lilith doesn’t debate, she does everything on her own terms. for that she is hated by men and feared.

See Oscar and Reeva’s synastry chart- the two charts together.

You can see the difficult connections between the two. HIS SOUTH NODE in LIBRA – this is a recreation of a past life relationship, His SN is conjunct to her SATURN Pluto conjunction in Libra. Death. They were inexorably drawn together to try to create new karma between them.  His Natal  Venus Pluto conjunction is close to her SATURN PLUTO one. As heavy as it gets.

Reeva’s North Node in Gemini is conjunct to Oscar’s CHIRON indicating that he was most vulnerable to her own duality, fickleness, toying with him nature. They were quite a pair. This shows that they were karmically drawn together to attempt to work out a past life relationship. They had a magnetic attraction and repulsion to each other. This happens when one or both parties are unconscious. Most people are. This is a totally toxic relationship.

On Valentine’s Day 2013.

All of the planets are aligned on the left side of Oscar’s natal chart indicating that he was in the grip of his own Unconscious emotions. transiting Saturn conjunct his Pluto, Mercury and there’s that murderous aspect I wrote about above. Also MArs Mercury conjunct  his Jupiter conjuncts to mixed up communications, like his story that night. The Sun in Aquarius is conjunct to Oscar’s Natal Mars and is square to his Natal Sun in Scorpio.  He would have been royally pissed off and quick to ego and anger.

MARS and Mercury are conjunct to his Natal Jupiter in Pisces. Illusion, delusion, drunken or drugged. and in square to  his NATAL SATURN. There must have been drugs involved. 

transiting Venus, the woman, is at 14 degrees Aquarius conjunct Oscar’s Ascendant and Squaring transiting Saturn in Scorpio conjunct to his MIDHEAVEN and MERCURY. It was not a good Valentine’s day aspect for love.

PLUTO LORD of DEATH is at 10 degrees of Capricorn EXACTLY on Poor Reeva’s natal MOON. This was the karmic climax of her life.

NEPTUNE CHIRON and MARS are in conjunction in Pisces exactly opposite her Natal VENUS. There may have been drinking and or drugging although no mention of it was made to my knowledge. Blurred lines, delusion, illusion, obsessiveness and anger thrown at REEVA consciously or unconsciously.Transitting Venus is conjunct Reeva’s Lilith, activating her ability to be indifferent or turn off her partner. She was not willing to compromise.

So what will happen to remorseful Mr. Pistorius? Judge Thokozile Masipa is a black female and I have been corrected there is no jury system in South Africa the Judge will decide.

Saturn just went Retrograde at 23 degrees Scorpio very close to Oscar’s SUN and Saturn is squaring his Natal Mars in Aquarius. SATURN- karma, limitations, obstacles,  the weight, punishment will cross Oscar’s Sun at this year’s end. A once in 29 year occurrence.

CHIRON the wounded healer is sitting right on his Natal JUPITER in PISCES. Jupiter is Justice, and in Pisces, there is compassion, forgiveness There is also in distinction, fog, ineptitude, delusions of grandeur, and real delusions, as already happened at the crime scene and last year at Oscar’s bail. CHIRON is squaring Oscar’s Natal Chiron in Gemini- a double talking and his Saturn in Sagittarius which is an Honest Judicial system. Sagittarius also rules the law..

ON the opening Trial Date March 3 2014

Mars, the male hero, symbolizing Oscar is Retrograde in Libra, so he is in detriment. Mars is squaring Venus in Capricorn. Mars will cross Oscar’s South Node at 20 degrees Libra soon indicating his past relationship is being reviewed because of his aggressive behaviour.

THE MOON is at 12 degrees Aries exactly where it was on the night of the murder.

The trial is supposed to last for about 3 weeks but during Mars and Saturn retrograde and as Oscar is also a huge hero in South Africa it may take along while before the judge decides.

JUPITER at 10 degrees Cancer turning DIRECT on March 6 is Trining Oscar’s Natal Pluto in Scorpio and his Natal Jupiter in Pisces at 13 degrees forming a GRAND WATER TRINE and Chiron the wounded healer is also at 13 degrees Pisces. This makes the justice system very, very sympathetic to him.  He admits he killed her but by accident and not premeditation. I believe that he will found guilty of a 2nd degree of some similar smaller punishment and will have to pay community service,  or be given a compassionate shorter jail sentence.

The Solar Eclipse April 29 is at 8 degrees of TAURUS directly on Oscar’s Natal PLUTO.

PLUTO is entering Oscar Pistorius 12th house of  karma for a very very long time. He will have to live with himself. Reeva’s family and friend’s need closure. Oscar as a wealthy brand, as a hero, is living out the Archetypal hero’s journey of Icarus. He is not beyond the law. There will be fair justice but also compassion.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

There are many other excellent detailed Astrology articles about this trial.

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No music videos due to the tragic nature of this case.

Grand Retro Trine # 2, Wet & Wild Astrology

VERY GRAND TRINE July 17  -wet and wild

WORK IT! # 2 in a series of  many till the end of July-

THE GRAND WATER TRINES of JUPITER in Cancer, NEPTUNE  in Pisces & SATURN in SCORPIO are EXACT all at 4 degrees of their respective signs on JULY 17  and there are more to follow.

