Rare hyperintense week, June 29-July 5

June 29-July 5 is a hyperintense  week

 June 29/30 JUPITER and PLUTO, the Billionaires Plutocrats club meets up for the second of their three historic Build and tear down meetings in 2020 at 24+ Capricorn. Both Planets are Retrograde and conjunct to the Saturn Pluto degree of January 12, 2020, reigniting that explosive event which triggered Covid-19, etc. Expect a second wave now. They met first on April 4/5 and will meet again on November 12th when a third more intense wave will hit at the exact same degree as the January 12th conjunction.

Jupiter is THE WHEEL of FORTUNE in the TAROT and PLUTO is Signified by Scorpio and the #13 The DEATH CARD 

10_-_La_Roue_de_Fortune Oswald Wirth Public domain

10_-_La_Roue_de_Fortune Oswald Wirth Public domain Originally published in 1927

13_-_La_Mort Oswald Wirth /Public domain

13_-_La_Mort Oswald Wirth /Public domain originally published 1927 Tarot Of the magicians












Triple conjunctions in the same sign are rare! There is only one in this Century and the last one in Capricorn was in 1285 during the Crusades. These conjunctions bring up the past energies on a newer level. 

This is a pretty rare event as the triple conjunctions will be very close, less than 1 degree apart visually. We won’t see Pluto but we will see Jupiter although the moon will be bright, on our way to a Full Moon at the weekend. The last three-peat performance happened in November 2,1955, February 8 and June 16, 1956, in LEO and will next occur in 2106-07.https://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/how-to-see-pluto-in-the-night-sky#:~:text=Jupiter%20and%20Pluto%20are%20in,and%20the%20ringed%20planet%20Saturn.&text=All%20these%20planets%20swing%20to,%2C%20Saturn%20(July%2020).

What happened on these dates in the 1950’s?

The Vietnam war begins. David Ben Gurion was the first Prime Minister of Israel. Colonel Tom Parker signed Elvis Presley to RCA records a few weeks later.  Following February of 1956, Pakistan becomes the first Islamic republic. A few days after the June conjunction, Playright Arthur miller appears before the House Un-American Activities and marries Marilyn Monrow a few days after. What came to mind initially was the desegregation of Schools in the U.S.in May of 1955. History repeats topics on higher levels. The Black Lives Matter protests are another level of the attempt to abolish systemic racism in the U.S. 

If you have planets conjunct 24 Capricorn plus and minus 2 degrees you are in the cross-hairs again. If you have planets at 22-26 ARIES or LIBRA you are in the T- square and any planets/angles/ Risings at 22-26 CANCER also get the Billionaires Kaboom transit.

My positive take is Pluto will bless you with the deepest Soul/psyche wealth if you are walking your soul’s true path. Jupiter expands it. But if you, or a country or a philosophy, is NOT walking a soul path, it is massive death and destruction. The Plutocracy is the .001% which controls the world and they are dark forces. They are fighting to assert their Plutonic control over the world right now. It’s hard to see where the positive intention is coming from.

Saturn Pluto started COVID 19 at their January 12 conjunction and Jupiter expands PLuto’s death and resurrection energy. Pan is the Ancient God of Capricorn. The Pandemic is the Panic the Pan=Across Demos which means the populace. 

Pluto has an invisibility helmet called the Helm (the root of the word helmet obviously} of Hades says Homer in the Illiad. Ask for Pluto to take you under his wing to show you what is real and truth the Values that Jupiter stands for.

Moon enters Scorpio on June 29th at 3:48 pm PDT/ 6:48 pm EDT and 11:48 pm GMT the darkest most intense emotional time of the month. This can be a day of attacks and terrorism.

June 30 SUN squares Chiron at 9 degrees Cancer/Aries

we are feeling wounded, naked, vulnerable.Stay safe at home.

MERCURY Rx SEXTILES URANUS as does the SUN, Uranus is at 9 degrees 51′ TAURUS we’re revisiting the revolutionary meetings.

SUN conjuncts Retrograde MERCURY-It’s CAZIMI time @ 7:52 pm PDT/10:52 pm EDT and July 1 @ 3:52 am GMT.

