Astrology in the News-Jupiter square Neptune

Astrology in the news. The Jupiter in Sagittarius Neptune in Pisces Square- coming into exact Jan. 13th. I came across this article.

A very interesting article about an 11th Century German Nun who was accidentally discovered to have microscopic crystals of a rare and precious Middle Eastern gemstone Lapiz Lazuli embedded in a tooth.

Lapis Lazuli, which was prized and used in Ancient Egypt, “is a gemstone mined only in a part of Northern Afghanistan, and a classic example of a luxury good in medieval Europe and Asia. It was prized for its rich blue color, and would often be processed into a dye called ultramarine, which was used in lavish gospels and prayer books produced by hand in European monasteries. How lapis lazuli got to a religious community in northwest Europe is a story of commerce and empire, likely involving Near Eastern gemstone traders, dye-makers in a major centre such as Alexandria in Egypt, and Venetian traders who dispersed ultramarine dye throughout Europe.”

It is thought that the Nun was a painter something governed by Planet Neptune in Pisces. Neptune rules artists and cloistered places. Jupiter and Neptune both rules religion and spirituality. Jupiter rules exotic things and long distance travels as well as publishing.  This aspect perfectly mirrors the “as above so below.”

“Warinner said a study of the social context of medieval German convents suggests the woman was likely at what the anthropologist called the “upper end of the social scale,” from a family that could afford to send her to such a community.

She was also likely a painter of some skill and authority, to be entrusted with such valuable materials, which would typically be provided by whoever had commissioned the religious text that was being painted.

“Within the context of medieval art, the application of highly pure ultramarine in illuminated works was restricted to luxury books of high value and importance, and only scribes and painters of exceptional skill would have been entrusted with its use,” reads the new paper in the journal Science Advances.

“An alternative theory to painting is that she was not involved in producing the manuscripts, but rather that she “performed emotive devotional osculation of illuminated books produced by others,” according to the new paper by Warinner and colleagues. In other words, she might have kissed the books, although this theory is less well supported, the authors conclude.”

“Whoever she was, “was plugged into a vast global commercial network stretching from the mines of Afghanistan to her community in medieval Germany through the trading metropolises of Islāmic Egypt and Byzantine Constantinople. The growing economy of 11th-century Europe fired demand for the precious and exquisite pigment that traveled thousands of miles via merchant caravan and ships to serve this woman artist’s creative ambition,” said co-author Michael McCormick of Harvard University.”

read the entire article here

Here’s an interesting astrology transit link to that time period with outer planets.

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Make love not war, Jupiter square Pluto

THE BIG ASS ASPECT is JUPITER square PLUTO today ARCH 30 11:19 a.m. PDT/2:19 pm EDT/ 6:19 pm GMT. 

REBALANCING THE POWER is what this is all about. 

This specific aspect can only happen every 3 years as Jupiter takes 12 years to transit the entire zodiac signs.  At 19+ degrees LIBRA/ CAPRICORN this is more long-term CARDINAL CROSS energy that we have experienced since 2012. Wait till APRIL there is even more of the same! Fasten your cosmic space belts.

If you have planets within 5 degrees before or after, 14-24 degrees LIBRA CAPRICORN and ARIES, LIBRA you are in the cross-hairs. 

JUPITER rules Truth, justice, optimism, as the ruler of SAGITTARIUS and PISCES traditionally. In LIBRA, this is the sign of PEACE.

John Lennon Yoko ONo- astrology Tara greene

John Lennon (1940 – 1980) and Yoko Ono pose on the steps of the Apple building in London, holding one of the posters that they distributed to the world’s major cities as part of a peace campaign protesting against the Vietnam War. ‘War Is Over, If You Want It’. (Photo by Frank Barratt/Getty Images)

JUSTICE or KARMA itself, the very ancient Constellation/zodiac sign of LIBRA, the scales of Ma’at.

This is the TAROT TRUMP # 8 or 11 in the Tarot. 

Tarot card trump Justice # 11 / 8

11:11 Taror Trump card Justice

Jupiter is pressuring the media and the collective Unconscious which PLUTO symbolizes to come out with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 

PLUTO, the great destroyer, the garbage man, the soul destroyer and resurrector, ruler of the PLUTOCRACY, the ultra-rich, 1% elite, and  sex, power, money, secrets are being outed now, is doing his best to bring down the PLUTOCRACY aided by a very unusual { URANIAN-ERIS} President of the U.S.  and BREXIT. Starting MArch 29. Right on time. Pluto is cleverly disguised as WIKILEAKS and Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. 

If you don’t believe PIZZAGATE you better. It is well known that these elites sell women, children and use them as slaves. The Democrats, Royalty, ‘respected people” are all parts of this. Whether you think they are Reptilians or just simply Republicans it doesn’t matter.  