Yes YOU CRABS, SCORPION  AND FISHES  you all get to swim in a   bouillabaisse of -Yummy Grand Trines.

First Scorpio Moon Trines Chiron in Pisces then Mercury in Cancer.

Jupiter trines Saturn and Neptune. This is the  more powerful aspect as we are dealing with 3 planets.

Trines fir for a Queen Tara Greene

GRAND TRINES fit for a Queen or a Princess or Prince?


Uranus the ULTRA TRICKSTER, God of CHAOS and REVOLUTIONS,  the Higher Octave of Mercury, also goes Retrograde TODAY during the whole shebang at  12 degrees 31 minutes of ARIES.  So expect the Unexpected, big time.

AQUARIUS peeps feel the pull the most as this is their modern riling planet. SATURN rules Aquarius traditionally so both ancient and modern rulerships pull Aquarians back into the fray to regroup and get ready for the next assault on the establishment. Fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius will also feel the pull backwards.

Mercury is still Retrograde till July 20 @ 11:22 am PDT. But will be in his shadow period retracing lost steps till August 20 when Mercury hits 23 degrees +  Cancer again.

RETRO Chaos and Grand Trines, 4 planets Retro in total.


this triggers more revolution, rebellions, going against the status quo, freedom for individuals, there will be Tsunamis, and record rain falls,  torrential downpours, flooding. this is Very Feminine energy and women will be fighting for their rights loudly, breaking through old barriers, overturning old laws.- Jupiter rules laws.


Whatever triggers your emotions during these times reflects deeply held, Saturn in Scorpio issues. I see this as a COSMIC COLONIC. Clean the shit out. But it will have unexpected and chaotic results.

URANUS RETROGRADE hers brings UNEXPECTED PREGNANCIES as Jupiter is very Fertile in Cancer and being supported by the planets. If you are trying to have a baby- it is the best time to get pregnant under for all signs.

Be careful what you wish/ think of, desire. Trines are easy aspects and especially with Jupiter, the “wind bag” of the Planets, often promises more than he can deliver, even though he is exalted in Cancer. Too much of a good thing can be not such a good thing.

Overindulgences of all kinds are easier because of these TRINES, especially addictions and accidental deaths -Neptune in Pisces, Saturn in SCORPIO- we’ve just seen the unexpected death of  Cory Monteith.

And overboard in the  WOO WOO department with Neptune in PISCES. Expect major UFO news, and religious fanaticism to peak of all types.

This aspect also heightens everyone’s telepathic and intuitive capabilities, so expect to dream in Lucid dreams, feel much more empathic, strengthening  your natural psychic abilities getting clearer and stronger. PSYCHIC BOUNDARIES will be necessary.

WATER is what we mainly are 70%. so feeling our emotional bodies is very valuable.

Very real danger of weight gain in general. Jupiter in Cancer loves to have a full satisfied tummy. Also stomach ailments can occur more prevalently.Travel by water is also good, cruises, being by the ocean. Doing a juice fast is also recommended.

MEDITATION for 4 days of Grand Trine Wishes

You will need 3 bowls of water.

On the 17, 18, 19 and 20 as the aspects unfold, 

You will need to do ceremony each day and write down three wishes.

Fill the three bowls with water, and sit and breathe slowly into a meditative state and reflect on the water.

on the 17th the major tone is expansion with JUPITER of learning, trusting, faith, optimism, Saturn with responsability, maturity, letting go of old unconscious desires and with Neptune of imagination, creativity, dreams, higher spiritual consciousness, forgiveness, charity.

Write down your  3 wishes after you sit in meditation. You should pour the water away after each day with gratitude and a prayer to cleanse the world’s waters.

JULY 18 DAy 2

SCORPIO MOON TRINES the SUN in Cancer @ 25 degrees @ 4:12 am PDT

Repeat the filling of the 3 bowls, sitting and meditating then write down your 3 wishes.

Focus on wishes dealing with balancing the Masculine Sun and Feminine Aspects

Moon enters Sagittarius @ 10:54 am 


Repeat the water pouring, meditation and ritual of writing 3 wishes again. they can change, they can be repeated.

JULY 20 YAY Fire SIGNS! some YANG energy is needed now.

Sagittarius Moon conjunct to the Galactic Center Trines Venus @ 26 degrees  of LEO

8:00 am PDT- this is a new fire element Trine being added.Fire ignites and sparks, it is spirit. 

This is very significant having the Moon conjunct the G.C. adding a very Higher ocnsciousness aspect. This is more 12, 21, 2012 energy coming in. Also great for late Aries energy. Air signs benefit from this aspect too

MERCURY goes DIRECT @ 11:22 am PDT

Moon enters earthy CApricorn @ 11:39 am

MARS in Cancer TRINES NEPTUNE @ 12:42 pm  + Mars Trines SATURN @ 2:34 pm  repeat the 3 water ritual again and write your final 3 wishes.

Repeat the 3 water steps meditation and three wishes.