JULY 1 SUN sextiles URANUS in EDT and GMT a rude or chaotic awakening


stay home where its safe, 

SATURN re-enters CAPRICORN and goes home until December 16/17 when he enters his other home sign of Aquarius a masculine Air sign. 

on Canada’s birthday indicating some Karmic baggage. Saturn will take us back in the way back machine as it Retrogrades back to 25 degrees 20 minutes of Capricorn on September 28/29 which coincides with Yom Kippur the Holiest day in the Jewish calendar. Saturn was last at that degree on February 3/4 before Covid-19 news hit the world big time. Saturn will stay STATIONARY from September 28/29  until October 2/3.

Expect that we will be Deja Vu-ing all these events again only being backed up over by Saturn’s heavy metal leaden truck. If we don’t get the lesson or pass the test the first time Saturn will be sure to run us over again and again. Begin to ponder what you didn’t learn already as we are all tested and retested again. Such is Saturn’s nature. Saturn will get with 3 degrees of Pluto as it stations Direct in September, this is a repeat of the January 12 conjunction too. It will not be easy, expect more and harsher Covid-19 measures, lockdown, corporate and political force and counter-forces.

A reminder that the Moon will be OUT OF BOUNDS July 4-6.

JULY 4/5th CAPRICORN LUNAR ECLIPSE @ 13 degrees 37′ opposite the U.S. SUN and SIRIUS!

this is a big unconscious energy, The MOON always symbolizes the people. Lunar eclipse block the unconscious as the shadow of the earth falls over the moon. In essence, our unconscious shadows are heightened. get ready to do the deep shadow work on the Capcirocn lunar eclipse. Some dirty corporate and government secrets will out. People will demand karmic retribution. 

The SUN is conjunct SIRIUS its the U.S. 244th Birthday. This eclipse concludes a  nearly two-year-long eclipse series which started July 13, 2018, with the Cancer-Capricorn axis, which has the issues of home, women, children, mothers and emotional safety versus the corporate world opposition. This is a Penumbral Lunar eclipse. It will be visible over all of the U.S. including Hawaii and most of Canada except the far north, all of South America Europe and almost all of Africa except the very eastern section But this eclipse will hardly show. 

The eclipse has asteroid VESTA exactly Conjunct the SUN and LILITH squaring it. I will write about this separately in depth. 

This is the last of the summer eclipses with the next one being another penumbral LUNAR ECLIPSE on November 29/30 at 8 Gemini. my birthday and The only Total Solar eclipse in 2020 on December 14 at 23+ Sagittarius

Get prepared it will be an intense week. I’m expecting major financial banking crises. Saturn will be at the 29th degree of Capricorn on the Eclipse, a very karmic degree and inconjunct the NORTH STAR at 29 Gemini. The North Star is the collective Highest Goal Direction but we won’t be able to see it if we accept and unconsciously chose to see life as simple physical reality.  Saturn will blind and bind us to Higher Spiritual knowledge as a test. You can pass this test as long as your turn inwards to listen to your soul guiding you.  

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Rare Jupiter Pluto, Super Soul transit, 4/4/4

Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction  on 4/4/4 MASTER NUMBERS

Caravaggio / Public domain

Caravaggio_Jupiter_Neptune_Pluto Caravaggio Public domain

Everything has meaning and is synchronous.

The Numerology of April 4 is 444 because 2020 adds up to 4. This Master Number signifies the four elements, which we are made of.

Fire is spirit, inspiration, action.

Water is emotions, internal, our hearts.

Air is ideas, communications, breathing.

Earth is our bodies, reality, yin or receptive. 

4 is the number for building a new foundation and assuming active Sovereignty. In the Tarot, 4 is the King or Emperor and Sign of Aries, the beginning of the Zodiac.

This day is synchronous with “As above, so below.” It’s a

 “Billionaire’s transit” of JUPITER and PLUTO April 4/5 at 24 degrees CAPRICORN.

“Millionaires don’t use Astrology, billionaires do.” famous J. P. Morgan quote.