The little people, we are just chattel, cattle, slaves, worker ants, and bees. We don’t count. But the people are waking up. JUPITER is THOR and ZEUS wielding thunderbolts and I would definitely start calling upon them to shoot those bolts at the Federal Reserve and the Bilderbergers and the Oligarchs. 

Jupiter in LIBRA is governed by VENUS who is RETROGRADE right now in ARIES, so stuff from the past is being brought to light right now. Issues in courts will be delayed. Pluto is governed by SATURN who is now at the GALACTIC CENTER getting his working orders from deep cosmic space. Saturn in SAGITTARIUS rules free speech, publications, education, the elderly, foreigners, the military, immigrants, traveling. You can see that all of these topics are pretty hot these days- Fake News, Trump refusing to talk to CNN, but Fox makes shit up too.

Saturn is the LAW, the FBI the CIA the TAX department. You can see it being played out by TRUMP and the CIA FBI and Justice department. 

There are huge power battles going on. The secret government, the corporate cabal did not want Trump as President. Trump as much as I don’t like his ultra-conservative views, Trump is an independent renegade and Not a Republican, and he would be shot already if not for Pence as his beard. No one wants Pence the Military ultra-right wing hater as President. 

The shit will get deeper and higher. The dark forces of the PLUTOCRACY will not give up their power easily. They have spies everywhere and are invested heavily in all levels.  When JUPITER enters SCORPIO OCTOBER 10 for the next year the real dirt, sex scandals, power, and control issues will be duking it out. PLUTO rules SCORPIO and the two will be sextiling each other. Remember that SATURN will also enter CAPRICORN at the end of this year. 

On a personal level, you need to be able to BRING balance into your own life and relationships.  While JUPITER is RETROGRADE review what needs to be balanced, what you need in relationships, how you want to speak your truth in the world.  While VENUS is RETROGRADEtill April 15 reconsider your love life, your feminine energy, yor money situation. How much do you need? 

Fasten your cosmic space belts as I said the week of APRIL 7-14th will be BAZINGA!

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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March 29 Think like a star

Aries Moon speeds along conjunct to URANUS and MERCURY in the wee hours.

ALien Queens, Femmes from Venus

Venusians seeking Martians

A QUICK-WITTED, shoot your mouth off day. Whatever ideas come into your mind they will be scattershot, barrelling out of your mouth instantly. You may dream up a new invention, take a rocket to other galaxies, start your own revolution, and storm out on your own. Make sure you write it down when you awake.


Aries Moon conjunct Uranus, astrology Tara Greene

There will be an easy quick-witted and rather quirky sense of humor today.

Aim your arrows of truth higher. Be careful of being overly spontaneous and bursting into flames.  Be careful around guns, barbecue‘s, hazard materials, etc. Too much honesty no matter how off-handed, told as a joke, or well-intentioned, may still get your ass in trouble. Those who don’t tell the truth may get their pants on fire. LIAR, LIAR PANTS ON FIRE! you know that one?

The moon is Void-of-course early in the day

MOON ENTERS Stable plodding sensuous TAURUS @ 8:48 am PDT/ 11:48 am EDT

Taurus 1st decan astrology Tara Greene

1st decan in TAURUS image {0-10 degrees}

The mood will be much more stolid and stable until the 31st under a Taurus moon. Taurus Moon slows our emotions down, we need to get grounded after all of this ARIES VENUS NEW MOON energy. We are also still in the 3rd days of DARK MOON. This is good grounding energy what with the JUPITER-PLUTO square March 30. You may feel like you’ve been slapped down into your body, There’s been an overdose of ARIES hot firey energy over the last few days. 

Taurus energy astrology Tara greene

While MARS is in TAURUS, March 9-April 22, our actions are more concerned with our physical stability and our bodily comforts. We don’t want to stress. All we want is to stubbornly enjoy this sensuous, physical world of beauty, count our money, protect our resources and smell the roses.  Remember to smell the roses.

Ferdinand the Bull 


This is a very nice energy for thinking about big vast cosmic ideas. SATURN in SAGITTARIUS is at the GALACTIC CENTER now. New ways of calling the Gods? SAGITTARIUS is the sign of the MASTER TEACHERS, the dwellers beyond.   Shoot the truth at whoever you think needs it. 

Native American teachings that i was given say that our thoughts are like arrows. You want to shoot positive arrows, or rainbow arrows, Thoughts which contain all of the chakras energies. This aspect is very much like the MOON in ARIES Trining SAGITTARIUS earlier today but definitive and even stronger.

See video below for more on this. 

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Aries New Moon, Lilith Trine Venus

March 27 The New Moon in ARIES is very VENUSIAN for a MARS ruled sign.