Take all of your 12 wishes and place them in a very special envelope. You will read them over to yourself as affirmations before you go to sleep every night and every morning.

PLEASE SHARE WIDELY so that more can benefit. Copyright Tara Greene 2013-infinity. 

You may share this article but must give full credit to Tara Greene.

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Read the water ritual for the last  New moon in Cancer July 8

WATERFALL – Jimi Hendricks 

IN BEAUTY MAY I WALK by KAren Drucker 

Grand Trines, reality check, shine bright Astrology

The VERY  Grand Trines are in effect now from the beginning of July
The first ones are in effect TODAY July 16 with a dash of hard reality thrown in
Scorpio Moon Trining MARS at 11:14 am PDT then Jupiter in Cancer @ 3:43 pm  PDT
GRAND TRINES are easy peasy gifts but you gotta open the present and you have to make the magic happen.
Trines are like pyramids, they focus energy 
pyramids Grand Trine Tara Greene
CANCER is all 4th house issues, your mom your unconscious, your roots, home, endings, birth.
As with all SCORPIO MOONs it’s still shadow work time
its not all a bed of roses, YET
The trines by the Scorpio Moon means that
the planets are handing us  easy shovels and pick axes to do the diamond mining.
To shine like a diamond
a piece of carbon must endure enormous pressure
which is the transformative process
and then you must be  polished.
The Seven dwarves in Snow White are the 7 deadly sins/chakras/planets in disguise.
They are miners for a heart of gold.
It’s all alchemy.
this is where you do ritual to ground the Grand Trine energy.
See my former article about water rituals.
will write about all the Grand Trines in another article
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all writing copyright Tara Greene 2013- infinity
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Jupiter in Gemini goodbye; Capricorn Lunacy,Astrology with Tara Greene

June 23 inspirational QUOTE of the day

SUPER MOON in  Capricorn @ 1:08 am PDT Yes PANic. Capricorn is Pan the cloven footed Goat man horny as hell.

A quote  from a famous GOAT BOOK  “Self knowledge is always bad news.”
John Barth, Giles Goat-Boy


SUPER MOON at 2 degrees GOATFISH @ 4:32 am PDT

This is the SO very very sexy super moon pagan romping timeSUPER SUN CONJUNCT LILITH Full Moon bringing the Goddess down to earth

Yes the WOMAN clothed with the SUN from Revelations

very very sexy Lilith and Pan mixture….Lilith has deer legs

LAter  sextiles moon to Saturn and Neptune- a little fantasy sex romp?


make sure you have your seat belts fastened

MOON Does the bump and grind with URANUS @ 8:27 pm 

June 24 Cappy Moon  Quincunx to MARS in GEMINI in the wee wee hours dreaming about nazi’s and fleeing

Moon is opposed Mercury and VENUS in CANCER @ 1:20 pm PDT & 7:24 pm PDT

family vs career love or money?

The last day to whoop it up with JUPITER in GEMINI fashion

one last bungee jump ride, YIPEE! Its been a hoot

My mind needs to settle down. As a Sagittarian Jupiter my ruling planet the CEO of my SUN, MOON AND MERCURY

makes a huge difference which sign he travels through each year. Opposite his ruling sign of the Centaur he is way too fast,

too reckless, too immature. too speedy.

I am really looking forward to being on GOLDEN POND with Jupiter in CANCER, ahhhh.

Which part of your natal chart has Jupiter been trampling though? How has it been for you the past year?

For me Jupiter has been mucking about in 7-8th houses. Relationships commitment and changes of the deep kind.

SO Wed, JUNE 25 JUPITER ENTERS THE BIG WAVES @ 6:40 pm PDT for an entire year

I am working on your yearly forecast for each sign dear devoted readers.

and I can already feel the hellishly complicated frustrations of Mercury’s pre-nuptial RETRO phase, I couldn’t post anything the other day

my computer is acting up. Etc. the usual

VENUS also enters LEO June 27 for a complete change of colours and moods

forget YOU dahling, it’s all about MOI!!!!

PLEASE NOTE: I am getting ready to go to the beautiful GRAIL SPRINGS SPA June 23 to set up

for the GRAIL LADY FAIRE where I will be displaying my wares, astrology readings, Tarot, a special Goddess songbook compilation,

and ARTWORKS-special rare tarot decks etc. And MOst IMPORTANTLY

LEADING a QUINTESSENTIAL GODDESS WORKSHOP where I will initiate all women who arrive into the mysteries and magic of Lilith, Ceres, Vesta, Pallas Athena and Juno. Goddesses for which Asteroids were named after, and of course Lilith in a class of her own, as the BLACK MOON,

I will be producing MP3’s and more exciting works soon. I have been so busy and juggling so many things

I WILL HAVE LIMITED INTERNET ACCESS so I will try and post small things so please be patient while I am away all week

I am Under the influence of a Number 9 year when I am supposed to be a HERMIT and Saturn transiting my 12th house 

so I am feeling a lot like I’m rolling that rock up the hill every day  but I know it will pass, Oh and did I mention Neptune on my North Node and Squaring my Sagittarius sun?

ARE you aware of the complex Transits that are affecting you right now?

Well knowledge is power

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