Jupiter Pluto Conjunction Astrology Tara Greene

Jupiter Pluto conjunction AStrology 444 Global Peace Meditation Astrology Tara Greene

Jupiter, the Happy go lucky lightning bolt throwing KING OF THE GODS also known as Zeus who resides on Mount Olympus brings expansion, optimism, opportunity, good humour and Justice and PLUTO his brother the Lord of the Underworld brings Death, rebirth, transformation, demolition. power, wealth, the soul. 

JUPITER is the sign of HIGHER LAW on a spiritual level. The Planet that rules Sagittarius is on a quest for truth and justice. Pluto and Jupiter together is SUPER SOUL WEALTH but in solid Capricorn, this is a manifestation of the Higher Law’s Soul wealth.

 Jupiter/Zeus is the largest planet and “Great Benefic” ruler of Heaven, bringing optimism, expansion, hope and good humour. Pluto, rules Death, the Underworld, dreams, the Soul, psyche, the Collective Unconscious, Rebirth, sex, money, power, secrets, control and recycling.

 Asteroid Athena, the Amazon warrior Goddess and strategist is also in this mix.

 Capricorn is the sign of Corporate business, the Patriarchy, seniors and worldly power. Jupiter is a teacher and expands whatever it touches. Pluto is our Soul Wealth. This combo helps us to let go of anything which is not truly on our soul’s path. Jupiter and Pluto meet up 3 times in 2020, and every 12-13 years. Jupiter and Pluto haven’t been together in Capricorn since 1771. That 249 years.

This stellar event is being heralded with a Global Meditation at the exact conjunction. April 4th at 7:45 pm in LA, 10:45 pm in Washington DC, April 5 at 3:45 am BST Greenwich England.

Jupiter want to know what is the truth as ruler of Sagittarius. Pluto is the underworld the world of secrets, power, wealth, corruption, death, rebirth, sex, money power. 

Is 5G behind the Covid-19? Is the Deep State’s child trafficking, money laundering, hideous corruption being routed out behind the scenes? 

Yes deep corruption can be uncovered now. Pluto can be the darkest blackest shadow energy. Jupiter will expand it and Pluto slays power that is not aligned with soul truth.


Jupiter and Pluto form a FINGER OF GOD aspect. Both are inconjunct to the NORTH STAR at 27 Gemini the Pole Star, our collective “True North” and also inconjunct to REGULUS the Star of RAPHAEL now at 0 Virgo, where royalty steps down off its throne to serve the people. We have seen this happen in real life with Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan exiting as working royals. North Star and Regulus sextile each other is a supportive easy aspect. The focus is on JUPITER and PLUTO to do the God thing

The whole configuration is called a YOD or FINGER OF GOD pointing to JUPITER and PLUTO. They are acting as the focal point for Angelic healing BIG TIME> 

Jupiter Pluto conjunction is exact three times in 2020
April 4th at 24+ degrees Capricorn if we dont “get it right ” now we have a 2nd and 3rd chance. 
June 30th at 24 degrees Capricorn
November 12th at 22+ degrees Capricorn.
If you are a Capricorn with any planets, sun, moon, rising, nodes, asteroids etc between19-29 degrees  Capricorn you will feel the conjunction impact the strongest.
Cardinal signs of Aries and Libra will be feeling the hard push square which is tense and challenging but will make something happen. 

You get the opposition from Jupiter Pluto it is tense and it points to balance out your work and family.
Earth elements Virgo and Taurus get the beneficial trine but you gotta work it.
Scorpio and Pisces get the nice sextile from Jupiter and Pluto

MARS and SATURN at 0 degrees AQUARIUS are nearby. Aquarius is the sign of the Internet and inventions. We are dependent on it to communicate. This is an auspicious beginning of a New Age, in the sign of radical Higher consciousness. The four planets in a group are called a Stellium. Mars, the action planet and Saturn planet of reality adds energy and depth to the importance of this transit.

Anyway you look at it a very powerful aspect. 

If you came looking for the ZOOM recording for the Grail Springs ZOOM had technical difficulties but the entire talk was recorded and I will put it up shortly. 

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