Aries New Moon Tara Greene astrology

Dream caused by the flight of a bee (1944) DALI

The first sign of the Zodiac marks a new cycle, a new beginning, starting now on thisDark Moon with VENUS RETROGRADE conjunct the SUN. Venus is NOT going totally underworld right now she is too high in declination. She is both morning and evening star now. We need to think on that.

LILITH the Dark Goddess in SAGITTARIUS trining Retro Venus in ARIES. 

Lilith governs all New or Dark moons and this brings an especially powerful element for all women to utilize Lilith’s KALI-like uncompromising energies. What isn’t loving towards a woman must go. No ifs and’s or buts about it. 

LILITH also squares the NORTH Node in VIRGO and the SOUTH NODE in PISCES

The fates are working their triple Goddess energies here in the realms of us mere mortals. Lilith to the North Node in VIRGO about getting practical, humble and taking back our food supllies, our need for our work to also serve us and others, and to take care of the environment, stay grounded, get real. What is your work serving? At NEW MOON in ARIES this is a new beginning a reset button. START from GO. Go back to the beginning of you need to.

The powerful JUPITER PLUTO Square is approaching

IT’s Exact on March 30th. This is a big power play. Good luck trying to find some peace harmony and balance. Pluto in CAPRICORN is the Plutocrats running governments and corporations.  Justice, legal issues, equal rights are all major issues in our minds these days as symbolized by these planets. Trump is showing us the dark side of Pluto. Try to stay balanced within yourself. Of course this aspect also brings in the URANUS-ERIS conjunction too. CHAOS is the new norm.  IF you have planets at these CARDINAL 15-25 degrees you are being personally affected. 


Saturn at the Galactic center is transmitting higher consciousness and the ability to go into the void and become nothing. This is the goal of Tibetan Buddhism. You are NOT your wounds. Your wounds are very real,and the sins of the fathers need to be addressed in the larger scale of a crazy society and Patriarchal culture run amok. 

SATURN trine URANUS-ERIS also helps us to see a much bigger picture and a higher consciousness. At the same time, Saturn makes sure we feel the 3rd Dimensional heavy, leaden, weight of our earthly plane karma. In PISCES we are at the last sign. It is time for us to clean up our personal messes.  Chiron will leave Pisces to start his journey in ARIES on April 17, 2018.

CHIRON In PISCES is the last and most spiritual sign. It is the sign of endings, forgiveness, compassion, meditation, yoga, institutions, mental health, dreams, drugs,self-undoing, and merging with source. Chiron will leave Pisces to start his journey in ARIES on April, 2018 but he will retro back and forth for awhile and will be finally in Aries from Feb 18, 2019- with a brief jog into Taurus in 2026, but finally leaves ARIES on April 14, 2027. We want to make sure we really use CHIRON’s placement in PISCES now to clear all of our old psychic, emotional, karmic and past life issues.  It’ll be another 50 years before Chiron is in Pisces again.

VENUS RETRO will help us to do this. Make a safe sacred space or alter to do this work in. It would be a good time to make a list of all the lovers you have had. Think about which ones actually and really loved you. The ones who did not, or who abused you, emotionally, sexually, mentally or spiritually, think of and write down their names. Maybe you don’t know their names its ok. Write down a memory trigger of the incident. Bring up the emotions while sitting in your safe container. Let all the feelings, whether its rage anger, jealousy, revenge, sorrow, hatred, and love come up but do contain these emotions. Have a bowl and matches and water nearby. When you feel ready, say out loud, or in your heart, whatever words you have to say to release these people into their own space and you into yours. Do this from as neutral emotional space as you can. I know this part may be hard. Take the name written on the paper and burn it in the fire. As you see their name and energy burn, know that this person’s connection to you is being transmuted. Wish them no harm. Wish them to find their light. You don’t have to force feelings of forgiveness. Do this for each person. This may lead to bringing up more emotions and deeper layers but now is the best time to clear through these old emotions. 


It’s easy to ground our dreams  our faith and our hopes under this aspect. Mars in Taurus rules the sign of ARIES, and he is keeping it real. Mars in Taurus wants stability, reliability, and is stabilizing the usually very spontaneous Arian energies. 

Venus and MARS are in mutual reception. The Feminine and the Masculine are exchanging their energies. The Feminine is more driven, more confident, more independent in Aries. The old system of rulerships said that Venus is in detriment when in Aries, which is Mars sign. There is a sexism to that. Mars is vice versa in VENUS’s sign. The Masculine is learning to be more feminine, more stable, trustworthy, sensuous, the counterpart of the Goddess. In Ancient Crete bare-breasted,wasp-waisted, corset-wearing women with long braids road the bulls which they worshipped.  That was inthe AGE of TAURUS. 

Taurus Bull leaping Knossos Crete Tara Greene

This New Moon is a moon of passion, new loves and new drives. We are still in extraordinary tense times. Think about where you want to be a year from now. There will be 13 moons to live through. Start a journal to mark each New Moon and to sit in ceremony at each one. Always give thanks for future blessings already on the way though maybe unseen.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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The Big aspects now, HUGE,

SATURN, the principle of reality, KARMA, the hard, cold, maturing planet, the stern macho Patriarch of time, ageing and testing is in a semi-sextile, a 30-degree angle to PLUTO, the Planet of Plutocrats, the soul, the collective unconscious and the shadows @ 15+ degrees of SAGITTARIUS and CAPRICORN respectively.

Zeus by the gryph tara greene astrology

ZEUS/ the KING/ JUPITER/  by the gryph

This is a lesser known division of aspects we’re dealing with but with two biggies here any aspects carry a stronger meaning.

We need to look at the power that has just been unleashed by Mr. D. T-rump I call him. Kind of like a T-Rex, a dinosaur. Maybe we should call him Mr. T.

We  are seeing the limitations and restrictions of History- all Saturn, and power mongers -Pluto throughout history who attempted to be restrictive to races or religions.  Saturn is about reality and loss. Also about building structures. Saturn is the architect, as in Buddhism. 

The Neptune Saturn square which was the signature of 2016 was all about the unseen, invisible, the secrets in the closet and the Karma associated with ignoring these ghosts and shadows. The delusions, illusions, obfuscations.

It feels for many like we have been rudely awaken from a dream but are now  living in a nightmare.


Expanding the restrictions and the realities of those as well. Jupiter in Libra, you think it would be about making peace, but in the past 12 year cycles, going back to the first world war ,whenever Jupiter is in Libra dictators take over! Check that out.

Jupiter rules humor. There is a movement in America to support Planned Parenthood and let that evil penny -worth person, you know who I mean get the message. Women are donating money to P and putting the donation in Mike P’s name which I think is the most brilliant thing I’ve heard of in a long time. The downside is he gets the Tax deduction, will he claim it? 

RELATIONSHIPS are kind of hot and cold under this Jupiter-Saturn sextile which is also moving into a JUPITER -PLUTO square  on Nov. 24 @ 15+ degrees LIBRA/CAPRICORN and THAT IS a real biggie.

The JUPITER/ PLUTO Square reignites the Cardinal Crosses from 2015. Jupiter in LIBRA is about rebalancing Justice so expect a lot of litigation a lot of fighting against the Powers in corporate control now. This is Donald Trump and his minions now so this story has a different narrative now. You could encapsulate it down to Equality or Power over.  

Jupiter in LIBRA is about rebalancing Justice. Expect a lot, a ton,  of litigation, a lot of fighting against the powers in corporate control now. From the NWO against Mr. Trump who ironically is liberating us or trying to against the Big Banks. Good luck. This is Donald Trump and his minions now so this story has a different narrative. You could encapsulate it down to Equality vs Power over.  Who’s power and whose justice?

JUPITER in LIBRA is conjunct U.S. Natal SATURN in the 10th house of worldly fame.

A Jupiter- Saturn conjunction by transit is seen as a positive thing. Jupiter in the 10th is beneficial for the U.S. status in the world, it is expansive and optimistic. Jupiter in the 10th symbolizes the king, the ruler, he is bombastic, throws his weight around and throws lightning bolts. Remember zeus was a philandering, rapist just like Trump. The conjunction to Saturn means that optimism is restricted and restrictive. Saturn is stern, hard, cold, mature, conservative, a Patriarch, a “good old boy, “locker room talk.” etc. Jupiter/ The King can rule with an iron fist by his own authority regardless of what anyone else thinks. Jupiter in Libra is the sign of karma, sacred law, beyond human laws. Striving for balance is difficult under this aspect.

Pluto in CAPRICORN in the 2nd house opposite the U.S. SUN at 13+ degrees CANCER.

The Power is conservative, PLUTOCRATIC. Pluto in the 2nd house can bring death and change in economics. The 2nd house is the house of   resources. Resources will be changing drastically.

Expect more ch-ch-ch-changes ahead. Gotta watch out for Donald The Plutocrat.

look at where these 2 planets will square off in your natal chart to see where you too can be king and conqueror in your own world. 

THE U.S. Chiron its weak wounded spot, is at 20 degrees ARIES which URANUS is sitting near at now. That alone would have explained a huge shift in Politics. URANUS in ARIES- revolts of all kinds. People are revolting against NWO, democrats revolting against Repubs, Repubs revolting against their own. 

The JUPITER-PLUTO square exacerbates the wound. It rubs more salt in it. This aspect will be increasing in size and depth and pain as Jupiter moves forwards and as Pluto does too. The next couple of years will be pivotal in America’s history.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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